May 20, 2020
Juice and Sreten are back to discuss a flurry of topics including The Last Dance finale, The Last Ride, MLW Anthology, Shad Gaspard, Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath, Retromania Wrestling, AEW Double or Nothing, Mike Tyson, Drew Gulak, Becky Lynch, Putrid Pile and more! Hold on to your butts!
May 13, 2020
The Top Dog at Wrestling with Wrestling, Andre Corbeil joins The Juice and Sreten this week to talk about his history with wrestling, IMPACT and TNA, the metric system, Bill Apter, Vince Russo, opening up for Public Enemy back in the day and so much more! Visit
May 12, 2020
Midwest death metal veteran vocalist,guitarist,promoter Matt Bishop joins us on our latest cut! In this episode we’ll take you back to Matt’s brutal beginnings in extreme metal, his time with bands like Lividity, Hideous, Human Artifacts, Horrific Demise, and current project Necrolytic, the time he and Bodi rocked a Lividity set live, reminisce about Matt’s Central Illinois Metalfest and if we’ll ever see the return of CIM, Putrid Pile, Decrypt,what he’s currently into and much more!
May 6, 2020
Artist and avid wrestling fan Aaron Fowler joins us to discuss his sculptures, attending Tom Savini’s school of makeup and design, ECW, how you can commission his work, WCW, MLW, Impact, his creative process, wrestlecade, Todd McFarlane, horror and much more!
April 29, 2020
Jay Gilkay from Milwaukee’s Mondo Lucha joins Juice and Sreten to discuss the Mondo experience, Mondo’s history, what it takes to run a Mondo show, favorite Mondo moments, music, and what the future may hold for this amazing promotion plus much more! Visit
April 22, 2020
Juice is back Jack and joined by Sreten and Bruiser Bodi to go in-depth  about the The Last Dance documentary series on ESPN, recent WWE cuts and where they could end up, Dark Side of the Ring, BTE 200 and more!  Call the voicemail line CHICKENS! 1-872-267-4199
April 15, 2020
This week Juice is HAVING A BABY! Covering for him are Bruiser Bodi and Sreten The Silverback Savage.  Get to to know The Man The Myth The Legend that is Bodi. Call and leave Juice a congratulatory message: 1-872-267-4199
April 8, 2020
Juice, Sreten and Bruiser Bodi are joined by Akurion & former Cryptopsy vocalist Mike DiSalvo to discuss metal, his history with pro wrestling during the golden era in Boston, Mass plus we break the record for casual swearing while perfectly sober during a 60 minute period. Enjoy, this one is ''off the rails with a smile'' & 101 PROOF!
April 1, 2020
Matt Knicks, Steve Tortorello and Val Capone join Juice and Sreten for an epic episode 100 celebration! Find out what’s up with two of Chicago’s premiere promotions Freelance Wrestling and Warrior Wrestling and much more in this tantalizing group discussion that will leave you wanting more! Much thanks to all of our friends, fans, and supporters for 100 action packed episodes!
March 28, 2020
Former Cryptopsy & current Akurion & Coma Cluster Void vocalist Mike DiSalvo joins the JPDUB for a look back on his journey in the death metal & hardcore scene and along the way we discuss his up bringing in Boston, what kind of brews he prefers, his favorite horror flicks, sports, brutal road stories, what projects he currently has in the works & many more gruesome recollections!
March 25, 2020
The most marketable man in professional wrestling Richard Holliday of MLW joins Juice and Sreten to answer a few consumer questions and discuss what he’s been up to during the quarantine era plus much more! Leave a rating and review wherever you listen and support your favorite wrestlers by purchasing merch during these difficult times! Remember to call our voicemail line with your thoughts and questions: 1-872-267-4199
March 18, 2020
On March 16th Juice and Sreten gathered amid many cancellations and isolations to discuss Davey Boy Smith and Jushin Liger in the WWE Hall of Fame, what Freelance & Black Label Pro are doing to help Independent Wrestling, Bret Hart on the Broken Skull Sessions, Nick Aldis, Wrestlemania at the PC, new music from Witchcraft & Putrid Pile and what to do in this time of uncertainty and quarantine.
March 11, 2020
The road to 3 Floyds #Floydmania takes us through New England as Juice is joined by the Queen of NE from the “Queen’s Court” & they discuss latest news, Scott Steiner, Jake Roberts, FCW, ROH, AEW video game, Dark Side of the Ring, Matt Knicks, Steve Keirn, metal & you’ll get to know a little more about the Queen herself and what she’s got in the works for all the faithful!
March 4, 2020
Juice and Sreten return to discuss AEW Revolution, Black Label Pro Quantum Leap, Greg the Hammer Valentine,Acey Romero, and lots more! We are officially on the road to Floydmania on March 30th at 3 Floyds Brewpub with Warrior Wrestling and Freelance Wrestling! Share the Juice responsibly with your friends and subscribe!
February 26, 2020
Sreten is in pain after a visit to Dr. Isaac Yankem and wishes he had Dr. Britt Baker on the job! Juice is jacked up on life and his ADHD is in overdrive! Matt Hardy & Daga are our wrestlers of the week! BLP Quantum Leap & AEW Revolution is this weekend! Lions. Tigers. Bears. Oh my...GAWD! We’re not ready to see you yet..99 ways to die!!!
February 26, 2020
Episode 3 of the JPDUB podcast Juice welcomes Athenar from Cleveland based band Midnight! Juice and Athenar discuss the new album out now via Metalblade Records entitled “Rebirth By Blasphemy,” Dio era Sabbath, sharing a bill with Samhain, recording “Goat Trap” , Full Terror Assault appearance and much more! Midnight will be in Chicago at the Empty Bottle on March 27th 2020. *Opening track “The Sounds of Hell” taken from the album “Rebirth By Blasphemy” & used with permission.
February 21, 2020
Sreten is back in the studio after a failed attempt to make it in big Hollywood. Listen as Sreten derails Juice's train of thought like he never left.  Enjoy as the boys talking about EVERYTHING.  There's also offensive appearance by the ghost of Andre.  Tell everyone you know about the show and thank you for listening. Call that voicemail line and join in on the fun: 1-872-267-4199
February 12, 2020
Metalheads & Wrestling fans unite! Tony Weinbender from Florida’s Fest Wrestling joins Juice to discuss Metalcade 2020 on April 4th in Tampa and features Dan Hausen, Warhorse, Zicky Dice, Effy, Jake Something, & more plus metal heavyweights Obituary, Municipal Waste, & others! We also cover Love is a Battlefield 4 which takes place on February 16th! Tickets and info at
February 5, 2020
Before NWA Hard Times happened Emmy award winning reporter & NWA Powerrr commentator Joe Galli joined Juice to discuss all things NWA and much more! Get to know the man that’s a part of one of today’s hottest wrestling shows and watch Powerrr every Tuesday at 6:05. Join the conversation.  Leave us a message. Call the voicemail at 1-872-267-4199
January 29, 2020
Warrior Wrestling CEO Steve Tortorello and his main squeeze Maria join Juice in studio to discuss the HUGE Warrior 8 event on February 15th plus Black Label Pro, Freelance Wrestling and much more! Get your tickets and come hang with us February 15th at the fan fest before the show & if you can’t attend order via FITE.
January 22, 2020
NWA star Zicky Dice joins Juice and Handsome Prick guitarist Zach Chentnick to discuss his path in pro wrestling, his band Heart To Heart, musical influences, the NWA TV title tournament, NWA Powerrr, magic and much more on this outlandish episode! Be sure to catch new episodes of Powerrr every Tuesday at 6:05 eastern via YouTube!
January 15, 2020
ROH World Heavyweight Champion PCO joins Juice & Sreten to discuss his inspiring meteoric rise to the top of professional wrestling, training with D. Destro, his many accolades in 2019, the indies, WWF, and what the future holds for he who is not human! PCO mania is taking over the JPDUB & the world!
January 8, 2020
Juice & Bruiser Bodi are serving up another steamy brutal batch of “Hobo Stew” this week as they discuss NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14, AEW Dynamite, Warrior Wrestling 8, Freelance Wrestling, PCW Ultra, Black Label Pro, WWE returns and much more! Next week we welcome ROH world champ PCO! Call the voicemail at 1-872-267-4199
January 2, 2020
This week Juice and Sreten are joined by the legend himself Tito Santana!  Listen to the legend talk about his life, his journey, and his new book, "Don't Call Me Chico," available at Tell us what you think by calling and leaving us a message: 1-872-267-4199
December 25, 2019
Dr. Keith Lipinski from AAW joins Juice and Sreten on Christmas Day to discuss the Windy City Slam 15 event which will air on FITE along with some punk rock discussion and much more! Call the voicemail at 1-872-267-4199
December 19, 2019
Local legend Eli the Eliminator aka Mad Maxx aka John Richmond joins Juice and Sreten to discuss his time in promotions like WCCW, AWA, WWA, NJPW, and his battles and experiences with Bruiser Brodi, Dick the Bruiser, the Von Erichs and many other legends of the sport! We're taking ya back to the old school as only Juice Pro Wrestling can!
December 12, 2019
Juice and Sreten are back and laying it on THICK as they prepare for their appearance at Warrior Wrestling 7 Fan Fest and the insane card. They discuss Batista and nWo in the HOF, recent talent releases like the release of Teddy Hart from MLW.  We also discuss Freelance Wrestling, John Morrisson's return to WWE and more! To get ya in the mood the boyz deliver another killer new Pink Machines song entitled "Get Wet" and Andre the Giant returns! Join us by calling the voicemail line at 1-872-267-419
December 4, 2019
Juice, Sreten and Bruiser Bodi are coming at you live from Racine, Wisconsin at the Racine Brewing Co. to discuss Warrior Wrestling 7 on December 13th, AEW Dynamite at the Sears Centre, Impact Wrestling's Throwback Throwdown, the new Fiend Universal Title design and much more! Leave a review!
November 27, 2019
Juice and Sreten are joined by Mattox and Thunder Cookie from the Heavyweight Chumps Podcast! Lots of classy pillow talk about NXT: War Games, Survivor Series, Freelance Wrestling, Doink the Clown, and more plus the new Pink Machines song "Tall Dark and Wasted." Rejoice. Subscribe. Share
November 21, 2019
Anthony Anthem of the Delivery Bros podcast joins Juice and Sreten to discuss Freelance Wrestling on 11/22, Journey Pro on 11/21, Black Label Pro Slamilton fallout, AEW Bash at the Beach, Alicia Atout in MLW, Dan Hausen, Big John Studd and much more scintillating and stimulating content! Suspicious? So are we..... call us at 1-872-267-4199 Follow JPDUB & Delivery Bros on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & wherever you listen to podcasts!
November 14, 2019
This week we are joined by Mike Freland of the Front Row Material Podcast. We put Mike through the ringer, and it was fun as hell. Thanks for listening Call the damn voicemail chickens 1-872-267-4199
November 8, 2019
Today we UNLEASH the new JPDUB intro song.  Beware.  You cannot unhear what you will hear, and love. Thank you Brad This is the second episode this week and the treats are plenty. Join The Juice, Bodi, and Sreten for a news heavy episode. There is so much to talk about from NWA, NXT, AEW, MLW, and much much more. Get it on the fun by leaving us a message at 1-872-267-4199. Tell us know what your wrestling cocktail looks like. What are you watching?
November 6, 2019
Impact Wrestling superstar Johnny Swinger joins us to discuss his career from BCW to WCW to ECW to TNA to WWE, we also discuss Chris Benoit, the current roster at Impact, musical tastes, and much more! Get to know the man called Swinger! Rate, review, share and subscribe! Call the voicemail at 1-872-267-4199 Catch Johnny Tuesdays on Impact Wrestling on AXS TV & download the Impact plus app for more footage!
October 30, 2019
Juice and Sreten are back in the throes of podcasting to discuss the latest news, rumors and pillow talk plus Sreten’s adventures at Freelance Wrestling and Galli Lucha, the JPDUB 31 Days of Fear event, wrestlers of the week Vampiro and Warhorse, MLW Superfight and much more!  Call the voicemail at 1-872-267-4199  Happy Halloween ya bastiches!
October 23, 2019
This week The Juice and Sreten are joined by MLW (inter)National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone.  We talk about the current state of pro wrestling, the hustle, the grind, the protein intake.  We also talk about MLW's first PPV happening in Chicago on November 2nd. What do You think? Don't keep secrets. Tell us.  Call the voicemail line: 1-872-267-4199
October 16, 2019
Episode 80! We creeping up on 100. On this week's show we have Blacklabel Pro HeavyWeight Champion, the Diamond Tiger himself, Kobe Durst. Call the voicemail and get in on the fun: 1-872-267-4199
October 9, 2019
This week Juice, Bodi, and Sreten get crazy talking about the beginning of a new era in Pro Wrestling.  We do a little Hell in the Cell doo-doo talk and a lot more awesome AEW, IMPACT, and NWA talk. Excuse some of the hiccups, this was a heavy technical difficulties episode, but we fixed most of them in post. As always, join in on the fun by calling the voicemail line: 1-872-267-4199
October 2, 2019
This week we are incredibly excited to be joined by Mike Hermann of RetroSoft Studios.  Mike and his team are the badasses behind RetroMania Wrestling, coming to you Spring 2020.  We talk about the characters, the music, how the journey to build this killer game started and how it's going so far. Stay up to date on RetroSoft's shananigans by going to or follow RetroSoft Studios on all social media platforms. As always call that voicemail line: 1-872-267-4199
September 25, 2019
This week Juice and Sreten are joined by Bruiser Bodi all the way from Wisconsin via the JuiceLine.  We talk about some exciting news in wrestling this week.  We yell a bunch.  Sreten is a mess. Bodi and Juice Drop constant knowledge, all under a Truly questionable influence. If you know anyone that likes Pro Wrestling on any scale, Casual to OBSESSED, tell them about the JpDub. Join in on the fun by calling the voicemail line: 1-872-267-4199
September 18, 2019
This week Juice and Sreten are back to discuss Impact Wrestling on AXS TV, the new P.O.O.R. album “Glutton for Punishment”, Black Label Pro Turbo Graps 16 tournament, Handsome Prick in Chicago at Livewire Lounge on 9/21 plus the 5 most devastating finishers in wrestling & much more! This episode is all chaos and super fun.  Join in on our fun and call the voicemail line: 1-872-267-4199 What are your top Finishers?
September 12, 2019
This week's episode is coming to you live from Mac'c Wood Grilled in Chicago.  We recorded this the day of All Out and we had a blast.  Thank you to Kevin from Mac's.  You were a great host. Thanks to everyone else that came and hung out with our group.  We had a great day and All Out was amazing.
September 5, 2019
On this week's show we have very special guest Barry Norman. Barry has done it all: Interviewed some amazing bands, been part of WCW in it's hayday, and swam the waters of the film industry.  This episode ran longer than usual because Barry has some amazing stories. Enjoy Participate Call the voicemail and leave that message: 1-872-267-4199
August 28, 2019
He's the son of former WCW and ECW vixen Gorgeous George, his name is Isaac Hare and he is this week's very special guest! He's lived with the Macho Man Randy Savage and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, from the legendary horror punk band The Misfits, and Isaac is here to talk about those stories, his music, filming for A&E's Macho Man documentary, Glen Danzig, why Mancow is a bastich, Doink The Clown, and much more! Get in this conversation by calling the voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
August 21, 2019
This week Juice and Sreten are joined by legendary Manager Nikita Breznikov. Listen as Nikita drops so much knowledge about the history of pro wrestling.  Listen close enough and you can hear Sreten marking out the ENTIRE time. Check out Nikita's book When It Was Real Got any thoughts? Go ahead and share by calling the voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
August 14, 2019
Juice & Sreten are bringing the goods this week as they discuss Summerslam, NXT: Takeover Toronto, NWA TV, AEW and some horror biz! Join us August 31st at Mac's Wood Grilled in Chicago before ''All Out'' for a live podcast w/ special guests and a chance to win Free passes to the Mac's AEW: Road Trip which is a $20 value and includes round trip passage to ''All Out'' and adult beverages! Call 773-782-4400 to reserve your spot as they are super limited! Leave us a voicemail at 872-267-4199 & Wet Em Up!!!!!
August 7, 2019
Steve Tortorello of Warrior Wrestling joins us to discuss Warrior 6 taking place September 1st in Chicago Heights and along the way we talk AEW, Warrior Wrestling appearing at Starrcast III, WWE, Steve’s time in China, and Sreten’s “Savage Trivia” game makes it’s return along with a GIANT guest from the French Alps! Score tickets & info for Warrior 6 at
July 31, 2019
This week we welcome the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal legend Sabu & Super Genie Melissa Coates to the show to discuss Sabu’s new autobiography “Scars, Silence & Superglue” which is available at & along the way we talk about The Sheik, RVD, injuries, ECW, TNA, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dio, Paul Heyman, Bill Alfonso, high times, video games, their upcoming appearances & more!
July 24, 2019
Mikey Blanton & Jeremy Tillema from Black Label Pro join Juice & Sreten to discuss the sold out “Dropkicks & Dragons” event taking place July 27th (watch on IWTV) & use promo code “BLACKLABEL” for a free 20 day trial, plus upcoming BLP events, talent announcements, & some random conversation! Hit up & & follow JPDUB & Black Label Pro on social media! Comments? Leave a voicemail at 1(872)267-4199
July 17, 2019
Juice, Sreten and Bruiser Bodi are back this week to discuss a Splendidly Blended weekend of professional wrestling that includes AEW Fight for the Fallen, Evolve 131, WWE Extreme Rules plus where to find the new album Extreme Graveyard Tornado from Swedish grindcore masters Birdflesh and we drop an EXTREME bombshell! Share, download and subscribe!    Call the voicemail at 1(872)267-4199 and interact on twitter, Facebook and Instagram!
July 10, 2019
Legendary referee & manager of champions, the man who calls it right down the middle, Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso joins Juice, Big Ed & Sreten via phone from Tampa,Florida this week to talk about his career, managing Sabu, Taz, & RVD, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, the ECW boom, his infamous bloodbath with Beulah Mcgillicutty, Paul Heyman, and much more! It’s a f’n great show daddy & we look forward to more with Fonzie next month! Call the voicemail line and be a part of the show! 1-872-267-4199
July 3, 2019
This week Justin and Sreten get hype discussing AEW's recent "Fyter Fest" event. It was so much fun and shout out to Ed "The Assassin" for being a great host. The pizza and tequila was so good. We break down the show and what happened and sprinkle in a little talk about what the internet thinks (F@&$ what the internet thinks). What did you think? Call and let us know: 1-872-267-4199
June 26, 2019
This week Juice and Sreten are joined by MLW's Kaci Lennox.  Listen as they discuss Kaci's influences and favorites and the future of wrestling in promotions big and small.  Another phone interview knocked out of the park. Come see Kaci on July 6th in Cicero Illinois for MLW's TV Tapings. It's going to be a killer show.   Call the voicemail and join our conversations: 1-872-267-4199
June 19, 2019
This week Freelance Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, and Warrior Wrestling superstar Pat Monix joins Juice and Sreten via phone to talk all things Project Monix.  We talk about character development, his feud with Sam Adonis, DJZ, life as an independent grappler and much more! Monix killed it in this episode and you need to listen and spread the word! This episode slays! Get your merch at Call the voicemail and join our conversations: 1-872-267-4199
June 12, 2019
Josef Samael aka Joseph Cabibbo from PCW ULTRA, Defy & MLW joins Juice and Sreten to discuss the Mind Crawler event on 6/14/19 plus we shoot a little on hanging with the Great Muta, music, coming up in the biz, running PCWU & maintaining a high quality product, believable violence, & more insanely awesome interesting shit! Get tix and check out & RIP BushWick Bill
June 6, 2019
This week Bruiser Bodi returns to discuss his experience at MLW Fusion taping in Waukesha, Wisconsin with Juice and Sreten and along the way the guys talk WWE NXT: Takeover, where you can stream the highly entertaining Black Label Pro "There's something About Barry" event from this past Saturday and we air a track from the new Dirty Dead record entitled "Blood Buffet" based on the 80s horror classic "Blood Diner. Share your thoughts at: 1-872-267-4199
May 30, 2019
Juice and Sreten recap the historical Double or Nothing event! Black Label Pro presents There’s Something About Barry takes place June 1st.  Juice & Sreten run give you the 411!! Tickets are at: And for all you Horror punks, the new Dirty Dead album Nocturnal Emissions drops on May 31st. Swoop it up at:  Like what you heard? Don’t give a fuck? Let us know. Call: 1(872)267-4199
May 22, 2019
Juice and Sreten discuss the WWE 24/7 title, Goldberg vs Undertaker, AEW Double or Nothing, Castlevania collection on Xbox, 89’s horror classic Street Trash, upcoming Black Label Pro events, Ashley Massaro, the Freelance Wrestling Legacy title and much more on a jam packed episode 59! You have opinions? Thought? Call the voicemail at 1-872-267-4199 and let yourselves be heard!
May 15, 2019
This week the JPDUB invaded the Warrior Wrestling 5 VIP event on Mother’s Day and Juice & JR mixed it up with Brian Pillman Jr., Chris Ridgeway, Frank the Clown, Robert “ego” Anthony, our boys in Wrestling with Unicorns,  Ref. Jeremy Tillema, Bruiser Bodi, Uncle Dave & Matt from the Hub Chicago, YouTuber XThreee, fans and many more! If you weren’t there than you f’n missed out! Satiate your need for attention and call the voicemail at 1(872)267-4199 to let yourselves be heard!
May 8, 2019
This week Juice and Sreten are joined by “Lil E” as they debut a new segment called “Creepin On A Come Up w/ Lil E” and another entitled “Spoilers of War” They also discuss the new Dirty Dead album dropping on May 31st & Handsome Prick live in Chicago May 22nd. Plus Impact, Mortal Kombat 11, XFL, Muta, AEW Double or Nothing, Jericho back in NJPW and a special message for all you haters out there! Do you have some thoughts about the show? Tell us what they are by calling: 1-872-267-4199
May 1, 2019
This week Steve Tortorello of Warrior Wrestling joins The Juice, Sreten & JR to discuss Warrior 5: “Mayhem” on 5/12/19 at Marian Catholic High School plus the Misfits in Chicago, Warrior origins, Impact Rebellion, the Crockett Cup and much more! Come visit the JPDUB table at the VIP meet & greet! You have something to say? Say it. Call and leave a voicemail: 1-872-267-4199
April 24, 2019
Former Indie grappler and current vocalist of underground Beer City Party grinders “Sexual Atrocities” Josh Bodi joins us via phone from Milwaukee,WI to discuss his endeavors in pro wrestling, Warrior Wrestling, underground metal, what his band is up to & where to find them plus more craziness! What are your thoughts? We want to know. Call: 1-872-267-4199
April 17, 2019
Before he was set to face the likes of Nick Gage & Scott Steiner during WrestleMania weekend Juice was joined in studio by Dylan Postl aka “Swoggle” or “Hornswoggle” to discuss his adventures in wrestling, favorite moments, his upcoming book, Leprechaun Origins, the Ultimate Warrior, John Cena and more! Who is in your "Mount Rushmore?" Let us know Call: 1-872-267-4199
April 10, 2019
This week a very exhausted Jeremy tillema and Marcelius Bredelius from the band Lucid Empathy join Juice in studio to discuss the fallout from WrestleMania 35 & the successful Black Label Pro Adventures in Wrestling event in New Jersey!  Share your thoughts: 1-872-267-4199 We. Dare. You. Do it for Juice.  Do it for RJT.
April 3, 2019
Episode 52 is upon us!  Technically the "52 weeks" AKA One Year episode.  We aren't celebrating yet, but what we are celebrating is the return of Referee Jeremy Tillema.  the Senior Referee of Black Label Pro comes to the studio to discuss "WrestleMania Weekend" AKA "Adventures in Wrestling" Weekend. Jersey will never be the same! Share your thoughts: 1-872-267-4199 We. Dare. You. Do it for Juice.  Do it for Referee Jeremy.  Do it for the fate of the World.
March 27, 2019
This episode is nuts! This week Juice, ButchMan Lee, and Sreten have a conversation with with the fast talking, Mouth of the International South, Cobra Blood drinking, Jonny Ferrari! Listen in on while Jonny shoots, drops knowledge, sings, dances (maybe) and yells. You got your thoughts? You can't be shy anymore Call  1-872-267-4199 We. Dare. You. Do it for Juice.  Do it for Jonny Ferrari.  Do it for America. Call That Voicemail Line
March 21, 2019
This week we bring you a HUGE episode 50 that culminated live from the #WarriorWrestling 4 VIP Fan Fest! Join Juice, Sreten & JR as we talk to the fans, amuse ourselves, and welcome special guests like Alicia Atout, The Rascalz, Wrestling With Unicorns, Frank the Clown, Melissa Santos and more! Get tickets for Warrior 5 here: Watch the replay of the event here: https://www.highspotswrestlingnetwork... Call and tell us what you think: 1-872-267-4199
March 14, 2019
This week we welcome Southland Championship Wrestling superstars Moxie Mollie & Maverick Cage to discuss their upcoming appearances, their journeys in pro wrestling & other projects and much more! Killer Shoots in episode 49. We will some of you at Warrior Wrestling 4. If you see us there, come say Hi. Listen Subscribe Share Call and tell us what you think: 1-872-267-4199
March 6, 2019
This week Juice, Butch Man Lee, & Sreten discuss the aftermath of the MLW: "Intimidation Games" TV tapings in Cicero. They also pay tribute to superstar Jungle Boy's father Luke Perry. Remember to check out and get your tickets to ManiaCrawl 6. The guys also get excited about BLP: "Whoomp There It Is" on March 9th and Warrior Wrestling 4 on March 15th and much more! Got any thoughts or opinions? Call that voicemail line and join in on the fun: 1-872-267-4199
February 27, 2019
This week we celebrate the birthday of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair,  Juice, Butch Man Lee, and Sreten discuss MLW: Intimidation Games, ManiaCrawl in New Jersey on 4/7/19, recent WWE releases, JR’s art, Impact Wrestling: United We Stand and much more! Birthday blessings also go out to our homie ''Stone''! Call the voicemail and let us know what you think: 1-872-267-4199
February 20, 2019
This Week we have special guest Shane Evans on the show. Shane is the new owner of the historic Art Theatre in downtown Hobart, IN. as well as the newly renamed Brickhouse Bar & Grill!   The guys talk about the latest pro wrestling news including DX going into the WWE Hall of Fame, Chyna's legacy, Goldberg, the Evening w/ Hornswoggle comedy event on 3/30/19  at the ART and more of Shane's plans w/ the theatre & bar going forward!   Voice your opinions! Call the Voicemail Line: 1-872-267-419
February 13, 2019
This week Juice and Butch Man Lee welcome Black Label Pro referee Jeremy Tillema to the show to discuss the AEW Vegas Conference, the latest BLP events and news, plus his work with other promotions.  They also talk Resident Evil 2, Kylie Rae, and so much more!  We're coming in real big, real hard, real stiff. Tell us what you think. Call the Voicemail Line: 1-872-267-4199
February 6, 2019
Talking about Warrior Wrestling 4 on March 15th.
February 1, 2019
This week Juice, Big Ed The Assassin, and Sreten talk about what they thought of Royal Rumble 2019.   What did you think? Call the Voicemail line and leave a message: 1-872-267-4199
January 27, 2019
This week it's Juice and Sreten. The guys talk about upcoming events and the newest wrestling news. Sreten tries a new segment involving SCU. Royal Rumble 2019 this Sunday. Let us know if you care and if you do how and where do you watch the event. Have any news of your own? Call the Voicemail line and leave a message: 1-872-267-4199
January 21, 2019
This week Juice is joined once again by JR, this is two weeks in a row. Uh oh. Juice and JR talk about exciting upcoming events and the newest wrestling news. Have any news of your own? Call the Voicemail line and leave a message: 1-872-267-4199
January 11, 2019
This week we recap the events of Warrior Wrestling 3. JR and Bobcat are back this week. Enjoy the show
January 4, 2019
This week we bring in the first show of the new year with a full studio as we remember the Great "Mean" Gene Okerlund.  "Mean" Gene recently passed and we were and are all huge fans of the man.  Enjoy the show and reminisce with us. I'll tell you what "Mean" Gene, Rest in Power. Thanks for listening.
December 28, 2018
This week Juice is joined by Steve Tortorello of Warrior Wrestling, and return guest Drex Odell. The guys talk about the unbelievable card for "Warrior Wrestling 3" on January 5th. Listen until the end to hear Drex and Juice have a "MeatWad Off." What in the world is that?Listen and find out. Remember to follow the show and Drex and Warrior Wrestling. See you January 5th. It will be Historic!!
December 23, 2018
This week Juice is joined by the "Manchester Hooligan", Drex Odell. Drex crossed an ocean and clothes-lined an army of people to get to the JPDub Podcast. Call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
December 16, 2018
This week Juice, "The G.M.," and super special return guest "Nickosis" talk about "THE GREAT MUTA." They talk about Muta's huge influence on present day wrestling. Lots of screaming on this one. Be. Prepared. Call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
December 5, 2018
This week Juice Van Dam and Sreten The Giant enter Big Ed's Asylum to discuss RVD's career and impact on the biz and his love for counter culture crops! Join us and celebrate one of the best ever! From ECW to WWE to TNA and more. It's The Whole F'n Show.  Rob Van Dam. Call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199 Subscribe and Share!
December 1, 2018
This week Mikey from “Black Label Pro” joins Juice, Big Ed, and Sreten to discuss upcoming BLP events, WCW, his experiences as a fan and promoter, and much more! Call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199 Subscribe and Share!
November 21, 2018
Julio and Ben from Guerrilla Publishing Group drop join the JPWU to discuss their comicbook "Botched" and other upcoming projects as well as Survivor Series, NXT Takeover War Games, conventions, and much more!  Sreten's "Savage Trivia" returns with WWE Funko Pop figures at stake! Tune in to find out who wins! Call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
November 16, 2018
This week Juice & Sreten are joined by "Bobcat" Deveney & "Brother James' as they crack open some cold ones to discuss the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin! The guys give you insight into the career of the Texas Rattlesnake and discuss his impact and legacy. Tune in and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe via any podcast platform and social media outlet. And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!  Call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
November 8, 2018
This week Juice and Sreten are joined once again by Justin “Alright, Alright” Albright.  The guys discuss Black Label Pro’s “Big Trouble in Little Crown Point” event. Check out 3 Floyds brewpub in Munster, Indiana. Check out follow Black Label Pro on all social media platforms go and all their events.   Remember to follow the Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast, on EVERYTHING. Call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-
October 31, 2018
This week Juice and Big Ed are joined by Brian "The Brain" Laneve and Justin "Alright, Alright" Albright from 3 Floyds Brewery.  Join us as we drink "Zombie Dust" and "Amber Smashed Face" The guys talk Horror gimmicks, Black Label Pro's "Big Trouble in Little Crown Point" event, House Hardy Halloween, and much more!  Happy Halloween from Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast! Check out 3 Floyds brewpub in Munster, Indiana.   Remember to call and leave a voicemail: 1-872-267-4199
October 24, 2018
Juice, Bid Ed, and Sreten the Savage offer up their take on who the greatest wrestling managers to ever lay waste to the landscape of pro wrestling and impact pro wrestling forever. They also discuss a few of their favorite wrestling “Talk Show” sets and segments. Remember to call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
October 17, 2018
Juice is joined this week by Big Ed “The Assassin” and special guest in from Cleveland, Chris “oVe” Bartone! We recorded an impromptu session on location at Big Ed’s Asylum.  We talk and yell about Stone Cold, the Browns, salt mines, Lashley Vs Lesner, ECW, our favorite smokeshows of women’s wrestling, old school WWE/WWF house shows, AJ Styles, drippings and blessings, the #JPDUB Vinyl Pop Giveaway, and more! Remember to call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-
October 10, 2018
PART 2 of 2 : Joey Only, Eddy D, and Juice Mongo McMichael return with the final chapter #JPDUB well hung, super hard, super stiff, football /wrestling crossover list! Enjoy the energy, giggles, laughter. Enjoy the Knowledge, Yelling, and Promoting. Remember to call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
October 3, 2018
This week Juice has two very special guests, Ed "Bobcat" Deveney, from the "GG Stalin and The Absurdity Junkies" Podcast and Joe RIley, from the "Musically Meditated" Podcast. They talk about a great list of pro wrestlers that have a background as professional football players. Enjoy the energy, giggles, laughter.  Enjoy the Knowledge, Yelling, and Promoting. Remember to call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
September 25, 2018
This week Juice and Big Ed The Assassin welcome Ed "Bobcat" Deveney from the "GG Stalin and The Absurdity Junkies" Podcast. They talk Lucha Underground.  They talk and they yell about Lucha Underground.  Enjoy the chaos.  Enjoy the Show. Apologies for the audio quality this week, Sreten did some rewiring and upgrades in the studio and some troubleshooting needs to be done. Thank you for your patience. Remember to call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199
September 14, 2018
This week Juice and return guest Jeff Webb talk about the exciting return of IMPACT wrestling. They talk about IMPACT’s past, present, and future. Remember to call and leave a voicemail on the JPDUB voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199 SUBSCRIBE and SHARE.
September 6, 2018
Ed The Assassin is Justin's co host this week. This week Juice has a very special guest, Chicago comedian, pro wrestling fan, and All-In PPV attendant, Jeff Webb. Listen as Juice, Ed, and John talk about the pros and cons of All-In.  (There were no cons, only pros) Remember to join in on the fun and call the JPDub Voice Mail: 1-872-267-4199 SUBSCRIBE and SHARE.
August 29, 2018
Episode 22 - Butchman Lee made it back for another week! This week Juice has very special guest, the OG of podcasting in the region and one half of the "Hey My Man" Podcast, Dave Karsky. Listen as Dave gets grilled about his wrestling knowledge and history.  Listen as he gets cussed at and praised in the same sentence. Check out Dave's podcast "Hey My Man" on all podcasting platforms. Remember to join in on the fun and call the JPDub Voice Mail: 1-872-267-4199 SUBSCRIBE and SHARE.
August 23, 2018
Episode 21 – The CoHost is Back! The Assassin! Big Ed is back! Summerslam Talk.  Vacation talk.  Billy Corgen talk.  Lots of talk and even more yelling.  It is wonderful. Remember to join in the fun and call the JPDub Voice Mail: 1-872-267-4199 SUBSCRIBE and SHARE.
August 15, 2018
Episode 20 - JR "Butchman" Lee is back!  He's done with his suspension for use of PED's ("Podcast Enhancing Drugs") and he's back with Juice to talk everything Pro Wrestling. This week we are sad to announce the passing of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.  He will be missed. The guys also talk about some upcoming event news and JR aka "Death Note" keeps whispering Hulk Hogan's name. He better stop or things will escalate.  Remember to join in the fun and call the JPDub Voice Mail: 1-872-267-4199
August 8, 2018
WARNING: Sreten put two intro songs in this one.  He. Sure. Did. Call the VoiceMail line and leave a message.  Give us your thoughts: 1-872-267-4199 With special guest "Nickosis" Sanchez, Juice discusses future events and story lines.  This one is speculation heavy.  Andre returns for a quick visit.  There's some "Jericho Cruise" and Hulk Hogan Return talk.  October 27th seems to be a very important date, but no one knows why, so let's speculate our asses off. Remember to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE
August 1, 2018
R.I.P. to Nikolai Volkoff, Brian Lawler, and Brickhouse Brown.  All three passed this week and we thank you for the good wrestling memories and entertainment you gave the fans. Juice has Joe Riley from Musically Meditated Podcast on his show this week, and although the beginning is a little somber, the guys lighten the mood after paying their respects by talking about rumors and speculation surrounding the possible comeback of Hulk Hogan. Remember to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.
July 27, 2018
BONUS Content!  Enjoy the chaos. Here is some of the audio from the first ever N64 No Mercy Tournament hosted by Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast and Green Door Books.  It was super fun and we can't wait for the next one. The VoOrhees is REAL!! Remember to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE
July 25, 2018
Episode 17 everyone.  This week Juice and Sreten recap a week of really good pro wrestling events and the one event to rule them all: The first ever, Juice Pro Wrestling N64 No Mercy Tournament.  We all had a great time.  We hope to see you at the next one. Remember to follow the JPDUB Facebook page and Subscribe to the show on whatever podcasting platform you prefer.  Tell your friends about the show. Tell anyone you know that likes professional wrestling. Thank you.
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