October 9, 2019
Turkey launches ground offensive in northern Syria, just days after Trump decided to pull our troops and leaves our allies on their own, Biden calls for Impeachment and the White House has no intention to co-exist with Congress --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
October 2, 2019
Our President becomes unhinged during a presser with the President of Finland and what in the world is Rudy doing??? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
September 25, 2019
Impeachment is in the air as Speaker Pulosi officially opens an impeachment inquiry on President Trump --- Support this podcast:
September 18, 2019
Lewandowski hearing raises doubts about Dems strategy as they drop the ball again --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
September 11, 2019
Today Frank & Patsy discuss: It's been 18 years since 9/11. We tell you what we were doing, and what Trump did, John Bolton is out, CIA has a security issue, and it’s name it Donald J Trump and Trump had a deal with a Scotland airport. Folks, we can't make this stuff up. --- Support this podcast:
September 4, 2019
Today Frank & Patsy discuss Trump's problems with Category 5 hurricanes and we're still on Brexit?? --- Support this podcast:
August 28, 2019
Today Frank & Patsy discuss Lawrence O'Donnell airing a singled-sourced, unverified report that President Trump had loans co-signed by Russian oligarchs, General Mattis' Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal and does Joe Walsh have a chance?? --- Support this podcast:
August 21, 2019
Is it Trump's premeditated ignorance that is done intentionally to further divide the country every day on either race, religion or fear...Or does he feel so emboldened that he's just showing his true colors? --- Support this podcast:
August 14, 2019
Today Frank & Patsy Discuss The 800 point drop in the stock market, Ken Cuccinelli tries his hand at poetry, and Trump Labor Agency Says Religious Contractors Free From Bias Law. It's a lot to digest, so let's get at it!!! --- Support this podcast:
August 7, 2019
Join us as we discuss the shootings over the weekend and @realDonaldTrump 's role in the rise of white supremacy --- Support this podcast:
July 31, 2019
Tonight, with Frank back from holiday he and Patsy discuss our President's latest racist rant and the 2nd Democratic debate. You really don't want to miss this!!! --- Support this podcast:
July 24, 2019
Today Patsy is joined by Phillis Rambsy of Rambsy Law as Frank is on vacation. Robert Muller's day on the hill as he reports to congress and looks like the sexist Arkansas abortion law has been struck down. --- Support this podcast:
July 17, 2019
We talk about our resident Racist-In-Chief’s last few days with our special guest, Philis Rambsy the founder and owner of Rambsy Law in Nashville, Tenn  --- Support this podcast:
July 10, 2019
Today Frank & Patsy discuss a Federal judge blocks Justice Department from removing lawyers in census case, Trump hosted an exclusive party with Jeffrey Epstein at his Mar-a-Lago estate, a new report claims. It was just the 2 of them and '28 girls', Tucker Carlson blasts Rep. Ilhan Omar, and she calls him a 'racist fool' and NBC News obtained many “significant incident reports” that document dozens of accounts by migrant children held in a border detention facility in Yuma, Arizona. --- Support this podcast:
July 3, 2019
Today Frank & Patsy discuss Lawmakers tour migrant holding sites at the southern border, Lawmakers Respond To 'Vile' Secret Facebook Group Created By Border Patrol Agents, Trump's Photo op with Kim Jong Un and Homelessness...a 2 year old phenomenon Plus a quick recap of the Women's World Cup and a fond farewell to the Youngstown Vindicator --- Support this podcast:
June 26, 2019
Tonight Frank & Patsy discuss the US Government putting kids in cages, a death at the Rio Grande, Chuck Todd throwing snowballs, there's a Democratic debate tonight and a quick Woman's World Cup update. We discuss a lot, and we wouldn't have it any other way!!!! --- Support this podcast:
June 19, 2019
President Trump started his reelection campaign with a complete dumpster fire of a rally in Orlando last night. We also discuss how his constant victim hood is actually eroding the spirit of what our country was founded on “The Hillbilly Elegy” --- Support this podcast:
June 12, 2019
Today Frank & Patsy talk about Jon Stewart going off on Congress, Is Speaker Pulosi slow walking impeachment?, The differences between how Trump messages vs how the Democrats message, why Patsy hates Facebook and breaking news: Hope Hicks to testify in the House behind closed doors and House committee vote to hold AG Barr & Sec Ross in contempt. Yeah, we talk about a lot today. --- Support this podcast:
June 5, 2019
Today we talk about Trump’s trip to England, are you tired of his behavior yet? Did Trump sell the farmers gold at plastic prices? And finally is it time for impeachment?  --- Support this podcast:
May 29, 2019
Based on Robert Mueller's statement today, is it time for impeachment?  --- Support this podcast:
May 22, 2019
Trump met with Pulosi and Schumer today.........For 3 minutes...........Then all hell broke loose --- Support this podcast:
May 15, 2019
- Elizabeth Warren tells Fox News thanks, but no thanks - The Alabama abortion ban and a very personal argument as to why it should be struck down - Support us on Patreon and on Anchor!! --- Support this podcast:
May 8, 2019
-The House is holding a hearing regarding holding AG Barr in contempt -President Trump invokes Executive Privilege over the entire Muller Report -Tottenham joins Liverpool in the Champion's League final -Support us on Patreon --- Support this podcast:
May 1, 2019
Frank and Master Patsy discuss the Barr testimony in front of the Senate committee and why are we so scared of change??? --- Support this podcast:
April 24, 2019
Frank and Patsy dissect the Mueller Report, a week later and share their thoughts. It's an episode that shows what an attorney and martial arts master have in common --- Support this podcast:
April 17, 2019
- The redacted Mueller report comes out tomorrow. What to expect - Did Bernie do the right thing by going on the Fox News town hall?? --- Support this podcast:
April 10, 2019
- Dr Dianne Bowser joins Frank and Patsy - AG Barr's Testimony - The Generational Gap --- Support this podcast:
April 3, 2019
- The Mueller Report --- Support this podcast:
March 27, 2019
- The Attorney General issues a 4 page summary of a 2 year investigation - The New Green Deal - How the AOC's of the world are giving us hope --- Support this podcast:
March 20, 2019
- The media is lazy and doesn't do a very good job at vetting itself - The Conways....Kellyanne and her husband is an absolute dumpster fire --- Support this podcast:
March 6, 2019
Frank and Patsy discuss the Trump Korea trip and the role that the media is playing in the Trump presidency. Oh, and Manchester United won their Champion's League game today. --- Support this podcast:
February 27, 2019
- Michael Cohen testifies - Matt Gaetz is a moron - Is Jim Jordan the most ill prepared member of congress? - Manchester United is on a roll -Barcelona wins the mid week El Classico --- Support this podcast:
February 20, 2019
-Ways for encouraging the next generation to vote: Phone app? Weened voting? Election day as a holiday? - Bernie is running.....again. Will he be as important as he was 4 years ago?  - McCabe's CBS interview - alarm bells are blaring  --- Support this podcast:
February 17, 2019
-Beers of the Week -Trump's National Emergency  -Who's voting and why?  -Will there be another Presidential election?  -Are the Republicans willing to stop Trump?  --- Support this podcast:
February 10, 2019
THE FIRST WOMEN-ONLY ROUND TABLE!!! This week, in audio format only, 4 women take over the Dojang. They discuss last week's SOTU address, the New Green Deal, how young women like AOC are already making a difference, and what the hell is going on in Virginia???? --- Support this podcast:
February 3, 2019
- Our Beer of the Week - Our Super Bowl Predictions  - Trump's taxes are going to be really important really soon  - Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Won’t Resign --- Support this podcast:
January 27, 2019
- Our beers of the week  - Nancy just gave Trump a lesson in Government  - Southern border emergency  - Roger Stone arrested on 7 counts  - 8 straight wins for Manchester United  --- Support this podcast:
January 20, 2019
- It's our new format!!  - Our special guest, Dr. Diane Bowser  - Beers of the Week  - USWNT vs France  - We're going over the wall  - Marches and teen douchebags everywhere  - The 2019 Women's March  - And as usual, we all go off on our tangents  --- Support this podcast:
January 13, 2019
- Beers of the week  - Manchester United is for real  - Clemson Tigers are NCAA National Champions  - The NFL Playoffs  - Trump's had one hell of a weekend  - Keep an eye on Kamala Harris  --- Support this podcast:
January 6, 2019
- Our beers of the week  - The Government Shutdown  - Rashida Tlaib's comments  - Pulosi again Speaker of the House  - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can dance  - Pittsburgh Steelers have an HR problem  - Hapkido Basic 8  --- Support this podcast:
December 30, 2018
It's our end of the year episode!!  What were the 10 biggest stories of the year for 2018?? ...Only one way to find out. Come and join us!!  --- Support this podcast:
December 23, 2018
- Beer of the week  -  Manchester United is BACK!!  - Our Government just shut down, now what?  - And we go on our typical rants  --- Support this podcast:
December 9, 2018
- The MLS final was fantastic......Right up until the Portland coach blamed the officiating - It's a tale of two Michaels - Trump is making up his own SCO report --- Support this podcast:
December 2, 2018
- Our "Beers" of the week - Trump & China - Cohen & Mueller - Jalen Hurts - More about the history of Hapkido --- Support this podcast:
November 25, 2018
- Beer of the week - Trump's latest military trans-gender ban - Smith's take on the Civil War - Pundits opinions on national TV...Why are they talking when no one knows what the Mueller investigation has?? - Is the caravan still a thing?? --- Support this podcast:
November 18, 2018
- A preview of our theme song - We revisit the mid term elections - Trump doesn't understand what rain is?? - A brief history of Hapkido and Aikido --- Support this podcast:
November 12, 2018
- 2018 Sin Moo Hapkido Summit review - Our 2018 mid-term election reaction - WTF was that presser about? - SNL finally got it right --- Support this podcast:
November 4, 2018
- A shout out to Master Desmond - Master Grant caught a shark - Our beers of the week - The end of Daylight Savings Time - Vote early, vote often - Trump vs Cruz --- Support this podcast:
October 29, 2018
So now we're mailing bombs and shooting up mosques? --- Support this podcast:
October 21, 2018
- Jade, Nic & Zane let us in on how first-time voters are looking at the state of the country - Master Grant is still a "Republican" - VOTE!!!! --- Support this podcast:
October 7, 2018
It's augh about Kavenaugh --- Support this podcast:
October 2, 2018
Judge Kavanaugh Is One Angry Man --- Support this podcast:
September 24, 2018
- A recap of the ICHF 25th Anniversary Celebration - Dr Ford WILL testify in front of the Senate - Those damn evil Republicans!!! --- Support this podcast:
September 17, 2018
- Western PA High School soccer -Writer of confidential Brett Kavanaugh letter speaks out - Trump's Puerto Rico Death Toll Denial - History of Hapkido - Trump vs Kavanaugh --- Support this podcast:
September 10, 2018
- The new Nike/Colin Kaepernick marketing campaign - Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, not a socialist - Soccer review - Beer of the week - Trump vs Mueller --- Support this podcast:
September 3, 2018
-Trump's attitude regarding John McCain -The Catholic Church -History of Hapkido -Trump vs McCain --- Support this podcast:
August 27, 2018
Today we have our very first guest. Attorney Frank Natale @FrankNatale2 is here to discuss how the Paul Manafort trial went down and what could be in store for the future. Also our beers of the week review And this week in the spirit of yesterday's Logan Paul vs KSI fight, we have Donald Trump vs Zlatan Ibrahimović --- Support this podcast:
August 22, 2018
I've changed the format!! Today was the first day on Mixer as well as the audio podcast. Please let me know what you think!!! --- Support this podcast:
August 20, 2018
Who in the hell comes up with "Facts aren't facts" and Justin Trudeau --- Support this podcast:
August 20, 2018
The Catholic Church.....Wow, what a report Fox News has no idea that not all black women look the same Your latest Hapkido lesson Our beers of the week And Trump vs Aretha...R.E.S.P.E.C.T. --- Support this podcast:
August 17, 2018
Trump is kneecapping witnesses, and Rachel Maddow is a certified genius --- Support this podcast:
August 16, 2018
The enemy of the people??? WTF??? --- Support this podcast:
August 15, 2018
The Diocese of Pittsburgh..... --- Support this podcast:
August 14, 2018
Omarosa, Omarosa, Omarosa......What have you done?? --- Support this podcast:
August 13, 2018
To all of those counter protesters who were in Washington DC this weekend........Thank you!!! --- Support this podcast:
August 13, 2018
"Unite the Right" protest, Fox News (again), Trump vs Trudeau in a rematch and your weekly history of Hapkido lesson --- Support this podcast:
August 11, 2018
Laura, we're not done with you quite yet...... --- Support this podcast:
August 9, 2018
Devin & Laura.....Honestly, what's with you two??? --- Support this podcast:
August 8, 2018
Charlottsville anniversary and what to do --- Support this podcast:
August 7, 2018
Alex Jones, meet Karma, I hear she's a bitch --- Support this podcast:
August 6, 2018
Alex Jones, meet Karma, I hear she's a bitch --- Support this podcast:
August 3, 2018
"The enemy of the people"......and LeBron James --- Support this podcast:
July 31, 2018
Manafort's trial begins and an entire police department gets suspended?? --- Support this podcast:
July 30, 2018
The Florida shooting, Beers of the week, Trump vs Michele Obama and your weekly Hapkido history lesson --- Support this podcast:
July 27, 2018
One in three separated children not reunited by court-ordered deadline --- Support this podcast:
July 26, 2018
CNN reporter banned from White House event,Jim Jordan announces bid for House Speaker, House Republicans file impeachment resolution against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, Facebook Loses Over $110 Billion in Market Value --- Support this podcast:
July 25, 2018
Spicy gets called out by BBC, Trump looses what little mind he has left over a TV and Toronto votes to ban all hand guns...Or, just a typical Wednesday --- Support this podcast:
July 24, 2018
Florida Father Killed Over Parking Spot --- Support this podcast:
July 23, 2018
Trump went on a Twitter bender this morning....God help us --- Support this podcast:
July 23, 2018
Today..."I told you so!!" Poppa John's, the Cohen recording, The history of Hapkido and in the main event, it's Trump vs Cohen!!! --- Support this podcast:
July 20, 2018
Trump's dangerous obsession with "Fake News" --- Support this podcast:
July 19, 2018
It's all about Trump's denial of facts, Poppa Johns, some Russian ginger and all those 5 minute "All you need" martial arts videos that are infesting YouTube --- Support this podcast:
July 18, 2018
-Trump is at it again -Sex with Mariia Butina and the NRA -Trump and NATO Let's face it, that's a lot to cover in 10 minutes!! --- Support this podcast:
July 17, 2018
Trump/Putin Congress Elon Musk .......Do you think any of it is good?? --- Support this podcast:
July 17, 2018
Today's Lesson is all about Trump's "Historic" meeting with Vladimir Putin, and yes, it went just as bad as you thought it would --- Support this podcast:
July 14, 2018
A small introduction to the audio-only supplemental lessons....and a little rant about Trump's behavior --- Support this podcast:
July 8, 2018
- Jim Jordan's in some trouble!! - What the hell is HHS doing?? - Your Hapkido history lesson - And God knows what else!!! It's going to be a great conversation, come and join us!!!! --- Support this podcast:
July 1, 2018
Today: SCOTUS Justice Kennedy retiring, the prank phone call Trump received on Air Force 1 --- Support this podcast:
June 23, 2018
Today's Lesson: - More on family separations - GOP is now Trump's party - good or bad for Democrats? - The new way for our government to explain it’s actions - Secret origins Hapkido - more on Choi and Ji - Who will win Trump vs Trudeau? And our new segment: - Who influenced us in martial arts and why --- Support this podcast:
June 16, 2018
Our pre-Father's Day lesson!! It's going to be a short one today!! 1. Family separation at US-Mexico border 2. Suicide and mental health issues 3. Part 2 of the Secret Origins of Hapkido 4. Who is going to win: Trump or Kim Jong Un Thank you for watching!! Please remember to hit the "Like" button, and subscribe!! --- Support this podcast:
June 15, 2018
Today we discuss the influence of stations like Fox News, Trump bashing - good and bad, and another segment about the history of Hapkido --- Support this podcast:
June 15, 2018
Our very first episode!!! We talk about Trump, John McCain, World Cup soccer and a Black Belt testing.....and somehow manage to tie them all together!!! --- Support this podcast:
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