Suanne and Rick
Have listened from the beginning. Such great tips!!! Love Lisa, Jamie and Mikey! They make me feel like I’m hanging out with friends.
Good Finds!
Love all the great tips! I’ve been a WW member for 40 years and been maintaining a 90 lb weight loss! Love how I can take your great ideas and live my lifestyle! Earth Fare is a neat grocery store with lots of healthy options!
Look forward to listening every Friday!
Love the podcast! I look forward to pushing play every Friday as I get ready. I do like the occasional inspirational guests as well. Keep it up and thank you for all you do.
Love to listen to you all eat
No really, I love it and I have to buy the dill mustard now. You guys are funny.
I ❤️ HG!
So I’m a little late to the podcast, so many podcasts, so little time! I have been catching up on my workouts (Lisa is right, people listen on their workout!) I have been a fan of Lisa’s since 2004, I seriously love her! She has so many great tips and tricks that I have been using. I really enjoy the podcast and love Jamie and Mikey too! They are a great team that make the show interesting and fun! I seriously can’t get enough, I even go on longer walks just so I can keep listening! Definitely my new obsession!
On every this podcast! I’ve been a Hungry Girl fan for a good 7 years now. It is the perfect Friday morning commute podcast and keeps me in the right mindset heading into the weekend. Food prep, new products, inspiration, funny and real. Thank you guys!
Great source of ideas, strategies & products
This podcast (while a little cheesy and very repetitive) is a great tool to help if you are trying to eat smart and healthy. No preaching, no judging and real products are tried and reviewed. I also encourage you to sign up for the daily emails.
LOVE hungrygirl! So informative and funny at the same time. I binged the entire podcast in no time. If you love healthy finds and fun people, check this podcast out!
Worth a try
Once a week I get a kick in the butt to be aware of food habits. This gives you ideas to try. I don’t like everything they like but I give some a try. I’ve received the email for years and this gives me a live reference
An Absolute Godsend
Hungry Hannah from Atlanta
Chew the Right Thing has quickly risen to become my favorite podcast of all. I started listening about a month ago when someone at my WW meeting recommended it, and I am so grateful I found out about it. Lisa, Jamie and Mike do a phenomenal job of keeping things informative but also fun, which is totally on-brand for Hungry Girl. I’ve started using countless tips from the podcast and even more food items. I don’t know how I lived before Palmini Pasta, and thank you thank you thank you, Hungry Girl, because I am never going back. I listen to this podcast all the time, when I’m commuting, when I’m cooking, and my personal favorite, when I’m at the grocery store. Listening to Chew the Right Thing while shopping for my food each week has definitely kept me on track food wise because I think, “Hmmm would Jamie and Lisa approve of this?”, and if the answer is no, then I leave it (I would include Mike in that “would you approve list, but I feel like Mike would be more likely to side with the part of me that just really wants those chocolate peanut butter candies). I love love love this podcast, and I can’t wait for the next episode!!!!
Gang, I’m not a big podcast girl. People live ‘em—I know. But so often podcasts just ramble and go off on side tangents and I want to pull my hair out because they are impossible to follow. HG does it right! These episodes are well organized and clearly have a lot of thought and planning before they are ever recorded. They are timely and the topics are actually USABLE. I’ve had big takeaways from every episode. Lisa, Jamie, and Mike are entertaining and fun and never talk over each other. They are great to listen to. You guys ROCK! 🤘
Just started to listen and I’m addicted! Thank you for all the ideas!
So fun and informative
I love this podcast! I feel like I’m in the kitchen with my friends discussing my favorite subject-FOOD!! Shopping for it, prepping it, cooking and eating healthy. It’s fun listening to the friendly banter! I was listening to something else unrelated and they were discussing peanut butter and I thought, Mikey loves PB. Omg!!! I’ve been listening to this for too long!!! All joking aside this is a keeper in my favorite podcast lineup.👍🏻
Great information!
I’ve been a Hungry Girl follower for a long time. I love her approach to nutrition. She doesn’t eliminate any foods, so you are not following an extreme unsustainable diet. This podcast provides so much valuable information! They have pretty much covered every topic regarding nutrition, and then some. Not only are these podcasts informative, but they are also fun. HG’s 2 co-hosts are great as well. Highly recommended.
This Podcast is the BEST!
Heather BL
I can’t say enough about this podcast. I have been a loyal follower of Hungry Girl for about 10 years, and a podcast was just what I needed. Lisa is so great, and Mike and Jamie are the perfect complement to her! All the tips, tricks, recipes, “Chew and tell” - it’s all so helpful and encouraging. Not only is this podcast teaching me so much, it’s also just comforting to listen to them! I love all of you guys, it feels like I know you so well 💜
LOVE!! Hungry-Girl podcast!
So much fun to hear Lisa, Jamie & Mike talk about Hungry-Girl’s food finds that are WW friendly! I especially love when you taste the foods, it’s so good when you like them. Mmmm. Thank you for all the great info.
Love Your Podcast!
I’ve been a listener from your very first show! I look forward to getting new episodes, and usually enjoy listening more than once to my favorites. I love listening to your interactions and conversations, I love hearing from Lolly, I love when you try new foods, I love the games, I love the news.... you are the best! Thanks for your positivity 😀!
Love these podcasts
I just listened to the one about what is in Lisa's shopping cart. I want to try 'Tru Grill' chicken, but I can't find it where I shop. Where do you find it? Thanks!
Hungry for more!
❤️Hungry Girl podcast! I just found it in Jan 2019 and and got caught up! I look forward to my drive to work every Friday listening to the new episode! Love the hacks, recipes, food finds, knowledge from The Healthy Skeptic, Lolly reviews, news and updates. You guys are fun! Dream job! Are you hiring 😂 Keep being awesome! Thanks!! ❤️
Informative Podcast
This is my favorite weight loss/food podcast. Not only is it entertaining, it is also informative. I take away some new piece of knowledge from each episode (often several!) and it is a boon for someone who wants to maintain a loss without giving up foods they love forever. I use many of the recipes (especially the margarita one in the summer, and the swaps for higher calorie items). This show is a winner.
Just found you
I have followed you for awhile but didn’t know you had a podcast started listening to day and listen to a bunch Loved the Trader Joe’s one ❤️❤️
oh you might know me as yogi bear
It’s gross to hear people eat over the microphone. Listen to yourself. Otherwise it’s good. Also, Mike yelling mmmm...., I instantly delete. Yuck!
Hungry Girl
Love your podcasts, great information and product reviews. I have changed up my menu!
Great podcast!!
Good information and keeps me on track. Thank you!!!!
Great Podcasts
Very informative and fun to listen to.
Good info
I like the question “are you hungry enough to eat raw broccoli?” If not your eating for wrong reason
Hungry for more podcasts!!
This is the best podcast! Full of great information and so positive! I look forward to many more!
Great Tips
Loving all the great tips and suggestions to get healthier ☺️
Great podcast
I just did a binge listen to all of the hungry girl podcasts. They are so fun and full of great info. I love that I can go back and relisten if I need to. Great advice from someone who actually follows the things she suggests!
I found this podcast about 3 months ago and i just love it! I could listen to the episodes over and over again. I can not wait during the week for a new episode to come out. It has helped me get energized to healthy eating! Thanks for the advice!!
Love love the podcast. Do not stop them. I get so excited when I see a new one posted. thank you for all you do to keep us on track and to be mindful of what we put in our mouth !!! Keep them coming!!!! Lyn G
Love the podcast!!
Absolutely love the podcast! I get so excited every Friday for a new episode, it feels like a group of friends getting together! Love it and all the segments- keep it up!!
Love HG!
Love Lisa & all her tips for healthy eating.
Fan from Back In The Day!!
Big fan and so glad for the podcast!!!!! Lots of tips, tricks and hacks!!
HG Podcasts
I love HG Podcasts. I learn so much. I always make the recipes. The banter between Lisa, Jaime, and Mikey is great. I listen when I walk and recently started listening in the car. When Mikey pushes the buttons, it gets real loud but don’t poke fun at him cuz he gets his feelings hurt. Lol. Chew the Right Thing!!!
Negative messages
The messages in this and other like this episode are negative. No food(s) should be labeled as “bad”. This is a recipe for disordered eating/thinking in those who struggle with food/weight. How about focusing on health and not being “thin”. Health comes at every size and the messages here contribute to diet culture.
Love this podcast!
I listen to this podcast all the time! Lisa, Jamie, and Mike are fun and I feel like I’m munching on tasty new snacks alongside them. There’s so much amazing info and I’m just learning so many easy things to incorporate into my everyday diet. I totally look forward to all new episodes, and re-listen to the old ones in the meantime. I would recommend this to anyone looking for fun tips and tricks for cutting a few (or a lot) of calories.
Fun and Informative!
I look forward to the Hungry Girl podcasts each week :). I always learn something new, find out about great products to try and enjoy the friendly banter between Lisa, Mikey and Jamie. Even thought I’m not near a Trader Joe’s ☹️ I’m super excited to find one on a trip now- lol. Great Show!
Love your Podcasts!!
Rita Tiarks
This is the best listen to when you are in a car, on a walk or just chillin’. Love listening to the 3 of you and always get a good laugh and good ideas!! This one was great with a wealth of knowledge about all the myths that out there. Keep up the great work!!
Great Info!
I absolutely love listening to Hungry Girl while at work. I end up learning something, pumping myself up for my exercise, and figuring out what nutritious meal to make my family! It flows great, is fun, and you learn! What could be better :)
Fun and full of great information!
This episode was fantastic. It reinforces my belief that calories do count. After completing 30 day sugar elimination diets, eating keto and primarily settling on a Paleo lifestyle, I have found that I can’t lose weight unless I count calories. This episode busts many myths and is essential to anyone trying to eat a more healthful diet. I also did not know about Whole Foods standards... if they carry the product then it’s a good product. Great common sense information throughout the episode.
Great Information
Great tips! I have been getting HG emails for many years. I am not following Lisa on FB and just started listening to her podcasts. Amazing!!! I enjoy learning more about healthly eating and all the myths out there. I feel better informed and am taking charge of my health. Thank you! I am going to share this with my mom, she will love it!!
curly sheri
I have always wished there was a hungry girl podcast to go along with the emails. Now there is. It’s so informative as well as fun . Thank you Lisa,Jamie and Mike!!!
Love and want more
I just love the podcast , I could listen to it every day . Please keep them coming and more about the foods in season snd what to do with them and maybe some good finds from Krogers and walmart , lol keep them coming 5 stars!!!! ❤️🎃❤️🎃❤️🎃❤️
Glad I found these!
Love, love, love these episodes. I write down at least 1 suggestion (usually lots more) from each episode! Keep them coming. Would be really interested in an air fryer episode (quick recipes not brands).
Trader Joe’s
Thank you so much for the Trader Joe’s podcast! I decided to shop at Trader Joe’s while listening to the podcast, it was like an interactive tour. I bought most of the items from Episode one and will save episode 2 for my next shopping trip. I even told the cashier about your podcast and she had never heard of Hungry Girl but said she would subscribe. Thanks again!
So supportive
"Satisfied" in So Cal
I have been listening to the podcast from the beginning and they just keep getting better and better. I have really loved the "truth telling" of what the crew eats and that different foods work for different people. Certain foods are triggering (even if they have great stats) so "you need to know you". Such great advice and NOTHING to feel bad about. Thanks Lisa and Everybody for a great show week after week!!
Best podcasts ever!
I listen to Lisa and Jaimie and Mike while I walk my dog and am so motivated to eat healthy everyday because of them! So many great ideas and recipes!
Forever fan
I have loved Hungry Girl for many years. Learned about her from weight watchers. I am subscribed to everything there is, have many cookbooks, and faithfully listen to this podcast. At the end I always wish it was longer!
Love this Podcast & All Thing TJ
I love this podcast! The Hungry Girl and team do a great job giving us tips and tricks. My favorite has been the Trader Joe’s episodes. I listen in the car, while doing chores and anytime I’m bored. I’ve shared with all my friends! Thank you HG & Team for helping me navigate the world of FOOD and healthy living!
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