1. You Want to Talk About Your Movie? Um... Who Are You? // The Rollers Diaries, Vol. 1
Published July 10, 2018
41 min
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    Show Notes

    00:00 - Introductions

    2:00 - Our nameless cat producer bailed on the show, so Jon and Zay are looking for a new producer. Applications, which are now open to dogs as well, can be submitted here

    4:00 - What the hell is this show, anyway?

    Fancy Rhino // The commercial production company Isaiah started with Drew Belz.

    Previous Projects produced by Isaiah

    Shorts Written and Directed by Isaiah

    11:00 - Isaiah talks about the the plot of ROLLERS.

    Sandtown Children of Praise Choir W/ Toby Mac

    DC Talk’s Jesus Freak Music Video // Video of DC Talk Live

    Vintage Fancy Rhino video from May 11, 2012

    • We used to make a video every Friday just for fun. We called them Fancy Fridays

    Jon’s Favorite Movie - 8½ // Watch it here

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    Longer Podcast Description

    “I Guess We’ll Do it That Way” is a weekly conversational comedy show where Isaiah Smallman and Jon Schimpf talk about life, movies and Zay's progress as he directs his first feature film, Rollers, a dramatic comedy about a struggling concert venue.

    When they're not on a random tangent, Jon grills Isaiah about the actual process of making an independent movie. How do you get actors to sign on? Where do you get money? What do producers do? What happens if the movie's terrible?! At the end of the day there are things Isaiah doesn't know... like will this movie even get made? But that's the real fun of the show. Because when you're making a movie you start with a vision and you make a plan. Then you realize your plan was never actually going to work and you begin the real job: making choices, finding compromises, and trying to build your vision in spite of the constant hailstorm of reality raining down on your parade.

    Episodes of “I Guess We’ll Do it That Way” will also feature:

    • Interviews with members of the Rollers team
    • Q&A with listeners
    • Interviews with industry experts (lots of famous people)
    • There might even be the occasional movie review!

    TRANSCRIPT (Probably a mess)

    so I have to say this is a a small man and you're listening to I guess we'll do it that way podcasts right call my buddy John each week to check in on my progress as a direct my first feature film is presented by mama bear studios our mission is to create entertaining works of art that explore our humanity alright reserves of one I hear you Monday of baby all the early in his name **** yeah this sounds amazing although quit bumping your Mike bumpy make dumb person what's gonna my men I'm I'm just pumped about this park as did it is such a pleasure to be speaking with you at this very moment I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing a great deal think were a little late to the podcast game that did I don't know is there an end to the podcast came I mean that implies that there's a that there's a finite and to it we're gonna have headsets on sitting on a couch is next we're not gonna be talking to each other so yeah I think the podcast dies mmhm VR headsets or you know whatever whatever the next thing is we're gonna be there's gonna be robots that simulate podcasts me like OD one funny podcast cool these two robots are hilarious and they're way better than any two real people do you think that would ever happen absolute did they make videos have you seen these videos that are Amazon add videos they pull out I dont tent yeah do that it's completely automated they they have an algorithm that pulls out like the top ten things in a category being sold on Amazon and the A. I. makes an ad like it makes in a video at it's unreal that scares me a little bit yes alright let's move on %HESITATION John would you like to tell everyone who you are I'm little Johnny bear and let's do this thing that is only there are you the Big Bear the Papa bear mama bear the baby there and how do you like your porridge got a little bit of a crisis man I'm I'm the Big Bear here but our little friend are little furry friend get reunited just less than an hour ago with her real mom little Kitty cat is going to produce the show I'm doing it on the fly myself she stepped outside this afternoon and who should be they're kidding me now who should be there but her actual mother I'm pretty sure it was her mother send to cool full grown cat they met they bonded immediately and %HESITATION she couldn't be less interested in me anymore she still coming food but we're in crisis mode here man I'm gonna go ahead and say this right now and I'm not a litigious person but I didn't sign a contract with her so that she could just walk out the middle of the show I think we got a case against the mom cat a really well I guess we gotta find another cat to produce the show because I have all the controls were configured for cat paws there are so many so many stray cats running around here and I'm not healthy one extremely she may want to train another cat I may I may I don't want to train another cat to be a producer I was kind of like all those years of training I don't know if I want to go through that again this is the level that it is the thirty seven minutes we spent on Tuesday training her most of it was a sexual harassment class the cats get feisty you got it you really got to make sure that they understand what boundaries are they start to breed just about the same time as their eyes fully open the just immediately start banging out our cats hang in baby cats haven't baby cats it's a wild cat rolled out there it's a cruel maybe we should try to talk you know what I cannot imagine a dog walking out on us maybe we should train a dog to be a producer they are much much more loyal yeah well so this is a this is the show I guess we'll do it that way %HESITATION John I feel like maybe you should take a quick stab at explaining to our many many listeners mom what the show is and why they're listening to us right now days working on a movie and we decided that we're going to get together and discuss that and any other topic related to it and we're gonna let you the millions and millions of Americans and internationals listening right now you're going to get a sneak peek a glimpse into our conversations billions potentially I'm making a movie as you pointed out I'm excited about making that movie I've been making movies for awhile I've produced a number of movies but I've never directed a feature of Bob directed lots of other stuff but I am excited about actually chronicling a little bit of that process because I actually know surprisingly little about certain aspects of the process even if some of the movies that I've helped produce because things just flip by you know and there's not always time to actually like going to death and that's the kind of stuff that I think maybe someone would be interested in listening to there's one guy in Wisconsin right now who is now make it for that one guy I will do teddy Bronson this is for you baby sure voice I love you're wrong Sheboygan strong for ever thank you teddy Bronson for being our one fan I hope that this is an informative and fun experience for you and please donate teddy teddy we were desperate our cat just walked out on a steady we got to train a dog now right after we spay and or neutered that animal and that's going to cost more money teddy we're in a tight spot says that before we start you need to tell me and everyone or anyone listening what you do how you got here why you're making a movie and while you don't trust me barely are are one producer already ran out your fifty percent of this operation so you're fifty percent to blame okay I'll send you my resume I studied English at a precise TGS unheard of Christian liberal arts college in the south east I did not go to film school I thought about it but I wasn't gonna get in any the good ones and I study English read some excellent excellent books like %HESITATION I don't know you're struggling to come up with one title I skipped a lot of them I hear I read a lot of Shakespeare I read a lot of Shakespeare I skipped a lot of Shakespeare no I said the English I I started making stuff and like middle school you know I started just with a handy cam and all but %HESITATION starting in in college I started a Film Festival with some some folks including to rebels who I then right when I was finishing college I started a commercial production company with and we kind of grew that over the years you know a I guess over the course of like four years it got to you got pretty big we had about maybe twenty people or so working for us fall time including some freelancers and on top of that and that was when I kind of started to realize that I actually want to make movies and not make advertising for the rest of my life and I started talking to some investors in the process actually I should say we also produced a feature documentary that was set in Chattanooga it's called dhimmi world and in the process they started talking to some investors that we met very early on in life the company within the first like nine months of starting it that was the company's fancy right now by the way you can look it up and will put a link in the show notes but basically I started getting ancestor realizing that my true passion was making movies and I've had to figure out kind of way to do that I start talking to our investors and %HESITATION they were like yeah we think the idea that you have for kind of how to set up this this company is a really good one %HESITATION let's try some stuff in it but you know we can talk at a different time about kind of what the actual model was but basically yes we started %HESITATION producing producing movies and writing about scripts in the very first one we did was call hunter gather directed by a guy named Josh Lucy and it went to south by which was cool and you can actually watch that on I tunes and all the other things that flexes well willing to it the next one we did was call Davey on that was at Sundance and also got a theatrical release and is also on Netflix and everything iTunes obviously I'd love for you to buy on iTunes but you don't have to and then the most recent thing that we produced is called never gone back that was at Sundance this past year and it's getting released on August third in theaters so that's kind of like a little bit of my background and in the meantime I've been writing and producing a lot of other stuff that's just still you know kind of %HESITATION in process so can we find something that you have written and directed our yeah absolutely %HESITATION yeah I'll link to that's a great question I've done a lot of shorts %HESITATION there's probably two or three that I am most likely to to to want to show off broken masters one three years is another one and %HESITATION I like chatting on sale to diversity training on sale all Ali I have fun but I will it's very goofy it's very goofy I'll plow put on the album on the links did you make all these in Chattanooga yeah yeah I did and where do you live now do you live in Chattanooga I live in Las Vegas sunny beautiful seventy seven degrees Hollywood belly of the beast just soak in it and I'm looking at a palm tree right now how long have you been it is it is the ability to be six months so not too long not too long nam of fresh cookie I'm like still melting a little bit what's the biggest difference between the beautiful beautiful southeast and sunny California they you know it's kind of similar everyone in that you know there's a lot of crazy conservatives in the southeast that want to like split off their states yeah you know kind of from the union you're talking about me right now is that what you want John I'm not really part of a bullet Johnny part of a militia yesterday now not yet but I'm interested which one would you join if you joined one I'd make one o'toole I can not for it like and not crazy racist militia like a just a true equal opportunity libertarian militia I'm trying to turn Tennessee into New Jersey that's my that's my one more malicious goal as you could just move to New Jersey although I don't know why he'd ever do that a million years beautiful state is that mean no no no it's %HESITATION it's a misunderstood state you know it's some it's because I have some pretty rolling hills beaches and the people are just lovely famous for their hospitality just like the south have you met Bruce Springsteen and if so what did he say to him every New Jersey and when you're born meets bird Springsteen it's state law you have to meet him I shook his hand and said hello Sir he before my circumcision he's gotten pretty good at that then it's New Jersey think he holds the work he might hold the world record for most circumcisions performed is tied yeah when did they enact this law %HESITATION whenever he was born nineteen sixty seven I'm young circumcisions it wasn't very good when he started cemex said says eight what's the process of this film right now okay stage of the of the film are you in right now the film's co rollers I scribe server that film is called rollers rollers it's ours it's about rollers to ecstasy what is it about it's a comedy and it is about a historic concert venue called rollers this story kind of follows the three main characters Rufus Maddie and Jane roof isn't matter your brother and sister they bought rollers sort of saved it from the the jaws of real estate developers who were going to tear down the river do that because their parents died and they came in to not ton of money but enough to sort of get into some trouble put a down payment on this place and we can revitalize it and they have a number of really great years a lot of really great stuff happens a lot of bands kind of come out and and get big you know by sort of starting there but with the story mostly takes place about ten years after they buy it and things are not great Maddie's ready to move on with their life Ruth this is probably wants to move on with his life but cannot really allow himself to do that because he spent too much of his time in an emotional energy and invest too much of his identity and and building this place and now you know meeting failure is %HESITATION is not really an option in Jane his best friend who has a lot of history with kind of comes back and is this drawn from a personal story do you have some experience at a venue or something I do you know I don't have specific this experience at venue I did perform a lot as a kid I was in a well acquire it was it was different I was in a gospel choir we we we toward all over the country you can look it up sand town children of praise I should link to a video verbal you saying in this in this choir I did for years I grew up in west Baltimore there are we cut we cut rates on them loaded when I went to said small Christian liberal arts college I met people who I did not know who knew who I was now when they when they heard that like not my name but like when they heard that I was in sand town there like on my gosh I saw you when I was eleven that's insane isn't that weird did you make any money from it now it was like a nonprofit us somebody was made now there's no money there is no money unbelievable it was you had some notoriety had some celebrity in this yeah we performed at some some big festivals and Bonner and I think the biggest crowd was seventy three thousand people and that's not a joke whoa that is not a joke isn't that crazy that isn't insane that's a lot of people this artist that was kind of helping us a little bit gave us like half of his headlining slot who is the artist Michael W. Toby mac did your our DC talk of baby who hasn't Jesus freak baby Jesus freak yeah I remember how that song goes off and not really actually give me a lack of trying to remember we should hold up on you should pull it up that is going to bring back horrifying memories of other pulled up right now I've just being proselytized around a campfire by an over eager kid who went to a college like we did yeah that was never quite ours style hold you have altar calls did you have an altar call where you and so it was not like that it was very poppy it was kind of fun preaching is there preaching interspersed yeah can you hear that of this bring back so much sadness what are they doing right now one of these guys I really don't know rumbling down the apartment next to Los Angeles maybe we should have Toby mac on the show we think of that is you still perform I don't know let's find out there talking about what he's up to Toby we know your live shows give us a call tunes retired to the song it features this man so may I politely anyway having kids do you think were converted because of that song who dozens I don't know if that was their audience was that their audience I'm sure some kid look through the liner notes and converted okay moment of truth here hit me I really hope that the movie that I'm making I hope it's really good I hope it's not the kind of thing that anyone like looks back on twenty years from now and thinks yeah he tried that's the risk you take I hope people look back on and they're like damn that's good yeah that's the risk you take that is the risk I take it's it's a very scary risk I'm terrified actually I am I'm not terrified to the extent that I'm not gonna do it but it's it's scary I mean I've already put so much effort because okay so I I don't have a super personal connection to venues specifically right but I a lot of the emotional stuff does come from very personal place which is a I didn't you know this is weird I didn't totally realize this until I was writing my director statement which is a whole thing you know like when you're trying to pitch the movie around you put a book together and typically you included director statement it's kind of like this is why I'm writing this or this is why I think I'm the director that should be making this and I was thinking about it I was like man this whole thing is about letting go of something right and I knew kind of that all of the the the real root of it was me letting go of the business that I started you know this business fancy right now I had to I had to let go in order to kind of start mama bear numbers that obviously the production company that I now you know run that is %HESITATION you know it's producing this podcast and all that kind of stuff but thanks guy had to I had to leave the answer right now and I will and I chose to leave it right before someone who I will not name but an executive that we kind of hired to come in and run the thing nearly killed it heartland and that was it was Harvey strikes again biggest mistake of your career you can say that again he was toxic three months ago but he was cheap so everyone knew and now it was we thought maybe he had repented and we were wrong by low side that's what you guys thought yeah we bought low and sold lower but we thought we had this other guy I'm sure if you really want to find out who it is you can %HESITATION he did not do a good job he was very bad at running our company and she almost ruined it why do thanks to him in the first place well because we were we were ready to go to the next level and frankly felt like we were not the people that were capable of maybe doing that from a business standpoint from a business standpoint this guy was a hot shot like big time executive creative director vice president level at a major global agency and we thought if anybody can start locking down major deals because we were doing a lot of work with a fortune five hundred companies like Nike and office depot and Mohawk flooring and lodge cast iron and Disney at times and we thought how do we go from where we are to the next level we gotta get a big we gotta get a Big Boy in here we gonna get a grown up in the mix how old are you guys at this time twenty five babies babies little we've already been doing it for four years at that point that's amazing that so young we were babies and you guys were making money right you're making money you're doing well yeah we were making money we were getting rich we're making money we remain you had a successful business we were mostly reinvesting the money back into the business to grow that's how we got big you know right but it was a legit business yeah and and we so I don't think you guys are men and I like the halls yeah we were we were doing a good job and then I thought this is when you know drew my business partner that there's another thing that he's kind of still noodling on %HESITATION which I'll let him talk about one day but basically the idea was we are gonna make movies you know and this guy came along it was like holy smokes we were just gonna kinda leave the business **** nilly but like if anybody can handle this thing it's this guy right that was not the case but by the time it became clear what was going on we had already started my where we were already in the middle of producing hunter gather we had already done a bunch of other stuff invested money in things and I wasn't couldn't just walk away and so it was a very difficult process of of drew and I and our festers and everyone involved or or keep employees and everybody kind of coming to grips with that where the business was and I'm happy to say you know it it survived it's doing really well it's great it's much smaller than it was which I think is what it always should have been it's not that we won't grow again but I think we learned some really hard lessons and we've got an incredible core team and it's a great place and I was actually just back there a few days ago and in Chattanooga and it's a phenomenal business I mean they're working with huge great companies and and making really terrific work but it also just wasn't who I was you know you don't want getting you dump this character %HESITATION we got rid of them well we dumped him so hard do and he went back to sterling in brown or wherever he worked what happened yeah Gail who knows who even knows I don't know he's there certainly not in jail he's prime making beaucoup money somewhere just raking it in but the movie is really it it's it's totally fictionalized but it is really rooted in those emotions of being like whoa I weigh over invested my identity in this place I can't allow something to fail because that will ruin me and that's not a particularly good way to live your life I'm gonna throw that out there is not a the same thing that with this movie though are you putting all your bad year eggs in this basket your self worth is tied up in this I'm trying every single day to not do it but you're gonna be exposed in a way it's either good or bad you're gonna be exposed as a good writer a good director war or a not bad director yeah I'm absolutely can be exposed and that's what's scary but I think I think I've grown a lot I think I have made a lot of progress in in the sense of growing up in and and realizing that you know it's funny actually I had a great conversation and and this conversation actually was very thematically relevant for the movie I had a great conversation with someone who I don't actually know that well it was a a woman who was married to a guy that we were interviewing for a job this is pride two years ago now it was it was a lesson that I I don't actually remember exactly what it was and I usually not even involved in the interview process but this guy was like and he still working with us and I want to say who it is but like great guy he was up and we were having dinner we rang out and I was explaining how I thought about roller and I was like I really got to make this movie I have to make it it's inside of me I've been wanting to make a movie since I was like twelve I mean literally I've been wanting to make a movie since I was twelve is this written at this point of the script is done script is tight it is is it done tight is it done two years ago when you have the conversation with this guy now no it was not it's just an idea rattling around and it was a hot it was that it was a pilot but I I knew I wanted to make a different movie actually at this point that was what so the process of roller I I wrote a different movie maybe three and a half four years ago and that was a big kind of action movie and then I came up with a great idea for how to scale back make its models like that's gonna be the first movie I direct right I rewrote it I really like it I'm actually still working on it to this day %HESITATION as we'll see as we kind of we eat we should do a whole episode on just sort of script development but %HESITATION in and all the pitfalls and and challenges and maybe we can have somebody on to talk about it but basically I re wrote it and I was still like you know this isn't small enough for me to make as a first time director or if if I if I did pull it off it would take a very long time right and I decided to shift gears and others pilot that road rollers and I was like you know I think of an internist this pilot in a movie because I was I was talking about different people in the industry about producing a different networks and and I just realized that frankly and it's not the point as a producer or director or as a writer where I can just snap my fingers get a TV show me I mean I can't snap my fingers get a movie made either not yet but I definitely cannot get a TV show it right now and so I was like you know I wonder if there's another idea in there and as soon as I as soon as I open myself up to that I realized that it wanted end in part of the reason I think it wasn't a good TV shows because it had an ending right and I just cranked on it and %HESITATION but %HESITATION the conversation it was incredibly mean and forgot about the conversation did you pitch this pilot two companies like Netflix Amazon not %HESITATION not Netflix or Amazon because I just didn't have any particular like contacts at that point who like rich too but yeah like networks like IFC and write a lot mostly but mostly a lot of production companies to do TV or her and a lot of them were like look like this is really good but we just feel like you need you know we we need to bring on a you know an executive producer or director and frankly we've got other projects that are higher priority is just not gonna happen right now calls in six months and I was like alright to get it but I'm not gonna wait around you know I gotta I gotta make some stuff in the future we need to drill down on this in another episode we have to talk about this because just the idea of you sitting in a room with guys from IFC like I need to know what that looks like what it feels like I could I think experience that so few people have and it may have people are curious about but we got to skip over that the conversation you had this conversation two years ago with this guy tell us about it yet does it was with his wife actually we were all sitting at dinner and I had a couple drinks you know it's kind of vented not venting I was I was sharing baring my soul little bit and saying I I'm I I I had this moment of realization where realized movies and this is kind of what this podcast is about movies take a very very long time to make and if I want audiences real people watching this movie in the next five years I got to start now I got to figure out what that movie is now which seems crazy but I was expressing how much anxiety that was causing me I think I wasn't I I frankly I think I was in a much less healthy emotional place at that point and she looked at me and she said that's great man you seem super talented and I really hope that works out but you need to know that if you never make a movie in your whole life it's okay you're enough like your family will not hate you and you are still valuable as a human being even if you never make that movie and you stood up and you walked out she she just dropped the Mike and I was like no they did it struck the EAP it's very true it hit me yeah of course it's true but dude I needed that so bad I needed to hear that so bad and and and that's actually what rollers is about I mean I didn't even know that at the time and so there's a it's okay if I let something go it's okay if I fail it's okay if I try things life is bigger than that life is bigger than success lies life is is about more than than the things to accomplish and I'm getting all cheesy but it's real and that's honestly what the movie's about the movie is about that movies about you make choices sometimes they work out sometimes they don't work out any move on with your life and the only thing you really need to worry about is whether or not you are like loving people in your life taking care of your **** if you do that the rest of it configures itself out you can be ambitious you can you can accomplish things you know these are wise words thanks I don't know I guess the reason I'm rambling about this is because I really think that that section with the shows about the show I want to be totally raw to be totally real with the three and a half people that are gonna listen to this thing the half as a baby that's inside its mother's womb while she listens to it on speaker phone and I wanna be super real and I wanna be like there can be times where I'm like this movie's not gonna get made frankly this movie night might not get made I do not know how this podcast or this aspect of the podcast I don't know if the podcast will will end with the movie I I think we're gonna find lots of stuff to talk about but like I don't know if I'm gonna make them if you're not but that to me is interesting I mean I I lots of movies don't get made and I could go through lots of other examples in and maybe we can devote some episodes of these types of things of movies that we've developed that have not got made and probably won't ever get made and frankly rollers could be in the same situation I mean where it's at now it's in a promising position somewhere raise the money that I somewhere on a yacht you %HESITATION in Arab financier is pulling his hair out when he heard you say that this film might not get made he's he's Russian did don't tell anybody but he's a Russian guy I treated him the movie for some dirt and %HESITATION right now I can hear the dial toe right now if the movie doesn't get made all it means is a better podcast right now I kind of hope it doesn't cause it would be such a better podcast because I mean the chances of me like getting famous because this movie other so slim but there is a chance so others chan there's always there's always saying there's a chance John what's your favorite movie my favorite my favorite movie movie is it Fellini's eight and a half at such a pretentious answer but it's it was all it's so it's a great movie and it's you know it's metaphysical it's existential it's crazy it's a great film %HESITATION what's what's your favorite part of it half of the credits at the end you know I'm no I'm kidding can you describe them the I think they're black and white and they they're moving %HESITATION it's a lot of text the but I all I do is watch kids movies man that's only watch them like a little kid so much in like the Incredibles with stuff over and over again what's the what's it was a movie that you've watched recently with the kids we just less than twenty four hours hours ago we watched Steven Spielberg and George Lucas is raiders of the Lost Ark old baby it was intense I don't remember seeing it as a child I saw as a child but I barely remember it you know there are a few images I have in my head %HESITATION when they open the ark in people's faces melt I remember that vividly to the ending is a little much I remember it vividly and that the guy getting chopped up in the air in the propeller yeah oh might these shots are shocking images and now I'm John your kids are too young for this scarred for life did they sleep last night barely almost not at all of men just a mix of cranberry juice and you just woke up at four in the yeah just to shouting shrimp what term trembling in fear these movies are what were they doing when the guys face melted I mean cried they were crying there crying while I am not so good I'm kidding they loved it I mean that affects you we had a discussion after the how how do they do this because the kids actually what why because the kids actually thought a human was being murdered they thought yeah they act they ask me anything how many real people died to make that movie they did not did they actually asked me movie magic baby yeah it's it's a tough one because I'm I'm tori I don't want to spoil the illusion for them but I also want them to sleep sometime in the future I'm they were so they were just going to be an intense experience I mean that's intense thinking that you're watching a real human die an actual death yeah it's horrifying that is very intense and it makes purplish explanation I just let's see how much you know about movies what was her explanation for how they did it well I just explain to them that in the world there are people that are worth living in people that aren't worth living so they take the people that aren't worth living and I put it in movies and kill them for real and fill it that they were fine with it they thought that was fine you told them about the expendable people that something that's for the tell people until later they they got a quick early lesson is like telling about the birds and the bees to San I'm I have a whole stand up that that idea about the birds and the bees I'm not gonna do it now but you'll have to do it at some point one day you'll have to sneak it in and you perform this on stage %HESITATION at yuk yuks in Chattanooga what it was called he yuck X. %HESITATION %HESITATION JJ's barking likes on despite I performed at all of them what kind of audiences did you have %HESITATION so small the service now many standing ovations did you get %HESITATION sold so many zero that has to be that one of the scariest types of performance right if you you you know that's why did and nothing else it's hideous that's why I did it because I I I think I needed it well first of all this is actually kind of wonder the podcast not to be funny but because I like the idea of putting work out more often break you know as a filmmaker if you are Rankin I mean really crank and you put out a movie every eighteen months very few people achieve that pace and again we'll talk throughout this movie about this podcast about why that's the case but I mean that is Woody Allen writes and directs movie a year lover hate him it's crazy but also half as movie sucked and that nobody's beating that pace right and as an independent filmmaker it's not even close to eighteen months it's probably more unless you just making teeny tiny movies with some people have figured out a way to do but I was like I got I got up I'm a creative person I can't make stuff more often you know I can't just do ninety minutes of content every eighteen months that's lame yeah you know and so I was doing stand up and it was hard I I did not get I I started getting more laughs but man it was brutal I got a lot of blank stares I mean does is just part of the process where you do when you bomb what what's the proper have you must keep movin all have a bomb I've mostly bombed what do you do what mostly bomb John I'm not I'm not saying I'm surprised I just want to know what the process is like did you see stand up there and you keep telling jokes until your time's up and is have you been jeered at have you been screamed at Yale that heckled no not heckled as much I mean here's the thing though JJ's the audiences for an open Mike did this place was Poppin I mean there there were typically audiences of twenty five to fifty people and same with comedy catch quite a few people showed up and I actually got bigger laughs sometimes at the bigger crowds you know because I was telling okay jokes I just wasn't a good performer you know I I've been writing for so long that I think I was writing decent jokes but I just my pace wasn't right I just hadn't found my voice yet and I think I started to find my voice towards the end I realized you know I'm spending twenty five hours a week in a bar I don't need to do this you know like I I I just I I I guess I should get better writing scripts you know I'm not going to be a professional stand up I'm a screenwriter didn't help writer you think I'll be spending twenty five hours a week writing I think I'm really glad I did it I'd like to do it again do you think a chain but I can't change your personality at all to it to just I think it's a lot more resilient yeah yeah I realized I I I realized I can fail in front of people and it's fine I go home and no big deal well we're doing it again for a reason right now I know people are gonna hate this so much did there I can't wait to get trolled so hard my friend lost his license in Mexico and somebody found it and put it up on a Facebook page that mocks Americans who lose their licenses in Mexico I don't even find out about his phaser seems like the kind of thing that would be totally seeker yes I don't know someone sent it to him and he showed it to me and it was just you know hundreds of insults hurled at him in Spanish that sounds incredible contents I want to find this website I'll send you a link in the show knows my friend's home baby he men are shown a target beefy says a we're gonna check in together in a week and we're going to continue this conversation and you're going to tell us what what are you gonna be telling us next week where we can be talking about my dad I don't know I mean I think we should we should set a topic potentially what's something that you might be interested and I think we should have like a general topic and we should have a sense of what we're gonna cover and I also I mean right now I can tell you what I'm working on right now I'm waiting on some casting directors %HESITATION actually have it this maybe next week we talk about why I'm waiting on casting directors and why I am going to cast rectors and and not just going directly cast and the decision that I made to go that route that's on its next week I don't know let's talk about casting directors casting sounds sinister that has sinister overtones doesn't because of casting cal I think so yeah that's immediately what I think of Harvey it's Harvey damn you are black eyes freakin tentacles are just wrapped all over everything is he in jail did you get busted I don't think he's in jail because our justice system is absolutely insanity I feel like Trusteer children John I feel like John might there in this guy John oh oh he he just I would not be around to throw a wrench John I want to throw off I want to throw a little thought experiment at you at me if there is a country where there were children in jail because their parents brought them to the United States because they were fleeing warfare and there was a man who has raped people who is still probably sailing around on his yacht in the Cayman Islands and has no real plan of probably ending up in jail at any point would you consider that a modern country with an actual functioning government it sounds like you're trying to entrap me to say something negative about America and I'll never do it I love this country I support the troops John it just occurred to me that we might have one listener tell me it's the NSA %HESITATION definitely at the very least we have one listener I feel good I think we're deal and we have teddy Bronson were doing our part in the resistance by boring the **** out of these NSA guys right now reduce so the lord do you think teddy Bronson still listening right now I think when you said earlier that half of woody Allen's movies suck we lost teddy he bails in back he's got the cat sorry we need oh no that's why they carry it off teddy in the cat alright well we should probably go so we can review some applications for dog producers will be back in a week talks in body levy right well I say today I woke up and I thought my backers yeah it woman back does for my back I woke up and I was like my back hurts yet is my backer yes I tweaked it I guess is lebron I guess I bent over and wrong way to solicit tape I'm just constipated did down no I tried right before we started recording it ended uneventfully that's the worst yeah so it's it was a terrible feeling it always takes me like a day and a half to realize that my back isn't hurting my back is full of **** our defense ministry happening you need to fix that's not good I barely ever get constipated that's why I never notice it because I barely ever do it anytime he proved a day with more than one once or twice and a solid two to three times a day we're in and and so it will yes which means if I if I go a day and a half I'm in big trouble yeah yeah I'm on like let alone two days schedule almost a consensus terrific and I eat really healthy so I I wonder why this %HESITATION you know what it is Thomas most of a large most of a large domino's pizza with pepperoni eleven you said I healthy and then the next thing you tells you domino's pizza at what I do to help the okay a today today you arrive in today three smoothies two fried eggs an avocado and six beers and a bottle of tequila point yeah I said eat healthy and insane yeah thanks for tuning in for episode one of I guess to do it that way join us next week for discussion about casting directors and some other stuff today show is produced and edited by this moment intro music was composed by Carl Cadwell and recorded by the distribution outro music by Tom policy in Mexico our cover art was designed by need this is been a production of mama bear studios it's your whole

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