16. Should We "Save the Cat" or Let It Die? A Discussion About Script Structure
Published October 5, 2018
38 min
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    Save the Cat (By Blake Snyder) // On Amazon

    The "Beat Sheet," a now classic writing tool for analyzing a script // Here's one for STAR WARS

    Joseph Campbell links //

    A cool video explaining his stuff (“The hero’s journey”)

    Lethal Weapon // "I'm too old for this shit" // "Do Ya Really Wanna Jump? Let's Do It"

    Youʼve Got Mail

    Dumb And Dumber // "So youʼre sayin' Thereʼs a Chance"

    Princess Bride // "Have fun storming the castle"

    Adaptation //

    Watch the Trailer

    Robert McKee Seminar Scene

    Robert McKee talking about the dangers of formulaic screenwriting

    Charlie Kauffman // Long ass (but worth a watch) Screenwriting Master Class

    Watchmen // Watch the Trailer

    What to Know for your FIRST TIME HAVING SEX

    Children of Men // Watch the trailer

    AMP studios // Check out the website

    2001: A Space Odyssey // A great behind the scenes video

    Mulholland Drive // Watch the trailer

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