Insanely Entertaining
I need ya’ll to do weekly podcast! Or at least biweekly! For my own sanity. Caroline and Louisa have become my new BFF’s while I’ve been doing the housewife things and tending to my 5 small kids. I love listening to the stories, advice, and jokes while I’m going through my day. I’ve binged all the episodes, so now I’m about to go through withdrawals. Please make more episodes ASAP! 😆 -Restless In Phoenix
I loveeee this
I love this podcast! You guys are so funny and the stories and advice are top notch! The only downside is the episodes span are far and few between 😭 please do more!!
Love this podcast
I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. These ladies are hilarious and they have some genuinely good life advice. Hope to hear more soon.
Super fun!
I was recommended this and once I listened to one episode, I was hooked! What fun, funny girls with such interesting stories! Love it, get excited when I see a new episode. and I highly recommend!
Serena - HR
Love the podcast! I’ve listened to all of them. You both are so funny, def makes my commute to and from work more entertaining! Hope to hear more soon!
Wow awesome info and stories!
I thought this would just be stories but after two episodes I’ve already been inspired to find my spiritual helped and cure my hangovers!
Love them but pls fix production!
MTA rider
These two are amazing and endlessly entertaining. I love the show. The production is odd and distracting though, esp if you’re listening with headphones (sometimes sound is only in one speaker, other times there’s weird but super faint music or effects in the background). You guys are great and don’t need that stuff it is just confusing.
Y’all are fkn killin it!!!
myk 💃🏼
You guys make me laugh out loud. I love this podcast so much. Keep killin it!!!!
Don’t speak so close to the microphone
Hello girls I want to say Iooooove your podcast HOWEVER, if I may advise, specially to Louisa is not to speak so close to the microphone! Crenshaw’s voice volume and distance from the microphone is perfect but I can’t say the same for Louisa. I wonder if it had to do with the new recording devices you guys mentioned about two weeks a ago? I constantly have to lower and rise the volume in my car speaker as I’m driving due to this disbalance. Other than that, you guys are amazing!!?
Fun and goofy
I feel like these two are my friends... or maybe just interesting people I’m eavesdropping on at a bar. 99% sure the stories are not true... who cares? It’s fun. Their accents are super weird to my American ear which just adds to it IMHO.
I swear that the podcast you released Wednesday July 4, 2018 is a rerun of another one of the podcasts?
Loving the topics you ladies talk about!
I love how you girls have no boundaries on what topics to talk about and all very funny. I’m a fan of this podcast!!
Just Fun!
These ladies are just absolutely fun to listen to! I’m a “laughing out loud” fan! Refreshing and so want to be your friend! USA Fan here N Banks
Great podcast!
Can’t wait for the next episode : )
Love this podcast!
I listen to this podcast every morning and it puts me in a great mood to start my day :)
Good Podcast!
I like it Best,Awesome Podcast!!!
Good Podcast!
Wow Very Nice Podcast,I like it best!!!
Love to it!
Starky Hutch21
Just listen it.If you listen it, you will must be fan of it.
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