July 2, 2020
Major League Baseball not only never intended to play more than 60 games in the truncated 2020 season, they refuse to understand the incredible risks they are taking with lives of players and every person on a team. COVID19 doesn’t give a damn about ball games, and neither, apparently do MLB owners. Ed Berliner is joined on a baseball-centric episode of “The Man in the Arena” by Baseball America Editor BJ Schecter as they rip open what could be a deadly decision by MLB, and also give chops to the game for taking long-needed stern action against minor league teams. Step into the batter’s box for “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.
June 26, 2020
In what will be the most difficult episode to watch in a very long time, baseball fans and those who desperately want their sports back RIGHT NOW need to understand the lie behind all these promises. The furor over teams changing their names due to racist undertones will not, and should not, be top of our discussions right now. Finally, why those discounting the NASCAR/Bubba Wallace noose incident as “no big deal” reveal themselves to be closet racists just dying to get out in the open. Join Ed Berliner and attorney/former player agent Joe Casale as they tear into these issues and much more in this explosive episode of “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.
June 24, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered a new normal no one is happy with, creating economic, mental and physical hardships for so many people. One group being overlooked, however, are the children. The change of what was normal has been a strain on kids in a good family setting, but what of those who struggle every day as the children of a parent or parents addicted to alcohol and/or drugs? One determined non-profit in South Florida is seeking to make a mark in the lives of these children, hoping to watch as they gallop into a brighter future. “Gallop” is the key word for “Horses Healing Hearts”. Ed is joined by Founder and CEO Liz Olszewski for the stories, and the hopes, of turning these lives around even as the world around them moves at incredible speed. A very special edition of “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds,
June 24, 2020
America want it’s sports. America deserve it’s pastimes and diversions. At the same time, no one deserves being forced to take a chance on dying just to play a game. There is no such thing as a “safe bubble”, there is no vaccine, society isn’t paying attention to precautions, and players are testing positive i many sports at an alarming rate. Join Ed Berliner and one of his oldest friends, ESPN announcer Dave LaMont, as they debate playing or shutting it all down. There’s also a few thoughts on NASCAR and their failure to address racism years ago over the confederate flag. They will start a few argument,s and possibly even resolve a few. “The Man in the Arena”. where nothing is out of bounds.
June 23, 2020
Ed Berliner worked in and around NASCAR and several other motorsport organizations for many years. That’s why the noose found hanging in Bubba Wallace’s garage area is not surprising to him in the least. Ed reveals more than a few things about the places he’s worked and worked for, finding everyone from NASCAR to other organized sports, and especially the media, guilty of covering up racism and a lot more over the years. A personal edition of “The Man in the Arena”.
June 18, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic. A government lying with almost every texted breath. Law enforcement being held to account for generations of misdeeds. Protests and riots rocking major cities. Social media ratcheting the boiling point to destroy family and friends. And if that weren’t bad enough, the PC Police are back wanting to ban or heavily edit movies, TV shows and textbooks. IS THERE ANY LAUGHTER ANYMORE??? For that matter, how can even professional comics make people laugh and forget their troubles without crossing some sort of invisible line? “The Man in the Arena” brings in a trio of professional comedians to answer the question and hopefully find some light in the darkness. How does one address racial issues in comedy? What part does social media play in destroying what used to be fun? And why is it that Donald Trump is the President NO ONE can tell jokes about? Serious discussion and laughs along the way in this special edition of “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds
June 17, 2020
If there’s no MLB in 2020, blame the owners who really don’t care for baseball and a Commissioner in Rob Manfred who takes great pride in busting unions. Despite Roger Goodell’s best intention in his badly delivered and scripted speech, black players still know how racist the NFL really is. And at Oklahoma State, HFC Mike Gundy has been exposed as more than a little racist in following a conspiratorial news channel that believes “Black Lives Matter” is a terrorist group. Don’t believe any of this? You will once we deliver the facts with attorney, former players agent and “The Smartest Man in the Room” Joe Casale in this revealing and thought-provoking episode of “The Man in the Arena”.
June 12, 2020
America is changing, and there are plenty of people who neither want it to change nor understand why. America is a racist nation, and has been for generations. Being black in America brings with it fear, anger, resentment, and a belief subjugation and hate are still what a good portion of white America wants for this segment of the population. The murder of George Floyd hasn’t just opened wounds, it has ripped into one already oozing. What is it really like to be black in America? We asked former NFL lineman Keith Sims and former NBC Miami reporter Edwin O’Dell for their take, and what they will tell you about their life experiences is sometimes jaw-dropping, other times simply the stuff of righteous anger. Systemic racism from the NFL to police departments to the White House and more. Join Ed Berliner for a gripping episode of “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.
June 9, 2020
Donald Trump is certainly not the first President to abuse his power and break Constitutional rules, but he is without question the man who has taken ignoring his limits to alarming rates. Barack Obama was no saint either, but the time has come to stop the incessant infighting between lawmakers, understand that rules in this case are NOT made to be broken, and consider the time is right for a new U.S. Constitution. Ed Berliner’s guest on this explosive edition of “The Man in the Arena” is American University Professor and author of 2 books on the subject of POTUS power abuse, Chris Edelson. What would the Founding Fathers say about Trump ignoring the Constitution? Is what he is doing actually what America needs? And why are some people so afraid of changing the Constitution to fit 21st century America? Educational, enlightening, and guaranteed to start and end more than a few arguments. An episode not one American voter should miss. “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.
June 2, 2020
The time has come to stop listening to the opinions of those with bank accounts to fill, ratings to tout, and racist hunger bent on using more force to bludgeon America into submission. There are legal ways to bring about a temporary peace, and open the door for the only way to put nights of rioting to rest. Ed Berliner is joined by a panel of legal experts with hard and sometimes volatile opinions on what the next steps must be. From the deadly intent to use military force on protestors to how this should change policing in America, join Ed for a sometimes racous edition of “The Man in the Arena”.
June 2, 2020
The temperature of racism and hate has reached a new and frightening level in America following the murder of George Floyd. We are bombarded with so-called experts, opinionators and commentators seeking ratings instead of answers, and we have become a nation screaming at each other. In this special edition of “The Man in the Arena”, Ed Berliner seeks to bring that temperature down by actually talking to his audience. Once, talk radio helped us all think without screaming. Let’s try that again. The phone calls are unscreened and the opinions are passionate. Stop yelling. Start talking rationally. Start listening.
June 2, 2020
The NHL is trying to fill the sports void by coming up with a plan they believe could make them the only pro game in town for while, but it’s a 24 team playoff format riddled with holes. Veteran NHL beat reporter and analyst Jimmy Murphy joins Ed Berliner for a dedicated show to the NHL and their idea, along with some dire tidings on the state of college hockey, where even (GASP) some New England schools may have to eliminate their teams! There’s also a new barnstoring league planned for 2021 that could be one of the most entertaining minor leagues in any sport. Lace up the skates as we break out the sticks and pucks for a rousing edition of “The Man in the Arena”, ALSO featuring a SHOCKER prediction from Murph on who he believes will win the Stanley Cup. Take the shot and join us for the show that takes no prisoners.
May 27, 2020
Sports is more than just games, it is how America fuels her passions for something other than mundane life, providing a necessary escape. As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, sports becomes necessary for people to rediscover a normal life in the “new normal”. Jim Steeg was part of the NFL for 35 years, 26 years doing special events and a driving force in the creation of what is now the Super Bowl. Jim joins Ed Berliner for a special set of stories and memories about the times pro football helped America back from the Gulf War and the aftermath of 9/11. It all ties in with our discussion on IF the NFL can actually play the 2020 season, and the myriad of thing so many people haven’t even considered in how to get back on the field. It’s all on this special edition of “The Man in the Arena”.
May 26, 2020
Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson isn’t letting his age get in the way of reportedly being on the verge of a comeback, one LOADED with excellent questions. Will this be real or exhibition? Is the WBC series about actually ranking him? How many suckers are out there willing to pay for this train wreck? Also, Bob Arum believes he has the way to save boxing from the COVID19 pandemic, and the future for Fury-Wilder III is clearer than you might imagine. Time to step into the ring with former NYS Athletic Commissioner, Author, SiriusXM host and boxing expert Randy Gordon as he joins Ed Berliner, lacing up the gloves for another sweet science edition of “The Man in the Arena”.
May 21, 2020
Every day across America, thousands of innocent animals are used as test subjects in brutal experiments, paid for by taxpayers dollars and approved by your Government. Beagles are tortured frequently, the loving and trusting creatures that they are. The Beagle Freedom Project has been saving these animals around the world while fighting corporate America, powerful entities that would prefer to see the group disappear. Join Ed Berliner in a revealing, frightening yet touching interview with BFP Founder Shannon Keith, exploring the dark side of products you buy every day, the dogs that are given one last chance, and the success stories of those fuzzy kids who have caring humans to thank for their rescue.
May 20, 2020
Russian propaganda is better than ever from 2016 to now, with bot farms, social media flooded with fraud, clickbait websites, fake You Tube videos and much more. The 2020 election is in peril, and America is more divided and angry than ever, all because Russia is succeeding in their efforts. It all works because Americans, no matter their IQ, are too lacking in simple brain skills to see they’re being made into suckers. Can we save ourselves in time? Join Ed Berliner and a fascinating conversation with RAND Corp. Professor Christopher Paul as they delve into the psychology behind battling Russian lies, and whether America has what it takes to stop being made fools of.
May 1, 2020
Amidst all the talk of when to resume playing simple games after a deadly pandemic, no one in college athletics wants to talk about the unquestionable conclusion, COVID19 is about to change the face of college sports forever, and plenty of people will be out of jobs. The NCAA is also looking to hide when it comes to new laws about players being able to make a buck, and the NFL may have stumbled into the best off-season sports programming ever. Join Host Ed Berliner and attorney/former sport agent Joe Casale, “The Smartest Man in the Room”, as they dish out what others won’t discuss for fear of losing their jobs, or fear of losing their under the table payment. THis and a lot more on “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.
April 29, 2020
Running the gamut from hard hitting politics to an argument certain to light fires in New England and all around the NFL, Ed Berliner is joined by veteran NE journalist and podcast host Mark Farinella for a wide ranging episode of “The Man in the Arena”. Has our current government simply put America on a disaster course when COVID19 lessens, and why is Tom Brady NOT the G.O.A.T.? Here’s the complete episode with the show available in 2 parts also here on our You Tube channel, Don’t forget full podcasts and chapters are also available on all the popular audio platforms. “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.vv
April 24, 2020
In one CNN interview, Carolyn Goodman proves how low human beings can go on the COVID-19 evolutionary chain in understanding how deadly the virus still is. There is something sports leagues & teams should consider if they think playing games without fans will work, and if you think concerts are coming back anytime soon, you better smack yourself into reality. That, and an honest, “using the numbers” review of Donald Trump’s November outlook. Join host Ed Berliner as he welcomes attorney and former sports agent Joe Casale, “The Smartest Man in the Room”, for a rousing conversation that will start more debates than it finishes. It’s another episode of the show were nothing is out of bounds, “The Man in the Arena”.
April 22, 2020
Honest to goodness “fake news” has been with America long before COVID19 got here, but the arrival of this natural disaster of our era has caused a full blown upheaval in the amount of lies, propaganda,, misinformation and fraud from certain media factions than ever before. As usual, it’s the ones screaming about “fake news” who are the ones perpetrating it on a gullible public. Ed Berliner is a 30+ year career broadcast journalist and seen it all, but NOTHING like this. Watch as he eviscerates Tucker Carlson, Newsmax, and Sinclair Broadcasting with facts. There’s also proof that hockey CAN save the day, and a new edition of Found on Facebook”. It’s all right here on this new edition of “The Man in the Arena”.
April 22, 2020
We get it, everyone is tired of staying at home and not making money. However, this is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and people are dying. A good part of America isn’t getting that into their thick skull, and having assault rifles on display won’t make it any better for those people putting their lives on the live every single day to save others. Let’s not forget a new investigation that shows it’s being fed by conspiracy theorists. On a lighter note, the level of bullshit is rising exponentially, a pro golfer known more for being half in the bag all the time is handing out COVID19 advice, and “Found on Facebook” has a few hair and awn styling tips. Join Ed Berliner for another no-holds barred roll across what makes America tick in this episode of “The Man in the Arena”.
April 18, 2020
Where once there was a titan of broadcast, AM Radio is all but dead in America, now the home of bland syndicated shows, screaming political talk shows and really bad local programming. FM Radio isn’t much better, and is soon to surrender to satellite radio and podcasts. How and why did radio die? Join Ed Berliner and a panel of radio experts as they nail the culprits who bankrolled and used greed to destroy what was once an American icon. This is PART TWO of the show, with part 1 and the entire show available here and on all the major podcast platforms.
April 18, 2020
Where once there was a titan of broadcast, AM Radio is all but dead in America, now the home of bland syndicated shows, screaming political talk shows and really bad local programming. FM Radio isn’t much better, and is soon to surrender to satellite radio and podcasts. How and why did radio die? Join Ed Berliner and a panel of radio experts as they nail the culprits who bankrolled and used greed to destroy what was once an American icon. This is PART ONE of the show, with part 2 and the entire show available here and on all the major podcast platforms.
April 18, 2020
Where once there was a titan of broadcast, AM Radio is all but dead in America, now the home of bland syndicated shows, screaming political talk shows and really bad local programming. FM Radio isn’t much better, and is soon to surrender to satellite radio and podcasts. How and why did radio die? Join Ed Berliner and a panel of radio experts as they nail the culprits who bankrolled and used greed to destroy what was once an American icon. This is the complete unedited version of the show, with the entire show being split into 2 parts for those seeking to listen in smaller parts. Parts 1 and 2 are available here on all the major podcast platforms you can find the show every day.
April 14, 2020
Locked away in houses for more than a month, America is slowly going mad. Instead of using the time to educate themselves, a good portion of this country is agreeing to having their brain cells removed by idiot on-line conspiracies, ridiculous Facebook posts, lies about “wonder drugs” and a President who was turned inside out by a reporter doing her job. Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner digs into and exposes all of these quarantine doldrums in this investigative edition of “The Man in the Arena”. Ed uncovers the people behind the scams, and deals out a Presidential fact check the White House won’t appreciate. To that, he says, “I double dog dare you to prove me wrong”. Where nothing is out of bounds, “The Man in the Arena”.
April 13, 2020
An Easter Sunday unlike anything we have ever experienced before, and hope to never experience again. Sadly, it’s another chance for religious con artists to crawl out of the woodwork and look to line their pockets at the expense of parishioners and the general public. Join Emmy Award winning broadcaster and commentator Ed Berliner for a holiday edition of “The Man in the Arena”, where he takes on those who don’t give a damn if anyone lives or dies from COVID19. There’s also 3 words, just 3, for those sports fans crying about not having anything to watch on TV in a summer where American are suffering. We’ll wrap things up with “Facebook Follies”, soon to be renamed as “Found on Facebook”, and celebrate the single most impactful motion picture now marking it’s 40th year. Download and be engaged, enraged, and have a take inthe return comments. This is “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.
April 7, 2020
America is once again in the midst of a crisis that has gripped the entire country, but the COVID-19 pandemic is on a much more personal level and has weaved it’s way into every State and even small towns. Once upon a time, for at least a short while, Americans banded together in the wake of 9/11 and actually, for a time, seemed willing to drop political and social differences to help one another. Could that happen again, or could that be the biggest pipe dream in our history? Join Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner as he welcomes his guests from every corner of America to discuss this and other controversial questions about life in quarantine. It’s another fascinating episode of “The Man in the Arena”.
April 6, 2020
South Florida radio legends Ed Berliner, Dave LaMont, Stu Opperman and Larry Blustein gather for this edition of “The Man in the Arena “Talking Heads” to discuss the sports fallout from COVID-19, why some fans may never return, and the chance none will return to certain sports in 2020. This is also the first time all 4 radio legends have been together to tell stories about the heady days of sports talk radio in South Florida, filled with great characters, talk shows that had real talent behind the mic, and ownership more concerned with good programs instead of shafting someone over a few bucks. Sit back, pour a cold one, and join them for “Quarantine Cocktails” in this special edition of the award winning syndicated series, “The Man in the Arena”.
March 21, 2020
America stands at a crossroads with regard to the coronavirus and is need of asking and answering just one question: Who do you Trust? From tests that still aren’t available to so-called “magic drugs” that are anything but, the lie about this being a “Chinese virus” and the failure to properly prepare at the highest levels. As cities and regions go into lockdown, we need unbiased answers from the experts. Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner welcomes Dr. John Swartzberg into a revealing episode of “The Man in the Arena”. Dr. Swartzberg is one of the nation’s leading clinical professors of infectious diseases and vaccinology, and he has no qualms separating fact from fiction over COVID19. “The Man in the Arena”, where nothing is out of bounds.
March 19, 2020
To some, boxing is just a sport where people beat each other up. But a closer examination proves that the “sweet science” has been at the forefront of so many sociological changes in American society. In other words, it’s far from being just about people hitting each other. In this special edition of “The Man in the Arena”, Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner welcomes former NYS Athletic Commissioner, current author on boxing history, and host on SiriusXM Randy Gordon to the mic where they lace up their gloves and reveal little known facts about how boxing has impacted America. From Jack Johnson to Muhammad Ali and so many others, it’s a revealing look at the negatives and positives that built this nation. Join Ed and Randy for another hard hitting episode of the show that always delivers in and out of e ring, “The Man in the Arena”.
March 15, 2020
Nothing in the history of worldwide organized sport touched every organization, every team, every player as the coronavirus COVID19 did. Leagues were left scrambling on how to react, and many of them failed miserably. Sports marketing expert Joe Favorito takes an in-depth and exclusive look at the major American sports leagues, how they handled the crisis, how many seemingly mishandled the crisis, and where they go from here. How will the fledgling XFL fare after an shortened first season, and is the NHL in trouble as the league with the fewest television dollars? Joe joins Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner for an honest and investigative peek inside how it all happened, and how sports recovers when COVID19 is gone. Another non-stop episode of “The Man in the Arena”.
March 12, 2020
Even before he took office as President, Donald Trump launched full scale assaults against the CIA and FBI. His anger was directed at what he called the phony news about Russian interference in the 2016 election, which has long been proven to be real beyond the shadow of any doubt, and thanks to the tireless work of agents in these American intelligence agencies. However, the damage has been done, and the President continues his verbal assault. Agents are demoralized by what they perceive as a lack of confidence and a severe ack of leadership at many levels. How much damage remains? Why does the President name leaders that are unqualified for the job? And how have the Russians and Vladimir Putin benefited? Emmy Award winning journalist Ed Berliner is joined by veteran and former CIA Agent turned author and consultant Sam Faddis, as they tackle the hard questions and disagree on more than a few points. It’s another riveting conversation on the fastest growing interview show in podcasting, “The Man in the Arena”.
March 10, 2020
There is not one single solo word in the English language that brings with it such passionate and angry discourse of racism and hate. Simply known as “the N word”, white people can’t understand why they shouldn’t be allowed to use it, and a section of black people can’t, or won’t  seem to understand the damage they do in making it part of their daily lexicon. Dr. Neal Lester has been teaching and speaking about the word for decades, educating people of every race about the history and the damage of this word. White people need to get a grip, and black people need to stop thinking there’s nothing wrong with their use of a word that has generations of evil intent. Join Emmy Award winning journalist Ed Berliner as he welcomes Dr. Lester to “The Man in the Arena” for a conversation that will ignite more than a few responses, and maybe even change some minds for the better.
March 4, 2020
NFL players are being told the new contract on the table is the best deal anyone could ever hope for, and a lot of them are buying it. Meantime, MLB fans are being told by Commissioner Rob Manfred and his minions that cheating is being addressed, and they weren’t aware how deep it went. One word: rubbish. It’s all nonsense, and we can prove it. No one has insight like former player agent and attorney Joe Casale, properly nicknamed “The Smartest Man in the Room”. Join Emmy award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner as he welcomes Joe into “The Man in the Arena” for an in depth and riveting look at the facts, and why neither fans noe players should allow themselves to be taken for a ride.
February 26, 2020
Vladimir Putin is going to be President of Russia for life, and he is already well on his way to building a new “Iron Curtain”, a powerful military base in the Black Sea, and a cyber war machine second to none. What has America done? Almost nothing, dating back to then-President Obama and current President Trump, who is both naive and completely overwhelmed by the more masterful Putin. Donald Jensen is a Russian expert at the Center for European Policy Analysis, and perhaps no one knows the politics better. In this powerful edition of “The Man in the Arena”, questions are answered honestly, people will be angry at the truth, and Vladimir Putin will have spent one more day solidifying his power over a weak America. Join Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner for another edition of the 1 on 1 show delivering news and truth with every question.
February 24, 2020
A recent study showed that the majority of millenials and quite a few people of all ages have no idea what the Holocaust was, some don’t even know what “Auschwitz” was. In failing to teach a younger generation to keep alive stories of the atrocities inflicted on generations by the Nazis, are we thus ensuring that such murderous intent will indeed come to life once again? Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner is joined by former journalist and prolific author Fern Schumer-Chapman, who has written 5 books with a connection to that era in history, including those that delve into the personal life of her Mother, one who escaped the Nazis just before the world turned chaos. A very special edition of “The Man in the Arena”, wondering why these lessons aren’t being taught, and when political correctness will stop being the order of the day.
February 23, 2020
NY Times best selling author Ellis Henican made his bones as a newspaperman for “Newsday”. Now, he runs the gamut from television news and political analyst to author of books seeking to reveal truths in American politics. In this revealing and brutally honest episode of “The Man in the Arena”, Henican and Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner take on not just how one can honestly tell the difference between fake news and true reporting, but why we may have reached the point where using words such as “lie” and “stupid” out loud and in print may be just what America needs. “The Man in the Arena” is always broadcast first on FACEBOOK LIVE on Ed Berliner’s page, but is also uploaded to You Tube and then played back on all major podcast platforms. Don’t be stupid. No lie. This is the conversation America needs in this election year.
February 14, 2020
Randy Gordon has been part of the fight game for more than 50 years, yet still maintains his childlike exuberance for the sport. The former NY State Athletic Commissioner, author, member of the NJ Boxing Hall of Fame and current host on SiriusXM does not believe boxing is being swallowed by MMA, UFC and other combat sports. On the contrary. It’s a friendly debate with Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner, who thinks the sport will never rise again to it’s former glory. The moments when boxing faded, the reason why people love to see the pummeling of MMA, and the future stars that prove boxing is returning in big way. It’s all in this episode of “The Man in the Arena”, where the old friends verbally do indeed step into the arena and let the punches fly.
February 13, 2020
This could be the most dysfunctional and disastrous time in Major League Baseball history. Then again, it could an era of cheating and dreadful leadership that will soon pass into history without any real repercussions to the sport. Peter Golenbock has written more than 20 books about baseball and brings his intimate knowledge of the game and it’s character to “The Man in the Arena”. From cheats who may very well work again in baseball, to a Commissioner under the thumb of his media bosses, to the player who magnificently scorched that Commish over some of the more ludicrously bad rules ideas the game has ever known, it’s all in here and a lot more. Join Emmy Award winning broadcaster and host Ed Berliner for a rollicking rendition of “The Man in the Arena”.
February 8, 2020
Democrats may think they have good intentions, but at the moment, they have little or no chance of defeating Donald Trump in November. They failed to get Bernie under control, Mayor Pete hasn’t grown into the job yet, Biden looks finished, Warren is thrashing about, and the best choice might be Bloomberg. Along with that, Hillary isn’t helping, and neither is a “stuck in the mud” press corps.  Veteran political columnist Margaret Carlson joins Emmy Award winning journalist Ed Berliner for a rousing and provocative episode of “The Man in the Arena”.
January 28, 2020
Kobe Bryant was more than just an exceptional basketball player. He was a teenager thrust into the world of men, the kid who conquered a league, the young man who seemed to try his best in throwing it all away, and who in the end realized what he had been given and turned his life into an inspirational cavalcade. Roland Lazenby is an accomplished American author of numerous sports books, 2 of those about Kobe Bryant. He joins Ed Berliner to remember Kobe, with stories many will hear for the first time. Another special edition of the sports program that speaks to the intelligent mind, “The Fastest Show in Sports”.
January 15, 2020
This current MLB cheating scandal didn’t happen overnight. This has been brewing for many years with MLB complicit. Now come the hard questions. Lifetime bans for all involved? More front office mavens destined to be busted? And what of those already busted for cheating? What, did Alex Cora do it all by himself? Plenty of issues the baseball apologists won’t touch. We will. Join me as I welcome sports lawyer/agent Joe Casale in for a deep dive into the future of major league baseball in America.
January 9, 2020
More than 30 years after his tragic death, Tony Conigliaro remains a Boston Red Sox and baseball legend talked about like the star he was on the verge of becoming. His career cut short in a terrible on-field accident, Tony C. remains an inspiration to fans and players alike. Younger brother Richie Conigliaro joins Ed Berliner for an exclusive interview based on stories told in the family made documentary, “25”. It is a heartwarming and, at tims, heartbreaking story of a young man who left behind a legacy of courage.
January 8, 2020
Peter Graves has been around the world numerous times, a walking and still musical musical legend. From Serving his country in Vietnam to serving the musical needs of several generations ranging from Frank Sinatra to the world-changing tunes of the Bee Gees, and now keeping alive the legend of Jaco Pastorius, Peter joins Ed Berliner for some great stories and insiders views on “The Man in the Arena”.
January 5, 2020
Mark Farinella has covered the New England Patriots since the franchise took it’s first snap, and knows this team better than anyone. Mark joins Ed Berliner on “The Fastest Show in Sports” with words on Tom Brady’s future few people are talking about, where Brady will play his next game (if he plays), the fault Bill Belichick bears in the season failure, and the absolute, without answer to the question “WHY do people hate the Patriots so much?” Trust the guy who has been there for years and knows this franchise inside out.
January 2, 2020
Larry Weisman has been covering the NFL for more than 30 years, and in all that time, he’s never seen a bigger train wreck than this one franchise. Plus, no doubt as to the biggest dumpster fire owner in the game, a real shock for Coach of the Year consideration, and the team that will take the place of the New England Patriots as the one to beat. Join Ed Berliner for the first new year version of “The Fastest Show in Sports”.
December 6, 2019
If I were not a broadcaster, I would have wanted to be a musician or a singer. As I get older, I realize those were opportunities missed. Yet I’ve had the excellent fortune of being great friends with outstanding members of both professions, which led me to interview Grammy award winning saxophonist Ed Calle. He came from the South Florida music streets, and his sound it one of the more unique you will ever hear. Meet the man, then go buy one of his albums. You’ll thank me.
December 6, 2019
Dave Barry has been a friend for many years, and his humor has been a staple of South Florida for decades. All these years I’ve known Dave, and never had the chance to interview him. That finally was solved with the release of his latest book, “Lessons From Lucy”, what we can learn from a senior girl who goes about life without a care, yet is passing on lessons every single day. One of the more fun interviews I’ve ever done.
December 6, 2019
You will never see a picture of Michael Chour without a dog. I dare you to find one. Chour put his life on hold several years ago, actually abandoned the life he had, and dedicated every ounce of his existence to saving the dogs of SE Asia from the despicable dog meat trade, where these gentle animals are tortured and slaughtered. Chour does it all with the kindness of donations, and his heart has been broken more times than he can count. But he refuses to surrender. From halfway around the world, one of my most touching and meaningful interviews ever.
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