June 12, 2019
Sami and Aleen are joined by king of the hustle, Gary Vaynerchuk. They start by talking about the importance of a relentless work ethic and how it’s perceived in society. At 5:00 they talk about the value of letting go of other people’s perception of you to make better decisions for yourself. At 14:00 Gary explains how he learned to manage employees and be a leader while working for his family’s business as a young man. At 23:00 Gary explains why he believes there's no such thing as too much content.
May 28, 2019
Sami, Aleen, and Jordana are live at We Work! They speak with Marisa Casey Fuchs, director of brand partnerships at GOOP to give the inside scoop on how Betches got started and talk about the paperback release of "Whens Happy Hour: Work Hard So You Can Hardly Work". At 13:40 they discuss the importance of work-life balance and what they do with their company to keep that. At 24:45 they talk about how they ventured into podcasting and what they have planned for the future. At 30:39 They talk about the adjustment of going from managing themselves to managing a company of 20 plus people. At 37:21 they answer audience questions and give advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur.
May 21, 2019
Aleen and Sami are joined by Julie Rice, co-founder of of the worldwide fitness brand SoulCycle and partner at WeWork, to talk about growing a wildly successful business. They start out with the story of how she created SoulCycle and helped pioneer the pay-per-class model. At 17:30 they discuss the importance of consciously shaping your brand and delivering an experience that people want to share with their friends. Julie tells the story of finding a business and life coach that she still sees to this day. At 38:45 they talk about progressing in your career, including the best ways to unplug from work. Then they close out the show with a game of Hired or Fired and discuss the obsessions with “perks” in the workplace.
May 14, 2019
Sami and Aleen are joined by The Fat Jew (Josh Ostrovsky) to talk about his rise to Instagram stardom and creating his own beverage company. They start off with how he created his brand, first found success on social media, and learned to adapt to working in a normal office setting. He shares his thoughts on how to do a Bachelorette party right and tells some of his craziest party stories. At 31:00 they talk about his appearance on the Netflix documentary American Meme and the future of influencers. They close the show with a conversation about getting a real job and pursuing your passions on the side.
May 7, 2019
Sami and Jordana are joined by real estate titan and business media personality, Barbara Corcoran. At 6:50 Barbara talks about the importance of having a roadmap and visualizing your end game to be successful. At 13:25 they talk about the importance of being able to take a hit and keep moving in business. At 28:10 Barbara talks about her philosophy in deciphering persistence from annoyance. At 38:10 Barbara reveals her biggest “Shark Tank” rivals. At 44:15 they play “Hired or Fired” and find out what it takes to ace an interview with Barbara.
April 30, 2019
Aleen and Jordana are joined by Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder and president of Baked by Melissa. They start out with Melissa’s story of getting fired from her first job and immediately starting her own cupcake company. She talks about going into business with her brother and how they were able to work together to grow the brand. At 15:00 they discuss how Baked by Melissa was able to outlast other failed cupcake companies over the past decade. They also dive into some of Melissa’s cupcake testing methods and close out the show with a conversation about balancing work and family.
April 23, 2019
Season 2 of When’s Happy Hour has arrived. Jordana sits down with pop culture icon, mother, and entrepreneur, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. At 8:10 they start by talking about how Nicole’s third pregnancy is affecting her business operation on a day to day basis. At 20:30 Nicole explains what she thought her career path would have been had she never become a TV personality. At 22:30 Nicole talks about the evolution of her brand from the early days of “Jersey Shore” to her transformation into a mom running a business. At 28:30 they play “hired or fired” and find out what it takes to get hired by Nicole.
October 23, 2018
Sami and Aleen are back and joined by Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat. Danielle started her journey as a fashion influencer after she transferred from University of Wisconsin to FIT and began documenting her classmates chic style. She is now an entrepreneur who’s expanded her brand into spaces well beyond instagram. At 6:20 Danielle explains what drove her to push her business past instagram. At 7:00 she explains that her career began to soar once she started asking for equity in the brands that were hoping to rely on her expertise for free, a practice that she feels more young female entrepreneurs should be aware of. At 12:00 they talk about the hardest part of being an instagram influencer, which is meeting people’s expectations of them. At 18:40 Danielle remembers the time she knew that it was time to build a team to help her expand her business and what the process entailed. At 27:55 Danielle breaks down her mistakes to avoid for a successful instagram.
October 16, 2018
Aleen and Sami are back and they’re joined by a pioneer in the medical field, Dr. Lara Devgan. Dr. Devgan is a top plastic surgeon who works with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and a mother of 6. At 9:00 Dr. Devgan explains why all plastic surgery is not cosmetic, and why the medical practice gets a bad rap for being all about vanity when it also helps people with birth defects and injuries recover. At 15:00 she explains how she juggles her extremely demanding career with raising her 6 children. At 19:25 Dr. Devgan breaks down what qualities you should look for in a supportive partner if you’re a serious career woman on the grind. At 23:30 Dr Devgan explains that society is absolutely too harsh on people who get plastic surgery expecting people to be perfect, then tearing them down for trying to better themselves. At 31:00 Dr Devgan gives her advice for people who are trying to have it all, and whether or not it’s even possible?
October 9, 2018
Sami is back and joined by New York Times bestselling author, Alexa Von Tobel. Sami has a lot of questions about her financial future, and luckily, Alexa has all the answers. At 10:05 Alexa breaks down the process of creating a practical budget, which is something that most people don’t seem to have. At 17:00 Alexa explains why investing is more important than saving because investing helps people beat inflation. At 23:40 Alexa reveals the minimum amount you should have in your emergency savings account and how fu*ked you might be if you’re over 30 and haven’t started saving for retirement yet. At 26:30 they break down the difference between good debt, and bad debt. At 36:30 they talk about the education of money and why it isn’t taught to the public as general education. Most people feel stressed about money, but Sami and Alexa are hoping to give you the saving habits to take the pressure off
October 2, 2018
Aleen is back and joined by Bravo’s, Ryan Serhant, to learn how to sell water to a well. At 5:35 Ryan gives his advice to anyone who wants to be a better salesperson. At 7:20 Ryan tells Aleen all about his origins as a struggling actor and the world's most greatest hand model. At 11:30 Ryan explains his most important selling strategy which is all about learning every nook and cranny about what you’re selling. At 21:50 Ryan talks about bouncing back after failure. At 23:55 a listener writes in wondering if negotiating a salary bump for her promotion is justified.
September 25, 2018
Sami and Aleen are excited to bring you the inaugural episode of “When’s Happy Hour”! They are joined by creator of Drybar and Queen of blowouts, Alli Webb. Alli started Drybar because she has curly hair which was not blowout friendly. Aleen and Sami share the sentiment. At 7:20 Aleen remembers a childhood trip to Supercuts that ended in utter disappointment. At 9:15 Alli explains the creation of Drybar’s infrastructure and how it operates now. At 11:00 Alli explains what it’s like to be in business with her husband and her brother. At 31:20 Alli talks about her wayward life path that prepared her to be the business woman she is today. At 50:00 Alli gives advice for for future entrepreneurs.
August 23, 2018
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