Wish I found this sooner
Such terrific guests and insightful, nourishing, honest conversations on race, gender, sex and culture. Fills me with hope. Fingers crossed for a second season!
⋆ This podcast is appreciated⋆
With all of the love I have for Dear White People, I became intrigued by the mind behind it. Justin Simien, thank you for being one of the contributions for continuing our narrative ⋆ by us ⋆. Don’t @ Me is fantastic, informative, fun and appreciated. If there’s more, I can’t wait!
I LOVE this podcast. I'm learning, laughing, and loving these conversations!
This Podcast is dope, that boy connected ain’t he? Lol
More Black Female Producers!
Ama the pharaoh
Loved hearing from Alana and Cameron, it’s hard navigating and figuring out where you fit (want to fit) and how to enter the industry. But hearing from women like these is so eye opening. Thank you Justin for all of these conversations.
Don’t @me but I love this show
zulu dar
Love this podcast. Justin humor is only surpassed by his wicked intellect. Oh and thank you bringing on Robin, I love her and went back and watched every episode of The Rundown!
Unicorns Are Real
I have been an avid listener of this podcast for the last few months and been impressed and comforted by so many of these conversations that Justin has brought us in on. I was drawn to write a review after listening to "The Unicorns" episode on my way to my white marketing agency in even whiter Phoenix, Arizona. The unfiltered approach to this episode and so many others allows me to be more honest with myself and be motivated by the fact that peple I respect and see breaking barriers have felt the same fears as me, gone through the same struggles as me and ultimately grew in ways that now feel possible for me too. This podcast is truly a gem and it's incredible to see black people in more mediums like this!
Pod for the (Internet) Culture
Such necessary voices and thoroughly entertaining. Justin is such a smart person who I love hearing talk about art. It’s also produced by the same showrunner (Gina Delvac) of the great pod “Call Your Girlfriend”. If you want smart funny and fresh cultural conversation about what’s poppin NOW, get into this pod.
Slightly Misogynistic
I mostly enjoy this podcast, however there were a few interviews that made me cringe with the misogynistic language he used. I’m surprised the producing team allowed it. Backhanded language about women to describe anyone is lazy and unnecessary.
Reunited & It Feels SO GOOD 🎶 ✊🏾
Justin and the team of artists on this show are in sync with a pulse that’s so current and necessary. My heart is articulated and my mind stimulated from the different points of view expressed in this show. It has renewed my affinity for podcasts.
Super fun and interesting
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast during my sloooooow morning commute on the 405. It provides great insider access to the creative minds in Hollywood and great representation for voices we don't always hear. Today I learned about the streaming business from Netflix's Ted Sarandos and the story behind the show "Pose" from Janet Mock.
Amen for Recognizing Depression/Anxiety!
This is a groundbreaking and exciting show with honest heartfelt episodes. Thank you for keeping it really real!
Necessary + Delicious BRAINFOOD
i eat boards for breakfast
I could not be happier to drop in on these conversations. Justin and his guest have wonderful journeys, careers, philosophies, and pathways for a better world. As a cis white woman I feel I need to hear more dialogs and conversations like those between Justin and his guests. This podcast makes me happy about the future of our industry.
Justin’s My Peoples!!!
He’s so intelligent, and I’ve come to learn a thing or two about the business of TV and how we’re really living in the Black Renaissance for storytellers right now... Also, Justin talks race, screenwriting, politics and it helps that he loves Moonlight and Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles from McDonalds —the same way I do... so he wins and now I’m a big supporter<3
Great Conversations
Skye Fly
Some of the best conversations you will hear in a podcast. I love Justin and his energy!
Good stuff
Kristal J.
Hillman Grad Network sent me here. I really enjoy this podcast. It’s very refreshing and real. Justin is a great host and I like the broad spectrum he plucks his guests from to discuss different topics. My only suggestion is there should be more interviews with people in film/tv/ent who have taken a non-traditional path into the industry. The Ava interview was great but she was industry adjacent. I’d like to hear more from people who didn’t have any sort of connections/contacts in the industry, didn’t go to film school, had whole other careers, etc.
KEEP’em Coming!
Mode Nicky
I LOVE THIS PODCAST SO MUCH! It gives me insight on things I didn’t even know I needed insight on!
I Love This Podcast!
I'm a longtime subsciber to KCRW. I love thier programming. Because of shows like Don't@Me, I'll be incresing my monthing contribution to the station. Keep up the great work!
so into it!
G by T
justin! 😍
Props !!!
John F. Estrada
Epic conversation for the soul and the mind. Enjoying Justin’s smooth delivery and insightful conversations. Bring it.
Inspired Enlightenment
So Glad I listen and support KCRW- and learned about this podcast. Justin,your show gives us clarity, great DEEP and Tru talking points and wild guests. Culture is moving and morphing and you help shape that. The show helps us pay attention and stay awake. Thank you for your gifts.
Don't @ Me
Suzy Santa Monica
I LOVE this podcast. Justin Simien is a genius. He is thoughtful, passionate, articulate and an incredible marketer. Everyone should listen.
My new fav.
So good.
Get this podcast!!
This guy gives a great interview and will definitely be a big Star sometime really soon.
Guest Recommendation
Get Janelle Monae
A show where artists talk all things art...LOVE!
Thank you, Justin for giving us more artistic life with this podcast. Enjoy listening to the words behind little known and famous artists. I know you get excited in your conversations, but please don’t interrupt your guests while they speak. I noticed it happening quite a bit with the episode featuring Kimberly Pierce. Keep up the inspiring work!
So exciting, such a great show
Wonderful discussions of film, film as craft and art, and also much needed pov’s from POCs in entertainment. Subscribe!
Thank You!
I love this podcast. Urbane, Insightful and Candid. Bravo!
Don't @ Me is Where It's At
Justin Simien's podcast voice hooked me from the get go. His conversations with each guest are witty, inspirational, inlightening, and hilarious. Also, the jazzy theme song is on point.
PJ Johnnie
His was so informative as an artist and as a black human in America! Thank you so much for this!
Check this podcast out!
Thank you for continuing to open our eyes to different points of view in a way that is engaging, thoughtful, entertaining and welcoming!
People lifting up people
Kait Gilleran
I’m not huge on interview podcasts, but this one stands apart. Simien is a thoughtful host who doesn’t waste half the podcast talking over his guests (as many interviewers do) and it’s clear that both he and his guests have so much respect for each other. An empowering, enlightening, and humorous podcast giving voice to a portion of the entertainment industry that hasn’t had as bright a spotlight on the inner workings in popular media today.
It’s fabulous! It was exactly what I was missing from my podcast queue! Love hearing black people discuss and have strong viewpoints and knowledge about film! I stan, I live, I listen!
Lena N ;)
As an aspiring filmmaker in high school, I appreciate hearing from Black creators just as focused on honing their craft as I am. The social commentary has opened my eyes to the ties of politics to art and how film bring them together harmoniously.
Ry Wise
Only two episodes and it’s my favorite podcast. As an aspiring black director (and mega fan of all things dear white people) it’s awesome to hear these discussions. A part of me wishes the show started years ago and I only now learned of it so I’d have a ton of episodes to go through.
This is a fantastic balance between intelletual discourse, education and waltzing somewhere near the edge of provocation for the mainstream disposition. I learn, laugh and want to part take.
The space of a breath
Justin said this is a space to take a breath about controversial topics. Instead of going straight for vitriol and bumper sticker politics, he and his guests dig into the topics and speak about them in the space of that breath. This beautiful space he has created is reshaping my mind and worldview. So much better for my mental health. Thank you!
Just what “The Culture” needed! #dopeness
Excellence, indeed!
Can't wait for more episodes. Ready for your TV talk show, Mr. Justin!
Exactly what you expect
This podcast is exactly what you would expect from Justin. He is just as witty and entertaining as his work has lead him out to be.
So excited that I found this podcast!
Awesome conversations and important topics to consider - so happy I found this one!
Love the energy and the vibe of this podcast. Don’t @ me but this is the first review I’ve left on a podcast.
Love what I’m hearing so far
New to the Podcast, someone actually suggested that I listen, and I’m glad I listened to them, and I love what I’m hearing from you.. Keep up the good work!❤️🦋❤️
This is fantastic!!!!!
Love This!!! Insightful conversations!! Interesting takes on our culture!!! can’t wait for the next one!!!
Love the conversation. It’s real.
Super refreshing to hear REAL TALK. I’m in.
Grateful for this space to hear real stories and conversation that goes way beyond what’s PC. Thank you Justin and KCRW!
KCRW podcasts are consistently top-notch
Frustrated in Malibu
I have found that I can always trust KCRW’s podcasts to be top-notch. This one, so far, proves to be no different. As someone who has a long commute - thank you.
A fan of KCRW, a fan of Justin’s, this podcast is great!
Thanks Justin!
Carpet Face
#RealTalk, finally.
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