Thought-provoking and accessible
A diverse range of topics, high-quality hosting.
A Gem!
My favorite podcast. Kamea asks smart and deep questions and listens intently to her guests. I have learned a lot about practices that harm- and practices that help - our planet. Inspirational.
Actionable and uplifting, what a relief!
When people ask what my favorite podcast is, this is it. Being educated about sustainability topics is extremely important to me. Kamea interviews a variety of people that increases my knowledge and empowers me. The world needs so much more of this, thank you Kamea for this wonderful podcast you provide. There was a time when I considered starting my own podcast along the same lines, and then I found Green Dreamer and realized how Kamea is already providing what the world needs in this area. You go girl!!
My go-to podcast for living proof that regenerative systems change is possible
Talented journalism and authentic perspective into various expressions of agency organizations and individuals are taking towards more regenerative food, health, community resilience, economic systems, etc. It never ceases to impress me the versatility of guests and life experiences Kaméa brings onto the show. So grateful that Kaméa continues to make this labor of love accessible!
My Favorite Podcast
Green Dreamer is a consistently inspiring and enlightening podcast! Every episode is packed of incredible wisdom. 🌱
Smart and critical
Fantastic intelligent and well-informed questions, incredibly motivational and important discussions, and inspiring guests. Best eco podcast out there hands down!
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Kamea, host of the Green Dreamer podcast, highlights all aspects of the environment, sustainability and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Life Changing Podcast
I started listening to Green Dreamer back in March 2019 and I can’t wait for each new episode. I’ve listened to just about every single episode and I tell everyone I know about it! Every episode is incredibly informative and inspiring/motivating. If living sustainably/regeneratively is a priority or interest for you, this podcast is a must. It’s been life changing for me. I’ve learned so much and I am so grateful I found this podcast. It has made a tremendous impact on my journey to living regeneratively!
Worried about MOTHER EARTH? Then this podcast is 4 U
lots of tips on how we all can help , valuable educational info. regarding sustainability with awesome guests - I’m really glad my eco- anxiety brought me here , the more I listen the more I want to keep listening . There is hope , and we all are the key to unlocking it. PS: Kamea Chayne AKA the host - she’s awesome I love her questions and approach , her voice though 😍👌
My favortie podcast
I found Green Dreamer Podcast about 6 months and it has been a consistent source of information and inspiration. I've gone back and listened to every episode and I always learn something new. Kamea and her guest always discuss sustainability in a pragmatic and intersectional way which I deeply appriciate. The podcast addresses the urgency behind sustainability and environmental protection but does so in a way that leaves you inspired instead of overwhelmed. Thank you so much for all you do Kamea, you are such a light!
Insightful, Inclusive, & Imperative
Rachel Brauer
I’ve been listening to Green Dreamer since it launched last year. It helps me keep faith that the world will get better, and opened my eyes to a variety of sustainable organizations.
My go-to podcast
Kamea secures the best guests and has the most meaningful and insightful conversations. I so enjoy listening and learning from her and her guests. This is the perfect podcast to motivate and inspire you. I listen to it during my morning walks and it makes for an inspired morning.
Green Gurus!
Katie Joy B.
Kamea and her incredibly knowledgeable guests shine the brightest of (solar powered) lights on what it means to live an eco-friendly lifestyle! Bold, insightful, and engaging are just a few of the words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. Thanks for putting out such a superb show Kamea - keep up the great work!
Diverse Environmental influences and great prospectives
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I always walk away with a different outlook or new knowledge on different environmental issues. She interviews different environmentalist, scientists, or people in the eco friendly industry. I highly recommend listening to this podcast during your commute to work or your off time.
Sustainability is our future!
If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to build a better future in your own life and for the world, this is a must-listen podcast. From zero waste influencers, to innovators and ethical business owners - you will learn about the incredible sustainability initiatives that are being led across the globe. Kamea has a soothing podcast voice, and is able to summarize the takeaways from each guest in a succinct and insightful way. Thank you, Kamea, for all of your hard work to bring these voices to light!
Easy to digest and thought provoking!
The Green Dreamer podcast is a great way to learn about sustainability and environmentalism. Kamea frames the podcast in the way that it not only promotes and educates listeners on sustainability, it also brings to light the complexities that come along with sustainable living. Environmentalism and sustainability is a nuanced, multi-faceted issue. Hearing from guests that come from varying backgrounds and industries offers interesting new perspectives on these issues. Super thought provoking but also relatable and easy to digest! I listen to the podcast because it provides me with tools and ideas for discussion on my own social media platforms. If you want to be a part of the sustainable community, I would definitely check out the Green Dreamer podcast!
Inspiring, Motivational, 5 Stars
Jackie #LitterFreeLV
This podcast is my eco-inspiration! Kamea Chayne’s Green Dreamer interviews motivated me to start monthly eco meetups in my community. I asked myself, “If no one else is building the community I want to see, why don’t I try to build it?” This podcast makes me feel hopeful for a better future and less alone for wanting to take action.
Grounded and honest
I love this podcast! It keeps me from feeling so lost in this overwhelming world. Giving voices to those who are trying to save the world which includes perspectives/issues I’ve never even known existed. Please give this podcast a listen, your family should listen too and it’s child friendly!
Entertaining, necessary, informative!
One of my top podcasts I listen to! Always brings in interesting guests that i’ve learned lots from. Everyone should be listening to this podcast to get more into being environmentally aware and active in your everyday! Simple way to stay up to date with the environment and how you can help💖💖💖
Just what I’ve been looking for!
I’ve been searching for an interview style podcast about the environment and sustainability. So glad I’ve finally found it! The amount of valuable + interesting content shared here is unmatched! Plus it’s two days a week!
Finding the next step toward sustainability
I just started listening to the Green Dreamer podcast a couple weeks ago and I’ve already binge listened to about 10 podcasts. Kaméa does a great job structuring the episodes so that her guests are prompted to share what they find most relevant about their own experience and how it can best help listeners. It’s really easy to listen to and extremely interesting—especially when you find a story that really relates to your own life. . This podcast is especially relevant to me because I’ve been exposed to the eco-living lifestyle (zero waste, plant-based eating, etc.) for a few years now and am currently looking to take the next step and get into the environmental sustainability industry in some form or fashion. . This podcast is already giving me the exposure I desperately need to feel comfortable searching for my place in the numerous efforts taking place out there. Thank you to Kaméa and all those who speak on the podcast for sharing your stories and trying to change the world for the better. . Cheers ✌️
Encouraging and informative
I love this podcast! Chayne invites a wide variety of guests to speak on a so many different topics connected to environmental issues. I learn so much here. jessipetite
Amazing podcast talking sustainability
I just started listening to this podcast while at work and Kaméa does an excellent job when interviewing her guests. The episodes are so inspirational and positive afterwards even when discussing heavy hearted topics like the state of our planet. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking for inspiration or wants to learn about sustainability from all sorts of people. Thanks for making this podcast available!
I really love this podcast. I am learning so much about being green. Thank you very much 🙌💕💕
I’m in love
I feel like I just divinely stumbled upon this podcast. I’m only on episode 19, but so far every guest has left solid nuggets of truth & perceivable calls to action to live more green. Kaméa Chayne is the perfect blend of knowledgeable, supportive, passionate & vulnerable. I’ve already shared this podcast with close friends. It’s a valuable resource & I’m so grateful it exists. Thank you, Kaméa 🌙
Keep it up!
Tea Merriman
this is just the podcast I needed! Short and sweet, always interesting and thought provoking. Great job growing this movement!
Informative & Interesting
Manifesting Yogi
So grateful for this podcast as I start diving into a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. This podcast is so educational, inspiring, professional sound, and captivating. I recommend this to every single person who calls Earth their home.
Love this podcast
I am so happy I found this podcast. It is so insightful and it always finds the positive in what people are doing for environment. I look forward to each podcast and try to listen as soon as they post. Keep up the great work.
I can’t remember how I came upon this podcast but I have to say I’m so glad I did. The host had a pleasant voice, she gets the information out there and then encourages you to do your own research. Her guests give real information but more so she asks the questions that dice into getting info. I like that because it’s not just fluff or filler talk, she really gets her guests to give real info. Thank you Greendreamer.
This eco-warrior loves this podcast!
I went on a binge for sustainability podcasts, searching terms like environment, sustainability, zero waste, and more, and came across Green Dreamer. Kaméa features guests from all diff walks of life and I love hearing their stories and what they're doing to live a more eco-friendly life. Definitely recommend this podcast if you want some inspo and helpful tips!
Some welcomed positivity
It's not always easy to find positivity in regards to sustainability and regeneration. Generally, we are mad, upset, scared, and annoyed that other humans aren't giving up more; not to mention, we are guilted by others for our choices. Kamea does not follow this trend. She seeks out guests from all walks of life, does her research, asks great questions, and always remains positive no matter how grim the news is. Plus, she has a very listenable voice.
Say no more. Give this a listen now.
I love this podcast. I listen to it all the time. Kameà reminds me of myself and I love a relatable podcast host, who doesn’t? This is really well executed and super easy to understand. If you’re interested in wellness/ecofriendliness/sustainability, then this is the podcast for you!
I love it!
Bailey tangen
I really enjoy this podcast. I’m environmentally conscious and this is a great, easy to listen to and follow along podcast. I have found out about some of the resources I utilize currently from listening to this podcast!
Bite-sized eco-inspo for busy creatives!
I recently started listening to the podcast and am loving it! Each episode is informative and inspiring, but short enough to easily listen on the way to work or when you’re short on time. Forming sustainable habits can seem very intimidating and I love how each episode highlights simple steps toward eco-friendly lives. The interviews also feature fabulous people who are making an impact in stylish, fun, and appealing ways. So excited for eps to come!
Positive and Uplifting ♥️♥️
This podcast has quickly become one of my absolute favorites! Not only is it super informative, but also positive and uplifting. The format is amazing and Kamea asks wonderful questions and has a lovely spirit! Thank you for spreading good vibes 😊
Refreshing & Thought Provoking
I love how open minded I’m learning to become since listening to this podcast. It’s opened my eyes to how much more complicated this global economy is. It’s made me reevaluate everything I thought I knew in regards to sustainability and the brands I choose to support.
Love love love!
Sadie Ladyy
Great podcast for anyone feeling overwhelmed by starting a zero- waste life style. The guests are awesome and the host’s summary of important parts really helps break the interviews down and make them applicable. Thanks girl! Keep it up!
Love love love
Fantastic! So far the podcasts I have listened to have been informative and easy to follow. Kaméa expresses how difficult it can be to always follow a sustainable lifestyle which makes this podcast relatable. Love her positive vibes ☺️
Inspiration for Green Dreamers
Me me me me yay
Inspiration for other Green Dreamers for sure. It’s not always easy to keep inspired and motivated everyday when it comes to an eco friendly lifestyle, especially when you feel like the vast majority of people aren’t getting it.... But this podcasts helps you realize you are not alone and it is inspirational in every POSITIVE way that you might be needing to hear. Love it.
Save The World + Be a Biz Leader
Love the concept and the healthy world view. Sustainabiltity of our earth and great business make for an epic show, thanks Kamea!
Offers deep dive info, tips, & resources
Paul D Johnson
Ashost of The God Zone Show podcat I appreceiate Kamea's quest to help us be better custodians of the planet which is very important. Offers deep dive information, tips, resources, and methods.
So inspiring and insightful!
Such a positive way to learn and be inspired! The speakers on this podcast are truly amazing!
Inspiring and Real!
It’s hard to find others as passionate about green living as I am, so it’s refreshing to hear from others and get new opinions and inspiration!
Very inspirational show!
Marina Barayeva
I like the episode about how our habits affect our lives. The small changes in the lifestyle can tremendously improve your work, health, relationship with people.
Great show!
Adam Schaeuble
I'm really excited to dive deep with this podcast. The information is great and I'm getting some new ideas on how I can live a more eco friendly lifestyle.
Inspiring and a refreshing point of view
nicole a kawa
Just subscribed to listen to on my commutes! The guests are clearly super knowledgeable, and the host also asks great questions that keep a natural flow of conversation. Every episode has left me feeling hopeful and activated. I highly recommend subscribing and making ‘Green Dreamer’ part of your regular routine too!
Excellent show!
This is exactly what I look for in a podcast! Great interviews, content, sound, and editing! We need more people like Kamea that are making the world a better place!
Brings a great perspective on taking action towards protecting the climate. Awesome to have Adrian Grenier on it!
Best podcast in sustainability!
Loved Kamea Chayne’s Green Dreamer podcast. I would totally tune in weekly to listen to each of her episodes. Very inspiring!
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