#50: Healing from Breast Implant Illness with Sarah Anne Stewart and Dr. Suzanne Kim
Published April 11, 2019
107 min
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    Breast implant illness is an issue that many doctors and surgeons simply don’t believe in. However, there are many ways in which breast implants can create dysfunction and disease in the body, leading to a wide range of devastating symptoms. Biofilms, compromised implant materials, and immune reactions are just some of the reasons women with breast implants can get sick. There are even studies showing an increased risk for various types of cancer in women with breast implants, as well as new FDA warnings coming to the surface.

    On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host, Dhru, talks to his good friend Sarah Anne Stewart, her doctor Suzanne Kim, and her plastic surgeon Dr. Lisa Cassileth. Sarah is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, founder of the Awesome Inside Out Movement, an advisor to international wellness brands, and soon to be Hay House author. Dr. Suzanne Kim is the Medical Director of Infusio in Beverly Hills where she treats patients with chronic degenerative diseases using a whole mind-body approach which includes the application of stem cell-based therapies, genetics, and peptides. Dr. Lisa Cassileth has been practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery in Beverly Hills for over 12 years. Her reputation for repairing failed cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries attracts patients from all over the United States and throughout the world.

    In this episode, Dhru and his guests dive into an important health topic that is not being talked about enough: breast implant illness. They discuss Sarah’s experience with breast implant illness, and why it’s commonly misdiagnosed. They talk about the risks associated with breast implants, who might be genetically predisposed to breast implant illness, and the role detoxification plays in our overall health. They also talk about the importance of looking at the psychological and emotional aspects involved in breast implants, explant surgery, and health issues as a whole.

    After his talk with Sarah and Dr. Kim, Dhru interviews Dr. Cassileth, Sarah’s doctor who removed her implants. They discuss the surgical side of implants and explants and the growing trend among women who want to have their implants removed. They also talk about how to find a surgeon who can perform explant surgery and the importance of having the entire capsule removed.

    In this episode, they dive into:

    -Sarah’s story about breast implant illness (4:13)

    -How breast implants trigger an autoimmune response (11:41)

    -Sarah’s emotional journey of getting her implants removed (14:14)

    -Using an En Bloc procedure to safely remove breast implants (16:20)

    -Dr. Kim’s protocol to follow prior to explant surgery (18:18)

    -The safety risks associated with breast implants (26:49)

    -Why breast implant illness is commonly misdiagnosed (30:34)

    -Genetic predisposition to breast implant illness (33:01)

    -The financial repercussions of breast implants (57:49)

    -The importance of being your own health advocate (1:05:53)

    -FDA statement that breast implant illness could be associated with ALCL cancer (1:26:24)

    -How to find a surgeon who can perform explant surgery (1:37:53)

    -Dr. Cassileth’s innovative auto-augmentation technique (1:41:53)

    -Specific techniques to use when getting implants to reduce risks associated with breast implant illness and ALCL cancer (1:43:30)

    For more on Sarah Anne Stewart, check out her website www.sarahannstewart.com, and be sure to follow her on instagram @sarahannestewart and on Facebook @sarahannestewartcoaching.

    For more on Dr. Suzanne Kim, check out her website http://infusiobeverlyhills.com, and be sure to follow her on instagram @infusiobeverlyhills.

    For more on Dr. Lisa Cassileth, check out her website at https://www.drcassileth.com.

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