Meridian Citizen
Take a look at the Lauderdale County, Mississippi Arrest Report for October 14, 2019. Appears Dylan has been arrested for probation violation/parole. He has been in Drug Court and has failed test several times.
Intriguing and informative
I am a new listener but I love how this podcast uses the public as well as the trained expert in bringing information to the listener!
Good subject matter, bad journalism
I have been following the Christian Andreacchio case since 2014, so I have a great deal of background knowledge. It would be difficult for a listener who has no background knowledge to know where any of this information came from or what it means. It is often unclear who is speaking, unclear if the information is fact or hearsay, and many sources of information are unclear. I have a journalism degree, so all of this sticks out to me. I find I have to double check sources and ask more questions after listening to episodes. However, I am thankful for the work Sheila Wysocki and her team are doing to investigate this case.
Confirmation Bias 101
!pod $hopper
Let me first say this is a drawn out, regurgitated, poorly constructed version of Culpable. What Culpable had in the beginning, WOW completely lacks. Shelia and her crew come across as armchair detectives hell-bent on convincing the listener they know some something we don’t. What they clearly don’t know is that people process trauma and traumatic situations differently; as a result their psychological grief assessments are ignorant at best. The sad part is, they are only prolonging the grief and ultimately the denial of the Andreccio family. Possibly even worse, they are misleading listeners with their agenda pushing confirmation bias bs. And lastly, selling T-shirts is just plain tacky Sheila! One star is too high for this garbage.
Just another
Greedy trying to profit off the death of a young man. In my opinion. Hard pass.
Exposing incompetence by actual investigation
Amazing podcast! I feel for any family that has been struck by tragedy and then again by negligent law enforcement. Investigating the truth is what everyone believes your local law enforcement will do. And that’s NOT the case. Beyond frustrating to hear the lack of education and training these so called professionals get!! Tax dollars are paying their salaries and all they needed was 9 weeks of training?!? It’s a disturbing recurrence that time after time families are required to pay for. Listen to this podcast!
The crime fingerprint is amazing.
Montecito Mermaid
As a true crime aficionado, your podcast is one of the best. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Updated: lowered my rating to one star. Sheila was awful before but now that she’s taken on the Christian Andreacchio suicide it’s become apparent she uses the grief of parents who can’t accept the loss of their child to line her pockets. Culpable was so one sided. Anyone with Google can tell you the real version. So now that I know how much of a charlatan Shelia is when there is actual evidence to blow Culpable out of the water, the awful work done on Lauren Agee’s Case makes sense. She’s using you Moms! Wake up. I keep listening and waiting for someone to give some actual proof that this was not an accident. It seems to be a lot of speculation on the part of the host. It’s so over the top that she sees things one way and by God that’s how it is. I actually agreed with every word the judge said about her “investigation”. And she comes back with an attitude like, can you believe this guy? Honestly, I’d like to know what happened to Lauren but you’re not going to get it from this podcast. The police investigation was abysmal. But non stop speculation is not going to bring you those answers, sadly. I gave 2 stars because the case is interesting . If you like a lot of speculation and little evidence this one is for you.
Hippy to Pin:)
Great podcast. So sad that the ball was dropped right at the beginning of this young woman’s death. I hope the family gets their justice for their daughter and I wish the law first involved will be held accountable.
Awesome podcast
Can’t wait to hear that justice has been served for Christian’s
Season 2
We are all so excited to hear your podcast about Christian’s “murder” (I believe it is murder)!!
Selena ;-)
There is nothing more frustrating than to hear a detective repeatedly say the words, “Well, I don’t know.” I am an average citizen who just enjoys true crime stories. But this family is living through the horrors of losing their child and getting zero answers. I just wanted to scream the entire time. If you don’t know... FIND OUT!! As an investigator, you literally have one job!! *INVESTIGATE* I don’t mean to simplify what is such a complex, important, and difficult job but this case has frustrated me so much with the lack of any sort of effort by the people who should have been in charge of telling her story.
Excellent podcast!
Please stop saying “proud sponsor”
It’s pretty antiquated and sounds egoistical/naive.....these sponsors don’t actually listen to yur podcast....it sounds stupid.
Same as Culpable
Why is Season 2 covering the same case that what just covered at length, including Sheila’s team, on the podcast Culpable. Seems like a waste.
Horrendous audio
I agree with so many that have mentioned the horrendous audio quality. Wysocki plays this “bombshell” piece of audio, that goes on and on and on, from Arron Lilly. It sounds like it’s being recorded on a phone in someone’s pocket. There’s passing traffic, general ambient noise, and all this banging in the background. I couldn’t understand a word he said. Awful, just awful. And yes she breaks in to give her opinion on what he’s saying and what it means. I’ll make up my own mind, thanks.
No backstory & therefore difficult to follow
I just started episode 3 and I’m ready to quit. Terrible audio and very difficult to follow story. Jumps around too much and no set up/ backstory whatsoever. I think Sheila has a lot of talent as an investigator but whoever’s responsible for editing or putting pieces together just confuses the audience.
The Lauren Agee case is so tragic and it’s very clear it was mishandled by police. Unfortunately this podcast falls flat in telling her story. Episode 1 began so abruptly, I thought I had missed vital information to help me understand the story. The episodes don’t flow well and seem very all over the place. The audio recordings are absolutely horrific, and it’s almost painful to listen to some of them. Reenactments would have been much more practical with audio quality this poor. I plan to try and follow season 2, in the hopes that the Andreacchio case is covered much better. Fingers crossed, but Culpable did such an incredible job, it will be hard to follow in their footsteps.
Awesome podcast. Can not stop listening. Well done Sheila!!!!
Poor audio
I really wanted to listen to this. Storyline interesting but audio so poor it is impossible to hear and follow 🙁👎👎👎👎
All Teasing, No Pleasing!
Worst true crime podcast ever! VERY intriguing case (which you can learn about in other forums) but there’s no logical flow whatsoever to this podcast. It bounces all over the place, drags out for way too many episodes, then never ties any loose ends together. If you view this as a repository of random interviews, in no particular order, rather than a story, you won’t be disappointed. They dumb down stuff that doesn’t need to be and fail to explain SO many seemingly important parts of the case. Maybe it makes more sense if you have the Patreon membership that Sheila keeps plugging but is mostly sold out? Don’t waste your time. If you do, skip the painfully awful Q&A episodes. I had high hopes and I was completely disappointed that I wasted SO much time.
I struggled SOOOO much with the start of the podcast. The story was very difficult to follow. It took me a few episodes and a few google searches to get past the first few episodes. I hope that some of the things we’ve been baited with here come to fruition. I am super hopeful for the family that they might find answers to every question and I hope the detective and the sheriff are both investigated. Horrendous job on their end!
Hard to listen to
The audio records are extremely poor and although the story is compelling, I couldn’t get past the 4th episode.
Zero stars
If it were possible to rate this lower, I totally would. The story is so hard to follow and there is basically no backstory.
terri fipps
This is a very thorough podcast, all the answers u ask given throughout, this case was very obviously mishandled from the start! Anyone..... with a real love of justice and law enforcement would reopen this case immediately! It is beyond me, how this sheriff and investigator sleep at night?? How could they really still stand behind their case?? how??! It’s obvious they made mistakes, so as adults or even professionals with terrible grammar BTW, they would be willing to admit their errors and reopen and so it right, ask for assistance just to make sure something wasn’t missed. Can it Really hurt?? Hope if something ever happens to a loved one of theirs they better be on those knees hoping they have more qualified investigators involved they they are. This is a true account of a very sad and tragic situation, a young, beautiful, girl who had a bright future ahead. It’s as if this never even mattered to these people at all. As for the comments of reviews re- how this is attacking innocent kids? not really, if you know anything about criminal justice, these are normal, daily routine ?? That need to be answered, they haven’t slandered any one at all, this is all the truth!!!
Fishing to justify her opinion
This podcast has to be one of the worst I’ve heard. It is the investigator forcing her opinion on the listeners. She has a ton of audio that she attempts to pull facts from but it seems she just twists it to verify her own points. No actual investigating happening. She’s nitpicking the statements of these 20-something drunk kids and questioning why they didn’t make adult decisions.
Dazed and confused
Episode 2 and so far no one has given any background on the case. May have needed to say reading about the initial investigation was a prerequisite for listening to the podcast. Interviews are horrible quality. Not really something I would see getting a 4.5 review. This show needs a narrator like the guy in Culpable or Bairdstown (not sure I spelled this correctly). Those two are definitely 4.5 or above quality podcasts!!
Best true crime podcast
My FAVORITE podcast & PI. This is the only creator who I currently and will continue to support on Patreon. The Agee & Andreachio cases are so tragic and could’ve easily been solved had the detectives 1. Known anything about lividity and 2, followed the very basics of protocol.
Great Podcast!
I love following the story and I know Sheila and her team have put in a lot of hard work. I first heard of this podcast by listening to Culpable, where Sheila helped on the Christian Andreacchio case. The volume needs to be a little louder. I have my volume all the way up and I have to listen carefully so I don't miss anything. Also some of the interviews are even harder to hear/understand.
Interesting story buuut.......
While this is a tragic story with a horrible ending for this young girl bc of a completely botched investigation by the Lead investigator, the podcast itself is also botched. There is too much opinion-sharing and personal feelings shared instead of just the facts. They are in there too but in a very disjointed, cumbersome way and it’s very difficult to stay engaged. I kept listening bc I wanted to hear if the case got solved (which the tagline for the whole podcast suggests it does) but sadly, that never happens. Check out Culpable for a model - that’s an amazingly done, produced well and factually presented podcast!
Nix Victim
Another podcast that makes me question law enforcement and the lack of skilled quality trained representatives in the legal system. Really similar to Cupable. Seriously this is an epidemic and a scary issue that needs to be addressed. The lack of information and research these detectives/sheriffs didn’t do is unacceptable! I hope this family somehow gets answers to what really happened ,but I fear they may never know. Hoping more comes to light as I continue on this journey . Great podcast hooked me early on.
Good story Awful Audio
Such an interesting story. But all the interviews were extremely hard to listen to. Had a hard time following. I’m trying again for a second time but the audio is so frustrating. Sadly, because it’s interesting. Hope this family figures this out.
Interesting case, frustrating podcast
The case itself is very interesting but the production of this podcast is very frustrating. There is a lot of “he said, she said” and inaudible interviews. Playing actual audio from the investigation is nice when you can actually understand what is being said. It is irritating trying to understand muffled phone conversations with poor quality recordings. The production value here is pretty low. They should listen to the Culpable podcast and take notes. Re-enactments are sometimes necessary so the listener can actually understand what is being said.
I really hope that this case gets solved. It is sickening to me the inadequacy of the DeKalb PD. I am in my 20’s and consider myself a risk taker and have done things such as Lauren was doing this weekend, enjoying her life. I cannot imagine this happening to me and my family being in the situation that Laurens’ is in. I know that everything the family is doing, they’re doing it because they love Lauren. Breaks my heart for them. I hope and pray there is new evidence or something, just SOMETHING to break this case and give the family the closure they need. So many thoughts and prayers for y’all.
Amazed that it’s possible to get a following on a podcast that goes episode after episode of he said she said, repeating the same things over and over and over, and not reviewing any evidence in a clear and concise manner. I’d love to hear about the actual facts of this case. It’s clear that the investigating officers botched the investigated but sadly the podcast was botched as well.
Just okay
The story is interesting and I wish it actually went someone. It is hard to get past the low production value and an over load of filler episodes.
Interesting case
I heard about your pod while listening to Culpable. Once you & your fellow P.I.’s got involved I started to feel hopeful that Christian’s murder will be solved. Same with Lauren’s case. I previously read & watched some info regarding Lauren’s death & I hope you can break it all down & bring some answers to her family. Thanks for all of your hard work.
Can't stop listening.
Too much Gossip and hearsay
I’m a huge fan of criminal/crime podcasts. Sadly, this podcast has been such a disappointment as the listener continues to hang on & listen intently with hopes of someone being able to crack or solve this case. Unfortunately, it just never gets there. Over 30+ episodes of hearsay, opinions & biased criticism without really ever achieving the goal of finding firm evidence to hold someone accountable for Lauren’s death. A disappointment.
I’ve never been so infuriated or heard of such a horrible lack of basic police work in my life. I’m only at the 2nd part of the deposition of Sheriff Patrick Ray & I am SCREAMING!!!!!
Really good
Very well done podcast.
Production and editing make it unlistenable
It’s a shame the editing and production value are SO bad–noisy backgrounds while interviewing, muffled recordings from police interviews, cheesy music. I wanted to follow along this case as I’ve heard about Sheila’s work and respect her greatly. But it was too distracting to keep listening. :(
In depth
Sheila really cares for the families.
Excellent podcast
Jrm AZ
I loved this podcast and the way the story was told, discussed, reviewed and repeated in some areas to make it clear what this poor family has been through. I was sick to my stomach how this family has been treated and how Lauren was discarded and not made a priority. I can’t wait to hear more from Sheila
hey its me Ash
I know everyone listening wants to know who the hell did this to Lauren. I understand we have to be patient and gentle with these kind of things. We cant just point fingers and say HE DID IT when we have to have hard proof of the FACTS. I wish we could hear more of what EVIDENCE you do have instead of he say she say so we can be on the inside, but I also know that you can’t say too much! I really just hope whatever happened to Lauren gets solved and the parents can lay their head down at night knowing the truth.
Who did Chris Stout call ???
I feel like I’ve heard Chris called someone six times but have never gotten clarification on who. I’m on episode 31 and don’t know if big reveal is coming or if I missed it!!!
Amanda ghakidsvhy
I hate when people say “she wouldn’t do that”. I don’t care how much you know someone, you don’t know what they would do. Sounds like she got drunk and fell off a cliff wearing someone else’s shorts. I don’t understand at all why they are focusing so much on Hannah and the boys I don’t think they had anything to do with it. It’s super hard to continue to listen to it because it’s so INSANELY biased and I can’t get down with investigators that claim to want the truth but can’t see it.
I hope this producer doesn’t quit her day job
I was so excited about this podcast, as I have done a bit of sleuthing in the last year on this case and always thought it was very fishy. But I hope to god for this “producer’s” sake she didn’t quit her day job. Because podcasting ain’t it. Horribly produced, spotty chopped up “interviews” in between AWFUL music. Would love if someone actually good at this would take up this case- Payne Lindsey! Where you at!?
Entertaining but more gossip about white trash. (Whites of WV like) Sorry for the loss to the family. The “investigator” is just trying to sell a story in a dramatic fashion.
Justice for Lauren❤️❤️❤️❤️
Case definitely needs to be reopened!!!!
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