July 18, 2019
SketchUp has always had a history of helping people make things so we’re talking fabrication in this episode! Fabrication means many different things to many different people. We dive deep and go through the definition and history of fabrication and everything involved including CNC machines, 3D printing, laser cutters, and all of your at-home fabrication tools. Our special guest for this episode is none other than resident SketchUp fabricator, Eric Schimelpfenig. We get his take on fabrication and see what he’s up to. What does fabrication mean to you?   Important links: Aidan's blog post: Personal Fabrication Community Spotlight: KIT&Co SketchThis
June 26, 2019
Do you know the history of SketchUp? Listen in as we sit down with Roz Buick, Senior Vice President of Trimble Buildings, to talk about how SketchUp fits into Trimble, the role Trimble plays in the construction industry, and how we are at the forefront of a huge digital transformation. In this podcast, you will learn how forward-thinking leadership has helped progress innovations in the construction industry. Important links: SketchUp Forum: Constructible site: Community spotlight: BIM to the Rescue — The Restoration and Rebuilding of Notre Dame:
May 29, 2019
In this SketchUp Talk episode, we talk DIY. What is DIY? We believe it is best described as a movement or a culture. Normally, we talk about well-defined industries and this topic is a little different. At the very core of SketchUp is the idea of DIY - even from the very beginning of SketchUp’s history. Our guests on this episode are Jen and Ana from Spruc’d, the first and only global marketplace for premium project plans. We talk about how they fit into this ever-expanding DIY movement.   Important links: SketchUp and DIY from the beginning: Spruc’d website: WorkbenchCon: Episode: 3D Warehouse: Community Spotlight with KB Videography - DIY Playground:  
April 5, 2019
Time to talk extensions! We've all heard it before, "If you can't do it with SketchUp, there is an extension that can!" But, where do these extensions come from? Who makes them? And how are they made? This episode of Sketchup Talk dives deep into the history of extensions and talks about exactly who makes these wonderful bits of code that allow you to take your Sketchup usage to the next level! Plus, we get a chance to talk with legendary SketchUp Extension developer, Thomthom, and learn what makes him tick (and by tick, we mean, develop extensions, of course).   Extension Warehouse - SketchUcation Plugin Store - Evil Software Empire - Developer Gateway - -   Join the conversation at
March 12, 2019
Let’s talk… about residential construction! Today, we take a deep look into how the places we live actually get built. We will discuss the current state of the residential building market, and what role SketchUp plays in it. What’s the difference between software use for custom homes vs. commercial production building? Let’s talk about it! This episodes’ special guest is veteran SketchUp builder John Brock.   Constructability3D - Estimator for SketchUp - Constructible from Trimble - SketchUp for Builders on Amazon - - SketchUp Forum - Enscape - Lumion -
February 20, 2019
Let's talk about BIM! Building Information Modeling is a big deal in the building industry and SketchUp is a big part of BIM! Take a listen as Aaron and Matt talk about the history and the current state of BIM before they invite Bill Allen from Evolve Lab into the studio to get an expert opinion on what is happening in the world of BIM!
September 13, 2018
Daniel Brown is a SketchUp trainer, designer, and visual artist. He joins us on SketchUp Talk this week to share his journey from architecture to SketchUp training. 
August 30, 2018
Matt Donley is the brains behind Master, an online training resource for SketchUp users worldwide. Matt shares his journey from tradesman to online trainer, how Matt became familiar with the SketchUp team, and writing and publishing his book SketchUp to LayOut for Architecture.
August 16, 2018
Longtime friend Nick Sonder joins the show to share the secrets of his design style, why he's exclusively using SketchUp and LayOut for his work, and what to expect from his sessions at this year's 3D Basecamp.
August 2, 2018
Tammy Cody is a designer, creator, teacher, and SketchUp whiz. Hear how she launched her design business, which led her to creating and selling her very own SketchUp for Interiors courses.
July 19, 2018
Jim was trained with classical drawing techniques long before SketchUp became part of his workflow. But instead of shifting to an entirely digital practice, Jim developed his own hybrid technique that meshes the old with the new. This week on SketchUp Talk, we explore Jim's design techniques and his thoughts on merging technology with traditional methods.
July 5, 2018
his week on SketchUp Talk, Justin shares why he got started with YouTube, his day job (hint: it's not YouTube), and what's next for the SketchUp Essentials.
May 11, 2018
SketchUp Sage and woodworker Dave Richards talks about his "addiction" to the SketchUp forum, SketchUp for woodworking, and "The Dave Method" on this episode of SketchUp Talk.
May 10, 2018
Eric Schimelpfenig is a maker by nature. This week on SketchUp Talk, Eric talks garage projects, creativity, and using SketchUp for work & play.
May 9, 2018
Daniel Tal joins Aaron & Caroline SketchUp Talk to chat about landscape architecture, extensions, and drones.
May 8, 2018
Former SketchUpper Aidan Chopra joins Caroline & Aaron on SketchUp Talk to relive 3D Basecamps past.
May 7, 2018
In this inaugural episode of SketchUp Talk, hosts Caroline & Aaron welcome long-time SketchUp team member John Bacus. John has worn many hats on the SketchUp team over the last 15+ years, and enlightens listeners about the history of SketchUp, the move from Google to Trimble, and what's next in the world of 3D modeling.
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