Hapa's Brewing Co's Pillars of Creation DIPA
Published May 20, 2019
3 min
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    It’s the Two Minute Beer Review!

    I’m Andrew Burkum, and once again I’m your companion as we face down that massive craft brew aisle in search of the hidden treasures we’ve been missing out on all along.

    This week we’re taking a look at Pillars of Creation Double IPA by Hapa’s Brewing Company in San Jose, CA. Is this beer an astronomical wonder of the universe? Let’s find out!

    Pillars of Creation pours yellow and hazy, just the way it should be. The scent is surprisingly subdued, but has almost a savory note to it. From smell alone I don’t get any hints about what this beer will taste like. Exciting!

    But what about that taste? At first blush, Pillars of Creation is extremely mild with just a bit of bitterness right in the middle of my tongue. It’s neither particularly juicy nor piney, so we are kind of treading new ground here with the hops mixture that Hapa’s is using. Curiously, there’s just a little bit of what I would describe as an almost salty flavor that hangs around at the very end of the swallow. It’s a very different IPA, and to be honest I’m not entirely sure how to categorize it.

    This beer is fine. It’s not my favorite example of the style and to be honest, not my favorite brew from Hapa’s, but they are a company that I really like, so I still heartily recommend them and look forward to tasting my way through the rest of their catalog! In the end, I find this beer hits that magical word, drinkable,” but it’s not a repeat experience for me. It comes in at a 7.7% ABV, so if you do like it, it should be right in the pocket for a pleasant drinking experience.

    Well that’s all for this week, but I hope you’ll join me next week as I taste Belgian Bump from Local Brewing Company in San Francisco, CA. Is this an international speed bump of a beer? We’ll find out next week! Look for links to this week’s beer and brewery in the show notes and as always, be sure to follow the Two Minute Beer Review on Facebook and twitter for information on upcoming episodes and events.

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    That’s all for this now, but I’ll see you next week as we continue on our quest to taste all the beer!

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