Behind the Lines
Andy's Podcaster Podcast
Loved the 3 part adaptation of Shane Bauer’s piece on Raqqa and the Syrian War. Full review at: - Syrian War Episode.
Great reporting - love Jamilah as host!
Erick in Jersey City
Keep up the great work! <3 Erick
Good subject, bad interviewer
The woman interviewing Emily Nussbaum spoke through such a heavy layer of vocal fry that she was at times unintelligible. Please, make sure your people are not distracting from the message with tics, quirks, and other vocal silliness. Get people who speak clearly or give your interviewers training. I want to like this podcast...I support Mother Jones. But I will dump this podcast if I have to listen to immature vocalizations.
No Bull****
Catalyst 1143
A source of truth without the varnish of social media and the ultra conservative news machine.
David Corn? R u there?
Trying to be cool
The music is distracting, the conversations do not add anything to the current conversation and the content tends to be skewed pretty heavily to one political ideal. This podcast does not do justice to investigative pieces produced in the Mother Jones Magazine. The host is fine and she speaks clearly to the listener, but I’m not learning anything particularly new from each episode. I think it’s time to go back to the drawing board.
Podcast good: music distracting.
Interview with mayor Pete
I am in the early stages of my exploration of the 2020 candidates and I truly appreciate your interview. Thanks for the intelligent and thoughtful discussion.
Just not listenable if you want a balanced perspective
I like to hear both sides of issues to try and develop a balanced perspective of issues. I try to avoid hyper partisan sources, but sometimes listen to them just so see what political extremists are saying. But sometimes those sources are just so unbalanced that they are painful to listen to, because they are so focused on a biased viewpoint that they purposefully omit information that is available, but would act as a counterpoint to the biased point they are trying to make. Echo chambers like that just aren't worth listening to.
Are you trying to break up with me Dan?
Jane from Boston
I’ve been reading to your articles, advice columns and I’ve listened to every Savage Lovecast you’ve ever produced. When you began theMagnum podcast I stuck with the original because the only thing that the Magnum edition offers that the micro doesn’t is guests and the lack of commercials. I find the calls and your great advice more interesting than your guests. But now the number of ads on the micro has gone way up! Are you trying to drive me away? Faithful Boston Fan
Let’s do this
Came here for a Carlos Maza interview because I am in love with that man, but I stayed because this is a great podcast that goes in depth to recent news all around the world and the humanitarian things we need to think about critically. Let’s change the world together and let’s start by learning.
Do deeper research
Your discussion of 12-Step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous in episode 41 are very uneducated. You should do your research. The disease model of alcoholism and addiction was coined in these programs. As well, success rate statistics in these programs are lower, naturally, because the programs are “ANONYMOUS.” Granted less peer reviewed data does not indicate efficacy but also does not indicate the opposite. You can’t pick and choose facts to make your story work. Thanks
Great podcast
I just started listening to this podcast. I heard Jamilah King on In the Thick with Maria and Julio and loved her viewpoints. I was glad to hear she has her own podcast so I immediately subscribed and now I want to hear all the interviews on her podcasts. Great interviews, great guests so far. My phone can’t download fast enough! Thank you Maria and Julio. And thank you Jamilah! I love everything for a POC perspective. Porque soy 🇵🇷
So informative!
Sen. Lyndsie
I love how this podcast is interesting, informative, and robust. Multiple perspectives and thorough reporting keeps your attention, while the audio quality makes it easy to follow along. Loved it all!
Sometimes excellent sometimes not
Tokyo side trips
I believe Mother Jones tries to give opportunities to a variety of commentators so they can grow into truly knowledge and qualified pundits. Unfortunately, there is often one weak person on the team who really isn’t ready to enlighten the listeners beyond the obvious or generic opinions we’ve already heard elsewhere.
Up talk?
Terrible music! One reporter talked in UP TALK. Horrible. I’m out.
Mother Jones
Excellent to-the-point reporting. I look forward to the episodes.
Great to roll to get thoughtful info.
Professor Kevin at Berklee
Some of the episodes are shorrt versions of longer articles, while others stand alone topics, but it's always well put together and thought provoking. Worth the time!
Very well produced show
I hardly ever write podcast reviews, but after listening to this podcast, I felt compelled to.I did not have high expectations for the show as I always assumed that Mother Jones was primarily focused on print publications. I was very pleasantly surprised. The shows are not too long, enjoyable, focused, very well produced (sound volume/quality is great). I love the voice of the host as well. I am looking forward listening to the next episode. This is a great companion to the print publication. Please, support the magazine and investigative journalism in general. This is much needed more than ever.
Great News!
Thanks Sam VanPykeren for telling me about this podcasts. I really like it. And it’s fun to hear your voice once in a while.
Knowledge is power!! Thank you
Love your show!!
Like it
But i really wish episodes were more in depth n longer like some other podcasts with a similar genre
Mad women
Love this podcast wish it was a bit longer for more I interviews and extended discussion
Informed people giving a clear explanation
Ears looking at you
This program provides smart people who actually know things giving the spoken accompaniment to the fine journalism Mother Jones is known for. I always enjoy it.
Thank you
Recently with the events of the Kavanaugh hearing/confirmation I found myself angry with the situation, but also extremely dejected and that no matter what we do nothing gets better. The episode The Argument for Rage specifically the interview with Rebecca Traister was exactly what I needed to hear. I thank The Mother Jones podcast every week for giving me the information I need to hear, and I would recommend this podcast to anyone else who is feeling exhausted by how the government is going.
If you are looking for politically unbiased news, this is not it.
ponie 5
Mother Jones Magazine is generally full of smart, insightful writing. I wish the Podcast reflected the depth of investigative journalism in the magazine. unfortunately the Podcast has the flavour of an NPR broadcast ..
Great podcast
A mix of news with behind the scenes looks at Mother Jones reporting. No chit chat (I hate that cutsey thing where the speakers talk over each other).
Really great news podcast
Great journalism on relevant topics presented in a clear, concise and engaging manner. I highly recommend it. This podcast is making my 40 minutes commute pleasant and educational.
Great supplement to great magazine
Deluxe Legend
If you want to learn something about an important news issue instead of watching 9 people whine or speculate, subscribe to this podcast. If you like young women doing great reporting instead of being seat fillers on cable news, subscribe to this podcast. If you want to be informed rather than pounding your head against the wall over the merger of money and news, subscribe to this podcast.
I’ve been a subscriber to the magazine for over 20 years. And my life is so busy right now that podcast are the best way for me to stay informed. This has quickly become one of my favs.
Journalism at its finest!
As a relatively new Mother Jones fan, I love hearing organic stories. Especially the supporter interviews/testimonies because it provides an insight on everyday folks to professionals. Thank you for making my gym sessions much more interesting!
Ear candy
In depth analysis and amazing reporting on Russia in every episode. Headlines one week in advance of other media.
Appreciate you!
I enjoy your reporters and that you cover a variety of topics. I’m a David Corn Fan I purchased his book. Keep your unique style going with your podcasts.
Always Interesting
mary jz
I always learn things I never knew or I’m reminded of things I’ve forgotten. Love this pod!
First Time Listener
I ran out of podcast episodes I listen to at work today. I browsed and found yours. I’ve heard reports from journalists on CNN and MSNBC while watching cable news and was familiar with Mother Jones from those shows. The first episode I heard on this podcast was the interview with Reverend William Barber. That interview was so moving. The questions by Ari were perfect for the Revs message of unity and hope!
Great analysis and Excellent host
I never miss an episode of Mother Jones podcast. The host, Jamilah King, makes me smile every time I hear her voice and her interviews always give me more to think about. Like the time she asked about a guest's dog you could hear in the background, which made me laugh, but then it led to really great insight. There is always something new to learn and Jamilah does an excellent job of taking us there. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!
Vary informative podcast
If you want to cut out the noise of MSM this is the podcast for you, it’s one of the best out there. Great interviews with top experts the information is easier to digest. They’re not govern by a network all independent.
Just listened to interview of Rev. Barber
Meme Marj
I love this interivew. It inspires me and makes me think. Thank you!
high quality production and range of topics
Jamilah King is a great host! The topics are a wide range of entertainment, politics, news, and food. The high production quality and lack of chit-chat and banter make this show stand apart from other news podcasts. It's worth subscribing!
Mother Jones has become my favorite news podcast!
This podcast is my introduction to the work of Mother Jones & I’m definitely not disappointed!
Shout out to my favorite SF fellow, Sabrina Teresa Sanchez!
Disappointing interview with Pfeiffer
David Korn let Obama’shead of communications frame the Obama legacy in terms of whether or not they did a good job telling the story. The real issue with the Obama legacy was the actual policies that basically threw the poor and middle-class under the bus. That’s why Trump is in power now. Not because Pfeiffer didn’t tell a good enough story. Obama transferred Trillions to the Bankster’s well letting hundreds of thousands of foreclosures happen, sucking the wealth out of the middle class while propping up the garbage tranches of Bad loans for the Bankster’s and not prosecuting any bad actors.
Great podcast
Ravi Santiago
A great listen, and I love the host, Jamilah. Keep it up Mother Jones!
Can’t wait for more
So excited to hear more from the mother jones investigative reporters. I’m hoping for something like the daily, but covering something more than the three or four issues the nyt is obsessed with.
Tells a story
Listening in DC
I love Mother Jones magazine....investigative reporting that helps me better understand key issues by telling a story. The podcast is no different. Very well produced and edited with interviews but also provides the opportunity to listen to more of the interviews if you want more details. Love hearing what the Mother Jones fellows are working on and the music is great. Really love it!
If you like The Daily, you'll like this more
I love Mother Jones' investigative journalism on their site, but it's even cooler to hear the journalists talk about their stories and report from the field.
Well done.
I work at Mother Jones, but they rejected the name I suggested for this podcast, so I'm basically a neutral source. It's really great. Jamilah King is an incredibly talented journalist and host, and all of the stories from my colleagues are presented in an entertaining, digestigle form here. You really should give it a listen.
Sharp analysis of current events
ciao id pi ciao
I'm excited for more excellent Mother Jones reporting -- It's great to have it in podcast format!
At last
So happy this is finally happening. Que Etta James “At last”.
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