Addicting and Important
Started listening tonight and I couldn’t stop until I finished. I’m sitting here in shock. This podcast covers such important miscarriages of justice and safety when it comes to the health care system.
Dr. Death
Listened to this in one car ride!! It gave me the chills and definitely was a nail biter.
Terrible nurses
In the Wuides
Good story, told well. Nurses were absolutely awful to listen to in this. Would have been better with less angry nurse interviews.
This was an amazing case, thank god for the tenacity of Dr Kirby and Dr Henderson to push for removal and prosecution of this doctor. Well done Laura Beil
Wondery’s finest work
One of the best podcasts Wondery has made. Nail biting, shocking with great interviews and evidence. It is a must listen and is available in a ton of different languages.
Wow! Just wow! A fantastic podcast
Great Podcast
This was one of my first podcasts ever and I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging it was without visuals! I highly recommend this podcast :)
Terash rash
This is the first time ever I listen to a story twice! It’s that good
Favorite podcast
Sooo interesting, I’ve listened many times 🔂
PowerUp Lover
This is so interesting and informational, wish it was longer (but glad it’s not bc that would mean more people were hurt). ;)
Soooooo amazing!!!! This was great!!!!!!
Thanks sx you u ughjlpta
Medical field protects
Their own butts! Hell with ppls lives !!
Shocking and truly eye opening!
As shocking as this real life story is the real shocker comes at the end.
Wonderfully creepy
A very chilling tale that hits close to home. Wonderful!
Must listen! This is one of the best podcasts of all time! I can’t recommend this enough. I didn’t listen to the hype at first, but I sincerely regret not listening to this sooner. WARNING: Anyone who has had a medical procedure gone wrong should stay away from this podcast in case it triggers their PTSD. Thanks!
Excellent and oh so scary!
Great presentation! Fascinating & horrifying
WOW!! I had not heard of this story until my friend (who is a physician) recommended this to me.I started listening to it at the beginning of a 17 hour drive and never got tired of it. The presentation is fantastic! Though the injuries and deaths are absolutely tragic, as a healthcare provider, I found the failures in reporting and the lackadaisical state medical board to be horrifying. Kudos to the physicians involved in stopping this surgeon!! Very informative, and I hope lessons have been learned!
America’s Healthcare Woes
Great podcast and chilling story. Outside of the personal story of the bogus doc, it highlights the problematic healthcare system in America which is profit driven... allowing him to practice long after he should have been suspended and jailed.
A must hear
I binged through this in one day. A terrible but amazing story. Great reporting. Way to go Texas State Medical Board.
Elle Em Esse
Shocking and impeccably reported! Excellent podcast. Binged in one day!
Dr. Death
cool dude22
Informative and engaging. I didn’t stop listening until the very end! Gripping!
GREAT storytellng of a unique case
I typically only listen to weekly true crime podcasts instead of podcasts that cover one case over several episodes. They usually stretch a case so thin its boring. Not this one. The host is a great storyteller and has a great new topic to hone in on each episode. At 6 episodes, its not too long but tells the story perfectly. Also, very well produced.
Thrilling and engaging
Well produced podcasts with valid resources. If you like investigative murder series. This is the one podcast you need to listen to.
I need more!!
Sarai Ordonez
Completely binged the season. I love the story telling. Thank you for helping me get through a boring, stay at home work day!
Thank you!
This happens a lot more than most people think in the medical field. Thank you for not only exposing the man in this, but also for exposing that just because something looks legitimate doesn’t mean it is. Always research before making a final decision!
Laura Beil is an amazing truth teller. The gentle way she unfolds details of these life and death stories is gripping and important. I hope Laura keeps this up and gets the support she needs so we understand and see what we can’t see holistically due to the nature our myopic lives.
Just WOW
Dr Death had me hooked at the first episode. It was well written, composed, narrated, and edited. Beautiful work for a horrifying story.
Phenomenal investigative reporting
judie saunders law
This podcast validates the important public service investigative reporters contribute to our safety and democracy. Dr. Death is another example of unchecked, unquestioned white privilege. Good job.
Thank god for Dr. Henderson and Dr. Kirby! This story is CRAZY, it will make a person have serious doubts in the one place you are supposed to trust and feel safe, YOUR DR. I hope to hell things have changed but I’m not gonna bet on it!
I was an ICU nurse at a small suburban hospital for 2yrs then a 1k bed hospital for 37yrs. I have NO SYMPATHY for Drs whining about the high cost of medical malpractice insurance because THEY REFUSE TO POLICE THEMSELVES (nursing is meticulous about this) and when they try it falls on deaf administrative ears, and if it doesn’t then state medical boards give them a slap on the wrist & then let them continue to practice. Which is why the story is so unusual. But you heard all throughout this broadcast how difficult it was to stop this guy. This was rampant early on in my career but vastly improved by the time I retired after 44yrs of practicing & the big teaching hospital was light years ahead of the small suburban hospitals. Want to know who to see for a problem? Ask a nurse; they know all the facts & won’t steer you to a golf buddy.
Jaw Dropping
I could not believe this case. This story made me so mad for those who were killed, hurt and angry at the ones who did nothing to stop this man. The narrative was amazing. I loved the cliff hangers at the end of each episode and the music was spot on. Great podcast!
Loved loved loved
Despite the story being absolutely horrifying, especially as a person who has undergone two spinal surgeries, the story was told so well. Can’t recommend it enough!!
Great Road Trip Listen
As a retired surgical nurse I found this fascinating. Husband really likes it as well. We were on a road trip and this was a great listen to pass the time.
Very enjoyable.
California Admires Ruiz Tizon
This sort of cover-up happens all the time. Baylor should be shut down in respect for the dead. The medical board should be put down.
Super intense. It was great.
No knuckleheads
Wow, this story was riveting and so scary because it really happened. It was so educational on how the health care system just lets some doctors get almost anything. The old honor code. I could not believe how something like this went on for so long. Overall is a really good show.
Gone head and subscribe
Yeaaa it was good. Like, good good.
Heartbreaking story
Overall great reporting and interesting story. The world is evil.
Princess with DreadLocks
I cannot believe how intense this podcast is. So well done!!
Mind blowing and binge worthy!
Wow, just wow!
Oh my spine 😱
I just discovered this podcast. I had a major spinal fusion in 2009 to correct a severe case of double-curve scoliosis. I had my surgery done in Dallas too!! Lol.. If I had heard this podcast before my surgery, I don’t think I would have had it done. I cannot BELIEVE what I just heard. 😳😳😳 Definitely recommend EVERYONE listen to this!!!!
American health care
Makes me want to throw up!
This podcast proves how messed up our American health care system is. The system is corrupt. The medical board only helps helps doctors not the patients.Not all doctors are bad. Most of them have good intentions.This doctor was anything but that. I feel like he had deep rooted issues and this guy doesn’t know when to stop, when to quit, or when he’s doing more harm than good . They trusted with a scalpel when I wouldn’t even trust him with a pair of safety scissors. Everyone needs to listen to this. He should have never even graduated from medical school. What the hell happened?
Horrifying story
The most horrifying story I have ever heard! I couldn’t stop listening, I could feel his victims pain... and there really is nothing in place to stop this from happening again, so this is a clear warning to do your due diligence on selecting your doctors.
UGA Tori
I always knew the healthcare system was lacking in many ways, and this podcast serves to strengthen the statement. I definitely learned that I need to take an extra measure of precaution for when I visit doctors. Good reviews don’t mean everything. Don’t believe everything you see. 10 out of 10 recommendation!!!
D&R Addict
This story is stranger than fiction. The details are unbelievable. The story teller kept me on the edge of my seat. This has convinced me to always do major research before ever having surgery. Well put together. Thank you for your podcast!!
Check out this dr
Dakota Epley
There is a dr that was in trouble for killing coworkers and patients. Dr. Swango.
Best podcast.
UGH this was everything I love in a true crime podcast. Way to really nail it! Please do more of these!
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