An authoritative podcast
Dr Centor is an excellent host, who shows first hand and “battleground” knowledge of what is happening in internal medicine now. Congratulations to the producers who make the podcast available
Adds Joy to Medicine
Dead River
This is a great podcast that adds joy to medicine. The FIB-4 score is helping sort out when the incidental fatty liver infiltration needs to be taken more seriously. Using cardiac risk estimators other than ACC/AHA is a big help. This and the other ACP podcasts really do make medicine more fun and provide information that helps us add value for patients. I'm a 56 year old family medicine doctor.
Great discussions about important topics
Listen when driving to work, very enjoyable and helpful
Highly Recommend
Excellent podcast. Distilled, high yield information for the general internist. Having just graduated from residency, I will be making this part of my must-listen continuing education.
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