Wow !!!!
Need a little inspiration ? Listen to this podcast ! I’m telling you , every time a new episode drops , I tune in !!!! Amazing !!!!
Ughhh absolute FIRE
Just heard the podcast on the Unity Movement and finished the “in the wild” series. Just pure, blunt content that opens my eyes and kicks me in the butt when I need it. You got the goofy, the informative, and the entertaining factors all in one with this podcast. The perfect combination. Thank you guys for contributing in making a change universally and within your city. Subscribed & Checked weekly ✅
Great podcast
El Gabe
Just heard episode 41, with Omar Juarbe. Love the come up story and agree we need to teach inner city kids to be entrepreneurs instead of workers. Subscribed and looking forward to more of episodes!
Awesome podcast
I highly recommend this podcast to start your Monday & your week strong !! They definitely got great content to listen to !! 🔥💪🏻🙌🏻
Must Listen !
Angie's Escapades
This is an incredible podcast with a powerful message for everyone and anyone . It’s not only informative but it will make you laugh soo hard! Thank you guys for sharing such a wonderful message !! 🤗😊
Best Podcast
Everybody should take some time a listen to these guys. Great content every week 🙌🏼
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