Paula Poundstone has a great face...
Monday’s are amazing now!
I used to dread Monday’s. However now Monday’s give me the excitement and pleasure of an old -school butterfinger because that’s the day Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone is released each week. Thank you Paula, Adam, Captain Crinkle & the rest of the crew for the entertainment you bring each week. It provides a much needed break from studying the Pentateuch.
Butter toes
paper press
Love the show Snack food and a body part This makes non sense Enjoy
Adam laughs a little too hard when he knows he’s in trouble . I can’t keep my mind off the new butterfingers. Otherwise hilarious
Been absolutely killing it lately!
No Koch
I've listened to all of the episodes and Paula and the gang have recently been producing pure comedy gold! Nothing needs to change here!
Love this!
Reader dog
I have listened to this podcast since it started. ( poor Thomas Koyn) Paula and Adam are hilarious and there is something to be learned from every show- except maybe how to put a song up on iTunes. I love to wake up on Mondays and know that as I get ready for work, I will get to listen to Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone. It’s a great way to start the week.
Adam , Paula
What a wonderful podcast! At first I think, hmm, not too bad, and before I know it , I am howling with laughter!! Love “Not My Butterfinger” Mz P inna house! I guess I would call this pod cast, a small hairball going down a mountain of silliness, and picking up speed, until you are caught up and cannot stop until the episode is done! Thanks, Adam for always being there. Dawn Roman
What we needed
This is the show that Paula Poundstone was meant to do. It is PERFECT. Paula and Adam and the gang just make life better. It is a great way to start my week.
Paula is GENIUS!
Paula is my favorite wait wait panelist, the worst part of waiting listening this podcast is waiting for the next to come out.I love you way to increase you vocabulary Paula!I can’t stop listening to this podcast, and don’t forget Adam is on every show(sorry Adam had to do it).The hardest part of listening to this podcast is waiting for the next episode to come out(and no I can’t listen to the podcasts before the new one I have listened to them all).This podcast makes me feel better when I’m sick thanks Paula and Adam!This podcast is 💯/💯. WE ARE ALL NOBODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also thanks to the other people who make this podcast)
This podcast is very Gouda.
Matt BSU
I hate Frontier, thus, I’m Team Paula. The only thing bad about this podcast is the Gouda hate. If it was the Gouda that got me in the end, then that’s a Gouda way to die. (Also, big nipple fan here.)
Some of the best comedy I’ve ever experienced
You all know you’re geniuses already so I’ll just say that Paula should move out of her house if it’s got mold MOLD IS DEADLY TO ANIMALS AND HUMANS and can lead to lethargy and cancer. Please listen because my family’s health has been decimated I large part to house mold that we didn’t even know we had.
Better than coffee (well, close 2nd at least)
Mr. Grant
I love this show. Yes, there are points (the road trip - thank god its almost over - the kid with gastric issues - lordt no) where it goes a bit long, but the free wheeling aspect of this suites Paula’s all over the board style of comedy. The show sets up the boxes to stay in, and they step back and let her just riff. Now ive been watching/listening to Paula since the 1980s, so hearing her swear too a bit to get used to, but luckily the language isnt over the top and fits when its used. I would love to see this show on the road...i think she should do the podcast during some of her live shows as a bonus... Highly recommended!
Enough is enough.
Turned off the last 3 or 4 shows less than halfway in. The most recent one after only a minute or so because it was more nipple schtick right out of the gate. Off putting and no way to ease into a Monday morning. The grating, gratuitous background laughter is like fingernails down a blackboard. And if you insist on dropping the f bomb, do it with conviction and for good reason. Not like naughty little kids just because they can get away with it. And stop with the constant interrupting. Especially with guests. Then dump the insufferable road trip bits. Can’t take it anymore. Miss the Poundstone Institute. (If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it!) Sheesh.
A long running joke
Thank you for the best way to start a week. Paula, Adam, Cap’n Crinkle....all make the week seem just a bit more possible. Thank you!
Love this show!!
This is a lot better than Paula and Adams other previous podcast show, live from the poundstone institute”. I love both of them on WWDTM and this is a whole lot of fun and hilarious way to make my long work commute go by faster. I love how they have different guests and her long bit of making balloon animals even if it is on the radio. If you love to laugh, then this is a must listen.
Funny AND Long
Henrietta Tinkerbottom
The funny goes on and on. I'm pretty much nobody to speak of, and I listen to Paula and Adam and the Crinkles in the background every week. They talk at great length about everything and nothing, and there's a topic on every show.
junius #lol
Oof oof oof
Thought My Wish Had Come True!!!!!
I am always seeking great podcasts, the kind that make me feel good. For years I’ve enjoyed “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”. Paula Poundstone has been my favorite panelist. Having her own show was meant to be. However- too many episodes get overly raunchy and I have to stop listening because it’s like listening to a couple of 10 year old boys who are just out of control and obnoxious. A third of the episodes are really terrific. Hopefully they will more often go with having a good guest and keeping the humor unique and entertaining. Fingers crossed..
Great show but...
Five stars until the mean spirited running segment with the Frontier Conmunications schtick, which leaves me feeling the way I do after reading most presidential tweets.
I can relate.
After a long summer of tight sports bras, I too have an issue with my left nipple. 5 stars!
Keep up the good work!
LA KTown Chris
Every episode is informative and entertaining. By the way, have you checked Adam’s Wikipedia page?
I'm Nobody Who Are You?
Nobody listens to Paula Poundstone, but I do. This podcast has changed my life. I have searched the globe for Thomas Coyne. I feel less guilty about having six cats and one dog. I've given up Butterfingers. I'm also considering taking up one of the many other professions I've learned about. Keep up the great work!
I look forward to Mondays, but . . .
Paula, I love you. Please stop with the Ken Lezednik’s America. It is an unfunny, cynical, vomit stain on an otherwise terrific podcast. If I’m not driving, I just fast-forward through it. If I am driving, I just turn the podcast off when Lezednick’s trash comes on. It wrecks the whole thing. Please get rid of it.
Funny but so long
Each of these episodes could easily be 30 minutes. And for the love of god please get rid of the road trip skits. They are the actual worst.
Wish you liked sex
That is my only message I wished you like sex
I love Paula’s fast wit and clever comebacks. I like how the guests are very patient with all the cross talk and sidetracking, which I also love. I love Adam too. He’s a special kinda guy to be able to keep up with Paula!
I love Parla. But not everything has to be a joke
Paula is so fun to listen to and such a great person. I’m hoping that as the podcasts continue, we can hear more about her personality rather than her trying to force everything to be a joke. We want to listen to Paula talking frankly at times. I’m looking forward to episode 100 which means it will be a fantastic success. I’m on episode one
Love this show!
The fact that they can take a guest not showing up and turn it into a hilarious episode and one of the biggest running jokes in the show is a testament to its genius. But please stop with the vomit jokes!
Best of 1
This is the best and only comedy show I listen to. At a bare minimum it is good enough that I don’t feel a need to shop for a different comedy podcast.
Need a good giggle?
Every episode brings my cat and me a great amount of joy and laughter.
I’m with Paula on the whole Jaws thing
In the movie somewhere it says something about “The Cape”. I also love the Ken Lezebnecks America.(I apologize in advance for the spelling)
Two Thumbs Up!
I've been listening to this podcast for awhile now. I enjoy the badinage between Paula and Adam. This show has become my favorite listening, especially when I need to step back from political news. The guests are usually interesting, too, and I like the fact that they are from all walks of life.
The Perfect Podcast for Nobodies
Running In My Head
Emily Dickinson once wrote “I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you - Nobody - too? Then there's a pair of us! Don’t tell! they'd advertise - you know!” But if you *are* a Nobody you ought to be listening to Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone — the perfect podcast for Nobodies!!
A nobody
Somebody that does nobody no better!
Constanza from NY
Can’t get enough! So funny!
Meow meow 9988
I love the banter between Adam and Paula. Some of the reviews are annoying... you see, Adam corrects Paula on things because it’s a comedy bit, not because he’s a jerk. They plan it and it’s freakin’ hilarious. I also love the running gags. The guests know it’s a comedy podcast so I don’t feel bad for them when there isn’t a full explanation or they get interrupted. I’d rate it 10 stars if I could.
Paula & Adam are great together. I also enjoy the background laughter!
Paula and Co.
Has me rolling. I love them.
A much welcome diversion from life!
Aside from the fact that Adam is on every show (sorry Adam had to do it), I just love this show. I remember Paula from the SNL days. Adam and Paula take my mind off of the day to day grind every time I listen to this show. I truly enjoy spending time with them. :)
Paula GENIUS at the words
Come for the experts, stay for the vocabulary words and the cat of the week.
Dump Adam, and keep Paula!
Paula is hilarious, and a male doubter complements her in some settings. However, Adam’s ongoing on-air eye-rolling over Paula’s content does not make this podcast worth listening to. Please, Paula, Dump Adam!
Funny and annoying
Paula and Adam maintain a fun banter that reminds me of Car Talk and the information from guests can be useful. The only thing that bothers me is when a guest is about to give information i actually want to hear and i never get to hear it because she/he is interrupted. I listen every week!
Good for you starting a new podcast.thanks
Well I’M listening!
vocal notes
I’ve admired Paula Poundstone’s stand ups and books. Now I’m laughing out loud through these hilarious podcasts. Hurray!
These two do not work
The host and co host is difficult to have without talking over each other. These two do not achieve that. I get frustrated every time Adam interrupts Paula. They just are not good together. I would listen to a podcast with just Paula, but Adam is just annoying, loud background music.
Love the show! Always a great laugh on the way to work. Sorry Paula, I have to agree with Adam’s analysis of the Smurfs. Very sexist?! But do you know what smoreplay is? It’s what Smurfs do before they smuck?! I just hope Smurfette is getting her needs met?! I didn’t post this on the Facebook since you know, the Russians!?
Giving Up
I keep wanting to like this podcast more, as I like both Adam and Paula’s senses of humor. But the running gags are getting a bit stale, especially the balloon animals. It’s just not funny. Update I’m giving up. I won’t be listening anymore.
Paula swears
Donald in Hawaii
I guess, in order to increase her ratings, Paula has started swearing on the show. I find that vulgar and distasteful. I am unsubscribing from her show and hope that others do as well. There’s no call for that it doesn’t empower you it just makes you look crude and stupid.
Adam Felber's on every show
He is
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