New listener & I’m really liking it!
Great podcast! Just started listening and I really like this! I love the killing time segment & how they will talk about current cases and news , and updates after the main story. Everyone brings something interesting to the table, not too long and not too short. Also, just the right amount of tangents/small talk while still sticking to the story. Great job, y’all! 💜
One of the Best
I get so excited for Wednesday’s because I know that I get a new episode of the first degree. This is by far my favorite true crime podcast I have listened too! The hosts do an incredible job researching the story, telling the story and using their first degree! This is an absolute must listen for any true crime podcast listener!!!
One of my Favorite Podcasts
I love this podcast! If you like true crime you should know about it!
I didn’t like this podcast at first but now I’m obsessed.
Vas Hova
Updated: I tried to listen to this podcast again after not really feeling Jaq/Alexis at first. I really love them now and I must have some deep internal misogyny. And I’m sorry!!! The earlier podcasts have some quality issues which was partially why I couldn’t get into it at first. But I truly cannot wait to listen every Wednesday. And I adore Billy Jensen, always have - always will.
Not the best
PW from GR
I came back to this after about a year because sometimes your ear or your perspective changes. Unfortunately the hosts a to read the script instead of narrating. It’s annoying enough to overtake any decent content.
Why did I find this so late?
I’m reading some reviews that dislike the “political views” of the hosts so I’m reviewing to counteract that negativity. The show is great, I don’t understand the dislike of the ladies voices, and true crime is definitely a place where we need to hear more Black stories and Black voices and I’m all for this podcast turning the show over to listeners to speak to that fact.
A Unique True Crime Experience
First off, my name is Katie and I would LOVE to be your mascot ;) Truly though, there is no other true crime podcast like this- the first degree of separation gives an entirely new perspective of true crime and feels much more personal. Most importantly, the hosts do an excellent job at honoring the life of the victim throughout the conversation. Every Wednesday I look forward to hearing the voices of Jac, Billy, and Alexis because it feels like I know them by now! If you want to hear a podcast that captures the suspense of true crime while listening to hosts who you’d want to sit down and have a drink with, you’ve found the right one! Keep it up, guys! ig: katie3davis
If we are being honest, this isn’t a good podcast
Alexis has the terrible mouth sounds. Take a sip of water or something! Billy sounds drunk half of the time. Jac talks about Jared way too much. The cases they present have already been covered on other shows and the “first degree” position is just awkward because it feels like the first degree just wants some internet fame and attention. The Facebook group was nothing but drama and butt kissers. Nobody can say anything that goes against the hosts beliefs. The moderators have their lips so far up the hosts butts it’s disgusting. Just be honest. This show is not good.
Alexis is a true professional
Alexis thoroughly researches episodes and is the backbone of this podcast. I have enjoyed listening since the podcast was first published. In the past I gave this podcast 5 stars but I feel it has veered off course. I listen to unplug from politics for a little while. Even though some crime is inherently political I don’t want to be force fed politic agendas even when I fully support that agenda. I would love to hear more cases involving people of color, especially those cases that have not received the public attention as they should. This podcast can shed light on the pervasive racism in our society by highlighting these cases and letting the cases speak for themselves.
So good!
killa ily
Sure the stories have been covered before, with the amount of true crime podcasts of course stories will be covered multiple times... I can’t believe the amount of criticism people have for this podcast! Don’t like ad’s? Skip over them. Don’t like the chatter? Just stop the episode when the story is over. Good lord! I also can’t believe people are so critical of Jac & Alexis’ voices - I’ve never made a podcast but I’m sure it’s not easy and I’m sure all of the people making fun may not sound so great either. Anyway, I love the format, I think the mix of the 3 of them a great and I love the “first degrees” - they do their research and it shows. Keep up the good work!
Great stories, keep them coming!
Really enjoying the show, would be great to hear a little more of Billy during the episodes.
Please get back to all, true crime ... I’ve deleted many podcast , in this out of control world this use to be an amazing escape... NOT so MUCH anymore..
Love, love, love this podcast!
Please, just keep doing what you’re doing! I can’t believe how quickly I binged listened to all your episodes- so, I’m all caught up. Now, I wait impatiently for each new one to appear! ❤️ , @mrs_carrasco86 (instagram) 😊
Loving it
I absolutely love your podcast. I listen to pretty much all true crume podcast which may scare my family if they knew. I’ve recommended your podcast along with the murder squad. I enjoy the fun banter and always look forward to every episode. I started late listening so I’m still catching up. Dennymary is my Instagram. I follow billy
4/5 stars
Love the stories and interviews in this podcast. Jac and Billy are wonderful, but when Alexis reads the script, she takes long random pauses where there shouldn’t be punctuation in text. The lip smacking can also be distracting.
Ignore recent bad reviews — it’s political BS. Shame on those jerks
Five stars for an outstanding, unique, and addictive podcast!! It is a superb addition to the huge true crime genre, which is a tremendous credit to the talent and hard work of Alexis, Jac, and Billy. The hosts also have great chemistry — Alexis and Jac are millennials while Billy is a proud GenXer (like me and my hubbie), and they each bring special ingredients to the mix. There are groups posting bad reviews to popular true crime podcasts (all of the popular podcasts) in an attempt to silence podcasters with different political views. It is disgustingly childish. The First Degree is an awesome true crime podcast, which Jac, Alexis, and Billy have brilliantly crafted — I listen to many true crime podcasts, and this is one of my favorites and one of the very best. It is unique and very victim-focused and filled with love and empathy. *IGNORE* the very recent “bad” reviews attacking *every* true crime podcast (especially the popular podcasts like MFM) for “politics.” The reviewer (MrsMarshieP) giving this one star, criticizing other women like Alexis and Jac for holding political “views” while saying “Billy Jensen is hawt,” (I don’t think you understand Billy Jensen’s politics madame), reveals the level of their intelligence and awareness of the issues discussed on serious true crime podcasts. Really, these people had no idea that politics intersects with true crime until this week? So obvious and pathetic. Yeah, whatever. Jac, Alexis, and Billy — the First Degree is awesome,and thank you for covering the Sandy and Jaime Melgar case. I still can’t believe the miscarriage of justice in that case.; it breaks my heart as the “evidence” is non-existent.ous review): The Sara Hulbert case is amazing (what an episode), and the music (the guitar bit written for the episode) was so moving that it made me cry. Bravo to Alexis for working so hard to put it together with detective Pat. The First Degree is a superb true crime podcast, and it is the best *serious* true crime podcast (true crime comedy podcasts like MFM or LPotL are their own thing) together with Murder Squad (with superstar Paul Holes and also Billy Jensen who is on First Degree as well. Billy is always an excellent addition). Thank the heavens for the First Degree as it is helping me and my hubbie through this hideous time. We are Billy’s age, and his Gen X nostalgia sessions are something we can definitely identify with...listen to some Billy Squier and Journey while you sort through those Tonka trucks and action figures Billy... First Degree fans should be “the snattlerakes” (Alexis’ term for a rattlesnake). It made me laugh, and it is a great and very memorable name, and it is even a shout out to Slytherin... Every episode is fantastic — the two-parter on Sheila Bellush is incredibly well-done, and the Melissa Duran episode is fantastic! Excellent work, Alexis, Jac, and Billy! Thank you for working so hard to produce this show (and all of your shows). Also the “first degree” guest is a wonderful aspect of the show. The production value is sensational, and the work is far more sophisticated than 99.9% of the other podcasts out there.
Hard to listen to
I actually love the premise of this podcast, which is probably why I sometimes will still listen. But it is incredibly hard to listen to Alexis read the script. So many pauses where there shouldn’t be, so long to get a sentence out, no cadence, lip kind of drives me up the wall. It’s difficult to follow at times.
Love the concept
Can we please stop with reading all the ads at one time? It’s frustrating and makes someone not want to listen anymore. I love the show, but having to listen to 5-6 minutes of ads all at once is annoying.
Was super into this podcast but....
Jess Rodz
Got to the Jodi Arias episode. It was fine, the interviewee was the victims friend so obvs biased and it was And this coming from someone who thinks Jodi should’ve gotten the death penalty. Fast forward to Alexis ripping into anyone who brought up any criticism about the episodes in the FB group. Bc...she doesn’t want it to affect their ratings after she’s worked so hard on it. Still subscribed bc Jac and Billy, so don’t worry Alexis - your numbers won’t be changed
Well Done
This is one of the best is this genre. It’s different and it’s obvious that a lot of work goes into the production. Glad I found it. For those who don’t like the conversation at the it that hard to just hit the stop button?
Can’t get over one of them saying they like Sword & Scale after how awful the host has been and continues to be. The show is alright but not worth listening to if one of the hosts is that tone deaf. Also, maybe stop constantly talking about boyfriend Jared, it’s so boring. Byeeeee
Great podcast!
I love this podcast! It definitely sheds light on some of the lesser known cases while also covering the major cases. There are lots of interesting facts and the hosts are awesome. I love their personalities and the concept of this podcast in general!
Poor billy...Paul Holes- then this???????
Bad, just bad. Stories have already been told on dateline and 48 hrs many times. I gave it a chance, now unsubscribing. I am sure these ladies are intelligent. The women who speaks the most on the show clearly spends time on stories but it’s regurgitated info. I’m from Calabasas,’s clear when smart women play the dumb card to advance themselves. Maybe you’re not like that at all but it is portrayed that way (my opinion)- you’re beautiful and clearly smart people- represent yourself that way!!
Thank you from the bottom I’m my heart
I just finished the episode, Listen. Thank you for sharing your platform. Thank you to your listeners who shared their stories. Your words are power. I heard every one of them. Thank you. I immediately sent this message to my 3 daughters. “ I am moved and thankful for my podcast The First Degree today. TFD used their platform to let POC share and educate. I am thankful for these ladies. I am walking and these listeners have taken my breath away for more reasons than I can count. As your mom, I need you to listen to their words and remember their stories.”
How did I JUST find this??!
On my 1st episode, and it’s clear this trio sticks to the facts.... they do not wander off on tangents about their weekend or other random convos. I wanted to find out more about the Sandy Melgar case & found this podcast on google. I LOVE how there are clips from the interrogation and daughter. So excited that I don’t have to hope & pray for a new YouTube video when I start my work day. I have lots of podcasts to catch up on now. & will no doubt come here for some great true crime. SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 thank you 💖
Needs polished
I really like the concept and overall show but the speaking is very choppy. The parts where they are just reading is not smooth. Lots of pauses and you’re not sure if the show is over or I lost power and then will start to play again. I love true crime! I think it sounds better when they are being themselves rather than just reading. You got this guys! Own it !!!
A unique Crime podcast, you will enjoy!
Nike Ness
All the racist listeners are dropping off because you guys mentioned Black Lives Matter, and that’s fine because you’re still going to have a strong support base! I appreciate the recognizing and I’ve been listening to this since the beginning. I look forward to more case about Black victims ✊🏽
I was an avid listener. I know the creators don’t care that people are leaving but I was truly saddened at a fb interaction with one creator and all I was appointing out was there is good cops out there being a family member of a Leo. We are all allowed to love each other, want change and be respectful of an opposite view that is not racist! But like I said I know the creators don’t care based on the interaction I had. There are good cops out there and obviously bad, if we want change it has to come in more training and more local residents hired in their communities. Good luck.
Good show
I really enjoy this show but please stop bleeping out the cussing, either curse and be proud of it or just don’t. The bleeping it out is the worst!
Love love love
The jokester chemistry between these 3 makes this podcast easy to binge. I’ll listen to basically anything Billy Jensen is on and fully appreciate the “younger crowd” this one appeals to even if I’m not target market. Keep up the good work!
Used to love
I used to love this podcast. While there was always some biase because of one person telling the story, there was also balance. However after listening to the last three episodes I have unsubscribed. I don’t like my true crime podcasts to justify violence (like in the Bobbit episode) or be very one sided as with the most recent episode. I understand giving Blacks a voice, but be respectful too. As I white women who taught Head Start in a big Hispanic community, yes I have been the only white person in a room (and no they weren’t speaking English and no I’m not very fluent in Spanish). I also shop in Asian markets and Hispanic markets. Am I the only white person is, unless I’m with my husband. Don’t assume that whites hang white with only whites. That is just as bad as whites making assumptions about Blacks or any person of color.
New obsession
I stumbled upon this podcast and I’m so happy I did! I love the personal touch in the beginning getting to know the hosts and their personalities and have a chance to hear these cases from a totally different angle from the media. Keep up the amazing work y’all! Proud to be a firstie? Firsty? Don’t know but love you anyway. @jessssmartin
Irked Iguana
I've tried to like this podcast, but the hosts (especially the two girls) are the absolute worst. They are so off-putting, it baffles me that they have such high ratings.
What is going on??
Red doom
Is Jac the only person on this podcast who knows how to speak without smacking saliva lips between sentences??? Jodias Arias The Trial episode was too much!! I really want to listen but Alexis and now Billy really need to listen to themselves and hear what we hear.
Waste of time
Angelina Venezia
15 minutes of banter at the end? 5-6 minutes worth of commercials at the top and in between? Bad reading? That’s TFD. I keep trying to come back and give this pod a chance but they just keep getting worse and worse.
Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. ❤️
rae says
Thank you for the latest episode! I will do my part to listen and speak up against racism when I see it. ♥️
Love the concept
Absolutely love the idea of these lesser known crimes to be told by those closest! My only complaint is the quality of audio when the guest is not in house (which they can’t necessarily fix). Love the show and the banter! I’m a new fan so I’m listening from the beginning... just got to the few episodes where writing a review might lands some free merch... lets give it a whirl Insta = @beth.cowan
I come here and listen to get away from the BS.. victims come in all colors... it’s not my fault that I was born white... did you hear that? .. good luck to you
Thank you to Kendra, Chanelle, Alexis, Keyona, Gloria, Ms Gladman, & Alexia for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the First Degree listeners. I really appreciate the time and energy you have given. Black Lives Matter. Thanks Jac, Billy and Alexis for using your platform. I was already a fan and just ❤️ you all even more!
Thank You
I want to thank you for sharing the voices and stories from your black listeners and thank you to your black listeners for sharing their voices and thoughts with us.
Good storytellers!
I have listened to true crime podcasts for almost 20 years. It is hard to find ones that don’t sound like they are just reading from a script. This podcast has gotten better at that since they started it and it keeps improving. I prefer podcasts that have little to no swearing and this one fits the bill. I believe the mix of the podcasters ages complements the show. I look forward to each new episode.
rabid idiot
BLM is not what The First Degree is about! We have many other sources presenting those issues and I'd expect TFD to 'stay out of it'. Don't overestimate your audience.
Lost Love
Married my sister TN
Yeah, this was a great podcast but political BS has overtaken the content. I was even a member on FB, but if you have one opinion that goes against the narrative of LA politics, they will delete you. FYI I was not deleted, but believe free speech includes opposition to your opinion. Enjoy defunding of the LA police department.
Changing my review
I listen to Crime podcasts just before I go to sleep. I don’t listen to be lectured about liberal policies or politics. Once they fly their liberal flag I am out. You kept the politics out for a long time but you just couldn’t help yourselves ladies. Bye Bye Murder in the First. I will keep listening to Billy on Murder Squad (he’s hot) until he tries to remove the 2nd amendment.
I like this podcast because they cover interesting cases and the first degree guests always offer perspective on the cases, but i really don’t enjoy the writing. I’m not sure if it’s how the show is scripted or unscripted but the way all Alexis and billy pause is so annoying. It like weirdly long pauses between words and emphasis on the wrong words. The sentences don’t flow and it always feels like they are reading the information for the first time. Like a kid in elementary school reading from the textbook out loud.
Stop the bleeping bleeps!
I can get past the valley girl inflections (barely) but the constant bleeping of f bombs is even more annoying. If you’re going to use that word, own it. If you have to bleep it, find another word. Still, 3 stars because I like the premise.
True Crime Lover’s Dream
I’ve been listening since the middle of season 1 so I’m a longtime firstie and this is my FAVORITE podcast. I have listened to all of them. I’m subscribed to all of them and this is my #1. This podcast stands out because they manage to bring humanity to the cases through the first degree guests. Alexis, Jac, and Billy are genuinely friends so it never seems forced or awkward when they voice their opinions, or thoughts. They are so great at letting their guests explain things from their point of view regardless of who they are connected to in the crime. Listen to this podcast! You will not regret it. Also, many reviewers say they hear Alexis eating or drinking. I have never once heard this and people loudly chewing is my pet peeve. Some people are just haters. Ily Alexis.
First Degree needs some work but is good
Seems like Billy Jensen carries the podcast. Obviously because of his “Murder Squad” fame. If they ( the girls) could tone down their airheadedness ( which I skip past) it’s pretty good.
Just ok
Seems on par with Crime Junkie, only it’s unscripted. The edits are a little bit weird... you can tell where snippets were cut and pieces together sometimes. It’s jarring.
      0:00:00 / 0:00:00