Awesome pod
Danny Diddles
Found this pod through a desperate podcast and man this is great. Love all the champions league breakdowns
Let’s play ball
Great job Max and company! This is gonna be a heck of a season. Way to break things down for us!
This is the bomb. Great follow up to the World Cup version. Looking forward to the rest of the seaso
Absolutely excellent!!
Pingnk Pramanik
Best soccer podcast ever I follow the National league and it covers every stat!
Fantastic football podcast!!
Patrick Waters
Its the best football podcast. It covers every League World wide!
Suoerb always uodating me!!
Phillip Jarvis
Wow very good it have all the name of the country..their league teams name as well!
Its the best football podcast!
Big Daddy-John
I like it because it gives me all football update!!
Suoerb always uodating me!!
Big Daddy-John
This best score podcast is very useful to me. I like the alarm in it. It signals me when a goal is scored, etc. Great show!!
Best scorers podcast!
Big Daddy-John
Very fast It's very usefully and updates the scores in time, it has never disappoint. Very reliable app one can rely on.
Its the best football podcast!
Justin Smith32
This podcast has made football info easy and at my reach stress less.
Its the best football podcast!
Justin Smith32
The best podcast for football lovers the interference is user friendly and work very nice,it has a huge records of any game or any player nice work!!
It was a brilliant podcast!!
Helal boss10
I Recommend Everything is this podcast Because is amazing And every thing is Excelent 5*
Fantastic football podcast!!
Helal boss10
The podcast is so good and it gives details of teams. I love it. Thank you for making this podcast available.
Love this bunch..
Helal boss10
My favorite Stoppage Time football podcast. I would listen to them even if I stopped playing. Good information and great entertainment.
Love this bunch...
Helal boss10
I love the balance of insight and humor on the show. And it's mainly due to the great personalities they posses.
keep it up!
Gordon Bird
just discovered y'all this morning on podkicker. absolutely love it. best american-based soccer show i've heard yet. keep it up!
Great idea!!
Jordan Gibbs20
They keep it real, they're honest and unbiased about the leagues! Great show to listen to!
Manuel Swihart
One of my all time favorite podcasts.
Manuel Swihart
This is always a "must listen to" podcast for me. Everyone has great insights, humor, and personality, and they bring me great soccer coverage every week!
I like it!!
Lois Hayes
One of the best soccer podcast for the American listener.
One of the best fottball podcast!!
Cody Beltran
Really enjoy everything you guys do... great job and keep moving forward.
Always better!!
Ronald Bergeron
Always informative and, more importantly, always entertaining.
It's a great fottball podcast!
Richard Hodson
Just found the show last week and listened to a ton of the old shows. I'm a huge fan!!
Great Football Podcast!
Richard Hodson
Just found this podcast last week. It's excellent. The contributors are super competent and a enjoyable to listen to, unlike some other sports podcasts. Stoppage Time a donation to the local station because of them.
keep up the great work!!
Rea van44
You've earned a new fan! Great job and keep up the good work!!!
Love the show!
Rea van44
Love the show! Listen to all of your podcasts! Need some more Arsenal love though!! ;) keep up the great work!!
dany vohyg21
I look forward to every show! They are always entertaining and enlightening.
Good Stuff!!
Kauser ahmed😜
Just finished listening to group g preview. Thanks for crushing my spirits and hopes.
One of the best soccer podcast!!
Helal boss50
You guys cover most all the soccer that I like. Very good job! Very good podcast.
Simply best!!
Kenneth Mills20
New fan here. Love your show. Please keep them coming.
Very good podcast.
Kenneth Mills20
Simply the most intelligent soccer program you can find with a global focus from a U.S. perspective. Stoppage Time's have a sophisticated grasp of tactics and a wonderful sense of humor. Great show.
Love your show.
Kenneth Mills20
I discovered your podcast on iTunes at the beginning of the World Cup and listened to all of them. I feel like you increased my enjoyment of the tournament by 214%. Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work. I'm going to continue listening to your weekly show.
Good Job!!!
Drop out helal69
Very insightful and fun. Great if you want to learn more about global soccer.
Always informative.
SAHIN modina mono20
Best soccer podcast out there, so glad I discovered this!
Best soccer pod!!
Tumpa Jahan
My new favorite soccer podcast. Great analysis, keep up the great work!
I enjoy it!!
Jay Foltz
Entertaining, detailed, and thoughtful. It's quickly become one of my favorite podcasts!
Favorite Podcast!!
Thomas Morrow
Love the depth of knowledge and the banter - the best!
Very knowledgeable!!
William Cooper3
These guys are very knowledgeable about footy and are pretty fun to listen to. Recommended!
A+ Podcast!!
John Strickland8
It's cool and soccerish. And gives me something to listen to while turning my steering wheel
A Really Smart and Great!!
John Strickland8
Smart smart guys. I Learn so much from listening to these guys and listen when every new episode comes out!
It's cool!!
Peter Fulton
These guys are great. If you love soccer, you should listen to this podcast.
Best soccer podcast!!
Robert Colon2
It's awesome; been listening for years. Love that they are on everyday!!
Awesome soccer podcast!!
Robert Colon2
Hands down the best soccer podcast. If you want to hear, and learn, aspects of the game that others miss, this is it.
Keep up the good work!!
Ricky Byas
My favourite soccer podcast by far. 5 pods a week keeps me updated. Great job!!
Thank you!!
Ricky Byas
The best American centric soccer show by far. Really has become all it could be over the past three years
Thank you so much!!
Ricky Byas
Thank me for taking the time to review your show. Intelligent insight with great chemistry. Keep it up gents!
Thank you!!
Ricky Byas
Love The Total Soccer Show! The gents bring a fresh and funny take on reviewing the game and teams that I care about the most!
Always amazing!!
Ricky Byas
Great show! Always good for a laugh and great insight on everything football! Keep up the great work gents!
Great show!!
Ricky Byas
Great show. Started listening now my son, 9yo, listens to the show at breakfast. I only wish it was a daily show so I could listen everyday. Please more episode !
Love These Guys!
Marcelo Tate
Long time listener! Best show out there! Variety of topics is great.
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