Why aren’t they grateful?
I’m saddened that there was no joy in their voices over the gift of their son. May people try and fail at IVF. Tragic.
Love the podcast, but really hate the WW ads
I love hearing every love story, and Jo is a great host. But the WW ads seem very much off brand and not appropriate for the audience
So moving
I am committed to Committed. Your stories are moving and to think the scenarios happen to people, families. You capture the essence of the emotions.
a girl leaving a review
Love the podcast but i wish there were less stories about tragedy and illness. I come here to listen for joy and often hear sadness. Still tragic and depressing content.
Used to really like
Really enjoyed this podcast at first but over time the host’s style has really grated on my nerves. It’s so dramatic and doesn’t always feel genuine. I appreciate the variety of the guests though and there have been some truly amazing episodes that have made me recommend this podcast to others. It’s time to unsubscribe for now though, I’ve got to have a break from the cliches and what feels like non stop ads.
Love some, dislike some, skip some
Snow Biscuit
Some of the couples have very interesting stories, others are a bore. For that I would have given Committed four stars. I took off another star because of the host’s melodramatic presentation - she talks so whispery and slowly, with such ridiculously long pauses, that if the guests talk somewhat slowly, too, I will listen to the podcast at 1.5 speed - and because of the sappy music that goes on far too long at the beginning and again a minute or two before the end, which has the added irritation of making it hard to hear the guests’ final comments over the dramatically swelling music.
Needs a revised approach
The host (and music) feels over-dramatic. Some of the stories are very compelling, but I’m unsubscribing. Also, there is an outrageous amount of advertising: before the show even begins, then again after only 6 minutes, and again and again —even worse than regular broadcast tv —and extremely distracting.
Occasionally interesting stories, truly terrible interviewing and narration
I love a human interest story and there have been some really great ones, but the way the host speaks is so contrived, like she’s copying a style and trying to be funny and it really falls flat, full of cliches. I bet she would be great if she could tap into anything authentic. The production value seems pretty low too. Often it seems like the questions have been recorded and are just cut in, in between what the guests reply. A real conversation would be great, I’m sure! And if that’s not possible, don’t pretend! Finally, as others have mentioned, the dramatic pauses and the ads with the “am I right ladies?!?!” tropes are just too cringey.
Something for everyone.
Hehehhehe how's hehehhehe be
I have been listening to Committed for a while now but this recent episode, Just the Three of Us hit home for me and my personal life. Jo is always compassionate, honest and curious about her guests and this leads this really beautiful storytelling and understanding. I’m grateful that this show covers not only “normal” cis-heterosexual centered stories but works to include different perspectives. Thank you to the makers of this show.
Love this podcast !
I stumbled upon this podcast and love it ! Keep bringing the sweet stories !❤️
I’m not crying, you’re crying.
I find these stories fascinating and endearing! There are parts I feel in my soul and some that make me downright cry! I’m not even sure how I heard about this podcast but I’ve binged and rebinged and forced my boyfriend through to the point it’s our road trip soundtrack! Also we LOVE the warm beer ads for some reason.
Open Minded But
I’m sorry but this interview of the married couple Jackie and Paul having her - Jackie’s new lesbian lover move in and then Paul marries them and its SO happy. Give me a break- there is no way all three sexual adults are okay with this situation-especially Paul who is not part of the intimacy now. Just be real- please
Episode 1 was incredible. This podcast has real potential. I found the guests and their personal experiences compelling. Yet the host falls short. The show falters in its message. I yearned for real substance in the show’s depiction of “true love” and commitment. But alas, by episode 3 the saccharin fairy tale rendition won out over authenticity. I couldn’t care less about your guest’s weddings, by the way. They mean virtually nothing in the framework of a committed relationship and take away from the actual substance in your guest’s stories. The whole “times were hard, but in the end love made everything rosy” is an irritating trope. I’m referring to “The Man Under The Bush”. When you glossed over the actual story of this couple. The part of their story that may have highlighted their mistakes, and the painful outcome. That was what held actual interest and meaning. So when you glossed over that, well that’s when you lost me. Also, “mom-ing” and “wife-ing” are not words, and do not make you more relatable to women.
Love listening to these stories
Good, but holy ads!
I really love the couples in the show. The host is also very good. My only complaint is the amount of ads. I get ads are really needed. But do you really need 3 in a 35 minute show.
An explanation for the child pornography issue
I kind of enjoyed this program until the child pornography apologist episode in May 2019. My daughter has been a victim of a sexually addicted person (which I think is Maddie Cormans claim about her husband) and the horrible sequelae of emotions and events from the damage he inflicted continues. If Jo did a small bit of research she would realize how many wives of such predators are co-dependent and try to protect/fix their husbands. Jo gushed over this story without any caveats. Also no one pointed out that Maddie Corman was essentially doing publicity to sell her one woman show . Now the episode has disappeared from the archives without an explanation. I don’t think you can have it both ways. It’s icky. Imagine if your child was featured in the pornography he both uploaded and downloaded. This would make you vomit.
It’s okay. The host doesn’t feel natural, she has odd emphasis, and the stories don’t seem to flow super well. They’re interesting stories, for sure, but the host is too awkward for me.
Can you do an update on the couple you interviewed. Suddenly Samantha. They have split.
Beautiful podcast
Absolutely loving this podcast I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we’re not married yet but I hear a little bit of us in every couple I feel blessed because I feel I’ve found my person but yeah these stories are beautiful and jo is incredible interviewer I feel so moved each episode
I absolutely LOVE this podcast! I literally binged it for about a week & it’s just what I need! Listening to married couples talk about their love stories on how they met & to hear the struggles they overcame to stay married is very intriguing! Please keep the stories coming - Looking forward to hearing more!!!
Great, but not for the sensitive
Those who are sensitive or prone to being insulted will not like this podcast due to some of the subject matters. That being said, I really enjoy this podcast and appreciate that Jo covers all aspects of relationships, no matter how sweet or controversial they are. I think that’s what makes this podcast great - there is a lot of insight into others’ lives and those things can be raw, messy, dark. And I applaud those who are willing to share their lives with us and Jo for helping tell their story.
I enjoy every part of this podcast. The hosts. The content. The clips. Everything. I watch the SATC episode the night before they release the new episode. This prevents me from binging and also gives me something to be excited about at the start of the week. Love you ladies!
Sweet stories of love.
I have really enjoyed this podcast since the start. It is well produced with great content. I admire the commitment to diversity in subject matter. Love comes in all forms.
I love LOVE so this is just my type of show ❤️
Loved listening, until recently...
I enjoyed this podcast until the episode aired about the wife of the man guilty of child pornography. This episode was a huge mistake to include. Giving a platform to someone like that normalizes this behavior. While I understand the hardships the family of the man went through, it really seemed inappropriate (to say the least) to include. This interview struck me as tone deaf to how sensitive this issue was and I stopped listening afterwards because I was so disgusted.
Stephanie DeSantis
Your voice is smooth, such a beautiful thing to hear while I am dealing with a crazy day at the office. Love the stories. Keep em coming!
I love this podcast! I have listened to every episode and need more!!!
I can no longer support this podcast.
Hello, My wife and I really loved this show. As a queer couple, it was really fulfilling to hear about couples whose stories don’t get to be told. However, interviewing an ICE agent and his wife and talking about their “hardships” is not appropriate. He is a willing participant in violence and oppression. And no, interviewing a disabled woman whose fiancé got detained the following episode does not fix it.
poor interview skills
The subjects of the episodes are compelling, but the podcast does not probe enough to properly illuminate the topic. So we end up being left with very shallow stories. Take Episode 3: I Want to Matter to Someone, whatever happened with her family? Does she still keep in contact with them? How did her husband take the news? Do they have a role in their grandchildren's lives?
Love it!!
This is one of the very few podcast that I actually enjoy every single episode!! It isn’t hit or miss.
I honestly don’t know why this has 4.5 star rating because it’s 5 star podcast. Even the stories that start out not being my cup of tea end up being my cup of tea because they’re all uniquely beautiful. Thank you Jo!
Rating due to Narration and Two Episodes
Personally, I enjoy the stories a lot!! Oftentimes I’m fighting through annoyance with how Jo narrates. So many awkward pauses, which I think are for dramatic effect? Additionally her delivery is so, so weird. I think the most cringey was when she made a rewind noise and then literally stopped and said, “that’s me pretending to rewind”. I wish she would work on her speaking skills.. Can’t enjoy this podcast for now, especially after a disgusting and poorly timed episode on Child porn after a sexually assaulted episode had just aired?? Who thought that was ok? And the border patrol episode is just shameful considering what we have going on right now. I’m unsubscribing.
Happy place
nickname hella x
This show is amazing. It showcases the best of us. . . in all the possibly beautiful configurations. Thank you Jo.
Mind opening
I love the variety in the stories and how so many different types of love stories are included. I am thankful for all the beautiful stories people have shared. This podcast is a great reminder that love is complicated but can be so worth it.
Started scraping the bottom of the barrel
Just Call Me Teach
At first the series was inspiring. I love a good meet cute and how couples persevere. I could even ignore Jo’s odd delivery style. (“You know what I mean, ladies!”) but hold up! Are we romanticizing criminals now? I’m unsubscribing and using my time to eat three meals of cheese and dry shampoo my hair so I can get through the vitamin isle without having a breakdown.
Bad choices in guest and content
Two weeks ago I would have considered this one of my favorite podcasts. Until I had to turn off an episode out of disgust. A border patrol agent and wife were featured on an episode in order they may be humanized and separated from the politics of the profession. What I did hear of the episode, they were eager for pity for the hate they get and to elevate the border patrol agent as a selfless hero. When the first part of his perspective was to dismiss media coverage of police indiscriminately murdering black people and children being taken from their families and dying in concentration camps run by his employer - it was shocking no one listened back to the tape and made the decision not to air it. Whatever heroism and selflessness exists in this person (their next step after implying the media pushes a narrative that they shouldn’t - these stories absolutely should be getting media coverage) you felt you needed to profile IS lost when kids are dying in concentration camps at the hands of your employer, a job you chose. Sorry you don’t also get to be the good guy. And this show doesn’t get to get away with using their platform for the propoganda that’s currently cycling the media about these atrocities. Disgusting!
Jo I love your stories and they make me feel so many things. Podcast listeners, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Committed, just be prepared to cry
podcast lover/junkie
Some of the greatest love stories I have heard. So great. A couple of days ago I downloaded everything available and have been binge listening! They are great! Now I am sad though that I have listened to all available! I need more inspiring stories in this world of disappointing people!
Meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
bee d.
Hit or miss is a good way to describe this. Some stories are really great and valuable, others are self-indulgent. I also have to really make an effort to get past Jo as I find her to be contrived.
Such a horrible episode
I did enjoy this podcast until I listened to No More Secrets. What the hell are you thinking putting this out in the world? It’s not pornography! It’s child abuse! Stop using that term. There is no cure for these predators! I’m so disappointed that you would give this sick women a platform to say what she said. Because not once did she ever say anything (that I heard) about the children that her husband had abused. Bc watching that abuse is participating in their abuse. I’m so angry for the victims! This should be taken down.
Beautiful. Poignant. Entertaining.
I love this podcast! Whether the experiences are relatable or not, I end up taking something away from every story. The podcast is thoughtfully told, and Jo’s writing and cadence are perfect fit for podcasting. ❤️❤️❤️
Love this podcast!
I really enjoy hearing all the different stories from real people on this podcast. Stories that are not mainstream and need to be told. Thank you Jo for letting people tell their love stories!
I was going to listen but realized that the most recent episode is about repairing a marriage after husband was caught with child porn. I refuse to listen to a show that tries to normalize pedophilia.
Can’t Stop Listening
The stories are wonderful and the truly remarkable thing about this podcast is how those stories are told. Jo handles intimate, touching, funny, hard and ultimately human stories with so much grace. Allowing for so much dignity and empathy in each one. She has a really unique way of telling a story that even the commercials feel like she talking directly to you in a conversational way. I’m completely obsessed. The stories have opened up some really good conversations with my spouse and me. So thank you! Please upload more, stat!
A commitment isn’t stagnant
Nitty Rulee
I love the way the recent episode focused on the couples’ love and commitment to each other and how that’s often very complicated as it must be reinterpreted as the individuals and relationship evolves; instead of focusing on and sensationalizing the crimes that her husband committed.
Touching, Heartfelt, and Redemptive
So glad I subscribed. In defense of the recent episode "No More Secrets," I would say that it does not condone or excuse abuse of children in any way. To believe that a person can change and transform and that their loved ones can eventually forgive them and choose to live with them does not negate the severity of their actions. To eternally shun viewers of CP from society, hate them and call then monsters forever does not solve any problems, it only pushes them away. Love is the answer.
What the hell.....
I LOVED this podcast....then the last episode came out. I’m sorry, but did you seriously just make an episode about repairing a marriage after the husband was caught with child pornography? Look, I get that this is about all the unexpected things that come with a lifetime commitment to another individual. And sometimes, people you never thought would be criminals, turn out to be criminals. I understand the wife was a victim of his lies and has a right to tell her story as a secondary victim, but this episode felt like a platform for promoting forgiveness over CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. It would be one thing if it was the story about how she picked up the pieces and moved on. But it was the story of how she put her marriage back together. She has the right to make that choice, but shame on this podcast for indulging that narrative. There are so many other things to talk about. I’m not sure if I want to keep listening.
One of my new favorites!
Decided to take a break from 24/7 true crime podcasts lol and try this! I’m so so glad I did. I find the guests so fascinating. I did take issue with the child pornography story and struggled to relate to that one or feel for the wife/couple. But that episode aside, I’ve loved every story and episode!
At one time I liked this podcast. The most recent story about a ‘love story’ with a child predator? No. Some things ARE and should be unforgivable. Child rape or supporting child rape through downloading kiddie porn is one of them. It’s disgusting to think some woman is this desperate to ‘find forgiveness’. Makes me want to vomit. I’m done with this podcast. Deleting now and I hope others do the same.
I was really into this podcast for a long time and listened religiously. There were some issues but i overlooked them because I thought it was a fascinating take at love. Imagine my surprise when the most recent episode featured the love story of a serial child predator and his wife. I cannot believe this show would indulge the narrative that abusers have to go on to abuse, or that child abuse is somehow forgivable. It’s not. What this man did to those children, by supporting child pornography, will reverberate in their lives and their families lives forever. Unforgivable action and in my opinion unforgivable of the podcast to tell his story as if it’s just another love story with bumps in the road. You’re only on season two and you’re already so desperate for stories that you sink to this? Needless to say I won’t be listening anymore, and I hope others think twice.
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