August 19, 2018
The farmhand at the centre of the Jeffrey Brooks investigation - the man who found the young scientist's body on that fateful day - is unearthed by this podcast series and steps forward to tell his explosive story. It includes a staggering U-turn that blows the police theory of "accidental death'' wide open.
August 12, 2018
The police theory in the "accidental death'' of young scientist Jeffrey Brooks is examined by an international expert in gunshot wound trajectory and special tests are also conducted in a state-of-the-art ballistics laboratory in Melbourne. Will the findings finally deliver the truth Jeffrey's family have hoped for...
August 5, 2018
An explosive insurance investigation finding that has been a tightly-held secret for more than two decades is revealed for the first time, casting a dark shadow over the police determination in the "accidental death'' of young scientist Jeffrey Brooks. The veteran private investigator who led the probe comes forward to tell of police failings, missing evidence and his controversial conclusion in the one case he has never been able to leave behind...
July 29, 2018
The police investigation into the "accidental death'' of Jeffrey Brooks is put under the microscope at a Coronial inquest. His parents, who believe he was murdered, demand answers about vanishing evidence, missed chances to find the truth and flimsy alibis not scrutinised. The reaction from investigators to a grieving family with genuine concerns will blow you away...
July 22, 2018
Jeffrey's gone. The young scientist's emotion-charged farewell draws more than 1000 mourners and brings an entire town to a halt . The future of the failing crayfish farm he was parachuted in to fix has been shattered by a single shotgun blast. But the shadowy farm manager, his wife and the worker refuse to leave the property. In desperation, the owners turn to a mountain of a man, a former boxer and top cop-turned private investigator. His brief: to uncover the truth, expose the trio's dark secret and drive them out. Unlike the police who called Jeffrey's death an accident, he goes back to basics and follows one of the most powerful motives of all - greed...
July 15, 2018
Jeffrey Brooks told everyone the farm manager's decrepit old shotgun was dangerous. He refused to touch it. So when police investigating his shooting death determined the seasoned hunter had accidentally killed himself reefing the gun - barrel first - towards his own body, family, friends and bosses were in disbelief. They screamed murder, but no-one would listen. Until now ...
July 8, 2018
Young scientist Jeffrey Brooks believed he was going to be murdered at his workplace and that those involved would make it look like an accident. And not long after, Jeffrey was dead and the police who arrived to investigate called it an accident - just as he predicted.
June 29, 2018
Jeffrey Brooks feared for his life. He believed he was going to be murdered at his workplace - and that those involved would try and make it look like an accident. Not long after, Jeffrey was dead. This is a special investigation by The Courier-Mail's Kate Kyriacou and Peter Hall.
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