Makes me happy...
I love this podcast and this couple. I was introduced to their podcast and YouTube presence when they had a pretty big fight and I shared it will all my friends because I loved how even though they were upset at each other they talk through the issue. It makes me happy to see a couple talk through problems and I also watch with my 4 children to show them healthy communication also. This has really helped me communicate better with my hubby of 12 years and we are closer than ever. Thank you both so much and your family are always in my prayers. Mj from Illinois
Representation Matters
And you guys represent us SO well! I’m not the hugest fan of the commentating on people’s emails/problems, but i LOVE hearing yall y’all about your own personal experiences, convictions, & triumphs! It’s what pulled me into beleaf in fatherhood and now this! Love y’all 🖤
Binge worthy
I just recently discovered this podcast when Glen and Yvette appeared on the Love Hour podcast. My husband and I are always trying to find new ways to spend time with each other and to spark good conversations. With that being said we loved the vibe that Glen and Yvette gave on the Love Hour and decided to check out the podcast. This has replaced tv in our home until we are caught up. My husband has officially told me that I can’t listen to them without him. It’s great!
Amazing Podcast
My husband and I have been listening/catching up on your podcast from the beginning. We love how authentic and free you both are which keeps us both engaged Keep doing y’all! You’re helping us grow. Thank you!!
Dope couple
kyron jackson
I love how real and unfiltered they are
Very real parents!
tommy riles
Yo Glen, great to meet you a few years back. Been watching on YouTube, but just now started listening to the podcast. You and Yvette are crushing it! Couples goals.
Most Relatable Podcast
nana bear 2008
Gosh! I relate to this podcast so much. From all the big potties 😂 to Yvette (not sure if I spelled that correctly) feeling some type of way of how people might perceive her based on the condition of her home to your love for God and the way you both honor him with your parenting, to having four kids and so much more! It makes me know I’m not alone when it comes to these things. God bless you both and your family & may the Lord continue to bless you as you follow his lead.
Love y’all
Love this podcast. I don’t remember how I found this podcast but have been listening for about a year and have learned and laughed a lot! I feel like I know y’all and love to know what you think!
I am so thankful for y’all!
Firefox 355
I started listening to your podcast last week, and I’ve been so blessed by your content, your candor, and your creativity. I am amazed by how real you are, and I’m so thankful for a black Christian couple that doesn’t hide so many of the difficult parts of relationships, raising children, and all the messy parts of life. Y’all are a blessing!
The episode of you all discussing your feelings of the vasectomy is deeeeeep yo!!! I can feel the pain in both your voices. You both are trying to prove your point as kindly as you can lol. I don’t have any advice because this is your truths. I pray you’ll get on the same page and reading at the same pace!
Great Episdoe
unique niq
This was a great episode. The Pastor was definitely not realistic with the virgin to virgin statement. In this age, it’s rare for any partner to be a virgin, and if it does happen, it will usually be the bride. But being a virgin isn’t about virgins deserving virgins, like non virgins are less worthy, and this is coming from a virgin.
You two are a blessing!
Finding this podcast has truly been a blessing to my life. I love being able to glean wisdom and knowledge from a Christian couple. I enjoy listening and learning what a healthy relationship/marriage could look like. Thank you for your open hearts and transparency! God bless you!
Where do I begin?
No, but really—I don’t know quite the right words to describe how much I value this couple. They are so transparent, vulnerable, and honest...and at the same time crazy and hilarious. In a world where some may only show the bright or semi-dark side of marriage and beyond, I’m grateful for this couple who lets us in to the intricate twists and turns and hardships of marriage and parenting while also maintaining one’s individuality and purpose. There’s been some episodes where I really felt like a fly on the wall of a conversation maybe too raw for me to be hearing (😧) but it has only encouraged me to be more intentional about my relationships and ensure I’m around people who are willing to push through and face the hard stuff. Thank you both for being who you are and doing what you do. ✊🏾
So realistic and eye opening.
Girl in Atlanta Saving Money
This podcast has REALLY opened my eyes to what marriage truly is. I love the fact that Yvette and Glenn bring their true feelings to the podcast episodes. There are episodes that truly make me cringe because their coldness towards each other is so evident but in the end it IS SO HELPFUL! It helps me realize how much work comes with marriage and how it’s not always going to be all good. I absolutely love them. Truly. Everyone thinking about getting married should listen. It snatched the “Disney Fairy Tale Lens” right off my eyes lol. In a GOOD WAY!
Point of views that MUST be heard!
I’m a 19 year old girl and I not married at all. But I definitely feel like the conversations that Glenn and Yvette have about marriage gives me practical expectations and not fairytale expectations. (Which is a good thing! Lol) I’m not about that fluffy fake stuff, so to hear a black Christian couple talk about real issues in marriage is honestly so refreshing. It’s podcasts like this that provide advice to help me prepare for marriage, but also helps me to remain very content and thankful in my singleness. Nothing but love and support to Mrs.Melanin and Beleaf! Protect ya life and keep your network poppin! :)
My Favorite if All time
God bless, Love you guys. that’s all!
Almost Had Me
Baby Bent
Loved your podcast until episode 17. Where you guys showed support for same sex marriage. I thought you were a Christian podcast and if so you wouldn’t agree with it. Our place is not to judge and to treat all people with love but that doesn’t mean we agree with the sin and support it.
I love your content!
Just Quan
I just started listening to your podcast this week. I normally watch your YouTube and just subscribed on Patreon. I am married and a SAHM of three kids. I don’t know what else to say besides the fact that your content has been a blessing to our family. ❤️
Gracie M.91
I am a single Christian woman. I also work as an attorney, and I really enjoy listening in between assignments. I enjoy the deep introspection and the transparency. I don’t usually comment, but I really think this is a gem of a podcast, deserving of a larger platform.
Raw & sweet & helpful
I LOVED the episode you did alone, it was so great to hear your voice & beautiful -ness & especially your relationship with Jesus shining through! AND I also really appreciate how you respond to your husband your hmms & ahems I hear an example of how I need to listen & encourage others voices!
by Stan Fields
This is such an authentic podcast. The transparency is unmatched. Also, I appreciate that although it is for “entertainment” purposes I do not feel like it is drama filled. I can totally relate to aspects of Glen and Yvette’s personalities. It is nice to see other marriages have some of the same conflicts as mine and I feel more comfortable finding that out without feeling like I am “gossiping” with my friends about my relationship. Thank you for normalizing authentic conversation about love, relationships and marriage. I am a believer and appreciate the references while still being realistic about feelings, conflicts and solutions.
Can y’all be real?
Hi!!! Ok, so I learned about you guys from black millennial marriage podcast and as I did with them, I’m starting from the beginning. Y’all are sooooo dope! I’m only on episode 6 but confession, I’ve listened to it 3 times and episode 5 like 3 or 4. I’ve laughed “with y’all” cried, re-evaluated life, self checked and all of dat! This whole goal thing and trust ahhhhhh! Y’all have NO idea but you actually do because I’ve heard it on this podcast. So yeah, thanks. Thanks for just you being you. -dprocfab5
Thank you
Thank you for your willingness to be open, honest and Brave. This episode was tender, important and so important. Keep up the fantastic work y’all! Amelia
I loved it!
Eunice My Journey
Not too many people will have these conversations in public and you guys are make a difference in my life. I never had those conversations with my ex-husband and if I did we probably would still be married. Thanks🙏🏾
Insightful podcast
I really enjoy the the unfiltered conversations on the pod.
Insightful and Hilarious
I love this podcast because it's so real. As a single woman, I love the honest conversations they have about marriage and family. It gives me a realistic perspective about what marriage looks like. It's not a fairytale but it's still desirable in all it's messiness. I also love hearing stories about the chocolate babies and seeing the funny and frustrating sides of parenthood. Definitely worth a listen!
J-Will Sr
As a newlywed and New father Beleaf has been a blessing in my life and I truly appreciate his platform. HMAY podcast has help me and my wife through their transparency see how to apply grace during the good & bad. They express how they navigate through the balances of life and parenthood that’s very entertaining and hilarious!!
They Gave Us The Chocolate Babies!
Super creative Glen, known as rapper Beleaf turned YouTuber, started to share his journey of holding down the kids at home while Yvette held it down as a teacher with Beleaf in Fatherhood (check out the channel on YouTube). Now this power team lives out love and faith for us to listen to and it’s THE BEST! From Chocolate Baby Story Time to How Married Are You, this podcast has all the feels, life transparency and wisdom that any listener could want! Yvette & Glenn thank you for daring to love AND daring to share it AND doing it so beautifully! Much love and blessings to you two! #relationshipgoals #chocolatebabies #beleafinfatherhood #mrsbeleafmel #yalldabest #yassss
You guys are my favorite! Can we be friends?!
I love you guys!! I started listening to HMAY about 2 weeks ago from episode one and now I'm almost caught up. You guys are such an inspiration for chocolate love. My boyfriend is a creative, like Beleaf, and hearing his perspectives has helped me gain clarity into my bf's thought processes and mindset. One of these days I would just love to hang out with you guys. Keep doing what your doing! **you guys should do a podcast about Yvette's experience marrying a creative (Professionally. I believe we're all creative in our own ways) and Beleaf's experience being with someone who isn't.
Great podcast!
You two are hilarious! Topics are super cool and I love your transparency. It’s nice to hear relatable and entertaining content. And, your beats and music for this podcast are the best! Please keep it coming 😁
You guys are the best!
This is my favorite podcast! Thank you for using your marriage to encourage us. After every episode I feel spurred on to continue to love my spouse as God calls us too. Keep up the good work guys!
Thank you
Liz Vice
I seriously don’t know if I could articulate how thankful I am for this podcast. There is a narrative about black folks that have become a prison for the minds of those who’s only access to our story are movies and tv. Thank you for reminding us how multifaceted we are. Ugh, we are so beautiful. I’m also thankful that this podcast crosses lines in the sand that have been drawn when of comes to people of color. Your podcast is a reflection of the human experience. Thank you.
So real and so relatable
I love this podcast! Whenever I listen to Beleaf and Mrs. Melanin it’s like listening to my married friends with kids. They make very thought provoking points that I don’t normally think about. Sometimes the conversation gets so spirited I catch myself laughing out loud at the back and forth between glen and Yvette! I love their chocolate baby stories at the beginning of the show. And I love the “how married are you?” question to wrap up the show. Love these guys so much and I love all their babies. It’s such a great alternative to vapid radio conversations.
Keep it coming!
Jovita Pastrana
Hey guys! Just want to say I love your content. And listening to your podcast really opens up new conversation with my boyfriend about our future. I hope y’all continue to grow and I know you guys are touching a lot of people lives.
Restoring faith ♥️
Restoring my faith, real conversation, problems, resolutions, laughs, and tears! I have my boyfriend listening now! No matter if your married or single this is for everyone!
This is really so good. It really teaches me the gravity of what marriage and parenting really are. And I laugh so hard just because they make it fun, even when it’s tense.
So inspired.
Husband and I have always been a fan of Yvette and Beleaf (Glen) and the chocolate babies. I’m so happy this podcast exists. It’s inspiring and they’re just great to listen to. Black spouses that genuinely love each other never gets old or tired. Thank y’all!
Love the cultural themes
My favorite is how you all incorporate the music. I love that you add a different spin on songs we know. The mix of hip hop, jazz, r & b, etc. is so relevant. The chocolate baby stories segment is so adorable and very creative.
Glen and the 10%
Morning Guys, love the show. About 7 of my male friends and I are fans of the show and content, we’ll hold you down. The reason we listen to the show/ keep up with the content is we are all black fathers, different capacities, but fathers none the less. All of us becoming fathers in the last 3 years, others married, it’s been a place to learned and grow as lovers, fathers, parents and community. - West
I ❤️ this family!
I love the transparency!
You need this podcast!
Married, single, parents, non-parents...this is a great podcast! I love the anecdotes about the chocolate babies. I love the honest marriage advice and the humor—however unintentional it is, lol. I love this couple and can’t wait to hear more from them!
Glenn and Yvette are goals and are so relatable! From Marriage, kids and they’re spiritual. Listen subscribe and share I do and I follow them on all my social media to support them because in ways they are supporting me with the positive work they put out. Keep it going you two. MUCH LOVE PATTY!! #threekidzlater 🥰
Relatable and Honest
Alexis M.
I enjoy the way you all converse. It's relaxed and feels as though you make an effort to be as forthright as possible.
My honest opinion
Iriah Wilkerson
This podcast is rich with honest heartfelt conversation. It is both convicting and inspiring, raw and real. It is also extremely balanced. Believers and non-believers alike can identify with this couple, never conforming to the pressure of perfection but always in subtle ways leading its audience to the Lord. The love between Yvette and Glen is undeniably evident Hands down their marriage is a ministry.
Thank you so much for being faithful and doing this podcast! Love how real you are!
Love the love
The realness is awesome. I loved Beleaf in fatherhood first and am so glad you guys have decided to share more with us. Keep it up. You're a blessing and inspiration.
Conversation starter!
My wife and I listen to every episode and also watch their YouTube videos. It always leads us to have meaningful discussions that we might not have otherwise. Highly recommend this podcast!
Mr Matthews.
I have been with this show since the beginning and when I tell you it has been a blessing to my soul it has been a blessing to my soul. Someone of the episodes speak so much to me that it has caused me to to break down and cry on the inside. This podcast is the truth right here.
The vibes are nice and authentic, always! Blessings!💚💛❤️
It's simple, YOU NEED THIS PODCAST WHETHER MARRIED, LOOKING, OR NOT PLANNING. This is a golden opportunity for anyone wanting to be encouraged by getting a behind the scenes look into what American families, marriages, or just real relationships look like. Free from surface level type talk. This is real life! And I don't know about y'all, but real life teaches me much more than I could ever imagine. Highly recommended, always in support of!! 💪
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