One of my favorite history podcasts
Wow! Just listened to the new episode about Vasily dealt with the threats from Lithuania and the Golden Horde. A great story well told! Crisp, clear, well paced narrative. Keep it up; don’t change a thing!
Excellent rendering of Russian History
Being a professional historian born in former Soviet Union, I highly recommend this well researched and thought provoking podcast.
Loving it so far!
Got pointed here by Mike Duncan - I’m only about 10 episodes in. I studied Russian history and language and college and this has been a great refresher. Perfect podcast for any history lover or Russophile. I wish I could have had this pod to study with! Only critique is that the logo is in faux-Cyrillic...if you can read Cyrillic or speak a Slavic language it’s horrible to look at. It’s obvious you’ve done your research and know what you’re talking about but it kills your credibility at first glance.
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I’d like to start by saying thanks for doing this, I’ve been looking for a great Russian podcast and burned through all the episodes in two long drives. To listeners, most likely this isn’t the first podcast you've listened to, but if your a fan of Mike Duncan (Revolutions, which actually pointed me towards this podcast) or Dan Carlin, this is a great podcast that goes into an equally wonderful amount of detail. I will note due to this being the creator’s first series (which is awesome) the first few episodes are rough around the edges but by ep 8-9 (each ep is roughly 10 minutes) he really hits his stride. Thank you for the podcast and I can’t recommend it enough!
Great topic great knowledge - poor quality recording and a bit drab
北 Matt
I really like history podcast and was excited about a Russian one. The guy seems to really know his history. But, he reads in a way that sounds like he's drifting off to sleep and the audio quality is so bad that it’s only just possible to understand it whilst riding. I'm only on episode 1, I’ll keep listening and amend my review if necessary.
Very interesting
I just started listening to this podcast a few days ago and so far I find it to be very well done.
Knows what he is talking about. Informative. But needs to remove the background music.
I’m loving this!
Good so far
Stu Nims
Started out a little rocky but you seem to be hitting your stride. Please try to talk a little slower. I have a hard time understanding due to your accent at times. Excited for more!
Trust the process!
Jason Krigsfeld
As a student of history, avid podcast listener (and hopefully soon, podcaster), and Russian, I had was very interested in checking out the cast. I thought the first couple of episodes were a little rough, but the feedback is clearly working! I’m loving how much more comfortable you’re sounding, the background music helps us stay engaged, and despite what others say I love the Slavic war drums! I would say what I’m looking for is more of your personal opinion and character, and maybe a little more humor or comedy. The former I feel like Age or Napoleon kills, he gives great takes from all sides but I feel like we know his feelings on matters clearly. On the latter point, I think History of England does a great job. Not a comedy podcast at all, but the wit and charm (and personality) of the caster really comes through! Doing a great job and have been doing a great job solliciting feedback. I’ve never done it before so you got me motivated!
The content of this podcast is very interesting and I like the episode lengths. But, the background music that has shown up in the last couple of episodes is very distracting and makes the narrator hard to hear. If I can fight through that, the content is worth it.
Excellent Content!
WI Appraiser
This podcast presents Russian history in a way that can be easily understood and enjoyed by all! It sheds light on topics that are rarely discussed, and is overall an excellent listen! I highly recommend this show!
I’ve been waiting forever and forever for a proper Russian history podcast, and the orthodox podcast gods have finally answered my prayers. I love that a wide confluence of material is presented with clarity and logical efficiency. The conversational delivery is great! Please ignore the other reviewer and continue what you’re doing. I find podcasts that follow a strict script delivery utterly staid and unbearable. My only suggestion for improvement: please change the intro and ending theme music! It is unnecessarily ominous and sounds too similar to Ray Harris’ History of World War II podcast. Besides, instead of silly stock music, can’t you use something authentically Russian? Something by Shostakovich or Stravinsky would be cool and legit.
Not too bad
The topic is very interesting, but my only issue is the way the narrator speaks, I recommend trying to sound more conversational than like if you are reading a script. Other than that problem, it’s a great podcast with lots of good information about Russia, and I’m excited to see how it develops.
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