Episode 019: What No One Tells You About Periods + Birth Control with Nicole Jardim
Published October 9, 2018
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    Today we are getting alll of our facts straight about PERIODS and BIRTH CONTROL. You guys have been asking for an episode around these topics for a while now, and I found just the gal for the job-- today’s guest, Nicole Jardim, really delivered the goods. She is known as “The Period Girl”, not even kidding, and she is INSANELY knowledgeable about all things periods, hormones, birth control-- all of those fun girly things that we all experience all the time. But here’s the thing-- in our society, we are conditioned to dread our periods, blame our hormones, and basically fight against our bodies, and Nicole is here to set things straight and show us how AMAZING and COOL the female body is-- you will finish this episode with a new-found love and respect for that body of yours, I can promise you that. Nicole is also going to break down common period problems, reasons why we experience period problems in the first place, the crazy drug that we call birth control ,and more-- and as much as we tend to shy away from these topics, as women, this is all stuff that we NEED to know. We have to be our own advocates and we have to be empowered to take charge of our own health. So a little bit about Nicole: her mission is to help women in their 20s and 30s reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality, NATURALLY. She’s a Certified Women’s Health + Functional Nutrition Coach with a specialty in hormonal and reproductive health and has completed a TON of education in women’s health-- she know’s her shit, and you’re gonna see what I mean when we get into the episode. She coaches women one on one and also has a bunch of self guided programs and protocols that empower women to reclaim their bodies and their health-- which you know I am ALL about. SHOW NOTES: http://grindandbegratefulpodcast.com Follow Nicole: http://instagram.com/nicolemjardim Get Nicole's Programs: http://nicolejardim.com/programs Her blog post on period apps: https://nicolejardim.com/period-cycle-tracking-apps/ Follow Marie: http://instagram.com/marieewold Follow the show: http://instagram.com/grindandbegratefulpodcast
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