July 14, 2020
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June 9, 2020
PODCAST 51:  Black lives matter BLM  Clarity and Answers from Jenelle + Barry + We love you, all of you, always Please listen to this full podcast to meet my friends Jenelle and Barry  What makes us American: we all come from different walks of life + it is our differences, the history of our mixed cultures and our variance of stories that make us more beautiful. My best friends Jenelle and Barry work the frontlines of communications across the US.. from NYC to LA..It was always the tough times that brought us closer together…  Our parents and grandparents survived war, famine, racism and discrimination -- let’s also celebrate many of our grandparents chose to help to fight racism:  Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, Middle Eastern -- we all are coming to you with love.  Our Grandparents faced greater hardship in their time: what can help is knowing we are part of a continuation of history -- but change will only come when we put ourselves into uncomfortable situations. We are better than this. This is a call to action podcast, not a sit around and be comfortable podcast. Stay woke friends: Please listen to this full 2 hour podcast - it contains valuable information that we do not usually publicly discuss + you’ll do your part just by listening -- we wanted to make this easy and memorable for you -- and all of this is shared only with love -- no judgement.  We have a responsibility: Here’s the challenge we all have to step up to:   We must implement change:  “what did you do in this time?” - we will be remembered by the actions we took during Covid + the Financial Crisis + the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  Jenelle, Barry and I, as friends, would like to welcome you to check out our shared resources: we have thoughtfully put together for you + we also would love for you to do your own research, read, learn, educate yourself. Make a point to reach out to friends of diversity. Create your 5 year plan -- hold your company accountable. - ask them to set this up.  You’re going to have to get uncomfortable + we’re going to have to talk about these hard conversations + we send our thanks to Jenelle and Barry for sharing their personal stories + the times that challenged them + tried them -- We thank them for shining their light in those trying times, because they know the golden cracks, the imperfections, their grace is what makes them even more beautiful.   FOLLOW GUESTS + MY BESTIES: @JENELLEHAMILTON& @BARRY_PR ACTIONABLE ADVICE FOR US ALL TO LEARN FROM FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF  HUMANITY DOCUMENTARIES TO WATCH:  Just Mercy  The Thirteenth  Selma Do the Right Thing:Directed by Spike Lee  When they See Us Coming to America -- just for fun  BOOKS TO READ:  Angela Davis Books Maya Angelou Books The Hate U Give; Angela Thomas Yes Chef, Marcus Samuelsson Every Body Yoga: by my friend Jessamyn Stanley  Take the Bias Test Barry Suggested:  From Jenelle's Mention of following SHAUN KING:  Great to follow to keep up with current info on the movement: GRASSROOTS LAW:  This is the initiative people can sign up for to donate their time, money or expertise: OR CORPORATE AMERICA:  This organization is asking for major retailers (Wholefoods, Target, GOOP, etc) to pledge 15% of their shelf space to black-owned businesses. Incredible infographics and mindblowing stats and info on this page. Definitely worth a follow: BARRY'S FRIEND'S INSTYLE STORY: Great resources for people to go to - SUPPORTING PROTESTORS’ BAIL AND RELEASE: The Bail ProjectAn effort to combat mass incarceration at the front end of the system. They pay bail for people in need, reuniting families and restoring the presumption of innocence. Donations to The Bail Project National Revolving Bail Fund can be recycled and reused to pay bail two to three times per year, maximizing the impact of every dollar. The Bail Project is currently providing funds across the country to bail out activists and protesters. SUPPORTING LEGAL ACTIONS AND LEGISLATION FOR RACIAL JUSTICE AND SYSTEMIC CHANGE: NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, LDF seeks structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans. Currently suing the national policing Commission on Law Enforcement created by Attorney General Barr in addition to many other open cases supporting justice. ADVANCING DATA-BASED BASED POLICY SOLUTIONS: Campaign ZeroA comprehensive package of urgent policy solutions informed by data, research and human rights principles which can change the way police serve our communities to effectively reduce police violence nationwide. SUPPORTING CAMPAIGNS THAT HOLD LEADERS AND CORPORATIONS ACCOUNTABLE: Color of ChangeHelp people respond effectively to injustice. As a national online force driven by 1.7 million members, they move decision-makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America. They also have suggested detailed proposals on the War on Black People. IN SUPPORT OF GEORGE FLOYD: Visit Grassroots Law Project’s Justice For Big Floyd to hold the police accountable. Sign the petitionto get justice for George Floyd.  NATIONAL A C T I V I S M Black Lives MatterGlobal organization aimed at eradicating white supremacy and building local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, they are winning immediate improvements in lives. BYP100  Member-based organization of Black youth activists creating justice and freedom for all Black people. They mobilize through building a network focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy, and education. They believe in the principles of decision-making, radical inclusivity, and is building a Black politic through a Black, queer, feminist lens. Dream Defenders  A multiracial group of young people who are organizing to build power in our communities to advance a new vision for the state. Their agenda is called the Freedom Papers. Through it, they are advancing their vision of safety and security – away from prisons, deportation, and war – and towards healthcare, housing, jobs and movement for all. Know Your Rights  Camp Founded by Colin Kaepernick, they aim to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders. Showing Up For Racial Justice SURJ  is a national network of groups and individuals working to undermine white supremacy and to work toward racial justice. Through community organization, mobilization, and education, SURJ moves white people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability. P O L I C Y A N D A D V O C A C Y ACLUExists to preserve and protect the liberties and privileges guaranteed to each individual by the Bill of Rights. They fight injustice legally and legislatively. They created an app to help people record police misconduct and they are on the forefront of legal defense for protests around the country.  MORE PLACES YOU CAN DONATE TO NOW:  Help Educate on Culture  +  Let’s Fight Racism, Now with the UN #HateIsAVirus Campaign The Boys and Girls Club  In closing, we would encourage you to peacefully educate yourself, you can do something, many things today, right in this moment, register to vote now, vote out those local leaders who aren’t doing their part, sign petitions, hire more ethnic talent and employees, and call a friend -- ask them how they are doing, reach out, date blindly-- with love, make a new friend, make a donation to a charity above, work with inner city children, volunteer to be of greater use. It’s not just a tax write off, its a human right -- exercise your right to heal humanity. -- thank you jenelle and barry -- love and light to you and God’s grace to all. Xx love, Candice   
May 5, 2020
Stay Centered Through the Challenging Times A Self-Care love note this week + pls share Wirth friends! You will be tested throughout your lifetime. Until now, however, most have never experienced a global shutdown. During this time, it’s important to have a better understanding of life itself and stay centered for your mental well-being. Everyone’s COVID-19 experience will be different. You will grieve different losses than those around you— How Are You Helping? The global population faces an awakening. What the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed is that, despite the fact that you are a unique individual in an individualistic culture, your life heavily relies on the actions of others.  This test of humanitarian change is a challenge that relies on people to cooperate as a group. It doesn't matter whether you're a health care worker, custodian, delivery driver, grocery store employee, teacher, or writer—you are being called upon to do your part in helping others.  Here are some ways you can rise to the challenge at hand:   Stay Home Unless you have no other choice, stay home. It's a tiny win and it helps save lives.    Care for Yourself Because you can't help others if you're depleted or not well, prioritize self-care. A few of my favorite practices on self-care: reading Tara Brach books -- like “Radical Acceptance".   Learn Something New You can learn to cook, spend time reading new books (and sharing them!), learn a new skill (how to shoot a camera, start a podcast, grow some fresh produce, cook a new ethnic meal, tend to a garden), check in on a friend, practice limiting news intake, and/or stay away from your screens.Learn a new language—there are dozens of online courses or books to study from. Learn about where people come from and where your lines of lineage are drawn. Read more books on history, culture, geography, and war. Reset Meditate, get to bed earlier, and commit to better and longer sleep (away from your phone). You'll feel a positive change. Consider What Matters  Money, power, beauty, and greed aren’t imperative to health and joy. And quite possibly, they were destroying you—environmentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  Cultivate Empathy Listen to others. How is another person's experience different from—and the same as—yours? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Cry When you need to do it, let yourself do it. No judgment. Release Start letting go of the things that do not serve you. When you hold on to things that are not meant for you, suffering results. Release anger, pain, suffering.  When this is all said and done, you will remember—and be remembered by—what you do to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. Use this opportunity wisely to rise to the challenge of practicing inner peace, helping others, and learn to accept what you can and can’t change.  Most Importantly: Volunteer Use this opportunity wisely. I've shared on my website,, some organizations that could use support right now. This emergency is an opportunity to serve, whether through sweeping initiatives, petitions to be drawn, hands to feed  We can be grateful for all the years of freedom we have shared, and reflect upon it. A simple hike, a night out with your girlfriends in heels in New York City, a surf session in Encinitas, picking wildflowers in the mountains. I miss it all, and I know you do, too. Today, what we can do: we can practice inner peace, choose to help others, and we can learn to better accept what we can’t change. Wee can believe that this too shall pass.  Be present. Take action. Here’s how you CAN HELP.  NOTABLE PLACES TO DONATE + HELP NOW:  Support by buying my Books: Kintsugi Wellness  + 5 star rate the wabi sabi podcast  shop: 
April 21, 2020
Essentials:  Things that matter right now! Running water Food - cook my recipes :) Health Family + Friends + their love and affection Listen, love and share more kindness//empathy  Useful Post Pandemic Tips: Practice and note more with action and with time//space, but **actually use them** + take notes!   DIGNITY  RESPECT  HONOUR  EXPERIENCE - if you have nothing to do: go study//educate yourself with books//classes: volunteer or intern at this time! be of service to others, unpaid, its so good to gain SKILLS right now.  - how can I start a business during this time? How will I survive? - take care of others with dignity, respect and honor -- let's be part of the solution!  - Answering all your crazy Q's from IG! See you on Tik Tok @CandiceKumai + share this podcast with 2 girlfriends or on IG right now! xx ck   
April 7, 2020
Dear grandma and grandpa -- here’s how us millennials are doing  Putting perspective into the story + understanding this situation to better find peace within this time. Episode 48- Dear Grandma and Grandpa:  Here's how us millennials are doing  Stay home, please.   Cook more at home: order my books asap: fave 3? Clean Green Eats, Kintsugi Wellness, Clean Green Drinks  What are you doing to help? -- write it down  Glimpse into what our grandparents went through.  Lesson -- find the value in this growth period   Race --  --we can all be the change to help.  "you cannot drive out hate with hate, only love can do that"  - MLK    Be the change you wish to see, stop talking about it and complaining and start doing more to help others. Get gorgeous, extra tips on how to get hot and take better care in this bonus time  Keep it extra  Get your shit together, now -- this is a great opportunity to utilize and take action.   Practice finding peace within this perspective and process.  DONATE TO THOSE IN NEED:   Follow Natural Born Leaders Jose Andres Sophia Amoruso  Dave Ramsey take great care of yourself + one another + pass this on to a friend + 5 star review xx xx ck   
March 31, 2020
The Survival Guide to Quarantine Life: Living your best quarantined life - Boss up + start volunteering its not about you: - wellness in the schools + health corps - look them up! tell me what you're doing to help others these days?  -Make each other laugh: Coming to America from -- watching in 1st grade lol   - Cook every meal of everyday -- this helps w better nutrition, mental health and creates a full-circle relationship w yourself.    -Start a new workout routine  -- Tracy Anderson Online -- amazing! -Find a quarantine crush you can flirt w all day and get bad -- as much as you’d like -- texting//calls!  follow: CandiceKumai on Tik Tok xx  Take advice for women by women! Arianna -- thrive + huff post  Sophia -- girlboss Ladies get paid Well + good  Vogue Master class w anna wintour  Podcasts: almost 30, rosie acosta, sahara rose,  - Get your inspiring friends on a zoom  - Reach out to the friends who are down -Educate yourself, read read read, write, listen, read  - Cry when you need to, no judgement -Start letting go, accept, practice less judgment  -Use the Tokyo 2021 Olympics as an example -- they shifted and set the date -- making hard and fast decisions!  -You will be remembered by the actions you take now + cumulatively what you do now, by staying home...  -Monks: the monks in the mountains -- they pray to being light into dark places, knowing this: dark places do exist  -Practice grace and harmony -- remember perfection is a myth! -This too shall pass   - I answer all of your qs! xx ck  follow: CandiceKumai on Tik Tok xx 
March 24, 2020
a little prayer for you!:) its all going to be okay! every little thing that you do now is cumulative -- it will help everyone later + share this pod asap on IG and with friends!  here's what you can do to help others in this time of need:  1- stay in and quarantine, everyday 2- donate to charity: Wellness in the Schools + Health Corps -- check them out and donate time or if you can funding + Help Save Restaurants: look at James Beard Foundation for more info  3- cookies!! 4- call your friends now, tell them you love them 5- reach out to a crush  6- workout + don't skip it!! I'll do it with you: Tracy Anderson or a run//weights daily! 7- kindness, compassion, empathy 8- what are you doing now to help!? write on my IG comments now! @CandiceKumai   all you have to do this week is share this pod with 2 friends and have two friends promise to follow @CandiceKumai on IG. this too shall pass xx ck 
March 17, 2020
SEASON TWO:   Welcome back xx It's time.. I owe ya a good BFF voicenote -- so here it is: how we can relate and connect more on the next level:  who: I am now on season 2, where I'm at what the heck are we all going to do now? how do we define who we are outside of business labels? how: we can step up now and be a hero, a leader and a pioneer  why: why is this all happening? I'm here to help to bring peace + perspective.  I've got comfort, peace and answers for you on all -- let's stay in hope. we can learn from our ancestors how we can do better!  we're all in this together xx Follow: @CandiceKumai BECOME A CK AMBASSADOR Get free Swag all the Time → sign up here for my newsletter: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ HERE'S ALL THE INFO YOU NEED: MY BOOKS: THE AUDIOBOOK: MY PLANNERS: ♡ ♡ ♡  SIMILAR VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE: → My Most Popular Matcha Recipes! → How to make my FRIED RICE! W TURMERIC ♡ ♡ ♡ CONTACT INFO FOR BUSINESS INFO@CANDICEKUMAI.COM WME IMG CLIENT ♡ ♡ ♡ SPEAKING INQUIRIES INFO@CANDICEKUMAI.COM WME IMG CLIENT  
April 4, 2019
Dear Little Candice,  Here are 10 legit things, I wish I could tell you.. but, I'd rather you dream, learn and grow on your own.. look at how good you turned out!? LOL xx    xxx Off to Japan in the morning ... to crush more dreams xxx I almost can't believe it xx  10 Things I Wish I Told My Younger Self: The Legit Gangsta Ways💝💛 1- Don't Rush Anything.  2- Hard Work will Get you Everywhere: Kaizen  3- Date as much as you want, for reals tho.. don't settle  4- Be Honest  5- When you Lose Yourself, Wabi Sabi -- Perfectly Imperfect  6- Be Kind Whenever Possible, everyone is fighting a battle  7- Friends Will come and go, and that's okay.  8- Love is really the only thing that matters, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you 9- Dreams Will Come True, but not overnight  10- Live in the present moment, its all we really have Ganbatte ne, off to complete the journey xx ki yo tsukete, ne! xx ck 
March 26, 2019
you wanna be lightning? how to weather the storm:   1- Wab Sabi: -- accept all is imperfect, perfectly imperfect  2- Surround Yourself w/ Smart People: -- get smarter on this + no, you don't have to be friends with everyone forever. Do your best be your best, give your best 3- Get off Social +do Real Life Shit: (write books, practice yoga, paint, play a sport, take classes, get a degree, get a real job)  4- Meditation: is proven to clear and calm the human mind  5- Own + Accept your calling: even when its rough af  6- Accept your Gifts: you have something to offer the world that others do not! 7- Gratitude Attitude Counts: this practice is so real + grateful people go everywhere xxx grace is real xx ck  Blown away by your iTunes reviews thank you  Get your MATCHA CLEANSE ASAP: TheMatchaShoppe! Get my NEW Book Like ASAP: Kintsugi Wellness  Share this podcast with two pf your best friends! text them now!
March 19, 2019
Hi hi hi girls! From SF to Brooklyn to Tokyo.... always taking a break to help each of you, each week on my pod...  All you have to do is download, subscribe and share with everyone you know! sending love xx   Obstacles to Opportunities  being your own BFF, but like for real how you handle things is how you will be treated in this life always try your best ganbatte, ne!? say self affirmations - really tho, do it!!  give yourself grace  flipping the script will take time, make the effort  write down the opportunity you want -- get it girl! xxx with love + thanks xxx ck  candice
March 5, 2019
I’ve had to take a seat at the table, the boys club table, many, many times …more often than not, my talent, allure + kindness is what won everyone over.. (leather pencil-skirts work, too) but what I'm getting at: you don’t have to be a total bitch to get what you want. Make a seat for yourself: Create space for your name on the roster. It will be painful, triumphant and not easy ... but it will be done! It has been done by many, many women before our time.  Commend them, support them, love them... women. Brave, beautiful, smart and hot, leading women.  1- make a seat 2- earn respect  3- become a commodity  4- smarter and serious  5- be honest  6- honor yourself  7- honor other women    that's it, this week -- you fill in these blanks, and you tell me, on paper, how the f you're going to accomplish this at the boys table.  have fun babes, bc we still get to wear lipstick and heels + turn a lot of heads. smart + beautiful women are the most dangerous thing on this planet X ck 
February 26, 2019
Hi babes! Well, thanks for all the amazing reviews, Im kinda like woahhh -- you all deserve a dose of real from a girl who has done it all! Here's my gift to you and each friend of yours who's going through pain... you can better cope and heal-- here's how:  Better ways to cope through the pain, because we are all human, we all hurt and we all can accept + grow, constant... #wabisabi Call your sis and best friends -- no text BS-- talk to someone  Sleep  Read more books: Journey to the Heart by Melanie Beattie and Kintsugi Wellness -- no joke I wrote for you to cope and heal x Go hang with GOOD girlfriends  Massage Nature//hiking//forest bathing  Look to Kintsugi as an art form of beauty from healing  Did I mention, sleep? its okay to go to bed at 8 pm if you wanna! Meditate more -- clear your mind  Go for walks + eventually work out more  Move your life forward with grace and poise Always always keep it classy, no matter what life throws at you  Keep friends accountable and be there for them when they are going through their pain! She handles pain .. that shit's amazing -- thanks ARI!!  We all take turns xxx be there and be a good friend, we are better with our golden cracks  share this pod w anyone hurting or suffering in pain, its all wabi sabi xxx ck   
February 19, 2019
See you back reporting on E! News Tues!! xx “Cleansing” it's not just green juices -- we’ve evolved to lifestyle cleansing for 2019.  Hotter. Smarter. Better -- here's how:  We associate cleansing with short term weight loss ...But history shows us that cleansing is really about ridding the mind-body-spirit of anything that is harmful. Cleansing should now be safely adopted as a way to optimize our health. Cleansing should keep us stronger, vibrant and vital for life. Historically, pleasure and health are intrinsically linked and 2019 is bringing back ancient cleansing methods -- that are trending like crazy! Our ancestors have been real deal cleansing for centuries.. I’m just here to report on those ancient traditions, making a modern cleansing comeback: Cleansing that’s pleasurable, ancient and DELISH is the new lifestyle: here 2019’s best trends to cleanse! 1- MATCHA CLEANSE! Show Graphic! The Matcha Cleanse: Swapping Matcha for Coffee -- this is the hottest and easiest way to get your beauty routine boosted, naturally, clear your mental focus and get more nutrients! Ritualistic beverage -- Trendyyy for 2019! Traditionally made with a bamboo whisk, bowl and hot water -- CK Matcha demo! Has 10x the amount of antioxidants as a standard cup of green leaf tea!!! Because you’re ingesting the whole leaf! Matcha gives you longer, sustained energy throughout the day, unlike coffee that causes a steep boost in energy and a hard crash More antioxidants in matcha than in coffee, getting the full nutritional value of green tea leaf May boost metabolism and may burn calories/fat May help in fighting off free radicals Also, this is a time to spend a few extra bucks on the good stuff like Matcha Love! It’s worth the splurge - don’t go for the cheap imitation matcha, you won’t gain the same benefits!   2- WHAT TO EAT: SOUP TO BEAUTY + ADD FERMENTED FOODS   “cleansing” with sugary juices is deprivation!… of calories, of flavor, of pleasures. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get red carpet ready in a healthy, pleasurable way. Soup is my secret weapon.   Here’s why: SOUP TO CLEANSE: BONE BROTH BASED SOUPS CONTAIN COLLAGEN!! Its my secret ingredient to beautiful skin, glowing hair and healthy nails!! Bone broth promotes healthy digestion Protects your joints & strengthen your bones: HEALTHY GUT - you can add fresh ginger and turmeric too! VEGGIE BASED Souping is great for these colder months with nutrients and fiber and you can opt for a gazpacho during the summer time.   When you juice: You will shed water weight -- when juicing -- but will likely gain it back! WATCH OUT FOR HIGH SODIUM SOUP + IF YOU’RE VEGAN try our carrot ginger soup + soups with beta carotene for a glow!    EAT MORE FERMENTED FOODS Fermented Foods: Why? the smartest way to cleanse everyday  -- our ancient ancestors practiced this: trends include: kombucha tea, ACV, fro yo with probiotics + miso is on the rise as a huge trend ingredient for 2019 Miso is a protein rich soy bean paste that provides the gut with beneficial bacteria to help the body stay healthy. Healthy gut is linked to mental and physical wellbeing. Miso is packed with health benefits, as it is a fermented food containing probiotics (good bacteria) which keep your gut flora happy, your immunity up and your digestive system healthy. Miso has anti-inflammatory benefits and is full of nutrients like zinc, copper, vitamin k, manganese, protein and fiber.   3- RELAX AND ADD RITUALS TO YOUR ROUTINE:   It’s just as important to relax and chill this year as our ancestors have, here are some simple ways our ancestors have continuously learned to relax My Japanese ancestors have been reaping the benefits of Hot Springs and Onsen Baths for thousands of years. If you’re not traveling to Japan anytime soon, you can warm up your tub with some lavender + epsom salt and reap some of the same benefits including: Reduce more stress and relax the way my Japanese ancestors have Increasing circulation HELPS you to stay regular//cleansing If you’re feeling adventurous, find your nearest hot spring LIKE MY JAPANESE ANCESTORS DID! These are all realistic and easy to follow! Choose what YOU want to focus on for 2019 -- No rules! Cleanse your whole lifestyle and feel good the way our ancestors once did! Pick up Kintsugi Wellness ASAP + SHOP  to support this free podcast and get the matcha cleanse! xx Candice 
February 12, 2019
Hi from Amsterdam! This week we're all about the practice of letting go -- staying strong and pushing forward what better place to practice this, than Amsterdam!?  you've got this one life, make it EXTRA amazing and what you've always dreamed of! sometimes, it's not what you gain, its what you lose in letting go... and losing dead weight, losing expectations, losing patterns and addictions, losing bad habits, this can be helpful to your growth.  all you have to do is one simple practice and let-go xxx find out how to practice letting go + listen to episode #37: grateful for you xx ck  Letting Go:  1- Practice the KonMari Method: discard, let go -- let go of what no longer brings you joy: READ: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!  2- Let go of people, friends and loved ones who no longer make you feel good: breathe deeper, meditate, exercise, READ books: Untethered Soul  3- Letting Go of Expectations: when we release these, we can help to be more open-minded and essentially, happier   4- Letting Go of Timelines: this is so important for so many of us! Times have changed and we must evolve as well. Accept more.  5- Letting Go of Love that Hurts: be brave read: Daring Greatly  Check out See you back on E! News Feb 19th! xx with love, Candice  + Share this pod on IG like asap I loveee your iTunes reviews x thank you x Shoppe here for Val Day asap:  Get your MATCHA CLEANSE ASAP: TheMatchaShoppe! Get my NEW Book Like ASAP: Kintsugi Wellness Share this podcast with two pf your best friends! text them now!  With thanks and love from Holland xx ck 
February 6, 2019
  It's the hard knock life for us -- well, you'll hear why when you listen to Pod 36 - Jenni, my only sibling and I never had it easy, we had nothing handed to us... we had tough love and we made tough choices:   We now, have to manage multiple businesses and biz accounts, various clients, payroll, taxes, writing, journalism, media, and lyfe with global settings + a global state of mind.    Here are 10 Ways to Cope with Real Life+ Biz: we explain how we have kept it real + kept it cool + creative af:    Business isn't always about the money, its also about doing something that changes lives + sparks creativity +evokes emotion for others and sparks joy xx    1- Don’t compare  — for there will always be ppl better or worse than yourself -- prettier, smarter, more successful -- just don't compare, it does no good... observe the thought and let it go...    2- Read: Max Ehrmann Desiderata   3- Be a Little Easier on Yourself — give advice you’d give to a friend to yourself xx    4- Read:The Unteathered Soul for self help (thanks Nikki!)   5- Hire people who REALLY HELP you: an assistant who is eagerly helpful, a bookkeeper, an accountant, an agent, etc   6- Learn and accept we are human//multi- faceted people + note what your weaknesses are    7- Practice moral integrity, daily + don't judge others     8- Listen//watch more comedy: my faves: Chapelle, + old school Eddie Murphy "Delirious"!    9- If you’ve got a good idea: Do your research, survey, marketing + go for it!!!   10- Know that none of this was planned: Wabi Sabi: nothing is planned. You CAN do ANYTHING you want, you have to apply yourself — you’re not alone … sis and I are with you.    + PLUS: all of your questions answered  YES!! Real Talk + Smart Tips from two REAL Global Entrepreneur Sisters 💋x Everything is just perfectly imperfect.  go go go to NOW, buy a gift for Valentines Day!! and get a copy of Kintsugi Wellness, support your local female entrepreneurs! See you back on E! News Feb 19th!  grateful xx ck     
January 29, 2019
Bonjour Beauties from Paris, France this week! Love letters from the French + Japanese American posse this week to you:  Today's EP: TAKING THE HIGH ROAD YO:  There's a place for all of us at the top of the high road  Have the "Be of Service" attitude Be the individual who stays calm Try to see all sides - appeal to the nobles, don't argue What to do when someone unloads on you - don't engage  Dale Carnegie's Books  Maya Angelou Quotes  Let your hard work speak for itself  Be honest, honorable and play fair  Someone is taking notes -- trust this  Boom -- Jedi MindF everyone xx I'm out, Im in Paris and I need to go enjoy real life + work here for xx enjoy xx ck Be honest, play fair + share this pod on IG like RIGHT NOW!!!  I am blown away by your iTunes reviews xxx thank you!! Shoppe here for Val Day asap! Get your MATCHA CLEANSE ASAP: TheMatchaShoppe! Get my NEW Book Like ASAP: Kintsugi Wellness  Share this podcast with two pf your best friends! text them now!    
January 21, 2019
Hi babes, I took a much needed creative break last week while flying from set in HNL to set in LA + set in NY...I did this so I could better serve you and get you a meaningful + useful pod for this week... In so many ways I've realized that everything in life is a process of timing + trial and error ... adaptation to change and continuously making it work.  Here are 7 better ways we can better understand life, let up on ourselves a little, and learn everyone is constantly working through trial and error, together:   Everything is fking spaghetti at the wall: don't be fooled by anyone -- experience is great but adaptation is key:  - Our Learning Curves are priceless - Grateful for the Growth: its imperative to success - Become Self Aware - Break More Patterns: Esp the ones that don't work for you: be aware of them - Set Boundaries - Stop Worrying - Nemawashi: in Japanese: talking change or a project out humbly with your closest support system.  Everything is just perfectly imperfect xxx  go go go to NOW, buy a gift!!! and get a copy of Kintsugi Wellness, support your local female entrepreneurs! grateful xx ck 
January 9, 2019
Happy New Year Friends! + Sending you so much love from Pearl Harbor. Let's dig deeper than surfacy/basic-shit this year:  Here's a little love from today's episode+ share, share share! with love xx from a child of war:    Reflect, find out where you came from  -Remember those we have lost and those who sacrificed their lives for us  - What can we really learn from our ancestors -- so much is lost as the years pass, its important for us to document these stories.  - Pay attention to where you are being guided towards  - Visit more memorial sites, museums and cultural experiences - Let's not allow history to repeat itself.  - Leave your Legacy + ask the questions you want to ask, now.  - Practice more acts of heroism when nobody is looking  "Intoku"in Japanese  - Share more important content that matters  - Look to the flickering light "komorebi" without darkness, light cannot exist.   - Cultivate more peace in this world  Deepest gratitude xx Candice 
January 1, 2019
Happy 2019 Friends! This is the podcast you should share with every friend you know: its free and you'll come out of this podcast, smarter:  thank u, next  1- Trust Yourself and your intuition  2- Forgive Everyone on your shitlist- this is important to write out and drop for 2019 -- thank them, love them, pray for them 3- Be comfortable in your solitude - you must be comfy by yourself and give yourself more kindness, more grace and more self love (take solo trips, listen to music, journal, write, go for a hike, solo.) 4- Artistry: Should be taken much more serious, you can't be "famous" or "successful" overnight -- you're going to have to work for it  5- Smart Girls: work smarter this year- support other Smart girls -- stop being dumb - smart girls are confident, wise and they support others.  6- Patience, practice patience (meditate, run, workout, take baths, forest bathe in nature, travel, breathe, write) just get our of your head  7- Wabi Sabi: All things are perfectly imperfect-- accept this 8- Let go of the Anger: this only hurts yourself 9- The Calling is About Serving Others: be of better use to others in 2019: make this your focus!! It will change your whole life.  10- Don't Care what others think: f 'em.. its not about you anyways. Stop Trying to Control it all-- letting go of control.. being easy & ignore the judgement of others -- stop spending so much time on social. Again, judgement on you, is a reflection of others, its not about you -- let it go.  thank you, next xxxx here's to your 2019 xxxx its gonna be amazing + go grab Kintsugi Wellness to RESET your whole 2019 + buy gifts on now! Support other women! + stay tuned for my 2019 Matcha Cleanse! Coming to  xshare share share on IG xx2019 is yours for the taking. Make goals and set intent now xx Candice 
December 27, 2018
Meet my awesome big sister, Jenni G. She's legit gangster and runs her own cycling shoppe in London: The London Bike Kitchen She's smart as a whip, cool af, hipster, beautiful inside and out and all tatted up, and..she makes me laugh, her persona and who she is as a person is the same.. all we want to do is help ppl and laugh all day.  And while this holiday, things aren't perfect, they are pretty good this year. Sis is in her almost 10th year in the biz -- she's won awards, she's been written up in all the UK Cycling mags + she's got two shop fronts in the coolest hipster part of London -- Hackney.  She will teach us about what worked for her in launching he own small biz, the challenges she faced, the people she did and didn't get on with and how to overcome more obstacles with ease.  We also share some sister shit that you'll connect with on a deeper level. Spiritually, we are just here to be of service to others. That's it. CA Hapa sisters from Berkley to San Diego, SF to NY and London... Tokyo to Kyushu, we've been crushing the game, but-- Jenni and I are 1- humbled by our mistakes and lessons 2- We may be "successful" but we are not rich 3- We are both still working 24/7 to make all happen -- esp paying our staff first. -- and working with integrity + community.  Listen, laugh, cry, connect -- we are both real AF and have no intent to be famous, but rather just help more people.  Love you sis and thank you xxx we are grateful xxx ck    FOLLOW sis here + Visit Her in London for Bike Workshops, Community + hipster shit and Bike Swag for Bike Tours: Gifts here:
December 18, 2018
SHARE! This podcast on IG + I'll repost xxx I'm going to share three stories related to San Francisco in which three different men tried to dim my bright light. Here's what you can do to overcome and grow//learn//love and shine!: -Take pride in all that you do, always give 100 - Thank the haters, thank them, say thank you - Take the high road  - Read: Dale Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People" - Read: Don Miguel Ruiz "The Four Agreements"  - Keep making decisions that propel you into the light and the right direction.  - Ignore, take the high road and learn from them.    All the Stars ✨✨✨✨ ..... when you told me I’d never make it, I smiled inside and gracefully went back to my desk.  when you didn’t give me the opportunities others in my space got, I created my own.  when you told me I should get a real day job, a was already working 15 + launched my INC at 23. when you discriminated against me because I was an Asian female, but tried to hide that, I knew & it pushed me closer to my heritage.  when you tried to ride my coattail, and abuse my kindness, I silently knew + I handled it with grace.  when you didn’t support me through the tough times, I took notes.  If you want to be of “influence” I suggest you go back to your desk/kitchen/school/studio/creative space/inward + work smarter + harder, for 10 years ++ show us what you’re made of. Educate yourself.  when the battery dies, how valuable is your heart? How profound your work? It took me a really, really, really long time to get here + I’m still struggling to be my best self.... if you have IT—- keep shining.   Navigate through the tough times w grace + be smart— Because YOU CAN’T dim the light of those who are destined for greatness.  Pick up Kintsugi Wellness ASAP + SHOP  to support this free podcast xx Candice 
December 11, 2018
Krista and Linds (The Almost 30 Podcast) of have been two of the most supportive soul sisters in the podcast game... and now, IRL.  They devotionally love and support all the women and entrepreneurs on their podcast and IRL. They are fearless in their pursuit to be real, to find love and to master all of life's f-up lessons. .. while staying kind, and chill.  It’s no surprise that success is coming back to them, full circle. And in this perfectly imperfect world, we’re all just figuring it all out, together.  There’s no secret to our entrepreneurship:   -But I will tell you ten things we have in common:  1- we are all real af 2- we work with integrity and sacrifice many days off and holidays to work 3-we believe in what we are doing  percent —ride or die 4- we share the same amazing + brilliant mentor, James Higa in SF, he's formerly from Apple + reported directly to Steve Jobs for over 30 years. He shows us integrity and care in his devout mentorship 5- we believe that honesty is the only policy 6- we take chances and risks, even when they are not popular or easy 7- we’ve all had “failures” but look at them as successes  8- all we want to do is laugh (sometimes we scream lolz) 9- we laugh so hard we f the audio all up 10- we love my matcha cookies and hand jobs + giveaways!! Now, go listen, love and learn... three very real female millennial entrepreneurs share all Krista and Linds (Almost 30) I support you all the way home! Visit them on their site!! xx love xxx ck    go go go to NOW, buy a gift!!! and get a copy of Kintsugi Wellness, support your local female entrepreneurs!
December 4, 2018
taking a break from NY to travel +restart my perspective on life wasn’t easy: gratefully, I’ve found, it’s been worth it. here’s what I’ve learned so far + hope this can help you on your next reset:  1- Very Little: there’s very little that’s actually important: health, family, friends, laughter, being yourself, creating, freedom + chillin  2- Being Genuinely Happy For Others: to me, this feels really fking good. I want everyone to find great love + from the depths of my soul, I wish for all to find contentment in their hearts, even when our paths are not the same. Embrace one another.  3- I Can’t Change People: I can work to better myself + accept that everyone is doing their best. I can work on my heart + mind at anytime.  4- Expectation Isn’t Reality. I gotta meditate and surf on this more! but perception is also not reality. This, I found, I like who I am in real life way more than for work. + maybe there’s a a hybrid to mesh more of both in my upcoming endeavors.  5- Showing: the space I’ve given myself, being in nature + w all my childhood friends has shown me my capacity to love, the true love between my surfboards + I never died. I moved to NY to make my dreams come true + I picked them right back up. I hope you can give yourself this same time/space to do the same.. be gentle, be kind.  6- Go Slow: Rushing never did anything but stress all of us NY magazine editors out; for what? For an issue to hit stands like OMG!! Slow + steady, thoughtful, stillness, meaningful work, more time can work more magic. 7- this life: it’s not perfect, it’s draining, it’s gonna suck +  totally f you over — and you’re gonna come out of it golden.  I’m on 3 startups: LA, NY, Paris, Tokyo, Poland + no guys, sh ain’t easy - but it’s worth it. like all imp things in life. . If I’m living proof, —- good things happen to good people. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You don’t have to take everyone’s advice. let go You will have to be patient + try to help as many people as you can.  Found within the blurred lines —-there is a pursuit of greatness + to find that one last deep breath. We’ve got a big calling ahead of us ♥️
November 27, 2018
Dude, I wrote/drafted out a whole podcast for you, 3x... the program Im using wiped out my files 3x - wabi sabi -you're gonna have to listen to this one on your own for all the juicy freedom tips//tricks xxx  go shop at like ASAP to get good karma! xxx ck 
November 20, 2018
It's that season babes, the season where we have the opportunity to make more space with our life and our time... In my two months of non-stop travel out of New York I've learned a lot... mostly, the little things:  friends, fam, health, laughter, nature, girlfriend BFF time, surfing, barre, hot asses.. all of that ... even scotch, pizza and pasta.  traveling by myself, reading more books I love and letting go..  in this pod, I'll share how to practice gratitude in your heart + how the little blessings are the BIG ones. + how the worst travel day of the season, helped me to appreciate all of the things I have.  that's it. please share this podcast with two besties this week + get my book kintsugi wellness ASAP as a gift for your three BFFs this holiday! thanks for being such a babe xx ck  
November 13, 2018
Hoping we can all start sharing more on the courage to be disliked ... to explain what this means, its a new book I've been reading - focused on: separating tasks + learning of yours and theirs  learning to live life for yourself  unhappiness vs happiness  why life is not a competition  + how to feel you have value -- because you do!! :)  + sometimes, not sharing is the best share -- living to just simply be.  flew in late, gotta be up early for a shoot, in my beloved, NY thank youuuu for downloading wabi sabi for 25 episodes now!  I am so beyond grateful!  we did it! xx ck 
November 6, 2018
One of My Long-time Secrets to Chillin? Trusting & Knowing the Best is Yet to Come, that's what I'll be doing, because its all I've got. My life is imperfect, its full of sh*t, that's right + I try to make the best out of it... Here's what I try to do to keep moving it all forward and living a life, the one I've always dreamed of xx  Pioneering is the only thing that really keeps me going --  I don't look around much, I only try my best to look inside + look forward.  Here's What we Will Learn About in Today's Pod: 1- Times are Changing + We Must Change, too 2- Stop the Worrying -- it's a waste of your mental real estate   3- Keep Yourself Busy -- keep it all going forward + stop thinking so much, execute more -- there's ALWAYS more work that can be done -- and weekends aren't a "side hustle" anymore -- they are part of entrepreneurship! If you hate your job, QUIT! 4- Supportive Friends for the Win, Always -- you know exactly who they are, take breaks from those who don't make you feel awesome x Arianna Huffington + All of my Mentors, we support one another and open opportunities 5- Learn to Adapt to the Times -- these will come and they will go, life is a rollercoaster.  6- Be Grateful for the Hard Times-- they help us to learn and grow -- say thank you to all the shitty people who hurt and f-ked you over -- BE GRATEFUL you are not like that -- be the bigger person and move your life forward.  7- Ask Yourself: What are you so worried about? What are you really afraid of? There is nothing to really fear. When you learn to trust and pioneer, when you don't worry -- the shifts, the new chapters will happen. I am certain of this.  8- - Why are you listening to someone else's rules anyway? There's no need to conform? This is your life, you've got one time to make it worth it -- stop being so afraid and get out there and love, live, fast deep, wide, hard, with no rules or expectation. GO WORKOUT, SWEAT, SLEEP better, these are simple tools that WORK.  Point is, great work, those who were born to stand out, will...but you're going to have to put in your time, constantly work at it, be your best self, be honest, pay your bills and taxes on time + be a good person.  Being Honest Will Keep you out of Trouble.  It takes one step to start.   oh and write that 5 star review! It takes 1 minute!! xx with thanks and love xx ck  Email me for my fave MONAT Shampoo! or SHOP here:   Pick up my new book, Kintsugi Wellness for the Holidays, NOW!xx   
October 30, 2018
hi friends, ep 23 has arrived!  had to take a mini break last week bc shit ain't perfect here -- I was on the mend for a few personal things xx all is going to be all g x with all of the hate we've been seeing all over the news these days, its becoming hard to believe that we implement very little  to stop hate from being published all over the web. I've got a few haters who love writing negative comments about me, when they have no idea what it's been like to walk this line for 15 years. Completely self-made + a solo business owner, and sadly, they come with the territory. What we can do as a community to gather more strength and love? to better come together as a community? -The best practice I can show you? -- Giving more grace  -I'm not perfect --I have a lot of work to do, but practicing grace is what we can give, its what we can do and what we can be -- graceful.  -In this podcast, we will discuss more on grace .. -How to practice it, how to give it, how to receive it.  - grace is empathy - grace is compassion - grace is time - grace is endurance  - grace is not ego, its not having to be right, its taking the high road - grace is swallowing your pride + showing up for others - grace is acceptance and moving forward - grace is love xx  -It's not just about telling you or showing you, I want you to feel the grace, and be the grace ...practice ... exercise your grace + watch the benefits rise! +PLUSSSS I answer ALL of your burning questions Thanks for being so amazing xx pls write a POSITIVE podcast review on iTunes + drown out the hate, with love! Write to me on Instagram! @CandiceKumai I always write back! with thanks and in gratitude with grace, Candice xxxx    
October 16, 2018
I’m busy gettin rich - dizzy  how I signed 80 branding deals in 8 years & you can, too:  What we will chat about in this week's pod: Simple Steps to Greatness:   always give your best, especially when nobody else is watching  stay original & don’t copy other people’s content keep your friend group small and supportive  Man I love my team, I would die for my team, as Drizzy says  stay away from crazy  recognize the other real deal people and support them with all of your heart  look for opportunities that keep you growing  give big opportunities to women, it keeps us all growing  new jobs and new opps keep us healthy, vibrant growing and confident  as female leaders we choose to open up doors and opps to all women and keep our community growing   you've got this ladies, keep growing, learning + being amazing human beings xx ck  check out my book Kintsugi Wellness + Leave a podcast review + a book review as your gift back! xx ck 
October 9, 2018
how learning is your guidebook to winning + how losing is the greatest gift you can open-- we can learn so much -- strategically, losing is winning bc it helps you to re-direct your sails, re-focus and re-strategize... humility is also key in this process and as a girl who has come up on her own through scrutiny and struggle, I share with you how we can better win and lose, together xx  - it is still very much a man's world, wabi sabi -- and we live in it -- we must accept this -- we can do things to change this, too  - may you stay brave along the path less taken  - may you keep supporting one another - may you never forget how much harder you will have to work to "make it" + that's ok -- its how us women earn respect - learn from women in business.. men are nice, but they don't know or understand half of the battles you will be faced with  - start supporting more women, be the change and thew light you wish to see in the world.  - stop complaining and do something about it.  - shine bright like a diamond + be resiliently beautiful + strong no matter what comes your way. you are a unique and special diamond x Please write a 5 star review on my book Kintsugi Wellness on amazon and also please give me a 5 star love letter on iTunes  this is a free podcast, I actually invest my own time and money into,  each week, so at the least, I ask you to support me + follow me on  Instagram + ask 2 best friends to do the same! thank you.  I am grateful xxx ck       
October 2, 2018
Konbanwa from Kyoto! I'm out here shooting a health and wellness documentary in the motherland+ wanted to share with you parts of my studies here:  Here's what we will learn about this week: 1-How to Rebuild your Life -- what I learned from a Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Survivor, Mister Nishi teaches us a transitional and broken moment in history + how he overcame.   2- How to Rebuild your Whole Life + stop complaining + start moving it forward 3- Simple and actionable advice on how you also can overcome struggle - you are never alone 4- Think about your life, what can you learn from it? How can you grow? Growing is immeasurable -- work through it! Give yourself the time -- be gentle xx 5- Everyone is going through transition, learn that change is the only constant and adapt.... you have it good, trust me.  6- To Feel pain is to be tolerant -- pain is growth. Kintsugi is going through it -- kintsugi is the art of time, process, allowing and healing + you have got to do the work.  YOU are an honorable human being with light in this world, don't forget this -- all the feels and emotions are ok! Feel them!-- We must look back and reflect and learn to grow tho, and heal ... 7- On to the next one, bitches xx until next week, ganbatte kudasai! (please do your best) xx ck   Soooo YOU like my FREE pod with no ads?? Subscribe now, and please follow me on Instagram and ask two of your best friends to follow also! Check out my new book, KINTSUGI WELLNESS xxx ck 
September 18, 2018
So many of you have asked me how it was even possible to write 6 books in my 20's and at the same time simultaneously build a brand -- almost all on accident + by chance and yes, a TON of hard work! EP 19 is where it's at! Im here to help, love! - work on a solid idea - be original + remember, wabi wabi - don't copycat + respect those who have worked hard to get to where they are.  - utilize the special talents that only you have + be humbled by them - what brings you the most joy when working? - ignore all the haters! - travel often and wide, enjoy the ride  - trust more, accept more + be open minded - respect yourself -- keep authentic as possible and keep it real yo  - what do you have to show for your success when the battery dies? with love always xxx check out all my new books here: thank you NYC, for my eight best years, now, time to see the world and back to CALI!! PS in exchange for all the free content I give --- please write a stellar 5 start review on iTunes, amazon for my books and also Spotify! Follow me on Instagram + comment on my pics!! EVERY bit helps!  xx ck 
September 11, 2018
So you: Wanna be a Shot Calla: How to know when to pull the trigger + make some real changes: Here's what I chat about in episode #18 -- Wanna be a Shot Calla  -How to know when to make a big life’s transformation & transition -How to win by always using girl code & staying chill -How to practice the Japanese traditions of:  “Shikata ga Nai” it cannot be helped  & “Wabi Sabi” - perfectly imperfect  - Take time to reflect on your life + write yourself a love letter - What was life like for you 8 years ago? -Now: Try to look at life through a different perspective + my favorite books to do so... - What will you miss the most about your past life, in reflection  -Take more chances on creating your own change. -To New Chapters, how to turn the next page, how will you know? - Think about your last 8 years -- relive it all + acknowledge your growth and success.  - How can we be graceful and brave at the same time? Like Naomi + Serena --  - What got you started? Can you reflect and acknowledge that? - What have you learned- how can you grow? - How do we make change - to upgrade your whole life? -Overall, how to be a straight G, shot calla.  Love love you + check out my new book Kintsugi Wellness + leave a 5 star review on iTunes and Spotify!! Thank you for always listening! xxx
September 4, 2018
Eight years ago, September 2010:  I packed up one suitcase + I moved to NYC, I had nothing except my smile, my character & my consistent hard work.  I slay all day, even when shit got tough, I stood up with grace. 8 Straight Never Took One Break   Welcome the Ten things I learned "making it in NYC"    Be gracious, honour yourself first + you'll better be able to honour all others Remember people will hurt you, grace and resilience will be key   Expect nothing from anyone -- no hand outs  Play hard, play fair, always be honest  Patience is the highest virtue: it will take a great deal of both time and $$$ You will gain friends and lose some - learn from this.  Try to do mostly the things that you love + that make you feel good + make time to be bad-- date all the men/women you want, stay out late, never a regret  Surround yourself with the smartest people you know, drop the dead weight + watch out for social climbers Never ever change, because who you are is so so brilliant and so special basic is so so boring -- please don't compare  Gaman - to endure with grace and resilience is your secret weapon  BONUS: Remind yourself why you do this - for me it is to help others -- please be in the present as much as you can  BONUS: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere- its true, Frank! Now, get out there, share this pod with two friends! POST it on IG!! Go make something incredible with your one life! xxx 20 days, NY NY xx ck  Pick up my book Kintsugi Wellness + improve your whole life  Sign up for my Newsletter: + follow me on Instagram for all new upcomings and the Wabi Sabi Tour xxx ck   
August 28, 2018
So, I woke up next to Elon Musk Monday am on the cover of, woah, what a milestone for an Asian American girl!!!  Here's a sneak peek into my full motivational interview for you: let this be your fire + allow me to pave the way with grace x  Please love and comment away on my Instagram to support + share my story of adversity with two best friends! Your follows, likes and comments DO count and means so so much to me when you comment and like! I read each of your comments + reply -- because I care! ⚡️Girls you can make it in a boys club & challenge them at their game with grace: Here's a Sneak Peek into what I talk about in my Forbes interview + Waking up next to Elon Musk this am:  Forbes Interview Sneak Peek: August 27, 2018  “From the outside, Candice Kumai seems to have a perfect life. The professionally trained chef, former model, entrepreneur, podcast host, photographer and best-selling author of six books travels the world teaching her distinctive brand of Japanese-inspired wellness, while somehow still finding time for her daily cup of matcha. Talk about success.  However, Kumai’s no stranger to hardship. She has faced financial pangs, lost jobs, fought stereotypes against her heritage and suffered heartbreak—but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Like the ancient Japanese pottery technique her latest book (“Kintsugi Wellness”) is named for, in which an artisan repairs broken pottery by sealing the pieces together with gold lacquer, Kumai has learned to honor her whole self, flaws and all. It’s this celebration of the “perfectly imperfect” that grounds Kumai and keeps her relatable to her followers.  Here, Kumai shares how she’s paving the way for women in traditionally male-dominated industries, the secret wellness ingredients in her pantry and why ancient Japanese self-care rituals are more relevant than ever.” You sound like such a bad ass on the Wabi Sabi podcast—yet you aren’t afraid to get real and show your pain. How did you build the confidence to be so fiercely authentic?  Candice Kumai: I was raised by immigrant parents who weren’t afraid of hard work. They showed me that being an honest and humble person was always the best way. I’m humbled by their grace and tough love—[she’s a] Tiger Mom, for sure. They remind me to be a good person and work hard, stop complaining and take responsibility for my success. Having a sense of humor is essential, as well. We laugh so much.  When did you realize that your heritage and passion for traveling and wellness could become a business, with books, a website, a podcast, photography and so much more?  CK: I wrote so many basic cookbooks before I realized I was truly supposed to stand out. Being teased as: CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY  story by Joni Sweet  Click here to watch my full video on Grit + Humility in a boys club: WANT CK HEALTHY HAIR: YAS! It's all about that gorgeous HAIR!: Click here to check out the products I've been using the past year: I'm finally sharing my hair secret. I started using a product almost a year ago, Monat (pronounced Moe-Nate) my hair was getting damaged from heat styling and the chemicals from the various products used for work/play.  Monat, a naturally based haircare line. Monat is naturally based meaning no harmful chemicals or toxins. It’s paraben free, sulfate free, and gluten free. It’s 100% cruelty free.! Click for more on my line! Let's Chat Hair Products, together! If you have questions or want to order Monat, what I use! you can email my friend Chrissy and I: We can help you figure out what is best for you!  --please reach out to us via email! BOOKS: My new book! Kintsugi Wellness is the perfect gift for self-love + acceptance, healing + humility! Hell yeah xx pos get ready for my downloads! Sign up now: 
August 21, 2018
Well, it is time -- calling all the ladies-- this one is for you, it took me weeks to put this one together.... and damn I'm giving you all of this advice for free-- burning big holes in my pocket right now. So please: Karma is free and real: Subscribe, tell 3 friends this week to listen, and write reviews for my pod and books. #WabiSabi forever xx ck  Here's what Ep 15 is all about:  The Superpower Playbook: How to KILL it in a Boys Club: Stop Complaining + Start Killing it with Grace + Use what WE CAN to our advantage:  Lead by great example Take better care of thyself -- women are hot + can drop jaws just by walking into a room -- men cannot do that Be chill Be graceful Practice grace - be patient and nurturing, practice grace  Help Other Women!!! WTF!! Follow more FEMALES who are leading the way: unfollow anyone who does not make you feel good.  Females -- in business are who you should be looking to support! - females have a much different experience in business than men --  so listen to my work, support my work + give other women in business your support. Simple.  Buy female books, listen to female pods, share female work Create Original Content- Be yourself. Look for women who have broken through the barriers: support them -- show don't tell Volunteer with women you love and admire! -- HUGE thank you to: Cecelia Smith, Abiola Fasehun, Joanie Taylor, Rona Tison, Jacqueline Lobdell, Lauren Scharf+ Norby Duran for ALL volunteering your time with me (for free!) - I am beyond grateful Check in with other women -- show don't tell Don't make assumptions that other women are doing great -- you should check in on them SMILE AT OTHER WOMEN. THIS IS SIMPLE & FREE. :)  Flowers bloom, beautifully next to one another -- they do not get jealous. love you always see you on my insta. xx ck  check out my fave haircare here: Monat is spelled Monat (no E on the end). If you have questions you can email ME! at buy my book asap if you listen to my pod: Kintsugi Wellness SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN!! WTF!!    
August 14, 2018
Love. 💕When I was asked to answer the question "what is love?"💕 It struck me as a very profound and deep question to answer— I wasn’t actually sure I could answer it. I'm not sure that there's one answer to this question either...  I indeed thought about this one a lot —- I’ve actually, subconsciously thought about what it is my whole life. I've had a few long term relationships, I've come close to marriage + have lived with a boyfriend in LA and another in NY (no, not at the same time, dear) ... but that's not really what love is... this podcast isn't all about romance.  It is quite possible that the definition of love is different for many people but there are some fundamentals that we can all practice to better cultivate to feel love and ... to be the love we wish to find one day.  I’m a tough NYC girl, but I’m really not that tough bc I was raised in Ca. And mom and dad are both the kindest spirits. My sister too— each of us has a big and empathetic heart. We always want to love and live for one another. And no, we and especially I am not perfect... But from LA to NY, Tokyo to Barcelona, Fiji to Oz, London to Paris, Mexico to Ghana.. Canada to Greece, Hong Kong to China: these are the things I have experienced that are universally practiced as, love:  Here's what we will learn from today's episode:  Love is empathy.  Love is compassion.  Love is giving your attention to another.  Love is being present.  Love is gratitude.  Love is prayer.  Love is service.  Love is peace.  Let us practice more, there are enough shitheads out there.  And, lastly, please, don’t stress about finding a partner... don’t worry, love is patient + kind... anything worth keeping is not easy to find. What is meant for you, shall not pass you.  What is meant to be will be. Live and let live. Let us love more.  Consequently the time code on this pod is 50:50 And that’s what love is, meet you down the aisle xx see you partner xx with my love, ck  Sites + email listed in this pod:  PS love my hair!? YAS! It's all about that gorgeous HAIR!:! Click for more on my line! If you have questions or want to order Monat, what I use! you can email my friend Chrissy and I: We can help you figure out what is best for you! I hope for those have you that have been searching for something like this try it and love it! Also, Monat is in the US, Canada+ the UK! If you’re interested in more on the best shampoo + conditioner!? --please reach out to us via email!   Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8      
August 6, 2018
You wanna make stacks right? + you think you're gon be rich? Like and make more $$ than mom and dad?  Yep, that's what it says us millennials think...  After crushing a bi-coastal business as a small solo female bis owner..I have a much more realistic grasp on the matter. However, I'm still in the middle and, I'm in this long-haul game with you.  Here's what we will chat on in EP 13 betches:  Privilege vs Pay -- why the free stuff is just as important and it is what it is, priceless.  Stop being so entitled and acting like you're owed anything.  Learn to embrace the ebb and flow of small business finances. Just start! - Look up: S Corporation + LLC's versus working off a W9 forever. Why? -- ownership, tax write offs, respect, freedom.  Pay off your credit card each month (duh) this is so basic.  Pay your rent on time each month (again, basic).  Opening an IRA account (mutual funds) Opening a SEP IRA account (mutual funds) with  Hiring a legit CPA or Financial Advisor Hiring a lawyer, when necessary//needed Why a savings account is legit necessary  Prepare for your taxes each year, get responsible. How I overcame small, shit-talking people on my team + basically -- worked my way forward, with grace and skills. BYE! How to learn to embrace the struggle of small business + take the leap of faith --- working in your PJs or undies is the best thing, ever.  Please Subscribe + 5 STAR rate this pod like ASAP, its all free! Sites mentioned: Check out Mutual Fund companies you trust for early retirement + also your CPA//Financial Advisor can help you with managing loans and savings. Werd.  
July 31, 2018
It's time to do the work bae, you ready? Because you know, I don't play-- It's all real deal here + here's the key on how I was able to survive my media and publishing career -- and being thrown to the wolves. ... it was always my friends.  Friends, how important are they to you? They're vital to your survival and to your success in this one lifetime. Be good to them -- don't just tell -- show them + show up.  Let's talk about the ebb and flow of friendship- no, friendship is not found without flaws --- friendship is the epitome of wabi wabi -- its perfectly imperfect. I've been crushed by some "friends" and some lovers over the years + I have moved on from them, with kintsugi and grace.  How we value one another, matters. Here's what you can do in this week's episode for one another:  Compassion, practice more compassion for one another, keep calm and cool. Non-Judgement - we can all do the work on ourselves and judge less, try meditating, volunteering more + working in the service industry for others.  "Yuimaru" - your inner circle of friends in Japanese this is vital  Lifelong Friends, be good to them + show them, don't tell, show up -- be a good friend in real life.  Work Relationships, we can value them just as much as our life-long friends and friends IRL. Be good to those you work with  Support one another, sincerely  Listen to others, its free. We need more listeners + less noise Love you + please pick up my book Kintsugi Wellness!  + Give us a FIVE STAR review on iTunes asap! This free- no-ad podcast is here only because a writer, I want to be of better, free service to you.  My new book + podcast are being called the very new guidebook + podcast to healing + real-life, real-deal wellness. xxx ck 
July 24, 2018
Hey guys! What's up .. I just landed back in California + I'm taking some extra time to write this out for you! Enjoy, LE POD, WABI SABI EPISODE #11:HOW to Get your SHIT Together + Make it Look Fabulous xx all is perfectly imperfect!  What a Mentor Can REALLY do for you.  Why Working Weekends is: beneficial and cumulative to your ultimate success. + its pretty darn easy.  How to gain real clarity and perspective on where you want to go.  Why you should pray for others + their success.  Don't Gossip: there's simply no need and no time for it - it is absolutely a waste of time and not necessary to becoming who you were meant to be.  How to better HUMBLE THYSELF -- check yourself, always before you wreck yourself + why humility is a scarlet letter//asset to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  Surround yourself with SMARTIES!!!  -- who do know more about what they are doing than you! Everyone is a pro at something + collaborating as a team on the end game - that's what makes you strong and successful.  Pay your bills on time - this is legit business - its a transaction + its responsible + important.  Support Others: This is imperative to do sincerely and with your whole heart.  Remember that SUCCESS isn't what we all need more of -- as the Dalai Lama says: “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds." -Dalai Lama What NYC has taught me on the weekends + how you can continue to do it + put your back into it. hahah.  Love you, I'm such a geek + this pod almost made me cry again!! Go purchase Kintsugi Wellness , like now xxx Candice  PS I have no idea what I'm doing.        
July 16, 2018 the story continues... you'll hear about three different life scenarios on wabi sabi podcast episode 10: one from a perfect stranger, from a Tokyo-Born-Indian, on the other side of the world, one of my own I stumbled across in Fiji, and one that was given to the people of Japan and the world. Each of these stories has the small potential to impact your life, but only in the way you'd like for it to. You allow how you'd like for each of these stories to impact you. After SXSW I received an email about how my SXSW speaking event  helped to mend a family and their trauma.  The story was so touching, I had to share it with all of you... When I went to Turtle Island Fiji this past year to study the local culture and food .. I stumbled across a woman named Deb, who forever changed my life. "We are all okay", "all is okay" + you don't even need to know someone very long, to know, you love them.  Their is a city in Japan, that became a historical place, a place of kintsugi.. in 1945 at 9:15 am. It even hurts to write out about these events. But You'll be able to hear about the recovery from broken to beautiful.  How to do the work + where to find it.  I hope you love episode 10, its short and very sweet + I also answer a few of your juicy IG questions! Send me your notes on Instagram on my latest post -- just comment! get kintsugi wellness now!  + See you on my Instagram stories + on the Today Show Aug 8th! xx ck   
July 10, 2018
I bless the rains in Africa, and this will all make sense in today's pod: Let's get adventurous!: My Resume is my Clapback.  No time wasted bickering here... only work and good quality work: How to be a better person + learn, stay chill + grow, giving to others and flourishing your life's romance --- your resume stands strong and nobody can take that away from you.  Build it.  Grow it.  Stay consistent AF.  Romance that shit.  Check your ego at the door.  Im tired and I don't feel like writing tonight lollzzz its 12 midnight + I gotta be up for the Today Show -- cuz I'm real AF. -- go listen to it bitches xxx ck  + buy this book dude: Kintsugi Wellness and thank you for being the loves of my life x      
July 3, 2018
Today, let's talk on the clear difference between selflessly "doing something" and selfishly "being someone". I've often thought of what I was taught when I was a kid growing up with a strict and tough Japanese mom -- but she was also the most loving, devout + admired mom, too. She and my father raised us by example and Jenni (my sister and I) later took what they showed us and all became a family of honor.  We will learn about how I am in the thick of the middle, a time of learning, struggle, financial pain, and balancing businesses from LA to NY -- no this shit is not easy -- but we do it bc we love it with honor.  - How the Japanese lost in the World Cup, they gave 110% -- ganbatte! and they still bowed with honor to the crowd after barely losing 3-2.  - We learn of the Japanese people after the game, picking up their own trash + others after losing the match... they show-- they do not tell.  - The Japanese term "gaman" with great resilience and honor - We learn from my Father, when he was drafted into the military at 18, how he moved his life forward with honorable action and integrity -- even though this was an uncertain time. - We learn from dad, what he calls, "basics" it seems so many of us are losing: like how to properly email someone + how complaining is not the way you + to be a better team mate means to work together.  - Be on time, be prepped, do as you are told. Simple. Basic shit.  - We learn from Maya Angelou and Kendrick Lamar.  - We learn how we can be better, how we can focus on our own work and life's calling - follow your calling -- even if it is far too great of an ask -- you will never be disappointed if you give it your all. - We can see action is the way to success, not talk. Anyone can talk and blab all they want.. but my stack of books and magazine stories will still stand the test of time + I honor myself, my work and mostly, I honor, care and value you + my contributions to society and the world.  Why I care about you? Find out in Episode 8 + have a think about what it means to be more mindful, to show others, by action and to live an even badder and better life.. I've said this before, I'll say it again -- you do not have to do what everyone else is doing.  Check out my new book Kintsugi Wellness -- I'll be on the TODAY show cooking with it!! JULY 12th 10 am hour!!  + Dr Oz JULY 16th!  Love and care for you, keep going babes, the middle is tough, but you are tougher!  xx ck     
June 30, 2018
I've put together a weekend bender episode (I almost wrote recipe!) haha a weekend collection of all of your juicy questions + some of these may be tomes you want and might need to hear! Sometimes the Universe sends you notes or signs you need to hear, without you knowing it... welcome Wabi Wabi Weekend Bender:  Here's what I answered for you: I want you to thrive, feel like you fit-in and you are part of my community:) always! - How to get your business going + connected to a bigger network: tips on not getting discouraged  - The classic "style" I wear + who I'm not a fan of "fast fashion" - Miso + Matcha notes: if you don't like these ingredients what to do!? -Notes on being single + how to enjoy this one life the way you want to live! - Relationships + How I feel about them: allow me to help you -- may the best man/woman win  - How to find your life's purpose: your "Ikigai" in life. How to do you.  - Who my work wives are: aka most supportive podcasting girls ever! (Rosie + Sahara!!) - How I worked to become the "golden girl of wellness" - a happy accident.  - Wellness + Beauty + Cooking Tips, forever - my trifecta! - Smoothie questions! + apple cider vinegar tips  - We are a community: want your q's answered by a real deal hustler//artist? -- write in my latest IG post:  Follow my work + allow me to answer your life's burning questions: @CandiceKumai 
June 24, 2018
🐅Tiger Mom Survival Guide: Welcome: Episode Six 6️⃣  - this one is for all you mixed kids, Asian kids & my homies that got kicked around ⚡️⚡️⚡️+ its time for 2018, the year of REAL.  Here’s what you will learn in today's episode: How I struggle, how I have endured, how I have pushed myself, how I have created change --Welcome, the Tiger Mom Survival Guide:  1- practice Wabi Sabi: live with the notion all is perfectly imperfect - life will not be perfect forever. What made my sister and I so different from everyone else? We were raised with tough love + as realists. There was no sugar-coating or telling us how "great" we were. Tough love helps to raise incredible + creative entrepreneurs.  2- grace + humility: will always win. I don’t care who you are, being kind to everyone, just the same is key. Practice mindfulness & please work on dropping your ego, drop your sense of entitlement. How my mother showed me grace + never told me about grace.  3- legacy: do something that would make your tiger 🐯 mom proud. Why be basic? Why copy? Why complain? Do something grand to help others & do it well— Ganbatte: translates to: Always do your best in Japanese. Have the anthem of "Ganbatte" inside of you! 4- how to: get back up: they’re gonna push you, punch you in the face & and you’re gonna get right back up. Show people your talents — don’t tell. Nobody cares, especially not tiger mom —-about your talking — show me something good. 5- kaizen: you’ve got to continuously improve as the Japanese do — there is nor start of finish line in the race of life— we all start at the same mark— but those who are more talented & willing to take the beating & get right back up—— the adversity is real.  Now, go crush your work week — tiger mom doesn’t care about pity — she doesn’t care about your ego— she def doesn’t care about your social feed —-she wants you to leave a real #legacy— something tangible & real — one so grand —- she’d be proud to call you her child.  Please keep in  mind: all of my notes are free, actionable — take it or leave it: check out my new book Kintsugi Wellness! its the perfect gift for self-love + acceptance, healing + humility.    See you: On The Today Show July 9th + Dr Oz July 16th!!  love you xxx ck 
June 18, 2018
⚡the art of not conforming: My career, as an artist I went w my heart, even if it got smashed, which it did many times. As a female in the food industry, the pain/discrimination was part of my path. This year, with new endeavors + content w @SXSW, @Forbes, @Girlboss, @ariannahuff, @iamwellandgood Council + the new book @harpercollinsus Oprah Magazine, Today Show + Dr. Oz: I’m committed to sharing my story, in hopes you can see, a girl who started from the bottom, waiting tables in college, fit modeling to pay bills, paying for culinary school on my own, this girl does it all: Here's what we will learn in episode #5:  Here are my Best Tips on "Making Shit Happen": 1- Execution trumps all talk. If you want to be a killer, you need to produce. Anyone can talk or troll, but it takes a true artist to pick up the brush, the mic, the camera, the knife, the pen + get going. DO SOMETHING, just start. 2- Ignore the haters. If I listened to all the mean shit people laid on me for years, I'd never equate to anything. You have to ignore+remember that's about them, not you. Pray for them. 🙏🏼 3- Integrity+Grit: those two things set me apart from the rest. I always did my best & never cut slack. I'm as hard on myself as I am my team. I expect excellence, that's what the reader deserves. Recipes that work, images that captivate, content that matters! Writing that changes the world, and evokes emotion, connection + action. That's what grit+integrity do. I write ALL of my own work, recipes, my site, my newsletters, I produce/direct each of my books & shoot my own content/videos⚡the art is in the artist. 4- Skills: I learned them. I went to culinary school at 22 -- I was  young+thirsty. I worked in restaurants +production for years, I educated myself on Japan, nutrition+wellness. I didn't come from money, I had to teach myself skills. Much like Japan, a country w no natural resources; they were out of luck- until they realized SKILL was what they could offer the world. Guess what? At the size of California, they are still a world power today. Get some skills, use them, humbly+gracefully. 5- Humility + Grace: This is what my character is made out of. Mom + Dad taught me to love, to be kind, to be respectful. Although I hate rules, I respect everyone, even when they were shitty to me. Grace Always Matters. You will in this life, get what you give. Be honest, be real, and you don't have to conform for anyone 🦄  My new book, Kintsugi Wellness has 12 chapters on how to heal, mend, grow + become a better person + 50+ inspiring wellness recipes.   
June 10, 2018
Ciao from Sardinia this week! I've been traveling the globe to interview wise locals and experts on life longevity + happiness + wellness around the globe .. this month I've been studying in Italy + Sardinia! In order for the monks here in Ravello, Italy and throughout the world to pray, they acknowledge that dark places do exist & we can choose to do the same & make light from it.  Wabi sabi— life is not meant to be perfect.  It’s about accepting more, growing, choosing to be different — it can be so fulfilling, too.    Some Actionable Ways to Help you Boost your Mental Health + what we learn in this episode:  the answer is being there for others - check in more often make no assumptions about other's lives  learn more about what you can do to help mental health issues in your community  be real af, stop wearing a mask + pretending everything is perfect Get out there and find a job you love that helps others! If you are in TV, media, modeling, publishing, the arts -- I urge you, especially the executives and producers to please start changing the face of media--- its so fake and contrived and not realistic.  let's focus on media, publishing + programming that is positive + uplifts more!  less on drama, competition and tearing one another apart less on violence and terror  Remember to Practice:  MORE on love, peace + the cultivation of better community  pray for others  exercise more often - plan a schedule to work out 5 days a week  get some sunshine + get outside tell others they mean so much to you! a sense of belonging and what to live for YUIMARU - your inner circle is important  know that life for all is perfecty imperfect -- #WabiSabi The only way we can change the face of media, is if we all start making our masks off. Life is not perfect. If you can’t be real.. how could you ever be well?  Please call 1-800-273-TALK or Text CONNECT to 741741 —anytime you’re feeling alone. We all have ups and heavy downs, we all have sadness & darkness & it’s important for us to share we are only human. 1-800-273-TALK. Love you always and please be well xx ck 
June 5, 2018
In episode three, I’ll chat more about how to be a self-made boss + how incredibly imperfect my journey has been. Like a rollercoaster. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Here's what we will talk about: How to be a Better Boss + keep your character overall Simple steps you can take to be an even better person Books to read that I recommend (they have helped me in business + character) Do more of what you love in your pajamas every am An S-Corp vs being an independent contractor What tools, resources and business colleagues have helped me How to keep going when things get down or bad The two main things you must do to survive as a small business owner How to keep going with endurance What success really looks like - a visual for you to remember Having confidence that without light, darkness will not exist Keep going no matter what, I'll share you notes on my best and worst moments in the duration of my wellness career. I love you guys + hope this can help on your journey through life! Remember, wabi wabi, it will not be perfect. Please subscribe now, 5 star rate us and comment on my Instagram for any feedback! Sending you love and hugs + wabi wabi forever xx Candice insta me: @CandiceKumai for hot CK pics in Italia!+ beyond my new book!: Kintsugi Wellness -- yes, it's book #6 Overall, just keep doing you! Don't change for anyone!
May 29, 2018
Episode 2: It is the beginning of the podcast launch and my whole life. I first want to share why I started this podcast.. my whole career has been a waiting game... and I have made it to a point where I no longer wanted to wait for other people at the top, that had all the money and comfort they needed, to make decisions about my career .. it was time to take my career into my own hands.. and that's exactly what I did. thanks for your support on the launch of wabi sabi! More deets on Episode 2-13 coming soon!  comment on my IG me all your notes and questions, too!  thank you sooo for subscribing xxx always wabi sabi, ck 
May 29, 2018
It is the beginning of the podcast launch and my whole life. I first want to share why I started this podcast.. my whole career has been a waiting game... and I have made it to a point where I no longer wanted to wait for other people at the top, that had all the money and comfort they needed, to make decisions about my career .. it was time to take my career into my own hands.. and that's exactly what I did. thanks for your support on the launch of wabi sabi: What you will learn more about is my past history of my childhood, my past  and my journey to writing 6 books and becoming what Elle mag calls me--"the golden girl of wellness." I’ll dive into how I was raised as a mixed kid and how I always felt so different. I want us all to note that my life and your life are both and all perfectly imperfect. There is a pathos to life, many ups and downs and that we can all accept so much more of what we cannot help. In Japanese we call this "shikata ga ai"  - How mom and dad met, a true love story  - Check only one box -- why did I have to do this as a kid? Especially when some of us are not "one" ethnicity - Modeling -- I worked as a model from 15-28 all over the US + in Asia   - Culinary School at 22 years old -- education is key! + I paid for my education by fit modeling + it took me almost 10 years to pay the loan off in full - Top Chef - I helped to pioneer with the first season  - Cook Yourself Thin -- NY Times #1 Bestselling book at 26 years old  - Getting an Agent -- this is crucial if you  - Pretty Delicious -- my first solo cookbook at 26 years old  - Moving back to my parents' house -- tough times! - Instagram questions! Send me yours now on my comments for next episodes! - Advice from my Japanese mom (she is legit the ultimate Sensei) -- Wabi Shikata ga nai more coming on episodes 3-13 coming each week!  comment on my IG me all your notes and questions, too!  thanks for subscribing xxx always wabi sabi, ck 
May 23, 2018
Coined "the golden girl of wellness" by ELLE magazine, Candice Kumai, bestselling author, chef, wellness writer and former model shares with us her painfully-imperfect life lessons and experiences that have shaped her 15 year career in media, publishing, wellness, food, modeling and content creation. Arianna Huffington recently named Candice "a Top 20 NEW role model + Kumai is proud to share with you how to transform your life, accept the beauty of imperfection and mend what feels broken --- with Japanese repair. In short, you'll learn to shine from the inside out. Please welcome one of the most "real" girls in media crushing the wellness game. Candice has penned 6 books, sits on the Well + Good council, is a regular contributor to Girlboss, Shape, Cosmo, Bon Appetit, Men's Health, Dr Oz Show, E! News + Byrdie...and she can't wait to share how to transform all of our perfectly imperfect lives. Welcome wabi sabi and all the life lessons your perfectly imperfect heart desires.
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