Turning gold into tin
Not sure how it’s possible but they manage to take one of the most intriguing, heartbreaking, confusing and incomprehensible happenings in decades and through worry of stepping on toes or hurting feelings or not being perfectly PC, by tapping on doors rather than pounding on them, by whispering questions rather than demanding answers and mostly through monotone, un-engaging delivery by both women (it actually sounds like they’re bored to tears with what they’re sharing) turn it into hours over over boiled pasta floating in the once hot but now barely look warm water it was cooked in. Bland, mushy, watered down and the least exciting offering on the podcast store buffet. Pity.
Something is Lacking
Something in this podcast is missing. The story is interesting and very upsetting. #1 every adult that turned a blind eye should be prosecuted for manslaughter or neglect. It’s disgusting, the whole thing. And the fact that those three kids were taken from a family member who loved them and put with two racist monsters breaks my heart. The neighbors Hanna went to should have done more, pressed the police and eventually they did but it was too late, they have to live with that guilt. However, they were the only people that did anything really besides a few CPS calls here and there. The system is broken, If it wasn’t these women would have never gotten away with this. They adopted these kids for social media likes and to have people’s opinions of them be that they were saints. They were monsters. I feel this podcasts could have been better but the monotone voice of the narrator and the slowness made it less powerful. These kids stories deserve to heard in a powerful setting.
What’s with this “Make Money” crap?
The series was OK. But now that it is over I am getting new episodes of “She’s making money”. How are the two even related?! Make a new podcast, don’t tack it on another one.
Enjoyable but lots of fluff
This is very well researched and presented. I think many people would enjoy this podcast. I did. However, there are too many ads and the story could have been told in 3-5 episodes. We went off focus today ancillary issues too often.
Compelling story but lacking
I couldn’t stop listening. Podcast deals with the story of six children forgotten, abused, and murdered, its so horrific that I literally felt compelled to listen. But as I got further into the story told by this podcast I truly felt that better investigation into the children/victims was in order. Overall, I’d recommend a listen to this. What the story does to illuminate child abuse is compelling. Personally for me this podcast also shined a light on the problematic foster care system, and inspired me to do what I can to help foster youth in my own community. The six victims of this crime were forgotten and I believe the reporters of this podcast had a deeper responsibility to tell the entire story and with a deeper focus on the child abuse they suffered. This story remains underreported when you look at the gravity of it. So there is my admiration for the reporters to cover it and dive deeper but I’m left wanting more, more justice for the children. I think tip toeing around the hardcore child abuse aspect of this story was intentional on behalf of glamour, to paint the perpetrators are more complex than in fact they really are. The two women in this podcast are monsters, and I can’t help but wonder if the reporters took the easy way out with their approach to storytelling here. In my opinion they have a responsibility when telling other people’s stories (especially when the story being told belong to murdered children). I think the speculation of painting the mothers as complicated lovers that were just overwhelmed with 6 children is dangerous and shows a lack of due diligence on behalf of these reporters. It’s possible and quite possibly that these women were far worse than this podcast suggests.
Before final 2 eps, 5. After, 3.
“At best, you might call these women antiheroes. At worst, they were monsters. But neither is the whole story”-Liz Egan I wanted to rate this higher but I can’t. As a survivor of child abuse, these women were not antiheroes. It is irresponsible to portray them as such. The murder is not a flawed parenting choice or misunderstanding It’s always hard to accept abuse if it is in a community that is supposed to be grounded in tolerance- however with this as the keystone of the second to last episode and the repetition of it on the final, irs clear that much like the Harts, the hosts of the podcast cannot and willingly will not engage these questions.Much like the Harts they use pretty words to obscure what these women actually were-abusers, neglecters and murderers. It’s hideous to try and ask the listener to look at it as messed up parenting when we have nothing from their victims . Even now all we have are their abuser’s words and the reporters are blind enough to use this to assume that there were “good times.” While there’ s a decent amount of information,it’s really destroyed with the last two episodes. These poor kids deserved so much better.
Meh it was ok but I think the icon picture for the podcast is insensitive
Is it really necessary to have a picture of an airborne van as the cover for your podcast.
Learning moment
This needed to be told. Maybe this will prevent the loss of another adopted child in this situation. So heartbreaking too!
Please stop
I really enjoyed this podcast! Interesting dive into the life and sad ending to a family. But please stop posting a different podcast. If I wanted to listen to that one I would subscribe to it...
Wonderful Podcast, Frustrating to Subscribe to
I loved this podcast, but it’s driving me crazy that new episodes of another podcast are being posted on it consistently. I understand trying to promote other podcasts in the same network, but this is excessive. I originally stayed subscribed to this podcast because the hosts said there may be more updates, but I’m going to have to unsubscribe.
The podcast is great....BUT
Loved the original podcast. If I wanted to listen to she makes money moves I’d subscribe. Now I’m unsubscribing to this since apparently this is just an ad platform now ?
So good!
Couldn’t stop listening
I have enjoyed the explanation of a tragic event.
Good Research, Bad Narration
The story was well researched — yet horrific. However, far too dramatic. Narrators voices and unique dialect was extremely distracting. Ads came in with bad timing and created so much annoyance I couldn’t get through it.
Like everyone says, the ads are awful
I really liked this podcast and the deep dive it took into both the case and people who were interested in the case after the fact. I also didn’t mind too much that it dragged out since I started listening to the episodes after the season was over. However, the ad interruptions are awful and somehow that weird music they play to indicate an ad segment is coming up always makes it seem like it’s a part of the show. I normally just skipped through them but they always seemed to occur at odd times during the story tell - as if someone keeps forgetting to write in a commercial break. If y’all end up making another season of this show, please plan the ad placement better. There is a good way to do this
Mind Blowing
This pod cast is amazing I live in a small town in Arkansas and hadn’t heard anything about this story at all! I found it when I searched True Crime. It is amazing and mesmerizing (the podcast, not the tragedy). It was put together great and you have great story telling abilities. I hate tragedies happen but hope to hear something more for y’all!
Totally bingeable
I was drawn in as soon as I started listening. Finished all the episodes in a day and a half. The more I listened the more I wanted to know. Thank you for this podcast!
Well done!
You mentioned that you might not be the best to do this story but I think there is not better way to tell it. Wonderfully done with a very tragic story.
A friend recommended this....
I was familiar with the story as I live in Washington, and it was ‘local news’. I listened to this podcast while doing my daily walks around an outdoor shopping center in Vancouver, WA. I had no idea that the Kohl’s store where Sarah worked was the store I circled every day during my walk. Very disturbing story. I hope federal laws are changed soon to help stop more horrific cases like this. Podcast was sensitively and intelligently done.
This story breaks my heart. These kids deserved better than what the system gave them.
My daughter just deleted her Facebook account. I asked why? She said that she now calls it FAKEBOOK ! The duality in her community.... posts like Jens .... life is Great .... behind the scenes an entirely different story! Sooo Sad 😢
Thank you
Thank you for not shying away from the role of race in this story. Many adoptive white parents with black children are people who just wanted kids and love them but there are also many who use these children as props and it is devastating. As white people it’s important to face issues of race and to feel uncomfortable. I know as a white woman there were times I felt very uncomfortable but I need that to remind myself of the privilege that is automatically given white women. Real empathy and love is needed in these situations rather than idolizing and political correctness.
Very confused
Why is there a new show in the feed without changing the name or cover art?
They have awesome detail which I love!! Have you looked into Jen’s mental health and family history? She could have been schizophrenic. See what’s prevalent.
Well Done
Megan - indy
I really enjoyed this podcast. It brings a lot of issues to the surface that someone like myself would never have known in regards to adoption. I have no idea how someone could be so self consumed and mistreat children. It also shows that social media can be used to twist everyone’s perception. I feel for these children and the family members that truly wanted to be a part of their lives.
Commercials annoying
Fascinating podcast but the commercials are super disruptive.
Love it
So amazing
Drawn out & repetitive
This was trying SO HARD to be Serial. It was a good story and well reported, but clearly drawn out to be several episodes longer than it needed. At some point, the unnecessary length and repetition just becomes a hinderance to the story telling.
Well told, well reported tragedy
Brookie's iTunes
This heartbreaking story is very well handled and well reported in this podcast. I wish I knew more, I wish someone could have helped and ultimately prevented this. I wish those babies had been given a better life.
What is wrong with these podcasters voices?!
I’m going to try to stick with this because the story is quite interesting but HOLY MOTHER OF... WHAT IS WRONG with these podcaster’s voices? They are so off putting I can’t imagine anyone encouraging them to do work in a vocal medium(let alone paying them for it) —and that’s just the hosts! Then they bring in a local reporter and her’s IS ACTUALLY WORSE. It’s mind boggling(and driving me nuts). Just a fair warning -hard listening ahead.
What a story!
Great dive into the secret lives of the family, it gives an insight into the facade that many people put out in everyday life and on social media. My heart goes out to the kids.
So great! And moving
So interesting and very well done!
Heart braking, but so well done.
They take a truly tragic story and tell it in a way that’s tactful, and heart felt.
This podcast was very professionally researched, written, and produced. The story is heartbreaking, and I so wish things could have turned out differently for these kids.
Corrine Carp
Great narration and lots of information given.. I was sucked in immediately! All these people complaining about ads... do you not know you can skip thru them? What a silly reason to give a podcast a bad review..
Interesting but I wish it went deeper
I really enjoyed this podcast but I wish that the investigation went a little bit deeper and that the issues were discussed in more depth. Also, I’ve never had an issue with ads in a podcast before. Ever. I usually skip ads I’m not interested in with just a skip and move on when I’m not doing anything. When I’m driving I just leave them playing and they’re over within 30 seconds. However, the ads in this podcast were so long and out of place that I almost quit listening numerous times. Definitely not a podcast you can listen to on your commute unless you want to hear about other podcast and tv shows your entire drive.
Too many ads
Ads are way too long, other than that it was an a well done and interesting podcast
Ads ruined the podcast.
Don't use premium!
Interesting topic but the ads were just too intrusive, too long and so intermingled with the actual story that it’s was difficult to separate them out.
Ads, Ads, Ads.
The podcast is interesting and a good listen however, I’ve never listened to a podcast that is interrupted with so many ads, over and over again. I won’t listen to Hitman based on principle at this point.
Well written, well delivered
They do a great job of not only investigating the story, but also pushing listeners to step out of our assumptions and look at the case from different perspectives. Binge-worthy to the nth degree!
These ads though.
Conservative millennial
Never listening to hitman.
The Commercials. Why.
Coming from a magazine as big as Glamour, I would expect that they could tone down the ads a bit. I’ve listened to MANY podcasts and I’ve never heard such intrusive ads before. It’s truly unfortunate because I’m so interested in this story. It’s also unfortunate for those advertisers because there’s no way in hell I’m listening to Hitman now.
The real question
Vera Logan
The question I wish you would have covered is why two gay white women were able to adopt 6 black children and why black couples have the hardest time ever adopting any child. This makes no sense and shows how bad the system is towards people of color. Makes me sick!
Well done
The story is quite unfortunate but I enjoyed the delivery and presentation of it.
Good but too many ads
Good podcast with great info but WAY to many ads all about other cases. This makes it very confusing to follow the story that the podcast is trying to tell.
Important story, but commercials are very distracting
I understand free podcasts necessitate commercials, but the way this is structured make the commercials sound like part of the story and so are very distracting as well as take away from larger understanding of what is being told.
Captured my interest immediately
loving my Fitbit
This was a well researched and excellently narrated podcast.
Had potential but ads nearly ruin it
la di blah
Terribly sad story that captured my interest but was difficult to follow and the *extensive* ads for another podcast were annoying and unnecessary.
Interesting, but terrible ads
This is a great story and was well researched, but the long commercials for other podcasts were sooooooooo annoying. Also, I am from Minnesota and we are not all homophobic hicks who beat our kids and get married at 21.
White privilege
Never has the idea of white privilege been so obvious to me. This podcast was well crafted, well researched and well prepared. Thank you for shedding a light on this tragic story. May the Hart children Rest In Peace.
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