#11: Nutrition First, Practical Tools to Reduce Inflammation and Improve Brain Function with Dr. Elizabeth Boham
Published July 12, 2018
62 min
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    Host: Dhru Purohit

    Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Boham

    If inflammation is implicated in so many diseases, then how do we know we have chronic inflammation? And, once we find out we do have it, how do we know where it’s coming from?

    Dr. Elizabeth Boham is our guest this week on The Broken Brain Podcast with host and Broken Brain Executive Producer Dhru Purohit. Dr. Boham is the medical director of the Functional Medicine clinic, The UltraWellness Center, that I founded in Lenox, Massachusetts. She is a Functional Medicine trained physician and also a dietitian.

    Dr. Boham devotes her life to helping people in a way that few others can—as a cancer survivor. And, because of her experience working through this disease and healing herself, she was the first person that Dhru turned to when his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now healthy, thriving, and cancer free, thanks to Dr. Boham and her compassion and guidance.

    Dr. Boham also talks with Dhru about inflammation, including how to determine if you have it and places to look for it. She shares how she uses nutrition and other lifestyle modifications to turn her patients lives around every day, and so much more!

    In this episode, we dive into:

    • How is the Functional Medicine approach different? (3:44)
    • Finding the root cause is a personal journey (7:24)
    • Why increasing movement is a must (10:23)
    • Moving beyond thoughts that hold you back (21:05)
    • Supporting older parents through lifestyle changes (23:28)
    • Practical tools to improve brain health (26:20)
    • Role of butyrates in health (28:42)
    • DHA and how it improves brain health (29:47)
    • Sugar’s impact on the brain (31:24)
    • The importance of sleep and how much we need (36:37)
    • All about inflammation (41:46)
    • What’s the gut’s place in inflammation? (48:07)
    • Nutrition as the first therapy (49:49)
    • Dr. Boham’s personal story with breast cancer (54:05)
    • Three things to do to improve your brain health (59:42)
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