The Little Engine That Will
Don’t let Freddy fool you. At first, you will think to yourself, what is this guy doing as he seems to fumble around the first episode. Ah, but wait. Each episode Freddy’s disarming charm and light voice with the inflection of “my grandma sent me over with some soup because she heard you were sick” is absolutely perfect in weaving a story that is downright astonishing. The police are either tight lipped or buffoons. The family is either so God-fearing-loving-His plan or the planners. The local media is either ignoring a story which could land someone an AP byline or their journalistic training ended at the high school newspaper. Oh but Freddy. He is someone who can and will single handedly drag this town kicking and screaming to the killer. Whether their is a prosecution or not depends on if the Sheriff is in jail himself with all of the investigations they have going on. Hey Mooresville, one, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Listen to this podcast. It gets better. And better. And better. I swear Freddy already knows who planned it. And likely who did it. Wow.
Great work
I was kind of iffy on listening to this podcast at first but after the first episode I was hooked and I am so glad I listened and continue to listen. The more that I listen the more it becomes even more strange. As a mother I would never leave one of my kids in a house with a killer asleep or not and for that to be what happened is what first strikes me as odd. Then to hear about this mother-in-laws “bad feeling” makes it even more odd and how she had her own phone but instead wants to pay someone a large amount of money to use theirs. The wife and her mom know exactly who killed Matt and I do strongly believe they were in on it and have gotten away with it for far too long. If you never allow your daughter to do sleepovers but she is somehow over at a sleepover the night this happens, you leave your other child in the house while the murder is taking place, only carrying out one of your children, going to the hospital without knowing if your child left in the house is okay, and then all the strange behavior by the MIL I don’t know how the police didn’t look at these women as suspects in this poor mans death. I also find it extremely strange how anyone would invite anyone into a bloody mess of a house to show it off unless they did have something to do with the murder.
Great Podcast
I’m local and it’s sad that I only know about this awful crime thanks to Freddie, not because of the family or police actively trying to solve it. I think Freddie does a great job at being unbiased, way better than I could do.
Couldn’t stop listening
I had to listen to the entire podcast at one time. Freddie has done an excellent job on this podcast and bringing attention back to this horrific murder. It is clear there are many layers to this story and it is amazing all the information that has been revealed since he began.
Interesting but...
This is a tragic and perplexing crime. I personally think the wife and her mother HAD to have something to do with it. It’s really disgusting that some people in the community may have some insight to solve this crime but won’t come forward. The reason for my “but” is because: one episode per month?! I binged this podcast but am annoyed that new episodes take forever to come out. This podcast has been running since sometime in 2018. It’s now late June 2019. Let’s wrap this thing up.
Terrible host
Amy True Crime Review
The host had the worst voice imaginable. Beyond that he doesn’t ask good questions in interviews and doesn’t present information in a clarifying way.
Well done!
Great podcast! Super well done for a new host!
Authentic, Real Time Investigation
This podcast has slowly grown to become my favorite podcast. I have a lot of respect for Freddy, who is doing both narration and investigation (while also having a full time job that requires him to travel), putting the podcast together, receiving threats from the family involved, while trying to maintain a level of unbiased reporting. It seems to me he is doing a better job of uncovering the facts than most people/reporters who went before him. For those who criticize Freddy for not “pointing out” an obvious culprit, perhaps it is his ability to keep his opinions to himself what draws others to want to talk to him who haven’t talked in the past.
I look forward to the monthly updates. Thanks Freddy for trying to get justice for Matt.
Ned Flanders
This guy has great intentions and gives it his best. But he sounds like Ned Flanders and I can’t get past it.
This family deserves a better podcast about the case.
Great work
One of my best friends is Freddie’s older brother, so I’ve grown up being around him from childhood. I couldn’t be more impressed with the work he’s done not only in pursuing this story, but also the production value, time and effort he’s put into it.
Great! Just repetitive
Very interesting case and well done podcast. My only real critique is the constant “Q & A” episodes. They are getting super repetitive.
Definitely recommend!!
This podcast is an excellent example of how to tell a investigative story while constantly showing deep concern & respect for the victims family & friends and all they have gone through! This narrator although brand new to podcasting is able to tell the story in a way that keeps you interested & wanting to hear more about it!! Can not wait to hear more stories from this podcast !!
An example of independent podcasting at its best.
I have been listening to podcasts for many years, most often of the true-crime variety. This is one of the best podcasts I've discovered in the past year. The story is engaging, the host is a natural, and the production values are stellar. It reminds me of the first season of Up and Vanished in a lot of very good ways. Can't wait to see where Freddie takes us next.
I'm impressed & want more
Just stumbled across this new podcast & podcaster! He did an excellent job for a newbie! He has ruffled some feathers in the small town of Mooresville, NC! So much more to this cold case! Anxiously awaiting its continuance in season 2!!!!!
Don’t like it? Don’t listen.
But you’ll be missing out. Plus, he’s not doing it for you. He’s trying to solve a 10 year old cold case- which is no easy feat to do on you’re own. This podcast is amazing. It leaves me on the edge of my seat every time and leaves me wanting more. I would love to have the truth and I think it’s awesome that someone is out there digging up just that. Keep it up Freddie! Excited for Season 2!
Too biased
Dude is obviously biased against actually discovering what happened. He’s set on it being a random killing when all the evidence and even all the experts he has on the podcast (check out episode 3) basically say the wife had to have had something to do with it. He does no deep dives into the lives of the family. He’s too involved personally to want to step on any toes of the family or the community. Which is fine but also exactly why he shouldn’t be doing a podcast about it
Great podcast
sober mama
The only criticism I have is the theory of the murder being a random break-in is beaten to death! Of course this was a personal crime! So many things point to that. I think the wife had something to do with it...there is no possible way she wasn’t.
A local story I wanted to like
The reporter producing this is great but the religious overtones are annoying and off-putting. There’s a lot of interesting cases in N.C. and I would love to hear more from this guy- but please chill on the Jesus stuff.
I want true crime, not evangelism
I really like the narrator and what he’s trying to do here, but the family and friends are not helpful to the podcast. Most of them seem to want a platform to evangelize on, not justice for Matt. I’d like to hear more theories and evidence.
Freddie will bust this wide open.
I think whoever threatened the host is right, the person that did it probably IS listening, and I hope they keep up their coif because we’re sure to see their interrogation on 48 hours or Dateline.
Very Authentic
I am really enjoying this podcast! I love when hosts have the opportunity to talk to the actual people involved with a case (victims, neighbors, police, etc). It makes the story much more authentic. All true crime fans should give this podcast a listen.
Awesome job on production and story from a first time podcaster - anything that makes me want to binge listen is a win!
I want more!!
Thank you for having the courage to do this podcast. I have a lot of thoughts and questions surrounding the case. Maybe his wife is scared or has been threatened? Maybe there’s two different calibers d/t swat and/or police firing into the house? Maybe she didn’t grab her daughter out of bed because Matt thought he would be okay and said he would grab her on his way out? Just some random thoughts. It’s hard to put any picture together with the limited information and cooperation you had to work with. With all that being said you did a phenomenal job. Definitely left wanting more and justice for Matt Stewart!!
Well written & leaves you wanting more!
I find the format, delivery and music well done! Each episode looks at the evidence, or lack of it, and explores various experts and people who knew Matt opinions of this brutal murder. An additional mystery is why the police department is not still keeping this case active or acting on additional findings in the case. What are they afraid of?
I’m a local to the Charlotte area and wanted to love this but I wanted to know more about the case, not the gospel. Really disappointed because it feels mostly like an attempt to proselytize. The reporter, however, is obviously talented and I’d love to hear a less religious crime podcast ASAP :)
Maybe it was the wife.
Dr Squires and Mr B sound pretttyyyy suspicious too though.
This is really good podcast!
I wasn’t sure I would like this podcast since the host is new to podcasting but he does a great job!
Almost a great podcast
This could be a great podcast, but it leaves me screaming at my phone because what we’re all thinking is never actually said. Why not give the theory that the wife did it? Why not develop it more? I just felt underwhelmed by the lack of actually looking into their life and the possible suspect.
Do more episodes
Mr pre
Great podcast .. please do more episodes
Good stuff
Anyone else have a hunch it was the wife and mother in law?
Have they looked at the wife?
Surprisingly Interesting
SamanthaW is me
Listened to all the episodes. I liked the small town feel of the new “investigation” and the link between the podcaster and the case. However, if I had to critique, I’d say that things aren’t really explored deeply enough. Episodes just feel like a lot of recap. What are some new theories? Two intruders? A staged crime scene? Any new evidence or witness testimony? The people interviewed don’t seem all that interested in justice for the victim, or demanding answers from law enforcement. They all seemed to have come to terms with the death and moved on. So strange.
A rookie with is driven
Wow!!!!!!!! I feel like he will find the killer!!!!!! He is very driven and I am a huge fan!!!!!! He is truly a great researcher!!!!!!! Why haven’t the police traced the ammunition? It seems so uncommon that it would be so easy to trace. Doesn’t that seem so unusual there was nothing at the scene? Something is VERY interesting! I highly recommend!!!!! Great job!!!!
So interesting!
Wow very hooked on this podcast! So engaging, I listened to all 5 episodes today, and I’m already so excited to hear more.
This podcast is great even though I haven’t listened to it
I haven’t listened to this podcast but I know it’s great! My opinion is valid thanks
Feels like this could be the next Up and Vanished...
The host has done an amazing job shining a light on this heartbreaking and truly puzzling case. The narrative is compelling, the facts are laid out clearly, and the host's local ties are helping to uncover new information in real time. I can't help but feel this podcast will play a role in uncovering what really happened to Matt that night. To the host, keep it up the great work! To everyone else, Listen to this one! Share it!
Fantastic find
I stumbled upon this podcast and it surprised me (in a good way). Has the small town feel but good quality material & episodes that are sometimes lacking in other similar podcasts. I also think this case seems more solvable than other “cold cases” and there are people holding back information for various reasons. There are tons of loose threads in the case and the online forum is the first one I’ve seen where it seems like people are coming forward with anonymous personal accounts. Definitely a small-town-secrets type of situation, so any armchair sleuths here might want to check it out!
Very good!!
Highly recommend!!
Great podcast
Freddie does a great job! Curious story as the in-laws and friends aren’t concerned with justice
A new podcaster with a hometown cold case. 9 years ago , a man was murdered. His family deserves answers. Please listen and spread the word to others. Maybe the more attention it gets, the closer to being solved.
Eye Opening
GREAT Podcast. Sheds a lot of light on a forgotten case. It’s has that whole “things that make you go hmm” moments factor. GREAT work! Keep it up.
Sandy Horseshoe
You’re onto something! Keep up the good work CHAMP!!
I just found this podcast through a friend (I live near where it takes place) I think the host is doing a great job and I can’t wait to hear more.
Excellent coverage of a tragic crime. I hope that this podcast will encourage those that may have helpful information to share it and keep the case in the forefront until it is solved.
Questions raised
The wife shot her husband, then shot herself in the arm and alleged a home invasion. I've watched enough Snapped to see what likely happened here. Not sure why this is unsolved.
This is an intriguing case, but too much time is spent on recap.. if we’re lost, we can go back and listen to the previous episode to refresh our memories. I understand it’s probably due to the episodes releasing once a month, which is frustrating in itself
Hilda sellers
The podcast is great continue doing the job. Maybe some one will say something to break the case. The case really needs to be solved. I personally would like some closure. Matt should not have been murdered like he was. Someone knows who and why it was done. May God Bless you.
All these reviews are BS and probably written by the creator. This podcast is just full of lies. So if you like listening to lies... then this is the podcast for you.
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