Unbelievably Good.
When I listen to a podcast I want to gain knowledge or insight that is often missing in my life. However with the rise of "internet gurus" who write a book or have a podcast on subjects they know nothing about it's become scarce to find true experts. Oprah takes out the work through this Master Class series and ensures that you're always listening to conversations with experts on their field. Highly recommended for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and perspective.
Bring Masterclass back to OWN
I watched most of these on OWN. I come back to listen while I try to go to sleep because I can’t bear to listen to the current horrifying news after hearing it all day. These give me comfort. Do more!!!
Time Capsule
Listening to each of these episodes makes me so excited that these moments are recorded for the rest of time. The podcasts serve as time capsules for those fortunate enough to have been featured before their passing. Keep wondering if Kobe was on the list. What a joy that would have been for his family and for all who mourn his passing. You, Oprah, are a master.
Get some Asians - we need to see ourselves in others too
Has anyone else noticed there are ZERO Asians represented? I didn’t check on other backgrounds but I find this to be consistent with Oprah. I love her, she’s my church, but please Oprah, I’m desperate to hear of some Asians who’ve gone past cultural programming and societal barriers to be where they are. I need to see others who look like me doing unconventional things to believe that more is possible.
The episode with Maya Angelou has been life changing for me. I have listened to it multiple times and shared it with friends and family. Oprah’s own personal story has also been especially inspiring to me and has helped me to look for God’s hand in my life and start to realize my own purpose and journey. I love the mantra of “Your Life is a Class” and am grateful that this podcast is helping me discover that!
Oprah Winfrey with Billy Bob Thornton
I listened to this and immediately forwarded it to my adult daughters, my husband, and other people I love. I wanted them to experience it and be brightened and calmed by it as I was. In my opinion, another masterpiece with Billy Bob Thornton involved. Insightful, from the heart and endearing.
Puts me to sleep
When you don’t hear the interviewer and just the guest talking it sounds like a person reading from a book. Oprah, learn from “How I built this” podcast. That’s how it should be done.
Not trustworthy
Why is Oprah promoting poison as pharmaceutical drugs? Until this stops, I don’t trust a word she says. Seriously compromised integrity here. Listen to The Vaccine Conversation.
surely you should be able to find masters outside of hollywood
Almost all of these people are actors and singers. Can’t we find more inspiring masters? Perhaps you could talk with thinkers, authors, astronauts, doctors, business people? Add more diversity to your line up Becoming a famous actor is a very specific type of master. And there are a lot more noble pursuits
Being able to hear how these amazing celebrities we adore deal with normal life struggles and how they overcome those struggles is truly inspirational. I love to hear about the drive and the dedication they put into their craft. Thank you Oprah!
Just do it
Hey if your wondering just listen. This is a great podcast
Come back!
May 2019 was the last episode. Will this podcast be back in 2020?
Listening to Oprah
The Organic Goddess
Simply amazing!! I give thanks for her wisdom and humility. Listening to powerful women like this re-energizes the soul. Thank you Oprah!!!
Wrong review
Someone please take my phone cause I wrote the wrong review on the wrong page. That’s why my butt should be working lol
Please keep this going.
I love this podcast. Kevin Hart was soooo funny I had to pull my car over and laugh! I appreciate that the guest are telling their stories and not being interviewed.
Still podcasting?
Just let me write a review!
I haven’t seen a new episode since May? I miss them! When will a new episode be available?
Great interviews I learn something new all the time.
Dearest Oprah
10 of Clubs
When I heard you were not allowed in the house and had to sleep out on the porch, I could not help but to cry. I too grew up as an unwanted child and I know exactly how you must have felt. It is unthinkably painful. You though say that you made an amend with your mother by having your own unwanted non connected child, I believe the pain was real and affected your life tremendously. I chose not to have children because I was afraid I will be like my mom and create another human being who would have to go through the same terrible pain I had to go through. I don’t regret it til this day for the choice I made. I have long ago forgiven my mother but I have not forgotten what she has done to me physically, mentally and emotionally. It took me a long time to rediscover my true self. There was not enough time or energy to raise a child when I myself was not even truly born yet. Now I am a fully grown up woman but too late for having children and help other people’s children and doing my best to bring the beauty to the world as an artist. I thank you for your opening up to larger public. I now feel stronger. That is what teachers do to make student more confident and assured. You are a true teacher.
Dear Oprah,
People can be broken down into two categories. Rah rah Oprah people or rah rah Ellen people. I’ll take you every single time Oprah. After being attacked at 96’s Lilith Fair by a group of women who despised men I’ve never been the same. It was very scary 🕯...say hi to Stedman form me and if you’re ever looking for a younger replacement I’d be happy to oblige. Always wanted to be a kept man. Lastly, you get sexier the older you get ☝️👋 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
The simplicity of these episodes is so lovely. At first I thought it was strange that they didn’t follow a normal Q
Maya Angelou Episode made me cry
Maya Angelou Episode made me cry.
Dont buy it
Very hard to hear her say that ‘nobody wants to go to war’. There were nothing but war hawks in her era in Washington DC.
Dr Rice
Jeffrey Lee Wells
She is so incredibly impressive and a broad thinking and caring American.
Meaningful and powerful
I love the life stories shared by so many different people. It’s like listening to your grandma, or someone special, sharing for encouragement. I enjoy these and hope for more!
I love hearing directly from the guest. No interruptions and hearing them tell their stories is wonderful. Thank you. This forum just works really well.
So inspiring!
Mom kl
I LOVE this podcast! It’s so inspiring and so cool to hear people’s stories of how they “made it”.
Billy b Thornton
So humbling to listen to so relatable and Sling Blade was one of my all time favorites for its intensity
So great!
Everything is amazing on this channel I just love it ❤️
لبيه يالخفوق 🛸
Empowering and Loving(Exponential Blessings & Lessons)
I began listening and immediately was grateful for Oprah’s Master Class! Thank You, Oprah!
Lovely Podcast
One of my favorite shows, now one of my favorite podcasts! I love that we ‘regular’ humans gain advice and insight from celebrities we know and admire through the podcast.
A refreshing podcast
This is such a wonderful podcast! Each one I’ve listened to has had a powerful lesson. One that can only be learned through maturity and circumstances. I hope these continue! They really inspire me to keep going in my career and otherwise!
Master Class
This is the best thing that can happen to TV and the podcast App!👍
Oprah’s Best
This is my favorite Oprah podcast and really some of her best work. Each guest is just so inspirational and I love hearing about their life from their voices. I hope it’s just on a break!
Bay Area Baker
Excellent podcast. Fabulous lessons. Live the format and allowing the guests to just talk without the interruptions of questions. More time to hear what they want to share. Well done Oprah. Thank you.
Oprah’s Master Class
A very classy podcast. A wide variety of guests. Love that the guests do most of the talking, and that Oprah just does a short intro and summation. Her guests are very inspirational and interesting. I love that they have overcome the challenges that have been thrown at them, and become stronger people because of the trials they get through.
Thank you for this. There is a treat in every interview. Very well edited too. Are there more? Somehow I’m not receiving them for a while now.
Excellent Podcast, just excellent
Natalie Nic D
The art of listening and letting the guest carry the interview. So many gems of wisdom and to Oprah’s point...everyone’s life has lessons to share. We’re each other’s teachers and this is what we need, guides. So good!!
Amazing openness from the Masters
Kris Charlie
I am amazed at the extent of openness from the Masters in each episode. I learned the hardcore experiences of successful individuals and realized that all challenges are opportunities for growth. Thank you for the valuable lessons of each episode.
We need more!
It's been months. I enjoy these so much. More please!!
Morning coffee with the wise ones!
My morning routine,love listening it in the gym or while driving , getting motivated and learning about those super interesting people everyday! Thank you Mrs.Oprah, well done as always🙏🏽👌🏽👏🏽❤️
Amazingly Candid
I am so taken by the degree to which each individual shares their journey. Several I have listened to twice - and I’ve certainly shared many. Really honest, open and generous, honestly. The world is indeed flat - despite what we think. All just human.
Super Soul all of them!
World Peace? Oprah for president! Please?!
Very bias and once sided
ErikL in PHX
I really enjoy learning from others but all I see is hard core liberals on this podcast, is there no one else that is amazing to share their story? Don’t we want to hear from all amazing people?
Groundbreaking, Powerful & Inspiring
Inspiration Powerful Ground breaking Insightful perspective Engaging Motivating This podcast gives me all of this and more !!
Billy Bob Thornton
I saw the TV broadcast of BBT’s Master Class. I also just listened to the podcast. He is one of my favorite actors. I became a fan after seeing “One False Move”. Loved his eroticism in Monsters Ball. Hearing about the personal side gave me a profound respect for the actor. It’s refreshing to know that he lives a fairly simple life amid the Hollywood machine. I’m looking forward to seeing his current and future works. Thanks MC.
The few programs were great. Most of the guests have always a lot to teach. Their examples are inspiring. Their example of struggle and success are tools for anyone. Need more of those.
No podcasts since May 2019?
No podcasts since May 2019.
What an amazing perspective..
Ive heard her name all of these never really knew women behind the name. I sat and listened attentively and heard and felt everything she said with such grace and assertion. The credit she gave her humble parents. The credit she gave to the struggles that made her strong. The credit she gave to her family for allowing her to assert her decision making...which helped her grow into the leader she is today. . She is a true force. Love the part where is open to listen to any opinion brought forth but only if one has done their homework. Like the Abe Lincoln quote on being thought of as a fool...Thank you for sharing.
Leadership class!
I feel as though I’m sitting right beside each leader as they describe their unique family circumstances in their formative years, personal struggles, and triumphs to make it to where they are now. There is much wisdom to be gained from their wide range of experiences & it never seems easy for any of them. It’s one thing to read about these legends, and a whole other thing to feel their authenticity in their impassioned voices. I love this podcast!!
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