Snooze fest
A little boring. Could probably have been done in half the episodes.
Honestly cannot understand this or follow it. The guys voice will put you to sleep. Sad as it has potential to be great but I couldn’t get past the first episode.
Remember Lyn Dawson. 💜
Thank God for Hedley Thomas who reignited this cold case. I was in a relationship with an Australian National Rugby League player who nearly destroyed my life. After hearing Lyn’s story, I feel like I got lucky.
Honestly all the voices sound the same and the story is super repetitive with no real breakthroughs at all. Waste of time.
Lynn’s story touched Massachusetts
I live outside of Boston, MA and I came across this podcast. I’ve never heard of this story but I feel awful for everyone who is associated or was associated with that horrible man. I hope they find her body and have some sort of answers/closure. My heart is with them. Great podcast btw... love it!
Fantastic Reporting
Very interesting story. Very well researched & covered.
5 stars
An incredibly complex, well told story which brought listeners through the story. Excellent examination from every aspect with the largest amount of witnesses I’ve ever heard participate in a crime reporting.
Interesting but way too long
P.T. Papercut
I love true crime, and this is a very interesting story. However, as many others have said, the show seriously needed some editing; it just kind of meandered all over the place, repeated things, interviews went on too long. Are they being paid by the word or something???
Good story, lacked editing
These episode talked in circles. After an hour of one episode, you’ve maybe learned one or two things. There was absolutely no reason for this to be so long. Some editing in this podcast would have been greatly appreciated.
Fantastic Story LOONNGG
Great story, but I skipped episode 7-the last and felt like I didn’t miss anything. It seemed like it was the same ideas told different ways by different people.
Too slow
I loved the content and that it brought to light such a terrible crime. I also think Joanne is a monster. And Chris is the devil. But this podcast was way too repetitive and way too slow and should’ve been done in 5 one hour long well organized episodes.
Good story but repetitive
This could have been 5 episodes instead of what felt like 30 but interesting story.
Interesting - Way Too Repetitive!
There was no reason to extend this podcast to this extent. Jumps around a lot. I had to rewind to make sure I was still on track. I could not stand Joanne!! She was NOT an innocent victim. She was evil and bad to the core. She made her own choices. Not a heroin by any stretch.
One of the very best
I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, and some are boring, some are annoying, some are interesting, and some are riveting, but none compare to this one. It takes the time to research and relay the details necessary for comprehensive understanding, and the narrator is excellent at his job. I was disappointed when the podcast finished but am confident it will return to finish the story.
Horribly Long
I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year. A YEAR! I get two episodes done and I’m exhausted from listening to interviews, recordings, retellings, etc. There is very little in this podcast that goes without being said, but my god does this podcast seem to run on and on. There’s truly no point to there being so many episodes; I believe even 10 would have been too much. Ultimately I’m only listening just to hear what happens, but as it is I’m on the second to last episode and am still no closer to learning what happened to Lyn than I was on episode one.
Russell Packman = Chris Dawson
If anyone in Australia is still reading reviews — PLEASE look at the Russell and Carole Packman case from the mid-1980s in the UK. This could be so relevant to the legal case against Dawson. The similarities to the Dawson case are absolutely uncanny. In 1985 Russell moved his young girlfriend into the family home and then claimed his wife had run off with some man he couldn’t identify to Canada or Switzerland maybe and nobody else knew, etc — abandoning him and her very young daughter (who believed for years that her mother had abandoned her!). Russell was convicted of the murder of his wife much later when he tried to cheat his insurance company in a totally separate incident — and he was convicted of murder despite the fact that Carole’s body was never found. In short the police actually started investigating his absurd story about his wife’s total disappearance, and like Dawson’s, it fell apart. The similarities are just chilling. This podcast is a work of genius. It is without question one of the most important true crime podcasts ever made. It has become Australia’s Serial; as it shines a spotlight on deep problems in the criminal justice system. Teacher’s Pet also reveals the appalling privilege — essentially immunity from police prosecution until the public demand that a PROPER investigation take place — enjoyed by one of the two subjects at the center of this podcast because he was a well-off, well-connected, and well-liked semi-celebrity rugby player and “pillar of the community.” Of course he also happens to be an abuser of underaged girls (at least one and apparently there are more) and now an accused murderer. Now Chris Dawson’s lawyer, in a classic defense attorney move of desperation, is trying to make the podcast and the public the guilty parties in Lynn Dawson’s tragic case while ignoring Lynn. These class acts lash out at the public for its interest in this case and concern for Lynn Dawson. It’s all about poor Chris! How he has suffered...not being jailed for decades...The defense attorney wants everyone to focus on the evil podcast — not his *totally innocent* “good family man” (barf) client!! Quick where is a glove for Dawson to try on?! Also, since the public is evil, the defense is demanding a trial with a judge not a jury of Mr. Dawson’s peers. Poor sad oppressed Chris Dawson — a man who enjoyed public worship and left an ocean of devastated family members, multiple fractured marriages, and *allegedly* molested minors in his wake — but remember HE is the real victim! This podcast called attention to a travesty — the vanishing and very likely murder of loving mother and (sadly given how disgusting her husband was as a “husband”) devoted wife Lynn Dawson in 1982. The travesty is in Chris’s disgusting claims that she abandoned her children and never once tried to contact them again despite her complete devotion to her children. It is also in the total lack of police interest in/investigation of her abrupt and totally out-of-character disappearance and the ridiculous, nearly cartoonish claims and blatant lies issued by Chris Dawson. Just one red flag — he claimed to have called “all” of her friend’s searching for Lynn — he never contacted any of them. A family lost a beloved sister and daughter, and two little girls lost a mother, and the police pretended nothing was amiss while the person who was and is the only viable suspect moved the teenager he had been sexually abusing into his wife’s side of the bed within DAYS. DAYS. He pretended that he cared about his “missing” wife while his behavior indicated the complete opposite. Good family man? Decide for yourself. Nobody, including respected Aussie journalist Hedley Thomas who produced Teacher’s Pet, expected the podcast to explode and to become a massive phenomenon. Listen to it unless you are Australian and can’t access the podcast because free speech (and access to information produced by respected journalists) doesn’t seem to exist down under — especially when it involves police and a former prosecutor whose *allegedly* shoddy practices and shady alliances have been exposed. Oh and of course the defendant happens to enjoy an insane level of privilege. And talk about privilege — Chris Dawson’s family has recently paid his million dollar bail because he simply can’t abide jail! Boohoo. The pillows must be too hard — after all Dawson is very attached to his pillow since he took his pillow with him when he tried to run off with teenager Joanne all those years ago. Imagine if Dawson were in any way an ordinary defendant? Would his every demand be met with such deep bows and deference? . Note that for all of the disgusting kid glove treatment of the wretched Chris Dawson now that he was also given a free pass in 1982 while the “dingo took my baby” mother ( who was exonerated years later) was hounded mercilessly by the Australian press AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. This podcast is an absolutely outstanding investigation into the travesty surrounding the “disappearance” of Lynn Dawson. Maybe she will given a voice — after decades of being silenced.
Intense and haunting
I couldn’t stop listening and thinking about this case! It’s so sad and I hope justice will be served for her murder. Someday, I hope there will be an update and the case will be solved.
Great story, Bit long-winded
Hannah Neo
Great storyline and well-researched case, but needs to be focused and edited down. Runs on too long and repeats a lot of details and interviews unnecessarily. Looses focus towards the end. Still enjoyed it and props to the team for bringing attention to this case!
Sad, interesting story but...
This podcast is very thorough, almost redundantly so. The story is interesting; the twin relationship, the “missing” mother, the gross teacher element, the lack of meaningful investigation, the lack of investigation and replacing the wife with the underage girlfriend, but good lord. Several times during the podcast I have thought “Wait, didn’t I already listen to this episode?” I am slogging it out at this point to hear how it ends.
Favorite podcast ever
CR Austin
This is the best true crime podcast I have ever heard hands down, with Bear Brook in a close second. The journalist in charge of this is a HERO and by the end I was in tears. Now I’m following the case like many all over the world who are waiting for justice for this beautiful lady. This one is highly detailed and investigated thoroughly so it’s not for you if you want something simple.
Too slow
Love true crime, but I couldn’t get past episode 6 or 7. The story is drug out for way too long with not really many new details or leads per episode. Would have enjoyed more as a 3-5 episode podcast.
Non Linear Crime Story
This podcast is all over the place. What were the other events leading up to Lyn’s disappearance? How did Lyn meet Charlie? Start with Lyn, her life, getting married, the introduction of the “babysitter” living at home. What is known of the day she disappeared? I know nothing about Lyn. Too many interviews of people I can’t remember and who they are in relation to Lyn. Perhaps this disappearance and details are well known in Australia, but if you are not familiar with the case, read about the facts first. They get lost in the telling by the narrator, if they are told at all. Disappointed. And, I’m shocked that more reviews are not similar to mine.
No!!!!! Don’t do it!
podcast lover and creator
The repetition was awful and obnoxious. I was almost hate listening because I didn’t want to give up on a podcast. The episodes were WAY too long. Honestly... some of the laziest writing I’ve encountered. Too bad. The subject is interesting... I just DONT recommend subjecting yourself to the frustration.
Over reported, under edited
This show started off strong but then rehashed so much and had a lot of pointless interviews. Definitely listed to the last few by skimming. :/
Repetitive narration is incredibly distracting
The story is good and we, as the audience, want justice for Lyn. Truly and with sincere hearts. It’s the only reason we are sitting through hours of repetitive narrating. The repetition of the same information over and over is incredibly distracting from the story we want to hear most about—Lynn’s! Please do everyone a favor and condense this.
Very repetitive
I swear if the narrator had said “Helena called the night before and Lyn appeared groggy” one more time, I would have gone missing. I see no reason why it had to be 14 episodes long, with the same information being rehashed 5 or 6 times. I mean no disrespect to Lyn or her family, I am just critical of the narrator.
Good, but...
HK cask
Way, way, way too long. Eventually had to skip several episode and just go to the last one.
Too long
If it was 4-5 hour long episodes then it would be 5 stars, but it was waaaay too long and repeated the same information over and over.
Very, very repetitive
Brookie's iTunes
Touching and important story that needs to be told. Hoping this pod will bring much needed attention and justice. Heart breaks for the family—- esp Lynne’s 2 daughters. Horrified at the pathetic excuse for police work. But—- the pod is very...very... repetitive and long. After a while it just kind of drones on with the same talk and interviews and zero new information. The same people saying the same things over and over. Would be better if it moved along more quickly. The behaviour and personalities of the brothers is well established time and again— there was just too much of that for me. May bail out or for sure skip ahead to see if anything new is revealed.
So much wasted time
This podcast is mostly hours upon hours of unedited interviews between the host and people connected to the case. There is no storyline and episodes drag on. In addition, things will be repeated multiple times - not in a helpful “don’t forget this” way but seemingly just to add time to the episodes. I’m sorry I wasted my time.
Good, but too long
Almost 5 stars. The story is captivating. Really really good. But, after 8 , 9, 14 hours.... it drags. Condense, cut out some of the minutia, make this a 5 or 6 episode podcast and you have a 5 star masterpiece.
Fascinatingly Sad.
HOW? in the world could someone go missing and not a soul go to the police?? This woman was so let down by everyone! Her husband, her family, her friends, just everyone. I know people had their suspicions, but ONLY one person said something and even that wasn’t in the early days. It literally makes me feel ill. Also, HOW??? in the holy hell could people sit back and KNOW the sex was happening with students?!?! but not say a word!! I graduated from high school in 1981 and I can safely tell you I would have talked, it would have scared me. I don’t want to sound like I think any of this is easy, that it wouldn’t be scary to deal with reporting it or telling anyone that would listen. Justice for all these people has taken way, way too long! This podcast is worth listening to, if only to learn what happens when you don’t speak up.
Frenchie 3
All those disgusting, so called teachers are PEDOPHILES, I don’t understand why they don’t use that term.
Terrible tragedy
I too find that many episodes repeat information from prior episodes. It could have been shorter by cutting out the repetitive parts of the story. I wonder if they ever considered that she could be buried at the house where Paul Dawson lived at the time right up the block. I can’t stop listening despite it dragging on at times. I’m on episode 15 and there doesn’t seem to be any huge developments since episode one
Teacher’s Pet
I really really want to like the podcast, but I’m 6 episodes in and every episode I find myself saying “Wait. Did I already listen to this episode?” There is so much redundancy. Also I feel like the chronology of the story meanders. I’m never quite sure where we are in the story’s timeline.
Chris is obviously a disgusting narcissist. Next to him, I just can not believe Marilyn, Paul’s wife, and her comments! Jeeeez! Way to throw out your sister-in-law like housing a teen mistress, naively batting your lashes at paul and Chris, and putting blame on LYNN of all people! “I think she was doing some silly things”...ugh, like sleeping with a child? Murdering someone? Hiding mistress and narcissist hubby? Nope! By shopping! Ha! “She didn’t fight for her husband”, way to blame a victim, why the hell would you fight for someone who has beat you down and humiliated you for so many years? Lynn was defeated and weakened by chris’ manipulation and forceful ways but if Marilyn isn’t a victim of abuse who is forced to say these things...then shame on her. What 1950’s submissive rock has she been living under? Zero common sense.
I could not stop listening to this podcast. I they would find Lynn or her body so that her daughters and family can have some peace.
Best podcast!
My fav podcast yet! I couldn’t stop listening—in my car, at work, during my run, etc. etc.
Enjoyed the story of this podcast, but it dragged out way too long. I tended to get bored listening to all those phone interviews that seemed to get longer as the episodes went on. Great story, but could have been shorter and more to the point.
A story that needs to be told
I think that they’ve done well at explaining such a complex story where there are so many people involved, and memories that I’m sure have faded over the years. I do agree with some of the content slowing a little bit, but they still do a good job at holding my attention. One thing I would like to respond to is that they do not victim-blame the student. There are very many instances where her side is handled delicately, explaining how she was young, taken advantage of by someone she should have been able to trust, how she was manipulated, and how she was prayed upon. I feel that is a very important thing to respond to as it is a very heavy accusation. Perhaps you hear what you listen for, and everyone responds differently. Overall this has been very interesting and worth the listen.
Tragic story, excellent reporting
This story is unbelievably tragic! Terrible, terrible situation, police protecting a sports celebrity. Vulnerable women/girls groomed and abused by controlling sociopath. What was so interesting to me was that the podcast and the outcome were unfolding in real time- this podcast reopened the case and had new details coming in as it was being produced week to week. That accounts for some of the repetition. Perhaps could have been shortened an episode or two but new aspects kept unfolding! Kudos to the reporter for doing such due diligence, as this case deserved. Well worth listening to.
While listening to this my heart breaks for Lynn. “Everything will be all right, my husband just made me a lovely drink.” you can pass out and he can HAVE SEX WITH A 16Y/O STUDENT WHILE YOUR CHILDREN ARE IN THE NEXT ROOM. NOOO SO MESSED UP UGH
Fine, but major audio issues
This is an amazing story and an well-organized podcast, but i just can’t get over the major audio leveling issues to listen to the whole thing. This podcast constantly flips from phone interviews to in-person interviews with the journalist, and are always WAY too loud and difficult to understand, with no help from the host as to what they’re saying. Constantly turning the volume up and down. A complete waste, might as well not have them if no one can understand what they’re saying and there’s no clarification thereafter.
Good Story
ryan wegman
Good story and very interesting, way too much information though in the middle episodes, could have cut out a lot to keep interest.
Troubling story, psychologically interesting.
Could wrap it up more succinctly. After episode 7-9, it started to drag out. Wrap it up! Otherwise we tend to do Google search to find out results bs wait for additional episodes.
Thank you for bringing awareness!
Melanie Melinda
This podcast did a fantastic job of bringing awareness to a very tragic situation! I enjoyed how thoroughly he told the story as well as interviewing individuals that had been part of the victims life. I hope they are able to bring justice into this tragedy! My biggest hope is that they find the body for the families closure! Unfortunately, I did feel that this podcast was extremely biased, and I believe innocent until proven guilty. Do I think the husband did it, 100%! But any doubts I had would have been completely eradicated due to this podcast. Aside from that, I could listen to more of his well researched stories!
Beware the victim-blaming
This is a well-produced podcast that details a fascinating and tragic case, and yet I cannot in good conscience recommend it. One central detail in this case is the sexual relationship between the victim’s husband, a high school teacher, and his 16 year old pupil. This was a very vulnerable young girl from an abusive home who was, per the podcast, being explicitly groomed by an adult she trusted. But despite telling us all this, The Teacher’s Pet seems insistent on painting this victim of child sexual abuse as a seductress, home-wrecker, and villain. Frankly, it’s inappropriate and irresponsible reporting. I’m a man who, fortunately, has never experienced sexual abuse at work or at school, but nonetheless, I was really disturbed hearing this. PLEASE stay clear of this podcast if you have experienced sexual harassment or abuse; I imagine it would be extremely upsetting.
Great story. Could have easily been done with half of the episodes.
Tragic real life events... podcast way too long
This is a VERY tragic story. So incredibly sad and my respects go out to the family of Lynn. As a podcast, sooooooo longgggggg. Very repetitive. Points & facts are repetitive. Drawn out for sure. I’ve skipped over certain points I’ve heard multiple times throughout the podcast.
(As many others have reviewed) REDUNDANT
Great story and an interesting case! However, I am mind-blown the narrator himself didn’t snooze off recordings this series. The amount of things repeated over and over again in every episode is astounding. Really hope their next series will be condensed.
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