Subtle, steady, life-changing
I do not write many reviews, however, I felt compelled to in this case because of the incredible difference this podcast is making in mine and my family’s lives. The content is fascinating and easy to listen to while I cook, walk or drive, and I find that the small and often simple tips (backed by science) and knowledge that I pick up are leading to gradual but very impactful changes in my reading list, daily spiritual practises, habits, sleep, exercise and diet. In short, I love the content and Dhru has come to feel like a trusted friend in my household. It will continue to be my #1, even as I go back and re-listen over and over again. Thanks highly to the team that puts this together and all the educated guests that come on to share their knowledge and experiences!
So good!
TX Psych Doc
I am loving this podcast. I am a psychologist and with each episode I am learning more and integrating something new into my practice. The content is both interesting and accessible. I cannot say enough good things about this podcast and how useful it has been to me both personally and professionally.
Good Episode
I really liked listening to Dr. Rouzita Rashtian. Lots of very good info. In general, the interviews are good but tend to be long.
Riviting at times
Bluto Beastie
Sometimes positively fabulous, always fascinating, continuously helpful. Thank you so very much for your efforts.
I adore this podcast.
It’s my current favorite. Dhru is such an engaged and engaging host - he knows just how to draw all the best inspiration from his guests. I’ve listened to some of my fave episodes multiple times because they are so rich and dense.
Consistently insightful and thoughtful interviews
I always enjoy Dhru’s commentary and interviews; however, I was prompted to write a review after listening to Dhru’s interview of Alex Banayan. Banayan has a natural, authentic demeanor which makes him a good interviewee, but all praise goes to Dhru’s adept handling of his guest, prompting with questions, knowing when to be silent, really so good. Recommend very highly.
Episode 31 - Dr Deena
A compliment on the information presented and 2 quick call comments. My oldest 2 children attended the HeadStart pre-school program in our hometown and to their credit, they did a great deal of work framing everything in the positive for the kiddos. All the rules were affirmations of what they ‘should do’ rather than the ‘not’s.’ So instead of ‘do not run’ it ‘walking feet.’ Similarly, other rules included: helping hands, listening ears, quiet voices, etc. This was incredibly helpful as a parent to understand that the reframing made such a huge difference (and I’m a college graduate in nursing). The other link I made was to Mel Levin’s work on learning styles (A Mind at a Time). From him I learned that we don’t all take in or process information the same; some of us may be auditory learners while others might be keinistetic (the hardest) and there are techniques to capitalize on each individual child’s strengths once you know them as well as to encourage growth). With my more non-verbal first child, for instance, we used some sign language, tied it to spoken words, and often encouraged “use your words.” It’s amazing to watch kids flourish when they are properly nurtured, but just as I learned that parenting is not all initiative, even grown people must be willing to learn & apply new knowledge. So thank you for the new knowledge! Keep on keeping on!!!
Love this podcast
This is one of my must listen to podcasts. I listen often while I’m on my morning walks and runs and even listened to it during my half marathon this past June. Thank you for providing the knowledge and education on all things body brains and health! Keep doing what your doing!! I love it!
Profanity Not Necessary or Appreciated
Delilah Sparkle
I love these podcasts and have gained so much great information from them in the last year. I respect Dhru Purohit and Mark Hyman greatly and believe they are passionate about making the world a better place. But in episode 61, I was really surprised to hear the F bomb. Come on--this is NOT necessary! Let's stick with speaking with grace and civility and family friendly dialogue. Other than that, keep up the great work, and thank you!
Super Podcast
Discovered this podcast and am now hooked. No one else that I have found has such interesting topics. Very informitive.
He is amazing!
I have listened every one of his podcast. The sessions are carefully selected and are very inspiring. He asked very insightful questions. I love it
Life changer
This podcast has truly changed my life and inspired me to change many aspects of my life and to empower others!!!
This podcast is the BEST!!!
Life changing. I’m learning so much. This is by far my favorite podcast out there! Thank you!
Broken Brain series
Dad Authier
Absolutely love listening to all of these. Really informative and learned so much. Wonderful!!
Awesome information
Lisa T 1971
Just listened to Dr O’Grady episode #18. His ability to explains things for people to understand is awesome. Love this podcast!!
Informative, innovative and engaging
Shiza S.
This podcast is highly educational for anyone interested in health and well-being. Dhru is an incredible host, concise, deliberate and effective in every way. Thank you for the great content!
Fascinating podcast!
Love this podcast and extension of Broken Brain! Dhru keeps it interesting and upbeat with the questions and the guests are both fascinating and helpful! As a Nutritionist and Health Coach I love listening - I learn something new every episode!
Love it
Haha episode 57 shout outs to Vishen (mindvalley) and Landmark Forum— both Major turning points in my life. Truly enjoy every episode and they always sink in so well with my beliefs and perspectives!
Worth every minute
This podcast is everything I’ve been looking for in the realm of health and wellness. So great to hear and see individuals doing healing work with empirical studies and science backing it. Changing my life! Dhru is an amazing moderator and I’m LOVING every minute. Stop and listen!
Best podcast ever
Knowledge is empowering and I feel empowered on my journey of wellness in particular with my cognitive issues! The Information presented touches all facets of wellness in an educational fun easy way to assimilate. Thank you, Deb
Interview with Dana James
Critical Jim
As usual, the depth and substance of the interview were remarkable. I think we should be cautious, however, about overselling the idea that acceptance of one’s body at any weight is the way to go. The truth is that obesity is a a killer and while we should not shame people, I agree with that, we should NOT make it seem that it is okay and that we are all okay no matter what we weigh. I feel the same about people who are dramatically underweight as well. The risks of chronic disease, early death, etc. are huge and the chronic diseases that result are devastating. Let’s not shame, but let’s use everything in our power to help people come to health and wellness. I think Dana has a very important perspective and don’t want to see it diluted by a “we are all fine, just as we are” message. Keep up the great work, Dhru and Dr. Hyman.
Broken Brain Podcast
Dhru’s podcasts contain such a breadth of knowledge you must listen to them more than once. He has a fantastic way of developing the conversation with his guests. The information covered never disappoints even on the topics I didn’t think I had much interest in. I look forward to his podcast every week listen to them over and over and share them with family and friends. Thank you Dhru for these tremendous podcasts!
Had no idea. Maybe that’s my problem. It’s very hush hush. As usual, anything not understood is all in your head.🙄
Tip of the BII iceberg
I have been waiting so long for the topic of Breast Implant Illness to be addressed - thank you!
Wonderful Interviews
Dr. Katrina Anderson
I thoroughly enjoy this podcast, what stands out most and inspires me to leave a review is the nature of the interviews. I find his interview style to be intelligent, insightful and one that allows his guest the freedom to take up space as the expert.
Great Contribution to Mental Health
Dhru you and Dr Hyman have done an amazing job in getting to the bottom of an epidemic that has been ignored for the longest time. If I could suggest, I would love to see a podcast on Lyme and mental health. If I may suggest a person to interview, it would be Dr. Robert Bransfield
High quality, practical content
La Loma
Broken Brain has high quality content from wellness leaders that can be practically applied.
Practical advice for improving your overall health!
This podcast can be life-changing! Great information and Dhru does a great job asking useful questions that truly help people understand complex health issues.
Quality podcast
Cindy Fowler
Every show is excellent. I am so glad I found this podcast.
Absolutely grateful for this podcast!
Beyond words. Thank you!
One of top health podcasts out there.
Dr. Leslie Meyers
Drhu and his guests deliver important and cutting edge information that I use in my practice for my patients and in my own daily life. I loved that he had Emily Fletcher on again this week. Listening to them talk meditation helps keep me motivated in my meditation game! -and gives me the words to “sell” meditation to my patients. Thanks again, Dhru and Emily!
Great podcast
herb lady
Just listened to the podcast on mold. Very thorough and helpful. I just found lots of mold in my last house as I was moving. I got many of the symptoms discussed. I now feel hopeful about different treatments. Thank you for being a safe haven for truth about health. I went to many doctors and had lots of tests and took lots of prescriptions. They made my health much worse. I happened to move and got better every time I was gone. Then I found it. Doctor had previously ruled out mold after a test. 😕Now I can start fixing this.
Great podcast
Great podcast, one of my favorites.
Fantastic podcast series
Hermanus joy
Thanks a lot for all you are doing to enable people to claim their health
How friends and community can help you level up
Dhru- thank for this incredible podcast. The message totally hit home for me & Im going share with my husband! I am missing my “morning females” so going to start a group. Thanks for the motivation & authenticity.
Functional Dermatologist??
I love all of the perspectives that have been presented on this podcast. As someone on an autoimmune healing journey, it isn’t easy to navigate all the information and how to get the the right help. I still struggle with this even though I went to the Dr. Hymen’s clinic. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and eventually Celiac’s. But I also have Type II Rosacea. On a daily basis, I must say that this has been the most damaging to my self esteem, my ability to be a social creature, and I think adds to feelings of depression. Skin issues, no matter the doctor, always seems to be written off like it really isn’t so important. For me, I know it is number one, like a flashing red light saying something is wrong inside, but I also view Rosacea as it’s own autoimmune disease. I don’t know if this is true, but I would love to hear these types is issues, also acne, eczema, for example discussed through the lens of functional medicine. Dental health, gut health, brain health, and mental healthy are all discussed. Why not skin health. In fact, I think I have heard of the gut-skin-brain axis. Thank you so much! Incredible podcast.
Excellent Listen
This is my first time listening to a podcast series. I must say I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying it. I am learning a great deal and taking away simple changes I can make to improve my overall health and well-being. I want to congratulate Dhru, Kaya, and their team on the success of this series. It’s great to see G-high alumni doing big things that are bettering our world.
Episode 33 with Dr. Perlmutter
Wow, did l learn from this episode. The doctor explained the keto diet is a useful way; gave hope to correct some of the damage we've alredy done tour bodies. I am 72, eating well, taking my MCT oil daily and appreciate all Dr. Perlmutter's advice and Dhru's excellent questions.
Thank you!
Kate S L
The podcast about Parsley Health is the reason I finally went to a Functional Medicine clinic and am getting IgG food sensitivities testing.
Very informative topics
Gary M123
Would love to hear something regarding blue light
Great Information
As a professional working with students with learning disabilities, I find these podcasts interesting and thought provoking.
Essential listening
These podcasts are a glimpse into a no nonsense approach to healthcare. Our current system is broken. Please listen with an open mind!
No links in notes
Dru often says he will put links in the show notes, but I have yet to find them. Otherwise, these podcasts are wonderful and enlightening. Thanks!
I love the topics of this podcast and have enjoyed listening. My only suggestion is to limit the number of topics to cover with each guest host. For example, I listened to the recent women’s health podcast. It seemed as though the doc was very knowledgeable many areas of women’s health but bc they tried to cover so many topics in the 1 hour, I don’t know that I felt I truly gained much insight into any. Maybe if they have covered half the number of topics, the doc could have expanded better? Just an idea. I’m also laughing cuz my one other point was I was going to say Druh can be hard to hear, maybe turn up his mic, but as I read through some other comments, seems there was the opposite problem at one time. 😂 When I listened to this last episode I kept having to turn it up when he spoke and down when the guest spoke... maybe still needs some tweaking! But overall, love what you’re doing!
Host’s voice hurts my ears
Shanna Brown
I think his voice is too low for radio/podcast. Please consider using a sound modifier to change his voice. I mute my device when he talks.
Fantastic insight into all things human body and how most of your symptoms for not feeling one hundred percent go back to a root cause of what is going in your body
Love this podcast!
Dhru is a wonderful host and the topics are super interesting and relevant for our health. Thanks to this podcast, I learnt about many new leaders and concepts in holistic health. It turned my commute into something I actually look forward to! Thank you, Dhru!
I love this show!
My favorite episode was #17 Dental dangers with Dr. Rashtian! Thank you for bringing her on. This episode was very informative!!
Look Forward to Each Episode
Thank you Dr. Hyman and Dhru for all you have done to make this podcast available. This is the first podcast I started listening to and love it. I try to incorporate things that I learn from each of the guest speakers each week in my personal life and my family. After watching the Broken Brain Document Series I was so excited to find out that a podcast was also available. And I'm truly enjoying it!
Love the broken brain series
I’ve been listening almost every day on my commute, love all the valuable information from the guests and Dhru. Even topics I think are out of my wheelhouse still end up interesting me. Dhru gives a great interview, and his voice is pretty awesome too! Thank you and keep up the good work.
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