Y’all make me laugh!!
Please keep making this show! I find that Candice is so relatable and I look forward to listening to you guys every morning on my way to work.... but if you don’t keep making these podcasts, I’m gonna run out of new material to listen to soon. 😞 I love you guys!
Season 1 was awesome! Season 2?
Chin. M
Loved season one so much! Where is season 2!?!?!
Just want to say how much I love her. She's a role model for every girl. That you don't have to smile when people tell you to. I love that she doesn't conform to the cheerful persona people expect her to. Go Candice!
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you leave me??? Please come back!!!
I want to listen again..
Kaitlyn Calvin
Come back!!
Love, love, love!!!
Jacquelinee Cee
Candice is me, seriously! I can relate to everything she says and goes through. Come back with another season please! 💕💕💕
Where’d you go?
Hey guys, Great podcast and super helpful in putting my marriage into perspective!! Just wondering if you’re planning on coming back anytime soon?
You guys are AWESOME!
I just wanted to say that you guys are AMAZING. It’s always fun to tune in and hear you guys !
We’ll still be here
I miss you guys. Please come back soon but also take your tine because we’ll still be here when you get back. Also if you’re not listening to Couples Therapy what are you even doing??
Thank you guys!
Thank you for all of the amazing work you and Candice have given the world! We are all so happy to see you both truly enjoying life in CA your beautiful family. Despite being a huge fan of your vlog and podcast, I’m an even bigger fan of YOU. So continue to take the time you need to find your peace and joy in this world. We will all be here if/when you come back.
I really like it
But it is gone. I guess Californians don't podcast.
Come back!
Dear, Candice & Casey Can you guys please bring back the podcast. I personally miss it, and I’m sure others do as well.💕💜🚀💙
This is a test
It's a good podcast but they stopped because they moved and got super busy but this is a test
This is incredibly boring and unrelatable.
Couples Therapy
Missyyyyy 576478
Love the podcast! Hoping for some more soon!!
Please come back
One of my favorite podcast. The only thing is there’s not enough episodes. Hopefully it comes back soon.
Such a great podcast. I love this. It’s really eye opening to hear what you guys talk about and how you overcome situations. 🤗
Take all the time you need.
OG Sammy
Since 2017 when was a senior in high school, in photography class I stumbled upon Casey’s YouTube channel and instantly became a fan. I was inspired to create my own content (still is the works J-10k) It’s wonderful to see how you impacted YouTube but, couldn’t change the depiction of Candice LOL. You both now evolved & branched out, on ya grind making moves & with another baby doing it well!👏🏽 Take as much time y’all need & cherish the moments of your new baby. Don’t mind me I’ll pass the time listening to other podcasts. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Sincerely, Samuel J. Johnson , NJ🚗NC
Had some potential
At the start it had a lot of potential but now it has become like everything else Casey does. They get you interested in the podcast and wanting more just to go months and months without posting. Casey’s YouTube channel has become the same. 368 may become something great for you tubers but Casey is forgetting who made all Of this possible. The regular people who watched video after are the ones that made your career. If you want your privacy and time for yourself and family that’s great but don’t start things to get people interested just to stop. Don’t get into this podcast. They don’t update it or post at all.
Please come back!
Love this podcast! Candice and Casey are so relatable. Hearing their back and forth banter about touchy subjects reminds me of conversations I’ve had with my wife. Hearing Candice’s perspective brings new in-site to how my wife thinks and feels! Please come back and make more podcast!!
Love the podcast
Johnny Johnny Jon Jon
I came to the podcast because of Casey and his youtube channel. I am staying because Candice is amazing.
Not enough
I love this podcast, my only complaint is that there’s not enough of it. I wish they made it a regular thing 😩
I know CA is laid back
But we miss you. Please post another episode soon. And how the heck is adorable Georgie??
WTH?? Need to upload!!!!
I have been a huge fan of Casey Neistat for a while so when i found out he was starting a podcast I was SO excited!! They are EXTREMELY irregular about uploading and sometimes don’t upload for weeks on end!!!! If you’re looking for a consistently uploaded podcast DO. NOT. come to this podcast. They just REFUSE to upload on time and when they DO upload they C A N N O T stop ARGUING!!!! either they need to change the way the podcast is structured, or the way they are marketing this podcast because this podcast is not giving enough advice of any kind to be the kind of podcast they say it is. they give a few bits of advice and then go off track, talking about personal fights and stories and arguing over issues that don’t apply to the subject they said they were speaking on. i would recommend you pass this one by and head on to don’t blame me with meghan rienks or the Jenna and Julien podcast. you’ll be happy you did.
Allison Hunter Scott
Candice & Casey, I know the move to LA totally is probably still overtaking your lives but pretty pretty please make more episodes. Xoxo, everyone who loves this podcast
Well, I WAS interested
I really enjoy this podcasts content, it’s just disappointing that they keep saying they’re committing to it and then don’t upload for weeks or months....
Wait what?!
They started Rules of war talking about ways to communicate better in an argument and it was really good and then they started talking about stupid random things. It’s basically just a bored couple talking to each other about random crap. Not interesting at all
Please chime back
I come here every week to check if you guys have another one up. Please continue doing these podcasts! 😕
Great pod cast . Real life stories
Nancy galan punk
I love their voice . Hella chill. I love how open they both are and have a scene of humor. They talk about anything you can think of Nd make it super interesting.
Very much relatable (to a fault)
Honestly, being able to relate to both of them is amazing. They’re always open, honest, and willing to be vulnerable (on occasion) to the listeners. And that is what makes this podcast as great as it is. Hope they come back with new podcasts after they move! Thanks Candace and Casey for this. Means a lot.
Just tell us if you’re done or not...?
Love this podcast
Kally147's iPod touch
You guys are so real and I love getting to know Candice! I only take off a star because the upload schedule isnt reliable.
Artist Ashley Baldwin!
Please come back. Please! 😩 One of my favorite podcasts ever. Miss Candice’s and Casey’s chats so much!
Appreciate the honesty!
Hi Candice and Casey, It has been long since we hear from you. I love this show and appreciate the honesty from both of you talking about your career, marriage and life. Nowadays with social media, the feeds are drowned in fake positivity. We all struggle in life in some ways. And it’s nice to not feel alone! Thanks! Hope you could upload more frequently! Norah
Love this!!
Love this
I love listening to this pod cast! Please come back
Sooo is this podcast just dead in the water now? You guys had a really super flow and everything. Kinda sad :(
Please don't stop
Candice and Casey - your dialogue is so helpful to the rest of us. Also entertaining. Please don't stop once you move to LA. All the best either way.
Come back
Come back guys!!
Ari Day
I loved this podcast and am now all caught up. I hope that it’s not over!
Love the show! Wish there were more
I love this podcast and have listened to every single one I wish they uploaded more regularly I miss them!!
Love their take on life!
Absolutely love your podcast. Wish we there were more.
Amazing Podcast!
This podcast never fails to entertain me and shows the interesting dynamic between a couple, and addresses the common points of contention in a relationship. So good!
Love them!
My favorite podcast
Candice is the best
In this podcast you learn that Candice > Casey. It’s great. Learning a lot about how someone like Casey thinks in more candid scenarios. The perspective from people whom have reached success but aren’t comfortable with it is also really interesting.
Entertaining and insightful.
graduate without a job
My coworker recommended this podcast to me and I've enjoyed it because every situation discussed is one that is relatable and given different perspectives that are talked through.
CN in the Bluegrass
I’m late to discovering Casey - first saw him while watching “Now We Feast” and knew I had to check him out. Spent the last month bingeing allthevideos and having the most fun! This podcast, though, is everything the vlog was missing. I’ve adored Candice since the beginning and immediately gathered from the vlogs everything she just confirmed in the first podcast episode, and if in her shoes, I would have felt and responded exactly the same as she did. Still, I’ve loved the glimpses Casey’s shown of her and to hear about her in her own words makes her even more of a rockstar to me. I remember Candice expressing the concern before the podcast started that people would think her voice was scratchy or something and I just want to say - Candice, you have the loveliest voice and inflection and express yourself so well. I’m so proud of you for putting yourself out there. You are so beautiful and brave. Can’t wait to catch up on the rest of these episodes. ❤️
Absolutely love love this podcast, they both seem so down to earth, it’s so entertaining... I highly recommended this podcast.. it gets me through my morning commute :)
Unsolicited feedback
The podcast is kind of boring, unless you want to know the details about their marriage... Some parts of the episodes can be interesting but it doesn’t last long because they end up talking about random stuff. There isn’t a specific date that they stick to uploading but that wouldn’t matter so much if the content was valuable and maybe something to learn and grow from. Unsolicited Feedback: Try talking about things you can give an honest and clear perspective on. The podcast is called couples therapy but it just seems like you guys are catching up or bored. Someone needs to steer the boat too, it’s normal to digress but to get back to a point is important. It shows that this lacks organization. I guess if you’re into celebrity stuff this could work? It comes across a little narcissistic and self involved though.
Listen for Candice
Candice is obviously the anchor of the podcast but she's also the main reason I still listen to it. Eventhough this is mainly a podcast centered around relationships the way she normalises seeing a personal therapist and dealing with mental health issues is really nice to listen to. She's also even more hilarious and awesome now that we get to hear her more other than the random snippets from Casey's vlogs (rip). But please Casey, agree to upload more you're killing us (the fans) we NEED MORE! pls
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