#80: How Red Light Therapy Can Help You Sleep Better, Recover Faster, Boost Testosterone, Improve Brain Health and More with Scott Nelson
Published November 14, 2019
67 min
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    Red light therapy has been studied and tested across hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trials, with overwhelmingly positive results for skin health, collagen production, physical performance and muscle recovery, sleep, joint pain, inflammation, and more. 

    On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host, Dhru, talks to Dr. Scott Nelson, a co-founder of Joovv, the first company to develop a modular, full-body light therapy device. Prior to starting Joovv, he spent his entire professional career in leadership positions with some of the largest medical device companies in the world, including Medtronic, Covidien, and Boston Scientific. In his spare time, Scott is also the host of Medsider Radio, a top-ranked medical device podcast.

    In this episode, Dhru and Scott talk about red light therapy, how it interacts with our body and the wide range of benefits to our overall health. They discuss how red light therapy improves brain health and cognitive function, and the emerging research that has shown red light therapy’s potential as a non-invasive treatment for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and traumatic brain injuries. They also talk about how it can be used as a tool to treat depression and other mental health challenges, as well as how it supports hormone production in both men and women.

    In this episode, we dive into:

    -What is red light therapy and how it can positively impact our health (2:16)

    -How light affects our mitochondria (6:23)

    -How Joovv got started (9:22)

    -How red light therapy can improve cognitive function (22:34)

    -The research on Alzheimer’s and red light therapy (30:19)

    -The benefits of red light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and other mental health conditions (35:39) 

    -How red light therapy increases testosterone (42:13)

    -The importance of daily natural light exposure (47:06)

    -The benefits of blue light blocking glasses (57:36)

    -Where to learn more about Scott and Joovv (1:04:23)

    For more on Scott Nelson and Joovv, be sure to follow him on Instagram @joovvsocial, on Facebook @joovvsocial, and on YouTube @joovv. Check out his website https://joovv.com and learn more about the clinical research on red light therapy here.

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