July 23, 2019
Dylan and Adam sit down to discuss pheasant hunting, how they train to hunt, and the Great Kansas Flood of 2019.
July 9, 2019
Adam and Dylan talk through their new 2019 bow setups: what they like, what they dislike, and how things have changed with their shooting preferences over the years.
June 18, 2019
In this episode Dylan sits down with Gabe Ledbetter from Hill Creek Outfitters to talk about Gabe's recent harvest: a 615 lb stud of a feral hog! They also get into how we can start to get a handle on the hog problem we're facing!
May 21, 2019
In this episode, Dylan is joined by Garrett Ledbetter, owner and guide at Hill Creek Outfitters.  They talk about Garrett's turkey season so far, taking some memorable clients out hunting, and the difference a burn program can make.
May 1, 2019
The Kill & Eat crew is heading south to hunt hogs in Oklahoma.  Like everyone does on hunting trips, the boys talk dream hunts, college sports, and full body giraffe taxidermy.  Someone might the hogs... - code:killandeat20
March 19, 2019
Dylan sits down with Gabe Ledbetter from Hill Creek Outfitters to discuss the benefits and downfalls of hunting with an outfitter. They also discuss what to look for in an outfitter when trying to plan a hunt, and how to choose the best one to go with. Hill Creek Outfitters - Gabe Ledbetter: (316) 304-9192 - code:killandeat20
March 7, 2019
Dylan is joined by Kevin Mullins of Boston Mountain Bird Dogs to talk all things dog training. Kevin takes you through all of the steps of training a bird dog, from start to finish. He gives some great advice on how he has been able to successfully train dogs to chase birds for him time and time again. Get in contact with Kevin if you have any questions about how to train your dog, you would like to receive dog training, or you're looking to get a new hunting buddy! Boston Mountain Bird Dogs Kevin Mullins: (479) 305-1296"  code: killandeat20 for 20% off
February 19, 2019
Dylan discusses backcountry essentials with Rob McConnell from S&S Archery. They go over packing a pack for a multiple day hunt, sleep systems, boots, layering, and new technologies that are changing the backcountry hunt. 208-495-4222 20% OFF Discount Code- “Killandeat20”"
February 5, 2019
Dylan sits down with Kill and Eat crew family member, Austin Ledbetter.  They discuss Austin's plans for his pack during a long hunt in Colorado, and hit on some good advice for packs in general along the way, from food to clothing to creature comforts. Check out our show on Gen7 Outdoor TV and Carbon TV. code: killandeat20
January 22, 2019
Dylan sits down with Roger from Elk River Outfitters in Moline, KS after his recent whitetail hunt down there.  Roger talks with Dylan about the first ever regulated hunting season in Kansas and the history of deer hunting in Kansas since then. Roger: 620-205-8586 code: killandeat20
January 8, 2019
In this episode we are joined by David Blanton, and we get to relive the amazing story of Houdini, a 188" Kansas stud, that David took in 2014. David is open and honest about how this deer played a huge role in his walk with Christ, and teaching him some very valuable lessons. David also gives us some tips for filming hunts, some general deer hunting tips, and some insight into what he shoots and why.
December 18, 2018
We talk with Jack Borcherding from Bear Archery and Trophy Ridge and cover everything from the new 2019 line up to missing opportunities at huge dear.  The question is also answered: "What happened to Bear?!"  We have all seen the change in Bear Archery, for the better, and we finally get some insight into why that is!  We talk scent control, hunting the wind, all day sits in a tree stand, and we tell stories from this season where we both had encounters with huge deer and just couldn't seal the deal.
December 4, 2018
Dylan chats with Jim Willems, president of the Pope & Young Club.  They discuss all aspects of big game hunting, affordable big game hunting that is doable for everyone, and the role that hunters play in keeping populations in check.
November 20, 2018
Dylan and Adam sit down to discuss the differences between tree stands and ground blinds, pros and cons, and tips and tricks for each.   Intro sound effects from
November 6, 2018
Dylan sits down with Kill and Eat chef Mike to talk about fueling your body for a backwoods experience, as well as some ideas for cooking various wild game.   Sound effects from
October 23, 2018
Dylan sits down with Jeff Danker of Buckventures and talks favorite states to hunt, Bear Archery, the toll that social media has taken on our hunting heritage, and how to get  your family involved in hunting.   Sound effects from
October 13, 2018
The Kill and Eat team are exited to share about a new podcast from Bear Archery: Fred Bear's Field Notes.  Adam and Dylan sit down to discuss the legacy of Fred Bear, along with other influences in the hunting industry and their own lives.
October 10, 2018
The entire Kill & Eat Crew sits down and shares some of their funniest stories from the woods, and things get a little out of hand. You might learn a little exactly what NOT to do. Kill & Eat, or you might Starve & Die. **We apologize for the technical difficulties that start around 32:45.  Hopefully everything is still decipherable.**   Sound effects from
September 25, 2018
We sit down with Devin O'Dea from Victory Archery and discuss FOC, arrow building, vane configuration, and bow tuning. We might also get a sneak peak into a new, revolutionary target arrow.     Sound effects from
September 12, 2018
Dylan sits down with Matt from QDMA to discuss the science of dear movement.     Sound effects from
August 20, 2018
Dylan and Jared discuss training and nutrition tips to help make sure you're prepared for your next adventure.       Sound effects from
August 11, 2018
Dylan sits down with Bear Archery to discuss bow setup for various scenarios, as well as the PERFECT bow sight.     Sound effects from
July 20, 2018
Dylan sits down with Windham Weaponry to learn which rifles and gear are best in varying situations...and to have some salt rubbed in the wound of missing a shot on a bear.   Sound effects from
July 13, 2018
In the premier episode, Dylan sits down with The Deer Farmer to discuss proper hunting property management.   Sound effects from
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