J.K brings the heat
I have struggled with this addiction for a long time and this podcast has tons of useful info and knowledge i have yet to find anywhere else. It’s short and to the point. Thank you for continuing to put out this amazing content.
Life Changing
Nailed it! Everyone should listen to these podcasts they’re full of life changing information and help for both porn addicts and partners of porn addicts. Even good for someone with no relations to porn addiction. Great for preventing, coping and recovering.
Really enjoyed this Podcast and JK's style of conversational interview. Looking forward to future episodes.
So good!!
I love this Podcast so much! Very excited for the next. Josh is a great interviewer. So glad I found this!!
Great one
Excellent one obviously and good production quality too. Must subscribe.......
Particularly liked latest episode.
A great listen.........
Super guests
Sofia Btold
I really liked the way the host compared notes with his guests. The show felt relatable.
Great insights
I have been loving JK's private newsletterfor a long time and thrilled he's now available in a Podcast.
The real deal
Mamun TK007
He is smart, knowledgeable, experienced and thoughtful. His deep background in technology, work life and culture makes him a super choice for host for this Podcast.
Lot of lessons
Ed Murray L99
Came here because of Emezi and found myself repeating sme of his lessons around the office(I'm not in show business). Emezi is really a good interviewer, I haven't heard anything like this before. Subscribed!!
A work in progress
Jk is an amazing host even though I work 2 jobs I still try to make time to listen to these podcast they will help you if your seeking it
Jk emezi is a beautiful man, with a beautiful voice. But seriously though, this podcast is awesome. It is extremely helpful and has helped me out a ton even in just the first few episodes, it is 100% getting.
Great content
Great content.
Love it. So helpful.
Michael mmmmmm
I have been struggling with pornography addiction for probably over 15 years and have tried to quit many times. I really appreciate how this podcast informs us about all the ways pornography can be damaging besides pornography-induced erectile dysfunction as it really puts into perspective.
Porn addiction isn’t a thing
Porn is great, don’t let them take it away from you! I’m going to go watch some right now in honor of this podcast. :) and I won’t feel bad about it, I won’t somehow develop ED, and my relationship will still be as strong and fulfilling as ever. People/podcasts like this are responsible for sexual taboos and repression. They end up fulfilling their own prophecies and causing far more harm than porn ever could.
They don’t have any good porn recommendations. 😛
Great Insights.
Big fan of JK Emezi—he's clear, concise, and insightful—and will provide you with great ideas and advice on how to be successful in your recovery from porn addiction. One of his recommendations is that we need to be just as enthusiastic in our recovery as we were about watching porn. One of the ways I stay enthusiastic is by listening to this podcast every day, and following the advice and exercises. It's about replacing our old bad habits with new good ones!
Helpful content, poor sound quality
Mr. Xiansheng
Thank you J.K. for the hard work that you put into doing this podcast. It is very informative and motivational. Unfortunately the poor sound quality of the recordings make it unpleasant to listen to.
Informative and Informational
Stacie Stiletto
I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into when I first ran across The Porn Reboot Podcast. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the beneficial information in the various episodes of the show. I assumed that it was going to be something that it wasn't, am I am glad that I was wrong. The host, J.K., gives his guidance on how you can overcome porn addition and still lead a very full life. This isn't a podcast that just blows smoke. . . He provides real actionable tips and suggestions that you can do NOW. I am pleased with the overall content and quality of the show. It is a wee bit echoey but not so much that you have a difficult time listening. -Stacie Stiletto
His show is helpful
Chomping It
I think porn could be one of the most destructive forces on males of our generation. Great advice from someone who lived it
Thank you.
SA Mike B.
I have been suffering with this addiction for years. I would like to thank you for helping to bring this topic out into the light. I believe once we can talk about this without the stigma and shame tied to it the healing can begin. No one should suffer in silence. Please continue your this important work of giving us hope. Thank you SA Mike B. New York
Please send more!
Please continue these interviews! This is so needed! My teenage son has struggled w so many of these same issues to the point of self loathing and suicidal thoughts. It is great to hear about real successful recovery stories! Keep them coming!
I struggle with porn addiction and have been looking for a podcast that addresses this in a complete manner. JK is Very encouraging, uplifting, providing information with great little nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to the addicts life.
Aubs luvs picachu
Very encouraging to hear about success in this mans life!
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