Doing amazing !!
Sabirina S.
Masha’Allah, you guys are soooo entertaining and a joy to listen to. I came to listen to AhGlams interview & now I’m listening to many other podcasts! I’m addicted ! Thank you for such an entertaining podcast !!
Very fun, versatile and informative podcast!
Spl Heart
Hey y’all😆 First off this review is long overdue bc I’ve been listening to y’all for almost a year now. Lol. I love the variation of the topics and Haji/Ayub are amazing hosts because their chemistry is genuine and they have such relatability as a Somali-American in this day & age! I’ve learned a lot from these insightful topics/discussions and have laughed so much throughout these episodes. Thanks for keeping me company at work lol and keeping me entertained. I just listened to the recent ep and I’m disappointed that Ayub isn’t part of the podcast anymore😫 I hope this is just temporarily because I loved these two hosts as a dynamic duo. I think you guys have GREAT potential and for being a slightly-new podcast I think you guys have done really well, I would’ve thought y'all were doing this for years! I admire the consistency in these podcasts and the quality content. Keep it up bros👏🏾
Anisa M Ali
Anisa M Ali
Love you guys. Keep up the great work
Dr. Yemeni
Who'd uh
Mashallah your episode with guest Dr. Yemeni was so funny, informative, and entertaining! & perfect for Ramadan. JazakAllah!
Amazing Podcast
Mashallah keep it up guys, very inspiring
Amazing Ayub
asma awnuh
I hate it
Kay Passionn
I was beyond ready ready for this new episode!! Mad support! Can’t get enough y’all podcast! Masha’allah 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
nawaal ali
Amazing ❤️❤️👋 Ps it nawaal you’re cousin
More stories
hussein dirie
I showed my non Somali friend ep 6 and was dying of laughter😭😭 we want a whole podcast about jus Somali stereotypes
Shoutout to big bros podcast
Masha Allah love love what u guys r doing it’s so educating ,funny, and dha bomb keep doing y’all may Allah make it big for u guys Insha Allah ❤️👌👌👌👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Great 😍
big sis hamdi
Love this podcast
Wallahi I listen to the podcast at school everyday I love it but you guys need to bring chowder back for a episode and maybe talk about the youth in Columbus
Daddy MacSauce
Very great podcast, shout out to Ayub and Mohamed for being pioneers in our community and coming up with this refreshing idea. Funny, insightful, definitely a good listen! 👏🏽
Great job
You guys do a great job speaking about interesting and relatable topics, keep up the good work 🔥
Love it ❤️
Great Podcast, they doing something new && they’re made for it manshAllah
Very funny
Love these a lot for how humorous and interesting you guys are. Keep doing what you guys are doing. You’re always making me crack up 😂😂
Excellent Podcast
baseball fanatic 77
I finally decided to give this podcast a listen. Haji was a good friend of mine back in high school. I listened to a couple of podcasts and I thoroughly enjoyed them. You have a new subscriber!
A1 bants
Hands down one of my favorite podcasts. Insight, humor and overall recommended to everyone I know. Keep up the great job guys 🙌🏾
A good listen
I really loved listening to the podcast it has a lot of humor in it keep doing the great work. Can’t wait to tune in for the next episode
OMG #1 FAN Leggy
#1 FAN Leggy
OH MY GOD!!! You guys are amazing ❤️❤️ love listening to y’all ever week. Killing it!!!
Great Podcast
These guys are really interesting and seem to enjoy what they have started. Would recommend everyone to listen.
A1 finesse
Stay on one topic too much bouncin around
Love it
primo glizzy
Relatively new but definitely worth a listen.
Keep up the good work 👌🏽
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