One Idea to Change the (Entire?) Game
Published May 17, 2018
19 min
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    “For studying courage in textbooks doesn’t make you any more courageous than eating cow meat makes you bovine. By some mysterious mental mechanism, people fail to realize that the principal thing you can learn from a professor is how to be a professor—and the chief thing you can learn from, say, a life coach or inspirational speaker is how to become a life coach or inspirational speaker. So remember that the heroes of history were not classicists and library rats, those people who live vicariously in their texts. They were people of deeds and had to be endowed with the spirit of risk taking” –Nassim Taleb

    Why does the idea of "skin in the game" matter so much? 

    And how can we use this idea (and the others from Skin in the Game) to improve our own lives, and the lives of others? 

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