13. Writing Scripts, Getting Big Dogged & The Calabasas Clambake // The Rollers Diaries Vol. 9
Published September 18, 2018
85 min
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    Gold Star // One of Zay’s favorite songs called “Crooked Teeth.”

    Zay might be losing it // Here's a picture of the peak behind the Hollywood sign where Zay shouted "I'm gonna make a movie" and then pissed on LA.

    Kids See Ghosts // Feel the Love

    • Here’s a video of Kanye singing “Poopity Scoop” for 9 Hours
    • Lil Pump & Kanye (music video)

    The guy who ran around naked got famous for the “KONY 2012” situation // Here’s a TMZ video of him running around naked

    A Star Is Born // Starring Bradley “Smolder” Cooper and Lady “Damn, That Girl can sing” Gaga

    The Silver Linings Playbook // (One of) the Bradley Cooper movies with Jennifer Lawrence is // Watch the Trailer

    Crazy Rich Asians // Watch the Trailer

    A video crash course on how Hollywood worked in its Golden Age!

    Here’s a link to some of the biggest spec script sales of all time

    The Greatest Showman // Watch the trailer

    Ted Bundy // Wikipedia

    BTK Omaha Serieal killer // Wikipedia

    Rollers Playlist // Spotify

    The fake weatherman // During Hurricane Florence

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    Produced and edited by: Isaiah Smallman

    Executive Producer: Jon Schimpf

    Opening music: "The Get Down," Produced by Summer Dregs

    Outro music: Composed and Recorded by Tom Paulus and Max Belz

    Cover Art by: Nate Giordano

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