Fantastic podcast
I just binged the entire season on a road trip back home in one sitting. I could not stop listening. The story itself is incredible and Jason’s felling of it draws you in. Plus he’s got a really sexy voice. Highly recommend this podcast and it’s thorough research.
Well reported
Jason Moon really pieced this story together incredibly well. Riveting show.
Incredibly Well Done
I have listened to many, many true crime podcasts, and this is still the one I recommend to people the most. It is so incredibly well done & easy to follow. It is so interesting and there’s a lot of information laid out without being overwhelming. Im really looking forward to another update but in the meantime, please do more cases!
I have been familiar with this case for awhile, and I was thrilled to see so much information all in one place. This is one of the best podcasts I’ve EVER heard and I highly recommend it to true crime lovers, or anyone who likes a compelling story.
Where True Crime meets Investigative Journalism
Boilermaker 79
This podcast is gripping and changes as the story changes in real time.
I have listened to the entirety of this podcast 3 times. Every time I go on a road trip, I make my passenger re-listen with me. It is the single best podcast I have listened to.
Very, very good.
I have listened to most of the most popular true crime podcasts and have tried many others (this is my first review) but had never heard of Bear Brook. I listened to all the episodes while traveling for a couple of days and absolutely loved it. I truly think it is one of the very best to cover a crime story over several episodes. Highly recommend.
Dt ff
Entertaining Podcast!
I’ve listened to many murder podcasts but this one had a different twist. A who done it approach to unravel a web of mystery using today’s murder solving technology and techniques. Great listen!
Favorite podcast
This is one of my FAVORITE podcasts of all time and I recommend to everyone. Honestly, True Crime podcasts were pretty overdone by the time this came out, and this podcast STILL managed to present a unique, interesting, and currently relevant story!! So so good. Good job, New Hampshire Public Radio! Also, Patient Zero (by the same production team) is excellent. Go check it out!
I absolutely LOVED this podcast. Such fantastic storytelling and details. Great job
Researched, tone, well done
Reading ♥️
The information was well researched and organized. Tone of voice was perfect for the retelling of this horrific crime. Victims were treated with respect and honored in the end. For this true crime podcast junkie, it is tops!
Fascinating search
Well told, fascinating turn of events. I listened to this a while ago and this still think it’s my favorite podcast.
Extremely well done.
Appropriately paced and riveting.
This is such a great podcast. Well put together, interesting, and captivating. Job well done!
Bear Brook is so dang good.
I can’t say enough. Just listen. In my opinion, Jason Moon nails it and I hope he takes on another case.
Great Series!!!
Allison Sherry
I would highly recommend this podcast to true crime listeners, those with an interest in isotopes, DNA, genetics, and family trees, as well as anyone in need of a story for a long car ride. It’s no wonder those who learned of this case part way through became so invested (even “obsessed” as some of them admit). The twists and turns kept me coming back for the following episodes each time. Absolutely chilling, but 100% worth learning about! Jason Moon was a fantastic narrator, and I loved the purposeful non-chronological order in which he tells the story.
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to.
This was my favorite podcast of all time, educational, informative, perfectly produced and chilling. I intend to donate to this podcast to help ensure more such high quality podcast content.
The best podcast I have listened to in awhile
It’s scary it’s horrifying it’s organized it’s interesting its everything.
Proof of what can happen when you don’t give up
Very moving and informative! So much respect for the human dimension, and highly educational in terms of the advances in forensics. Appreciated this show very much.
Just an incredible podcast. Chilling and captivating. Excellent story telling of an (almost) unbelievable true story.
Very interesting true crime
Okay, I’m on #3, October 17, 2018. Anyone else really freaked out that the investigator states he has an unknown virus that isn’t the flu???!!! 🤯
Great Podcast!
Thank you , this was so well done. Great podcast!
Best podcast!
This is the best podcast I’ve listened to. It was so well done, and the story was so captivating. I’m a giant fan of true crime podcasts, and this is hands down my favorite. Please creat more podcasts. Such a great job!
Beautifully executed podcast with twists and turns around every corner leaving you wanting more. So well made and I am obsessed with it, it pulls at your heartstrings and keeps you thinking. Well done Mr.Moon
Great podcast
Such a sad story and cross country over 3 decades. So many people involved in this unbelievable case. The podcast is SO much better than the TV show Wow
What a great pod cast
I saw this on tv on 20/20 the pod cast was even better fantastic!!!!!!!
Amazing podcast
Beautifully told.
Kind, smart and respectful podcast. Thank you!
Starts out a little slow, then it grabs you!
I ended up staying up all night to binge listen. Well worth the loss of sleep!
Excellent reporting
Fascinating, albeit sad and disturbing. I really enjoyed this podcast and appreciated the compassion and determination people had to solve the mystery of this case.
So Well Done!
One of the best true crime podcasts I have ever listened to. Excellent production, research and story telling.
Best true crime podcast
I am a true crime snob and have issues with most true crime podcasts. But this is the best true crime podcast I have ever heard. It is produced EXTREMELY well. I am so happy I stumbled upon this gem! I grew up in the same county as the murders and didn’t know any of this. Bravo NH Public Radio.
Unreal story about the investigation methods and greatly produced podcast
This podcast is incredible. Great production first of all. Lots of interviews, he went on site, press conferences himself and his podcast helped others who were investigating. The story is unreal and the investigative work that went into this is nothing short of amazing. That’s what I find the most interesting in this podcast and makes it one of my absolute favorites. Great job Jason and team! This is my first review for a podcast. I had to write one.
A chilling must listen
This was recommended to me by a co worker and I listened to it all over the course of 2 work days! The reporting is incredible, the sound mixing adds so much to the listening experience, and unlike many true crime podcasts this doesn’t leave off at a dead end (for the most part.) A must-binge!
Just unreal!
I don’t even know where to begin.. I don’t think I ever wanted to listen to a story or get to the end as much as I did listening to this. So well done, so well produced. Amazing, riveting and felt so emotionally attached at the end. May they all RIP and I hope they solve the remaining parts of this story. Cheers to you all. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard
I love true crime shows and podcasts... and this was unexpectedly one of the best I’ve ever listened to. The science was fascinating and I had no idea this case pioneered the technique fir the GSK. Hope this team puts out another show!
One of the best
Thank you for this story. Well done. One of the best true crime podcasts I’ve listened to.
Organized so well. Keeps a perfect level of respect and mindfulness to everyone involved. Moon has a great podcast voice. Amazing. Would like to see images on the website of the sketches, victims,...and also the people who helped bring everything together!! They deserve some recognition.
Fascinating and well put together
I really enjoyed this podcast. It’s a true investigation from a lot of angles.
So well done! Insightful, factual, with many interviews! Truly one of the best crime podcasts I’ve listened to!!
One of the Best
One of the best true crime serial format podcasts out there. Very interesting!
Wow! Worth listening to twice!
This podcast is so good. not just the story, which is great, but content and quality of content. Just like a great novel, I wanted to ‘turn the page at the end of each chapter’. I had to know what would happen next! its so good I’m definitely going to listen to it again!
Riveting Podcast
Bunco Bea
Lots of twists and turns. It was fascinating to hear how genetic genealogy has helped solve so many old murders. The podcast is well done and easy to listen to.
Doing it right!
Clear audio. Very engaging storytelling. Sequence of episodes done to keep the interest. Hope you guys do some more.
Great podcaat
My grandparents lived here during the time these murders happened. Nice research in this very creepy
Good podcast
I enjoyed it but didn’t find the hosts voice to be very engaging.
Bear Brook
Norcal Lin
I’ve tried to listen to other true crime podcasts but often found that they were unprofessional and sensationalistic. I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of this one. It was entertaining, interesting, thorough, and classy. Excellent job!
Whiny and draggy
Squirmy in Philly
Good story… but good lord… too much “NPR whining” and “liberal judgement”… if only these folks could have told the story without all of the uber left political views…
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