Truly inspirational
I loved the podcast with BLACKPINK especially Rosie's commentary about how any obstacle is breakable. These girls are truly inspirational and humble and they inspire and encourage me to strive for my dreams and goals. Proud to be a part of the BLACKPINK revolution and of course a BLINK 🖤💗 #theworldblinks
The blackpink review and story was so thoughtful and so beautiful. You took time to interview fans and really get to the bottom of their essence
Interview with One of the Most Interesting Guys...!
I listened to the BTS podcasts when they first came out and I loved them! The interviews were full of great questions that delved more deeply into the boys’ thoughts and feelings. I especially appreciated his interview with V and how his love for his country made Stokes want to decide to visit Seoul. This was / is a wonderful series. It made me want to visit the Han River too.
Love the sincerity!
These interviews are so well done. The sincerity and joy in Stokes’ manner is infectious. I love BTS and I feel like o learn something new every time I listed to these podcasts.
Nickname dkrg
Love the perspective love the stories love the podcast.
As someone who lives in LA and gets to deal with an two hour commute every day, I’m a frequent podcast listener to get my mind off the boredom of the road. Stokes episodes allow me to lean back and relax on my drive to and from home. As an English speaking fan of BTS, it’s a bit difficult sometimes to look for translated interviews not to mention that paying attention to the video and reading rapid subtitles can be challenging as well. I’m so grateful that Stokes and Friends has such great in depth English interviews that both make the boys feel comfortable and lets me get to know them more. Thank you for your detailed interviews with the boys! Ps: Since Jungkook’s adventurous and isn’t afraid of heights, I’d take him with me to go zip lining! There’s a great place about an hour and a half out of LA that’s in a woodland forest area where you can see the beautiful scenery year round, especially in winter when it snows on the mountains nearby!
Amazing podcast!!
Kris F.💕💕💕
This show made me fall in love with podcasts. I’m not usually the person who listens to podcasts but I’m thankful I gave this show the opportunity to show me was I was missing. Thanks for the great content you proving and for genuinely caring for your guests and really learning about who they are. 💜👏🏻~army
Best podcast
Banana Girl Travels
There’s something about the atmosphere of this podcast which I have enjoyed so much. Like he says in his intro we’re his friends, and it feels like it! Stokes is such a humble, fun, enjoyable guy to listen to and he makes you want to hang out with him for an afternoon just talking about life. I am all about living life to the fullest and he seems to as well. Hope he continues to do more and more episodes. Im a huge fan and like I said, he makes you feel like you’re his friend who he’s having a conversation with or telling a story to. Thank you for doing your research about our guys BTS and everyone else you’ve interviewed and holding a genuine conversation with them. You’re truly one in a million and we ARMY appreciate you.
I’m so sad
that it’s over. stokes, all your interviews were both poignant yet light-hearted, so so well-informed, and respectful. i cant thank you enough for wanting to delve deeper into the psyche of these boys - i have to say, these are the only english-origin interviews of this kind of depth i’ve ever heard & i couldn’t get enough! we’re starved here in english-speaking countries to have people in our media fall in love & connect us with BTS, and we want it all the time, not just around award season! again, thank you so much for taking the time/effort to make this for us and take us with you on your adventures. PS: your ability to connect place/space/personal relationships with the subject of your interview is INCREDIBLE; i LOVED when you did this on each ep. PPS: i would love if jungkook & I could go on a GCF adventure in PR & Bolivia (where my families are from) - i can show him the beauty of these places & help him make these incredible videos that would wow the world & would mean so much to me. ahhh would be so fun haha. much love from the bay ♥️🌉
Thank You
rex luna #SSRBarmyclub
Thank you for being so friendly and respectful to the boys. I cant wait to see Jungkook reach his full potential. And it definitely is not about his looks. His talent, beautiful mind, and personality are what matters. He deserves all the success that comes his way as well as the other members.
Jungkook is everything
jungkook's noona
Thank you for this. You’re right, Jungkook is gorgeous and known for his good looks, but he is so much more than that. Great singer, dancer, producer and all around great at everything. Golden Maknae. Thank you 😘
Thank you so much
Every time I listen to this podcast I cry a little and just feel so happy. It means so much to me that there is someone who respects and loves BTS and Korean culture putting out this podcast. The podcast is always so fun and leaves you feeling so good about life and people. I especially appreciate BTS being able to speak in Korean, that is so wonderful.Thank you Stokes for such a wonderful podcast, I am so happy other ARMYs told me about this. Thank you!!
I have been an ARMY for four years and I think it is absolutely amazing how you were able to capture their personalities over the short conversations you had with them. BTS are really a group of guys that leave their hearts open no matter where they are and what they’re doing. Whether in their music or in their everyday lives, they spread love, positivity and acceptance. It would be great to see other people put aside their standing prejudices of what a boy band is. It’s amazing the things you’ll see, hear, and feel once that curtain of prejudice falls. Thank you so much so capturing them as they are. I appreciate you :)
Great Podcast with BTS!
Alexis in Dallas
Enjoyed every episode! The fact that you chose to go over and beyond to get to know BTS and travel to their locations to speak with them just blows my mind! Thank you! You are a kind man! The conversations and comments you have for BTS are very endearing! Thank you for sharing with us!
Thank you!
Thank you for your wonderful interviews, BTS brings so much joy and peace to my life. I’m so happy to hear your kindness and respect to them as people and artists 💖
Leader RM
I got goosebumps hearing this, he really is an inspirational person and has the ability to connect and touch the hearts of many people all over the world. Amazing podcast really captures the essence of RM and why bts is so influential around the world.
This bts series is so in depth. Love it.
How I’ve felt since 2015
This man has written a love letter to BTS that is straight out of every fans heart. The way he describes the members and his analogies blow me away. It’s an incredible feeling to know there are people out there who get BTS 100%. When I first stumbled into BTS I kept asking to myself why people didn’t see it, how they didn’t get it. And I kept asking these questions for years, until recently when the public began to notice what we have known and talked about for a long a time. I want to highlight one moment when stoke talked about his dad being the first to introduce him Korea and how meeting BTS felt like a connection to his late father. When I heard that it made me realize what fans have started to notice. We find BTS at the moment we need them the most. Perhaps the public is finding BTS at the moment they need it the most. When the world needs more compassion and understanding. Thank you so much for putting into words how much BTS is a force unlike anything else.
He actually is interested in who BTS are
So many reporters want to talk about the “phenomenon” of BTS and not talk about who they really are and why ARMY loves them so much. This podcast takes the times to examine each members unique qualities and what makes them special. 5 out of 5!
He gets it.
You can tell this man was blown away by both their stage presence and the boys themselves. He “gets” them, their music and ARMY. He is a true fan and sincerely loves the boys and it absolutely shows in his interviews 💕🌸💜
Wow. All I can say
This podcast gets me so pumped just listening to Stokes in the beginning. Also the fact that this dude just travels all over Asia and is just having the time of his life and covering BTS at the same time? Freaking goals man. I love this podcast.
Incredibly grateful for this podcast
The biggest reason us fans of bts are so passionate is because we want those unfamiliar with them to appreciate their artistry. This podcast does exactly that: focusing on the artistry of these seven immensely talented individuals in a comfortable and enjoyable light. As it was said towards the end of the J Hope episode, bts are “more than just an act” in regards to the inspiration and comfort they give to so many people across the world. Thank you so much for this podcast and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to learn more about these artists.
Intimately BTS
Love it! Stokes & Friends truly appreciates BTS and sheds light on who they are as individuals. He’s equally invested in sharing perspectives from BTS ARMY. Thanks for this!!
Great insight
How did I not see these before? Thanks so much for doing these and really wanting to provide insight on each member of BTS. Can’t wait for the rest!
Jimin x 👉🏻🐥top 10
fan handsone Jimin BTS
Please talk about Jimin's skills. Jimin is a piece of art on stage
Youth Ambassadors
BTS are truly the representatives of the coming generations of adults and your interviews is something rare in western media that really highlight how intelligent and introspective each member is with themselves, their fans, and their music. They are pure hope; they never sugarcoat their words because they deeply love their fans and they always convey that truthfully. BTS saved many young lives battling against depression and anxiety, including my own, and I cannot even express in words how grateful I am not only to their songs and messages but to them as normal people who struggled to reach their dreams. Thank you for sharing this trove of insight and I look forward to more of these podcasts.
Thank You Mr. Stokes
Dear Mr. Stokes, In listening to these podcasts one can really sense your respect for the members. And not only are you interviewing them with such amazing questions, but you’re sharing your own thoughts on the members as well. You can really sense how much you care for ARMY and BTS through this project. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for asking what we can’t. -Sincerly a BTS ARMY P.S : If you haven’t already interviewed Jungkook could you please convey the feelings of ARMYs and thank him for writing “Magic Shop”? It’s a song that has given strength to many who thought they had no one. Thank you again.
Stokes and friends
Love your podcast, your the best.
More than just music!
BTS winning their first No. 1 in Billboard 200, which is just like Backstreet Boys said, America is embracing other cultures. This is more than just about music. America is changing. It is amazing to see BTS breaking the language barrier and truly using their talents, their own words, their ambitions, and their authentic attitudes to move people in America, especially now we are under an intense situation among races. It is a miracle, not for BTS, because they made it through their hard works, but for America, for the first time, Asian artists are being truly appreciated and are able to compete with other artists.
Best BTS Interviews I've Heard!!!
As ARMYs, we are always thankful for any interview and insight we get into BTS and value the recognition that they acquire because of it, but Stokes & Friends podcasts with BTS are by far the best interviews and discussions about BTS and Kpop that I've seen! It starts off with just then genuine interest and passion that the interviewer has for the boys and for Korea as a whole, which isn't something that you can just find anywhere in American interviews with BTS. Furthermore, the members' comfort and familiarity with the host of this show has created an environment where all of the members, not just RM, are interacting and having fun. Also, most importantly, on this podcast each member is ask very good questions and you can tell that they are more comfortable here because of just the amazing and deep response that I've heard beyond what I hear in most mainstream english interviews I hear, and I give credit to the genuine atmosphere of interest in the boys and the fact that they are able to fully express themselves in Korean because they know that theor thoughts will be translated back for the podcast. I just want to say thanks to Stokes & Friends for releasing such great content and I believe that everyone should listen to this podcast!!! <3
thank you!!!
skeleton clique |-/
great interview :~)
BTS podcast
Thank you for the interviews! I’m loving BTS 💕
Love this interview!
I love how you welcomed each member by name and even called Jimin Chimchim ❤️ Thank you for such a great interview!
Thank you!!
Thank you for being so kind to BTS!!! Your kindness is rare in this world <3 Much love to you!!! Thank you! Thank you!!
Thank you
I really like how you give time for the members to answer no matter if it's in English or Korean. They seem very comfortable with you which is extremely nice to hear and nice to see (from the video you uploaded on Twitter). Thank you for talking about their music and the impact it has on them and the fans.
Thank you so much for your honest sincere respect and admiration for BTS! They are truly all things amazing and are the most genuine and humble musicians in the spotlight I have ever seen! I have followed many artists because of my love for music, especially boybands! BTS are on a different level and truly just want to make a positive difference, not only with their fans but the world! I loved your podcasts! Yes, Jimin is my bias and is the angel of the group. He is probably the sweetest most caring guy walking the planet! lol HWAITING!
This is a great show and I really enjoyed Alysia's perspective on BTS! <3<3<3
Thank you
Thank you for this podcast. I am moving to Korea in July 2019 to teach English and I love listening to anything that explains how awesome a place Korea is. Plus I am ARMY and Tae is my bias so listening to him is very special. I write him a letter every week. He may not get it or read it but I still love the fact that he might. BTS is very kind and humble. Thank you for sharing this. TELL SHARITA (did i spell that right) THAT SHE IS IN MY PRAYERS. HORRIBLE THAT WE LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE FEEL ITS OKAY TO HURT OTHERS.
Very Insightful.
Wow. I really appreciated this interview. I feel like a lot of times with international interviews, especially those in English, the members who don’t speak English are overlooked, but they really have a lot to say. I like that this interview pays attention to all of the members and the true reasons behind their success, beyond social media. I really recommend this to any music fan, especially those looking to understand what BTS is about and what ARMYs are about. Thank you Stokes and Friends!
Taehyung outsold
Outsold tbh
please get a girl who actually is updated with bts to represent armys please calling tae and hoseok 4d? a mess
Genuine and Enthusiastic
I enjoyed the format. It was short but sweet (can’t ever get enough of BTS, I’ve accepted my fate!) Thank you for taking the time to understand BTS and ARMY and share with us. I did cry at about 13:00.
Can’t wait!
BTS ARMY coming in hot!
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