#87: 9 Things We Do That Hold Us Back from Our Goals & Dreams
Published January 2, 2020
55 min
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    Happy New year! Text me today at (302) 335-6565

    In this episode host Dhru Purohit goes solo with the microphone to talk about 9 things he commonly sees people doing (whether they realize it or not) that hold them back from their goals and dreams.

    Are you doing one of these 9 things?

    See the instagram post that inspired this podcast: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp2MMvbAudw/

    Let’s dive into this episode:

    * (1) We obsess over what others think of us! (5:42)

    * (2) Waste time on social media. (13:30)

    * (3) We don’t ask for help or support from friends. (18:15)

    * (4) We blame everyone instead of looking within. (23:20)

    * (5) We avoid setting an invention for the day! (27:10)

    * (6) We spend time with the wrong people. (31:10)

    * (7) We don’t read books that help us level up. (34:29)

    * (8) We live the life that others expect of us, instead of a life true to you! (39:10)

    * (9) We are hard on ourselves all day, everyday! (46:15)

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