70) How impact investing can help us accelerate towards a thriving future with Ibrahim AlHusseini
Published October 11, 2018
33 min
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    What do we need to know about impact investing and how can that help us accelerate towards a healthier, thriving planet? Why does the traditional idea of first making as much money as possible (at the cost of social and environmental welfare) and then donating to good causes to address those very problems not make sense?

    Ibrahim AlHusseini, the Founder of FullCycle Energy Fund, a renowned impact investor, environmentalist, and highly-regarded speaker shares his wisdom with us. Let's dive in.



    [8:20] What led Ibrahim to become a socially and environmentally driven investor.  

    [11:48] Ibrahim tells us about his company, FullCycle Energy Fund, which funds companies with the goal of turning landfill waste into energy.

    [14:39] Ibrahim explains how we are actually able to turn trash into renewable energy.

    [21:55] Kaméa: "When it comes to impact investing, what do you look for in a company or project to see if it has potential to really take off, scale, and create huge positive impact?"

    [26:12] Kaméa: "Why do you think it is that we know what it takes to improve public welfare and the health of our planet, but we still get all of these forces going against that?"

    [26:54] Ibrahim: "If we cooperate, we can all live a much healthier life than if we continue to compete the way we're competing."

    [27:31] What Ibrahim says we can do as individuals to help promote positive change.


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