One of the worst
Hopefully this podcast improves. I’m on the second episode and as of now, it is one of the worst I’ve ever listened to. Nothing like listening to a old strung-out junky recount the crime-infested NYC of the 1970s.
Weird story but not always thrilling. Definitely picks up though
Billy Bull
This is not a 'crime serial' as billed. A drug dealer gets shot by a cop. No crime. The crime is that the podcast uses poor Billy as the reason for all that has gone wrong in a speed freak's life and all that has gone wrong in the life of the speed freaks kid. All the false drama aside, this is a nonsense story.
Gripping, Honest
iO is so wonderfully open and honest in this podcast. With a willingness to delve deep into the things in her past that shaped and defined who she is now is real. I appreciate her taking the time to look within herself to define her own truth and inspire the rest of us who are still figuring it out.
Oh Rebecca...
Kristen R 77
Rebecca was just insufferable. I almost gave up in the second episode because she was such an obnoxious disaster. I went on and listened to the whole thing, and it ended up feeling a bit gimmicky and manipulative. I guess anyone can do a podcast about anything these days. In the end, this is a Kurt and Courtney Tale if they’d had no money. How Rebecca has remained alive all these years is a bit of a mystery. I appreciate IOs effort, but I do hope she severs her relationship with her “mother.”
Worth it for iO
Reading Darling Days made me very frustrated and even angry with iO’s mom, so I think the patience and grace that he shows towards her this entire series just really made me a bigger iO fan than anything. I am perpetually amazed by his ability to be kind. Even though his mom’s reaction at the end frustrated me, the way he got back to the goal of this podcast and the message at the heart of all of this really was worth the listen. Thank you iO!
Not what I expected.
Turned very boring. Turned from a crime podcast to a biography of the host. Very disappointed, waste of time.
RFK Tapes
After listening to this podcast, I finally understood how and why the US became the country it is today. Any hope of healing, unity, equality died in the 60s. We are reaping what we sowed.
The gnar
A drug dealer who neglected his kid got killed for pulling a gun on a cop. Such a tragedy.
A man with ears
Only on episode 2 and Rebecca is so insufferably obnoxious. The narrator seems ok but I honestly don’t think I can do a full season of Rebecca’s stupidity. Plus it’s obvious he was murdered by a drug dealer and it sounds like drugs have rotted Rebecca’s brain.
10 Stars
If I could rate this podcast a 10 I would.
Loved This So Much!!!
Such an incredible & touching show. Can’t recommend it enough!
Julie Sirhall
Listen to the podcast all the way through. Loved it. It felt like I was right there at ever turn in IO ‘s life. What a ride. Please make more podcasts IO.
Ballad Binge
Mo Donnelly
I binged my way through the series as I was driving from Salt Lake City Utah back to Miami. I will never forget the series or the drive. I await the next project. please make more movies for our ears.
Dominic Hendryx
More impotent nonsense by clowns trying to earn money or call attention to themselves. Robert F Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan. That’s it. Sometimes history is just what it is.
Good stuff
Simply put this is the best podcast I have listened to since Sh*t Town. I have gone through 6 episodes already today at work (don’t tell the boss) and I will probably finishing binging when I get home. The lead in song is stuck in my head as well, so good
Thank you
This is the without a doubt the most beautifully transparent and deeply inspired podcast I have ever heard and I have heard a LOT of podcasts. I always go for true crime podcasts and that is what led me to this unexpected beloved ballad. Listening to this podcast changed my life, sated my skeptical mind, satisfied my senses, created cramp inducing laughter, awakened my imagination, challenged my elected avoidance of emotion, and reintroduced my head to my heart. Thank you so much iO for sharing your story, for risking rejection, and for your intimate and fearless authenticity, you are a remarkable human being and your story is a catalyst for healing and wholeness for so many, myself included.
Consider me Rebecca From Sunnybrook Farm. I have no real experience with the type of upbringing that iO had, but this podcast was amazing. I loved all the music. The realness. Emotions. I laughed. I cried. I just want to give Rebecca, Austin, iO, The Law Slinger, and Amanda a warm hug. The psychiatrist who read iO so eloquently and immediately and profoundly! Even the calls from everyone that was shared. This podcast really blew me away with such raw emotions and I loved it. Extra hug for Amanda. She really moved me with her openness and honestly.
Billy Balls
Hands-down the most emotionally vivid and powerful podcast I’ve ever heard. iO, Rebecca and Austin give you a piece of their heart in this work. Thank you for what you’ve done. It will resonate for years to come.
Binge worthy
Shamefully I listened to this whole podcast in one day. It was definitely one of the best podcast I’ve heard!! It touched on every emotion❣️
Enjoyed how the story unfolded. Definitely worn a listen
This Ballad is the bomb!
If you got past the cheesy subject line here are my thoughts. This has been the greatest podcast series I’ve ever listened too. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I just held on for dear life, but I would not have missed it for the world. If you like a good story that uncovers a mystery. Dives deep into the human condition. Then you have come to the right place.
Billy Balls
So raw and put out there!! Listened to it driving to San Francisco and back! Looked up the band to the theme song and discovered it is a woman singing it!!
Superb Storytelling
This is hands-down one of my most favorite serial-story telling podcasts. iO you certainly have a gifted voice and a remarkable cadence in how you deliver your story, and the team you work with certainly gets great credit in the masterful way it was all put together. The music was fabulous and addictive. Superb work!
Ballad of Billy Balls
Loved IO’s research and documenting of this story, her story, her mother’s story. Excellent reporting, excellent production (shoutout to Austin!) and really intriguing.
This is an excellent story. I am very glad to be reminded of the great vision RFK had for this country and what a tragedy it was to loose him and his vision. I wish that this will help motivate people to remember that as a nation, what we need to strive towards.
So touching
This podcast went in a totally different direction than I was expecting. What I thought would be a murder mystery turned into a tale of self discovery and a study on how we love ourselves and others. Made my cry a lot. Beautiful.
Great story on the presence of epic love in all its forms
N Marigot
I really enjoyed this podcast. Rebecca is a compelling woman, who speaks in poetry and with guttural passion. When she tells her story, you can sense the presence of pain so deep that it seems to cut to the center of her self. I loved listening to her, and honestly wish that there was more time devoted to Rebecca’s incredibly descriptive memories of a moment in life that meant everything. The tragic story of Rebecca and Billy is told perfectly. Rather than distinguish the epic nature of their love from its destructive consequences for their children, the narrator instead weaves both strands together in an effort to tell a complicated tale of love in all of its forms. Io is a surprising and talented documentarian, who has cultivated an incredible sense of self awareness and understanding that seems to develop as the story unfolds. I will absolutely read Io’s book after listening to this!
Great until Episode 9: RFK Tapes
I was very intrigued with this podcast even though I don’t always believe conspiracy theories. It was very well presented with archival audio and engaging interviews. There are 10 official episodes, and the first few deal with Sirhan Sirhan and his role in the murder of Robert F. Kennedy; these episodes lean heavily towards the idea that Sirhan may have not been the killer, or that he may have been a scapegoat. The second half of the episodes deal with exploring who might have killed RFK if Sirhan’s bullets did not do it. Episode 9 was supposed to contain an interview with a security guard (from where? Was he hotel security? Private security? Who hired him?) who walked RFK through the pantry when he was shot, and this interview, though promised in Episode 8, was somehow not part of the podcast. It seems that for some reason (legal?) it was cut from the published podcast. You have to find the transcript for the entire episode online; it is out there. It was too bad it was cut from the audio because it made for a compelling conclusion and solved a lot of issues (second gun, multiple bullets, second man, RFK shot at close range I. The back, someone who hated the Kennedys and admits it, on tape, twice, etc.). Not to spoil too much, but it’s the reason this gets 3 stars from me: Zac the narrator sort of unconvinces himself of most of the stuff he’s learned (and explained to the listener during the first 8 episodes), throws away important evidence such as the girl in the polka dot dress, convinces himself that a motorcycle cop cannot identify a bullet hole, convinces himself that the LAPD did not cover anything up but just made a lot of stupid mistakes, and wraps up with a pretty weak ending. The relationship with the co-presenter is pure silliness and would have been better left ignored. It weakened the otherwise academic presentation of known facts. That part is like listening to a spoiled brat arguing with his father. Bonus episodes are available if you can still listen to Zac after he let you down big time.
Connection at it’s most authentic level
Texas Rademachers
I love the rawness of this and the vulnerability that we all need to connect with more! Thank you for peeling back the layers and making us connect to your core. No matter what... I see you, your mom, and your fathers connection! Life is not perfect, but you certainly found and connected with the brighter side of life. Certainly a roller coaster ride, but you all grew from this experience and work towards/choose on the basis of love! Thank you for sharing this experience that rings so close to home for all of us! Xo
I remember the village
No Koch
This podcast is pretty darn good if you ask me. It's a little different from the usual "let me tell you about what happened to someone else" formulas most TC podcasts are. It's abount the podcaster and her family. I was excited, surprised, nostalgiac, sad and relieved going through the espsodes. Crimetown knows how to produce and present shows in a pretty different way. I ove the theme song too.
What all podcasts should be! iO is an amazing storyteller- this was so raw and honest- I was brought to tears several times over the course of the episodes. I will miss BBB but looking forward to whatever iO has in store next <3
Podcast junkie
This is the BEST pod I’ve listened to....EVER. Amazing! Love IO and Austin, and their incredible storytelling.
Rebecca’s Voice
I love Crimetown stories, so I’m hoping that I can muscle through listening to Rebecca talk. On only on episode two and want to ask is she high or tell her to just get the sentence out.
Billy balls
Amazing podcast !
Thank you so much for telling your moms story! I am sure it touched many people, me for sure ! Keep doing what you are doing , never change you are a great person ! I hope to hear more from you !
Great short series
Sonofmydad. Dad?
Really cool How it all comes together and how vulnerable iO is throughout the show!
About as perfect as a podcast can be.
When people go back and point out when podcasts became their own distinct art form this podcast will undoubtedly be one that is acknowledged. This form of media really allows for this story to be told properly. Just a lot of heart, it touched me deeply.
Unlike anything else out there
music saves lives
Io and Austin are an unbelievable team full of dedication, humor, and heart. I wept, I laughed, I was shocked. Io choosing to share his story and his mother’s story here is hugely brave and humbling. Please do yourself a favor and listen to this work of art podcast!
Only on episode 2
I’m having a very hard time listening to Rebecca. Her voice and near speech impediment is killing me!
io is amazingly inspiring. I’m jealous of people that haven’t listened yet, I binged the entire podcast and would do it over again x a million.
Raw look into a haunting family story
Very well produced. Many twists and turns, that are all tied together at the end. Hope this group continues to produce future stories
Annoying mother
Decent story but every time the mother came on my ears bled
In my top 3 very most favorite podcasts...always delighted to see a new episode posted, io is gracious and compassionate and wry and funny and honest and who we should all strive to be more like!!
Best podcast EVER!
Seriously. I am so picky and truly appreciate a good podcast. It’s so good. This story that is unexpectedly complex. Thoughtful, psychology-minded listeners will see just how amazing and flawed the story teller is.
I listened to the teaser and was intrigued, but quit halfway through the first episode. I just couldn’t listen to Rebecca.
Delicate Songbird
iO: what a gift you have given your mom and all of your listeners. Besides this exceptionally well told and researched podcast, you are a natural born story teller. You have the most unaffected, genuine voice when speaking your truth. I fell in love with the cadence and melody of your words, so much so I had to Google you and just as imagined your face is equally beautiful. THANK YOU. Can’t wait to hear more from you; in the meantime I’m off to read Darling Days.
...sooooo what happened with Billy?
Is something I kept asking myself in the later episodes. It just turned into a story about IO. Disappointing. I kept listening in hopes it would become more than just her childhood trauma but couldn’t finish it.
Best Phuckin Story EVER!
Every aspect of this podcast had my rapt attention. The theme song, Io's voice, the time, the setting, Io's mom's voice, the story, the investigation, Billy's voice, the surprises, the production (such great production!). I'd like to hear anything Io has to say from this point on. Thank you Io, thank you Crimetown, and RIP Billy Balls!
Applies stupid
When’s Kuby getting a podcast?
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