#27: Calming Your Anxious Mind with Ariel Garten
Published November 1, 2018
56 min
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    Have you ever wanted to be a more relaxed and less anxious person...someone who bounces back after setbacks that we all face? Someone who can take deep breaths in the midst of a stressful day and not react when something upsets you?


    My life is full! I am often running from morning until late at night, and I could not do it without meditation. My twice daily meditation practice is what actually gives me the reserves and the presence to accomplish everything I need to in one day.


    Today, we learn all about the inner workings of the brain, why we get anxious, and how meditation can help with neuroscientist, psychotherapist, and Muse co-creator Ariel Garten. Dhru and Ariel start off by getting real about mental health—it’s something we ALL need to deal with—no stigma here. It’s a part of the human condition. For all the moms out there, Ariel shares her story on postpartum depression and the anxiety she faced after having her son.


    This episode is full of rich pearls to teach you about our precious organ, the brain; to encourage you to try meditation (even if you think you can’t do it); and even offer tips on how to incorporate meditation in your workplace or family life.


    In this episode, we dive into:


    -There is no stigma in mental health (4:02)

    -Anxiety as the broken alarm system (5:42)

    -What does “sitting with it” mean? (9:00)

    -The role of our prefrontal cortex (11:09)

    -Ariel’s experience with postpartum depression and anxiety (13:14)

    -Making meaning out of everything (17:13)

    -Changes in your brain during meditation (18:52)

    -Daily routines to avoid anxiety (21:36)

    -Meditating as a group - work or family (25:31)

    -The story of Ariel’s inspiration (31:39)

    -The origins of Muse (33:15)

    -It’s ok to suck at meditation, please keep trying (38:57)

    -Meditation’s role in creating something new (43:51)

    -Identifying our story and how to change it (47:30)

    -The launch of Muse 2 (50:53)

    -How Ariel uses Muse in her life (52:55)

    -Where to find Ariel online (53:56)

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