January 17, 2020
Beltran Booted, Awkwafina Announcements, Granny Grads, Pre-Solar Stardust, Jeopardy’s GOAT and Harry’s Finale
January 16, 2020
Political History, Python Wrangling, Smoke Travels, Fitness Fiasco and Kindness Matters!
January 15, 2020
Billie Sings Bond, Volcanic Rumblings, Astro-naughty, Newfangled Lights and A Benchwarmer’s Sweet Revenge!
January 14, 2020
Heroic Tortoise, Megxit Mess, Fireworks Fall Short, Frozen Iced Out, Medalist Moves On and Booker Bows Out!
January 13, 2020
Royal Crisis, Long Distance 911, Impeachment Update, Dad Disciplined and Football’s Final Four!
January 10, 2020
Cosmic Teen, The Biebs, TP Robot, Cool Cuttlefish and Montana’s Melting Glaciers!
January 9, 2020
Modern Metropolis, Snack Study, Famous Fall, Royal Rift and Disney Dream Job!
January 8, 2020
Mighty Mice, Back to Work, Time Machine, Forever Home and a YouTube Crackdown!
January 7, 2020
Chocolate Fix, Golden Surprise, Plant Zen, Doll Debut and A Ratings Touchdown!
January 6, 2020
Brady’s Future, Fires Down Under, Parrot Problem, Monster Flower and Mariah’s Milestone!
December 20, 2019
Ryan’s World, Doggone Stuck, Surfing Surprise, Photo Roulette, Winter Returns and Skywalker’s Swan Song!
December 19, 2019
Somber Vote, Insta Kindness, Close Call, Veggie Goldfish and an Aussie Hot Spell!
December 18, 2019
Historic House Vote, Why the World Loves Miss Nigeria, Porch Pirate Payback and The One That Got Away!
December 17, 2019
Coding for Kids, Weird Animal Fight, 3-D Printed Community, and Therapy Dog Winner!
December 16, 2019
Lopsided Win, House Vote, Sandy Surprise, Earth-Friendly Feet and 141-year-old Fruitcake!
December 13, 2019
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December 12, 2019
Life Lessons 101, Degree Delay, Person of the Year, Super Searches, and LeBron’s Time Out.
December 11, 2019
Charity Run, DC Latest, Million Dollar Marvel, Young PM, and Lip-smacking Logs!
December 10, 2019
Car Star, Volcano Warning, Khalil’s Kindness, Space Buddy, Gone Bananas and Nyet, Russia!
December 9, 2019
Merry Miguel, Cursive Comeback, Dancing History, The Science Guy vs Disney and a Dancing Deliveryman!
December 6, 2019
Next Steps, Aquaman's Water Issue, Eli's Farewell Tour, Speed Racers, and Mickey & Minney get their Due!
December 5, 2019
Cops to the Rescue, Mega-Storm, Pint-sized Scholarship, Impeachment Update, French Fry Fiasco!
December 4, 2019
Meh Report Card, Democrat Drops, Señorita Soars, Cosmic Crisps, 5-Second Rule and What’s in a Name!
December 3, 2019
Burger Buster, Royal Welcome, Reef Rescue, Manic Monday, and Deck the White House Halls!
December 2, 2019
Fake Frogs, Talking Trouble, Hole-y Moley, Freeze Out, Generous Tip and No Ticket Turkey!
November 26, 2019
TS Tops MJ, Box Office Blizzard, Turducken, Balloon Forecast, Word of the Year and Hoop Hopes!
November 25, 2019
Color Burst, Super Secret Trip, Driving Dog, NFL Casting Call and Breaking the Unbreakable!
November 22, 2019
Brightest Light, Animal Awards, Sand Shortage, Toy Trouble and In With The Young!
November 21, 2019
Unicorn Storm, Impossibly Vegan, Futuristic Four-Wheeler, Turkey Day Dislikes and Santa's New Address!
November 20, 2019
Seatbelt Survey, #Fartgate, Solar Breakthrough, Golden State Deja Vu, 5th Debate and a Taylor Truce?
November 19, 2019
FAST Call, Milky Way Exit, Inquiry Twist, Questionable Dish and Bye Bye, Bei Bei!
November 18, 2019
Dog Data, Kaep’s Curve, Pete Surges, Swift Response, Foam Free and Butter Fingers!
November 15, 2019
Whiz Kid, Two Tails, Cheating Consequences, Bowl o’ Twinkies, Father-Son Rivalry and Bah Humbug!
November 14, 2019
Woodland Wonder, Venice Overflows, Foot Faux Pas, Kaep’s Tryout, and Greta Hitches a Ride!
November 13, 2019
DC Drama, #FreeQuilty, Soccer Shaker, Message in a Bottle and Disney Doh!
November 12, 2019
Lemons to Lemonade, Orangutan’s New Digs, O’nite Gaming Ban, Mystery Solved, and the Loudest Bird Alive!
November 11, 2019
Veterans’ Day, Losing Likes, Mercury’s March, Another Candidate, Lebron’s Legacy and Holy Guacamole, Batman!
November 8, 2019
Take a Knee, Science Smarts, Space Vote, Moon Rocks Revealed and Color Me Panda!
November 7, 2019
Ice Ball Invasion, Pony Ride, Climate Action Heroes, Sugary Shipment, Impeachment Itinerary and Bye-Bye Blind Spots!
November 6, 2019
Fortnite Fumble, Heads Up, Double-Decker Asteroid, Football Feline, Ripple Effect and Gross Out Cam!
November 5, 2019
Fines Forgiven, Election Day, Star BBQ, Champion Cheese and Classroom Yoga!
November 4, 2019
Lopsided Score, White House Visit, Election Countdown, Space Cookies, Parade Preview and Wizard Rock Returns!
November 1, 2019
Wizard Rock Vanishes, An Extra Hour, Congratulating Conan, Tackle Trouble and Thanks, but No Thanks!
October 31, 2019
World Series Win, Rough Report Card, Stinky Jeans, Cops With Costumes and A Bid for Tulsa!
October 30, 2019
Game 7, Swift Suit, Sting Ray Invasion, Space Face and Candy Snatchers!
October 29, 2019
Mysterious Bobbing Blob, Big Hill Vote, Game 6 Showdown, Tiger’s Triumph, and Where’s the Tower?
October 28, 2019
Trick or Treat Trouble, Historic Winds, Heroes Among Us, Satellite Surprise, Feline Fitness and a Football First!
October 25, 2019
Too Haunted, Worrisome Winds, Wacky Series, Hot Rod Rats, Dem Departs and Pin the Tail!
October 24, 2019
Quantum Leap, Million Dollar Donor, Corporate Cleanup, Nations Navigating Change, and Bogus Beauty!
October 23, 2019
Switch-a-Roo Fail, Ghost Pizza, Seahorse Statement, Carter Hospitalized and a Record Run!
October 22, 2019
Positively Pierre, Zero Zion, Netflix No-no, Hotdog Dare, and Top Treats!
October 21, 2019
Cosmic Apple, Jose's Last Laugh, Longest Flight, Diverse Dolls and a Ticket Twist!
October 18, 2019
Hues in the News, Walk on the Wild Side, London Losing Patience, QB’s Cruiser and No Toll!
October 17, 2019
Shark Karma, Canine 911, Windy City Walkout and State-of-The-Art Spacesuits!
October 16, 2019
Space Elevator, Quake Country, Lebron Weighs in, Sardinia SOS and Felicity Reports!
October 15, 2019
One Less Yawn, Un-juiced, Big Debate, Girl Power, Little Boy/Big Fish and Fortnite’s Black Hole!
October 14, 2019
Controversial Columbus, Trade War Thaw, Screen Time Split, Peace Prize Surprise and Amazing Avocado!
October 11, 2019
Georgia Frankenfish, Baseball’s Final Four, Peace Prize, Scrunchie Secret, Simone’s Fifth and Totally Nuts!
October 10, 2019
Blackout Blues, Weather Whiplash, Sanders Slows Down, Snake Snatchers and a Wedding Day Koala!
October 9, 2019
Friendly Reminder, Test Relief, Name-a-Moon, Damage Control, Lego Let Go and Simone Shines!
October 8, 2019
Super Typhoon, Prestigious Prize, Best Big City, Pioneer Spacewalk and Carter’s Got Game!
October 7, 2019
Skyliner Stuck, Back in Session, Goonies Moment, Banding Together, Watch Out and Uber This!
October 4, 2019
Apollo 11 Shocker, Football’s Frenchie, Patch Progress, Dream Big, Simone’s World and an Inflatable Alien!
October 3, 2019
Sanders Sidelined, Kinetic Kites, Fighting Fake News, Abolishing Bullies and Mouse in the House!
October 2, 2019
Accidental Win, Giant 'berg, Milestone Birthday, Pay to Play, Training Treats and A Fleet of Drones!
October 1, 2019
Wildcard Week, Not Forever 21, National Day, Haunted Pop-up and Next Stop, Mars!
September 30, 2019
Fido’s Feelings, Historic Snowfall, Chicken Noodle Soup Challenge, Student Scoop and a New Rookie Record!
September 27, 2019
Locked Loo, New Frontrunner, Homecoming Hero, Abbey Road Anniversary, Seabubbles and Finally a Forever Home!
September 26, 2019
Melting Mountain, Alexa Invasion, Impeachment Poll, Hydration Help, Furry Foster Moms and Dolls for All!
September 25, 2019
Crash Course in Respect, D.C. Inquiry, Big Momma, First ‘Stang and a Long Lost Continent!
September 24, 2019
Skate Sensations, Tour Trouble, Triple Tropical Threat, Bee Hotels and the Endangered Middle Child!
September 23, 2019
Chapstick Hack, Archie’s Tour, Kick It Like Carli, the UN’s Turn and Hello, Fall!
September 20, 2019
Massive March, UFOs, Imelda’s Mess, Eli’s Lesson, Grand Re-Opening and a Dolphin Dilemma!
September 19, 2019
Big Cat Breach, Produce with “Apeel”, Vacay OK’d, Beverage Bequest and Catch of the Century!
September 18, 2019
Big Apple Hooky, Superhero Sister, Nope Ropes, Quarterback Shuffle, Blinded By Bees and Don’t Show Me the Money!
September 17, 2019
Hurricane Humberto, Igloo Hotel, Peanut Possibility, Daisy's Debut and Guac Day!
September 16, 2019
Lifted Loo, Blackest Black, Supersized Space Rock, Unlikely Best Buddies, Skivvy Survey and Don’t Mess with Grandma
September 13, 2019
Wedgie Win, Coffee Chaos, Sentencing Day, Justify This and Bully Backlash x2!
September 12, 2019
Team USA’s Troubles, Message in a Bottle, Space Storm, Serena in the Spotlight, Misleading Her Majesty and Fries with AI!
September 11, 2019
T-shirt Envy, Extreme Eel, Space Mix, Kinder-bucks, Disney Delayed and a Real Party Pooper!
September 10, 2019
Animal Art, Southpaw Surprise, Pasta Sippers, Back to Work, and a Gator Record!
September 9, 2019
Teen Tennis Titan, Why Ariana’s Angry, Kindness Wins, Sentencing Week, Bionic Heroes and a Rockin’ Rooster!
September 6, 2019
Snake Snafu, Hand-y Technology, Gushing Geyser, Summer Snow and Horse Know-How!
September 5, 2019
Harry’s Travel Troubles, Falling Fireball, Pigskin Centennial, Dorian’s Destruction and Eat Your Veggies!
September 4, 2019
Lucky Landing, Dorian’s Track, Space Clock, Marcia Moment, Tahoe Downer and The Queen Pranks!
September 3, 2019
D-Day for Florida, Sasha’s Blue, Pet Perks, Naomi’s Sportsmanship and the Jonas Brothers Deliver!
August 30, 2019
Florida Braces for Dorian, PB4WEGO, 10 is Enough, Almanac Odds, and Dogs in Training!
August 29, 2019
Dorian’s Detour, Wrong Answer, On a Break, One Less Dem, Carli’s Kick and Twins Take the Field!
August 28, 2019
Swift Payback, Weather Delay, Tom Terrific, Paddling Record and All Dolled Up!
August 27, 2019
Disney Delayed, Little League Champs, Swift Sales, Space Crime and Tiger’s Journey!
August 26, 2019
Out of Luck, Rainforest Worry, Cabin Fever, Rolling Stones Rock and National Dog Day!
August 23, 2019
Sinking Feeling, Hold the Phone, Animal Crossing, Time Capsule Surprise and Locks of Love!
August 22, 2019
It’s Raining Plastic, Spidey’s On His Own, Carli’s Kicks, Mattress Mayhem and Don’t Steal the Sand!
August 21, 2019
Little League Phenom, BYOB, End of the Road, Frog Fixin’s and Dog-1, Shark-0!
August 20, 2019
Heat Wave Headaches, Canal Crocs, Rookie’s Rocket, Hiding Likes and Weird Food Laws!
August 19, 2019
Sailing for Change, Curry’s Course, Pre-teen Hero and Support Horses!
August 16, 2019
Buckeye Buzz, Tweet Hoax, Heroic Landing, Hickenlooper Exits and a Bright Pink Hopper!
August 15, 2019
Mona Lisa Limit, Holiday Shopping, Green Sneakers, Wall Street Woes, and a Snapper Surprise!
August 14, 2019
Sky Show, Airport Headache, Cleopatra’s Perfume, Wasp Wrangler and Spaced-Out Cookies!
August 13, 2019
Pink Pandas, Puppy Pal, Serena Sidelined, Old Town Trouble, & Endangered Danger!
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