Listen to it!!
Loved it. Please make a season 2!!!
Got it
The host did an excellent job explaining a very complicated case in an understandable way! Amazing story...
Narrator and characters very monotone. Hard to stay interested in case.
From start to finish. Piece by piece. A riveting , emotional look at the judicial system and one teens disappearance..worth a listen. God bless Brian. I hope you get justice one day.
Absolutely boring!!! In all fairness I did listen to the entire first season. Don’t waste your time!!! The host and all of the recreated characters sound like a computer.
Miscarriage of justice
This is a fascinating story, tragic for so many - the victim's family, the falsely accused and their families. For those with blind trust in law enforcement - get a reality check with this. Respect but question.
Grew Up Next Door
As somebody who grew up in the town next over, this investigation by Aaron is incredible. I used to shop at Val’s prior to the disappearance (if you heard the rumors of what happened in Val’s, you would have stopped shopping there too), so I was able to envision everything. Thank you for doing a phenomenal job, Aaron! Maybe you should try running for Johnsburg Chief of Police!
Is there only the one episode of Brian Garrick? Was drawn in, now looking for more cases? Would like more!!!
Not For Me
The actor recreations of court testimony and interviews was enough for me to drop this podcast. If you're going to investigate, do some real interviews at least.
Great Job Aaron!!!
Excellent Story Telling, professionally presented
Hokie 2010
Good Story very well told and presented.
I love listening to Aaron on Gen Why so this might sound biased but, this podcast is so perfectly executed and kept my attention the WHOLE time. They did so much research and gave more evidence than the lawyers did in the case!! Please listen to this show! You won’t regret it!
I couldn’t make it past third episode. The reenactments were terrible and ridiculous! The story is interesting...I’ll have to look it up somewhere else.
Could have been great, but ...
New recruit!!
The narrator was OK, but the voiceovers were not good. Too repetitive and boring. I really tried to good like it. I ended up skipping episodes eight and nine so I could just get it over.
Love this podcast!!
American revert Muslimah
This is such an addictive podcast, I wish more episodes were available now so I could binge-listen! I see a lot of people complain about the voice re-enactments, but I personally think it adds more depth to the podcast and the voice actors do a really good job. We need a season two, pretty please?!?
Best crime pod in the game
Definitely the best crime podcast I’ve listened to. Binged it in two days. Really well thought out and put together. The recreations were good as well. Hope a 2nd season is on the way soon!
I binged the entire season over a weekend because I could not stop listening. I had seen newsmagazine TV shows about this case and thought I knew all the facts, but this podcast revealed so much I didn’t know. I loved the format and presentation, and I’m really hoping Aaron and the Framed team will make a season 2!
Couldn’t listen any longer
I gave it a shot, I really did. Some reviews said it gets better at episode 4, but it did not. The re-enactments of the court testimony are unbearable to listen to & the host’s monotone voice doesn’t keep your attention. Don’t waste your time.
Well put together & interesting
Colson Kelly
One of the better podcasts I’ve listened to. Binged it in 2 days. Really hoping another season is on the way!
I’m a big fan of The Generation Why podcast so I had high expectations of this. However I found re-enactments of the interviews and transcripts to be borderline cheesy. The story could of been intriguing had it been told differently. Instead it felt monotone and sometimes boring.
Solid investigation work
This series did a stellar job of investigating the crime, filling in the missing pieces, and giving clear evidence supported by eye witness accounts and the available forensics in forming a theory on how this crime was likely committed and who was involved. I loved how detailed it was and the way in which various parts of the investigation were connected. This is a haunting miscarriage of justice.
Too long and monotonous
The case was interesting but the reading of transcripts and re-enactments got to be too much. Too many repeated over and over and over.
Interesting, boring?
Interesting story, frustrating to listen to because it felt like I was always missing something. Some points were laboriously repetitive and others were skimmed over. It never seemed to explain why It took so long for the case to be prosecuted.
Overall good, I just want to hear actual interviews...
Next time try to get some interviews with folks involved?
I was surprised!
I have to admit that I was unsure about this podcast in the beginning. The actors recreating the key players disappointed me. I prefer actual recordings and if you have to fill some in with readings that’s understandable. However, after the first three episodes, I was so glad I continued! This was very well done! It was compelling, gripping, and detailed. I will continue to think about this case and all those involved.
Very Good
Complicated story, well told. My heart goes out to the victim, his family, the falsely accused, and even the perpetrator who sounds like he had a miserable life...
Boring research podcast
Pretty dull podcast that 90% just a reading of grand jury & trial transcripts. It’s like being with the host during the first phase of research for a good podcast, but it stops there. Was there no research or investigating done? The transcripts didn’t need to be read verbatim - I could do that myself if I were so inclined.
Fans of true crime: must listen!
Awesome job by Aaron from Generation Why! Loved this. Binge listened in one day. Such a bizarre case. New season please!
I loved it, I liked how we eventually find out what happened, and how you guys acted it out throughout the episodes. I can’t wait for a season two! ❤️
What’s with bad reviews
?? Confused with the bad reviews. I listen to 40-50 hrs of podcasts a week. Couldn’t wait for new podcasts to drop. Hoping for a season 2.
Omggggggggggg I am breathless
I thought Dirty John good. This has been the best podcast I have ever listen to. Attention to detail to the 10th power. Good job AAron!!!
Great Podcast
McHenry 1
That was an incredible podcast, I hung on every single word! You can tell great detail went into researching this case and creating this podcast. As to people talking about the actors in this podcast, I think that really was Mario. I used to know him and that sounds exactly like Mario.
No Actor Please
I found the story interesting, but did not like the story through actors. First time I have heard a podcast like this and it just was silly. The actors were totally unbelievable next time no actors please. Takes away from the podcast.
I enjoyed this pod. Hoped it would come back.
Good but should be better
I like Aaron on Gen why and had high hopes for this but imo the re-enactments don’t contribute to the pod. Also the writing in between has too many cliches. I do enjoy the case though and I think Aaron does his research and worked hard on this. I prefer story telling over parcast style pods. Hope he comes back with a season two and makes some adjustments.
Stop Re-enactments, they don’t play
Aaron is a very sharp guy and very insightful and I am happy to see him move away from Justin, who I see as a drain. However, re-enactments are just so awful and corny. He needs to stop that and just tell the story.
Great job Aaron!!!! I’m hooked and can’t wait for more.
Not everyone should be able to make podcasts.
Terrible. Monotone storytelling about a pretty boring story. Nothing very interesting or exciting. An accident happened between kids. I don’t even know why this was made into a podcast. I had to drag myself through to the end. Bad.
Not corny, great storytelling
Geez people are mean! I loved this podcast and the way it was laid out. Super interesting and I couldn’t wait for the next show drop. Keep up the good work!
Bad acting
I really enjoyed the store and the investigation. The acting was soooo bad. Do a season 2. Just don’t have actors. Just tell the story.
Re-enactments are terrible
Very corny. Not realistic. Hard to take the story serious because the actors sound like they’re joking
Like pulling teeth..
Mike Jones413
First, I absolutely love Wondery. There has not been a Wondery podcast that I have no thoroughly enjoyed...until now. The biggest issues are the amount of times they rehash the exact same facts and questions. Over and over and over. I’ve never felt such anxiety from just needing a story to move on. Secondly, the voice-overs and actors are just horrendous. It takes away from the entire show, for me. I have not heard this style in the Wondery podcasts previously, and I hope there aren’t more with the same. These voice-overs are supposedly a recount of the events, but they just come off as very corny filler. To be fair, maybe the podcast gets better after Chapter 3, but I can not vouch for that as I gave up listening at that point.
I enjoyed it! I’ve driven through Johnsburg several times throughout my life to get to Wisconsin. When I was younger my mom, brother and myself would stop at Val’s to get treats. In 2002 I was 15 and have never heard of this story. I always wondered why Val’s closed and now I know. This story is sad for all involved and I can’t believe they haven’t found Brian’s body yet.
Terrible voices
The “actors” for the voice re-enactments are just terrible. It sounds so cheesy and unnatural, people don’t talk like that. The story could be a good one but its also so repetitive with the details. I’ve enjoyed other wondery podcasts but this one is a miss. I find myself just wanting it to be over.
It’s mediocre
I like gen why a lot and I wanted to like this one. I kind of feel that maybe the execution wasn’t up to par, halfway into the podcast I was very confused. I think this case would work better as a video docuseries.
Wrong Guy
Every accusation the story teller gives as to lie or wrong is all wrong. They’ve got the wrong guy. These people haven’t lived the life Rob and I have lived. And possibly because they are on the wrong side of the fence they just don’t see it. It’s obvious to me. I can tell you a way better scenario, two actually and neither one involved a pathetic pot smoker. With the view you have, you are gonna miss the next piece of the puzzle when it’s staring you straight in the face. I can’t listen anymore due to the fact that it’s so backwards in thinking and that’s the problem when you haven’t lived the same life.
Not bad
Interesting story and it’s a fine podcast, but the way they reenact the testimonies makes it very hard to follow and keep everything thing/person straight.
Reenactment is cringeworthy
Omg the cheesy re-enactments ruin this for me. Too bad because I was interested but can’t finish it. I have secondhand embarrassment for the “actors”.
Couldn’t stop listening. Their logical, practical and very through. I enjoyed the recreations because it helped to keep all the people organized in my mind. You’ll never guess how this ends
Fantastic Investigating!
At first it’s hard to believe that someone can put together all the information from a case and paint such a vivid picture (especially when state prosecutors could not). You can tell the the Framed team thoroughly research’s all the evidence from the case and gives an unbiased assessment that’s able to capture the picture. Great Podcast!!!
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