Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Dr. Adam, host of the WARRIOR HEALTH podcast, highlights all aspects of fitness, nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarity out of Confusion!
Love this podcast by a Doc who is willing to give straight on topics that are some of the most confusing. Use this podcast to upgrade your knowledge on your most important asset!
Great trustworthy podcast
Dr. Splaver provides great info on a wide range of topics. He’s providing evidence based information but also mentions how nutrition, exercise, sleep, and vitamins can influence things. He’s also personal and funny and addresses life holistically. This is a wonderful podcast and I hope he keeps going for a long long time!
Must Hear Podcast
Eric Peyton
Dr. Splaver understands the concept of “The mind can absorb what the Butt can endure! If you are looking to make small lasting changes that will have a huge impact on your health, this is the guy to help you do it.
The Doctors Doctor
Warriors Way is the Healthy Way
After listening to Dr. Adam Splaver’s PodCast(s), I find that I’m drawn in by his smooth voice and charming yet funny way of educating me on the “missing links” to my personal healthcare. His topics (drawn from his personal, professional and public life) are poignant and relevant, coated with honesty and compassion. I’ll admit, listening to lifeless words that are repetitive without explanation can make anyone have a temporary case of ADHD. However, this is not the case with Dr. Splaver. What I found (after completing Season 1) is that Dr. Splaver gave me a greater understanding and insight of the “what and whys” from topics relating from intimacy to medication and all that pertains to our health in between that keeps our bodies (vessel’s) running. His humor, honesty and willingness to be open about his own trials has a refreshing feel to the old school stoic closed off physician who keeps him/herself personally compartmentalized from their patients. Dr. Splaver gives us the tools we need to live healthier (and happier) lives while encouraging a better relationship and open communication with our private physicians. Personally, I have obtained a wealth of knowledge and feel that though we have little say about the quantity of life we will live, there is certainly much we can do to have a great quality of life while living it.
Great information from a well known and trusted physician!
Real life medical lessons
This is a great podcast on improving your wellbeing. You will definitely find it useful in your daily living. Dr. Splaver thinks outside the box and can break down complex topics in a simple way.
Warrior Health delivers.
Excellent podcast series. A well rounded approach to healthy living using the latest medical research. Honest and insightful.
Super Helpful!
Kat Coder
Very excited that Adam is finally bringing his wealth of knowledge to a larger audience. Lookig forward to the rest of the episodes.
Finally a great podcast that balances medical science with spirituality!!
So true
Love every bit of it
Clever and timely
Dr. Adam Splaver focuses on all aspects of health: the clinical medical world we are familiar with, the alternative we are interested in and different ways we can improve our health. He does this is an easy to listen to and easy to understand way. I can’t wait for more episodes!
Nailed it!!!
william toadvine
Dr. Splaver nailed it. I truly enjoyed the podcast. I have had the opportunity and pleasure to hear him speak in from of large groups as well as in the news! This man is a true leader.
Great perspective
Love how real and honest this is, great stories.
On exercise
Loved the information provided...plan on incorporating information into an exercise program
It’s fascinating and eye-opening to learn about the symbiotic relationship between meditation and overall heart-health. Dr. Splaver-Thanks for sharing scientific research, and your synthesis on this crucial topic.
Comprehensive Doctor
Thank you Dr Splaver, truly food for my soul and for my health!
How amazing. Such a fresh look at medicine and health...I look forward to hearing more
The Real Deal
It's refreshing to hear from a heart doctor talking abou the benefits of meditation. Adam's take on the subject was spot on, delivered in an easy to listen to manner. I can't wait to hear his perspective on future topics!
How refreshing!
I am so happy to hear a doctor digging deeper into WELLNESS and wholeness. His story is inspiring and heart breaking all at the same time.
Small daily choices
Great stuff. Small daily choices we make over the long haul make the difference.
So informative
So many things that one can relate to and hear about time and time again. Thank you for all the info ! Patiently waiting for more.
Looking forward to what’s to come
I have similar preoccupations. Looking forward to Dr. Splaver’s insights.
The first step
B & T Liotta
Adam you are a man on a mission. Looking forward to hearing more as your journey unfolds.
A DOCTOR THST GETS IT!!!! Adam, yes Adam....I know he is a doctor but he is a relatable human being that doesn’t use medical jargon and complicated scenarios to puff himself up....He understands that pushing pills on patients is NOT the answer and that HEALTH & WELLNESS has some serious DEPTH which he has explored (and continues to explore) and is bring it to us in a very straight-talk approach. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN PODCAST👊🔥👊
Educational and inspiring
Justin Seedman
I love this podcast. I’m big fan of Dr. Splaver’s FB Live broadcasts and now this! Great insights and fantastic story telling.
Health and Happiness
I love this! Can’t wait to hear more. Keep up the good work.
A breath of fresh air
Steve Krebs
Dr. Splaver is a breath of fresh air in an industry driven by pharmaceutical companies and “towing the line.” He brings truth and an easy to understand delivery to this amazing podcast.
Good stuff
Thought this was gonna be another bro-fitness bio hacking white guy, telling everyone how they can be alpha... turns out he’s actually smart and knowledgeable. Seems to be a good guy producing quality content.
Thank you
raisy g
Dr. Adam is open and honest in sharing his personal story and his entry into integrative medicine , combining traditional medical and alternative medicine approaches. . I look forward to learning a lot about wellness .
Adam Splaver
Just live your podcast it is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration
Incredible Doctor
I am so happy Dr. Splaver has finally come out with his podcast. What a refreshing way to approach health and wellness. Looking forward to your next episodes
Amazing !!!
Mali Jebac
Subscribe and listen if you care about yourself, your health, your wellbeing and your future!
Thank you for sharing
You are an inspiration. As someone who has witnessed some of your journey, I am looking forward to learning from you each week!
Well done!
pr4the dr
Love your holistic approach to medicine
Great podcast!
I hope to listen to the series driving to work. This has given me a different perspective on medicine. Definitely provoked my thought.
Great intro!
Mike Splaver
Great introduction Adam looking forward to hearing more! Best, Your Brother
Touched me right to the core!
As someone who grew up with a nurse in our household, my mother, we were always surrounded by love and that brought security on the mental side. My life didn’t start to shift and alter until I started to take care of my physical well being as well. I can’t wait to to listen to more as I have so much more to learn going forward.
Refreshingly positive
I appreciate your suggestions on making lifestyle changes to supplement traditional medicine. We need more holistic doctors like YOU!
An honest doctor?
Gerritt B
When is the last time your doctor told you the truth? When is the last time he didn’t prescribe another bottle of pills? Dr Splaver is a man of integrity that lives the full purpose of the Warrior’s Way. His truth bombs are the best remedy for what’s not working in your life.
One of the Smartest Men I Know!
Dr Splaver is incredibly knowledgable in the area of personal health and wellness, and is always a dear, family friend. After my husband contracted a heart virus in early 2017, his health was compromised for nearly a year, feeling more like a man in his late 70s than he really was in his late 30s. When my husband was told that he needed to recieve a heart defibrillator due to the toll the virus took on his body, it was Dr Splaver that gave my husband the peace of mind that he needed to carry out the procedure, showing that no matter where a person lives (we are in Idaho while Dr Splaver practices in Florida), Dr Splaver leaves a profound impact. I look forward to each new week of his podcast!
Warrior Splaver
R Kilmer
Great message. Thanks Adam
Great motivation
Rabbi KW
I really enjoyed listening to the message and it has motivated me to do more and be better. Thank you.
Dr Adam is a true inspiration to any man who wants to see the light through the dark.
The right medicine
Next 90 with Nick
Finally a Dr who lives by a code and a different set up standards. This is going to be a great podcast! Bring on the rest of the episodes!
Very True
Robert Cordo
Intrigued. Health and wellness were never taught in Nursing school nor in Nurse Practitioner courses. We are taught disease specific treatments and preventions. But nothing about what it takes to promote health and wellness. Looking forward to your next podcast.
Always learning
Intresting podcast. Thanks!
I can relate to your story and I can’t wait to hear more!
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