#22: Wild Food, Brain Food, and All Things Nutrition with Josh Gitalis
Published September 27, 2018
79 min
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    Host: Dhru Purohit

    Guest: Josh Gitalis

    We talk about the topic of food often—it gets a lot of airplay, but shouldn’t it? We eat three, sometimes more, times a day and we believe that food fuels our cells. It’s important! Today, we are talking with Toronto-based functional nutritionist Josh Gitalis who is passionate about helping his clients figure out the best approach to eating for their needs.

    Josh and our host Dhru start off with wild foods and how they are nutritionally superior to your supermarket finds. Have you eaten any dandelion greens lately? (Just be sure they aren’t sprayed with pesticides!) Find out how you can incorporate wild foods into your meals and adapt to enjoy the taste of bitter foods.

    You’ll also get to hear about why you may need a different diet for different times of your life, functional lab testing, how you can incorporate more greens in your meals, practical tips for feeding kids, and much more. This is a great one!

    In this episode, we dive into:

    -Josh’s love of wild greens and mushrooms (3:38)

    -Wild food and brain health (6:15)

    -Adapting and retraining taste buds to enjoy bitters (12:15)

    -Cutting through the nutrition confusion (14:26)

    -What is the FODMAPs diet? (20:36)

    -When is it time to go back to a less restricted diet? (24:14)

    -Using functional labs to dig deeper (25:44)

    -Josh’s background and journey (29:12)

    -Eating greens and their role in our microbiome (35:20)

    -Tips to help you eat more whole foods (38:51)

    -Freezing food for later (43:12)

    -Tools for helping with meal prep (46:04)

    -Bone broth—fad or a real healer? (48:21)

    -What’s in a brain? (50:28)

    -Genetic testing clues to help us (57:58)

    -What does Josh eat? (1:03:24)

    -Tips for feeding kids (1:11:07)

    -Resources and where you can find Josh (1:15:49)

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